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  1. Bojack Horseman Season 3 Spoilers around!

    I loved it. That penultimate episode didn't quite fill me with as much dread as the penultimate episode from Season 2, but it was still really "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit is he going to actually run into her after everything that went down". There's a good parallel there between Todd's final remarks to Bojack this season and what Herb said to him back in Season 1 when he told him he wouldn't forgive him. Letting Bojack off the hook with apologies, giving him absolution and more time - it just lets him keep on being the bad, fundamentally self-absorbed person that he is. I think I loved Princess Carolyn's reaction in that penultimate episode where she says nothing and just shakes her head the most (but then again Princess Carolyn is my favorite character in the whole series). The final episode was ridiculous, but I think that was mostly intentional. It was to give us a breather after the build-up and climax in the previous two episodes. Honestly, where can Bojack go from there? That interview the show-runner had with the author at Vox said that they're not going to just suddenly revert the changes in Season 4. He has no friends or allies, and he's once again pissed all over a career opportunity and lifeline (Ethan Around) because of his self-absorption.
  2. Stupid or Unhappy Endings that P'd You Off - Spoil Away, guys

    For films, the worst ending I can remember was for a movie called The Guardian that came out in 2006 and starred Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. It's a movie about the US Coast Guard and their Aviation Survival Technician program that rescues lost swimmers and the survivors of sinking ships. Here's why it's awful - For most of the movie, there's tension between Costner and Kutcher because Kutcher is the new up-coming trainee in the program, while Costner is the experienced "top swimmer" who has had an accident and lost someone (meanwhile, his marriage is falling apart because he refuses to retire). As far as these types of movies go, it's not bad. Finally, Costner goes out on a mission with Kutcher and almost drowns, convincing him to retire. There's a wonderful scene where we see Kutcher going out on a rescue mission while Costner appears to finally resign himself to moving on, gives his now- ex-wife the signed divorce papers. It's a very good ending, one of the best I've seen for such movies - . . . . Except that it then goes on, and on. It adds a scene where Kutcher gets into trouble on that mission, Costner has to go save him, Costner (of course) dies heroically on the mission, and then we get the whole "there is a legend of a guardian", blah, blah. It feels horrifically tacked on, and honestly soured what was a decent movie for me. I would not be surprised if there was executive meddling involved.
  3. U.S. Elections: The Trumph of the Will

    That "Trump and Putin" article by Josh Marshall is pretty creepy, especially this part: I don't think Trump is an agent of a foreign power or anything like that. But I could absolutely see him bending on US foreign policy in ways because it would be good for his business, and because he's alienated so many potential financiers here in the US that he's had to go to Russia and elsewhere abroad to find a new round of victims investors to bail him out from his business incompetence. Trump has never been shy about mixing business and politics.
  4. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    With #3 is how I interpreted as well. I don't think Kellhus knew about the nuke - he just Dunyain-read the intentions of the Inchoroi in what he found and deduced quickly that it was somehow something they intended to use to destroy his army.
  5. Pokemon Go

    I'm up to Level 10, no money paid so far. What's great is that the parks here have multiple poke stops, so when I went over to two of them the previous two nights they were full of people catching Pokemon and turning the stops into lures. Unfortunately, the Pokemon in my area mostly suck. I caught two bulbasaurs in the wild, but they were extremely rare. Most of the pokemon are the crappy trio of Rattata, Pidgey, and Paras. Maybe an occasional rhyhorn or Nidoran.
  6. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD

    @.H. Wracu possessing souls would explain a lot about the behavior of the ones we see in the books. They seem to have a sense of identity and self-awareness that the other Weapon Races lack (although even that gets confusing, since the Prince of Nothing trilogy has chapters from the POV of a skin-spy).
  7. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD

    That doesn't necessarily mean he's "holy", though, just that he has the favor of Gilgaol and will end up in his clutches upon death. Ending up with one of the Hundred after death isn't avoiding damnation. It's just that you end up as a different kind of "bread", possibly as part of the "moaning Countless" described as broth for the "Other Sons" (I interpreted that as moaning in pleasure). There was a chapter beginning quote about how the "sighs in heaven" and "screams in hell" ultimately sounded the same that someone brought up way back. As far as we can tell, the only people who are going to avoid damnation (so far) are Mimara and possibly Koringhus. We have no idea what would happen to someone whose soul has only been "slightly" scarred by sin, the type of sin that a basically decent person living an unexceptional life might incur. I think it's not that he can "see" the No-God, so much that he's the only God who has looked at the "shadows" of the No-God's presence and put two-and-two together to realize that the No-God must be real. The other 99 still seem to think that all talk of the No-God is lies and deception. And yeah, I could see him intervening to save Kellhus because he figures Kellhus will stop the No-God, and in any case he's damned - once he dies, they can torment him for his sins for all eternity anyways. It's win-win as far as he knows. Or it could be that he's just behaving according to his nature - he's the Trickster God of deception, so maybe he's doing it just so he can fuck up the other Gods' plans with the White Luck Warrior.
  8. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD

    Existing Emwama may be different from how the Emwana were before the war with the Inchoroi. The ones at Ishterebinth are heavily inbred.
  9. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD

    I think it's all Creation, which would tie into the "Earwa is a special world" idea that's been reinforced by the Inchoroi on multiple occasions. Earwa is the Special Ground where metaphysical change is a possibility. Nau-Cayuti was part of the No-God, so maybe it took the field at Mengedda because of his personal connection to Seswatha - up to that point, it might not have known where Seswatha was. Speaking of Mengedda, does Saubon's last vision before he got dragged to Hell inside out indicate that he's "stuck" metaphysically both at Mengedda and in Hell - like how the Wathi dolls are partially trapped in the doll and partially trapped in Hell/Heaven?
  10. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD

    I loved the Ishoriol segments of the book, especially the Boatman who went so far Erratic that he came right back around to "sane" again (or was just so totally weird because he got the Immortality Treatment at such an old age). It's also always fascinating to learn more about the Nonmen and their beliefs, including their opposite views on theology versus humans (i.e. "fuck off gods, we want oblivion and you can't have our souls" vs humans' appeasement, and the "dig your way to oblivion!" plan). And that Oinaral Lastborn is Intact because he was lowly and without glory. Weird that Bakker confirmed that the Womb Plague was accidental. What, were the Inchoroi trying to make a sexually transmitted super-plague and accidentally fucked up the transmission of it?
  11. Sansa is obnoxious

    I saw that as a power play. Littlefinger planted the seeds of distrust in Sansa about Jon, and Sansa knows that Rickon is basically dead either way. So if the battle goes there way . . . who is in charge of House Stark? Jon's a bastard, but he's also Ned Stark's "son" - while Sansa is technically a Bolton by marriage rights. So what did Sansa do? She withheld information about the Vale forces, letting Jon's forces soak up the casualties and keep them from retreating into Winterfell. Then she shows up with the Vale army, wins the day, kills Ramsay, and establishes a dominant position versus Jon (whose power base has been weakened by the deaths of so many loyal to him).
  12. Let's Talk About Domestic Violence...

    I definitely second X-Ray's link to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. You need to be supportive of victims, show that you care and don't blame them, and help them escape if or when they want to.
  13. SpaceX -- Rockets, Spacecraft, and Mars

    Me too. That's quite an aggressive schedule, but I'd love to see him meet it. If I was a billionaire I'd help him out with the costs. If he pulls it off, that's going to be a big embarrassment for NASA - assuming NASA is still focused on Mars. I think NASA is going to shift to a Moon-"first" focus, though, simply because that's where the ESA and Russians want to go, and because it's something we could rope China and other countries with new space programs into.
  14. Warcraft movie: There might be spoilers from books and the games.

    That was a fucking awful movie, worse than I was expecting. I was thinking maybe the critics were a little off - not that the movie was good, necessarily, but more entertaining and better than they were letting on. Terminator: Genisys, for example, was very entertaining and fast-moving even if the plot was a nonsense burger and horribly predictable (its RT rating is 26%, actually lower than Warcraft's currently 27%). The only part of it that's even remotely compelling or interesting is when Durotan and the Orcs are on-screen, and the movie spends most of its time cutting away from them to everything else. That everything else is almost universally terrible - bad acting, bad dialogue, bad pacing, bad script (seriously, it feels like they did a horrific editing job on a 3.5 hour movie), and even bad CGI. Seriously, every scene with humans in it looks cheap and badly shot. None of the human stuff works aside from a single scene near the end with Lothar. Honestly, that might be the worst big-budget movie I've seen in theaters, and I saw Battlefield: Earth and the Super Mario Bros in theaters. It doesn't even rise to "summer schlock", because it's not entertaining to watch - about one hour into the movie, I was checking my watch every goddamn time the humans came back on screen.
  15. Oh, July 12th can't come too soon. Wish I could buy or finangle an ARC.