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  1. The Shawshank Redemption film was better than the novel, but a big part of why is because we can see stuff in the film that we can't see in the book, because the book is entirely from Red's POV. I also think Book-Andy was less believable as a character than Film-Andy, because Book-Andy was a little bit too thinking-ten-steps-ahead genius (he set up everything he needed to start a new life after escaping in the day between when his estranged wife was murdered and when he was arrested, including fake passport, fake ID, fake everything, wad of cash, etc). Film-Andy's escape was more opportunistic, and I like that he turned what he did for the Warden against him in doing so. I don't think the Shining film is better than the book, but that's probably because The Shining novel is still my favorite King book, and Jack Torrance one of the best-written characters King has ever done. Needful Things is getting a remake IIRC. I can't imagine anyone but Colm Feore as Leland Gaunt.
  2. I don't think Musk will have the ITS ready by 2026. SpaceX has already run into a bunch of delays for Falcon Heavy, which was supposed to be ready for launch 4 years ago.
  3. Ford mentioned in a previous episode that Arnold started to "see something that wasn't there", so I wouldn't be surprised if Arnold either fell in love with Dolores, or she's a recreation of his daughter/sister/whatever. Ford would find that contemptible, because he doesn't see the hosts as human and reprimands those who do.
  4. The Utes-Huskies game went way better than I expected. I thought the Huskies were just going to blow out my Utes, but instead it was competitive - the Huskies won because of a kick-return TD and failures on that last Ute offensive drive (it doesn't help that the Utes have so few backs left for the backfield because of injuries). A win would have been a welcome surprise, but I'll take a close loss against a better team that's 12 ranks higher in the polls.
  5. That's true, and awesome. I especially love the point about how a T-Rex is closer-related to a sparrow than a Stegosaurus. I tend to forget how long the Mesozoic Era was, stretching from 252 to 66 million years ago. T-Rex was closer in time to us than to Stegosaurus. It's a huge bummer that none of the dinosaur lineages outside of the bird branch of the theropods survived the K-T Extinction. If even only a handful of the Ornithischia lineages had survived the extinction, we might have had large quadrupedal dinosaurs emerge again (especially since they have an advantage in handling large size on land versus mammals).
  6. I love feathered dinosaurs. They're neat to image, like giant toothy flightless birds with tails. Of course, that only applies to some of the dinosaur lines. The sauropods were feather-less, at least in adulthood IIRC.
  7. It was an ugly, close win for my Utes, which describes a lot of their play so far this season. I have a sneaking suspicion that they will not lose with dignity to Washington when the time comes, especially with so many of their backs injured. It's going to be some horrific 56-14 blow-out. But hey, they still climbed the polls! They're back in the teens again!
  8. I don't think Bernard is an android, although I can see why it might look like that . The link to Arnold seems more symbolic to me, in that Bernard is committing the same "mistake" as Arnold in seeing the hosts as humans, trying to see the humanity in them, and so forth - he clearly gets disappointed and surprised when Dolores surprises him with that response. Speaking of which, that's what fascinates me about Ford. Ford likes his creations and is clearly trying to push the boundaries on their intelligence, but he very much does not see them as human and reprimands people who treat them like humans (like the technician). As per his statement in the pilot, they're something new that could potentially surpass humanity (which has peaked). I really enjoyed that episode, and I liked the reveal about Teddy, about how there's literally nothing there to meet the eye before Ford programs it in this back-story. He literally has but a general sense of regret and two canned responses, no mystery (unlike Dolores). It made me think of that scene from Ghost in the Shell where EDIT: Side-note, but there was a Q & A with the show-runners that revealed an interesting little tidbit. When asked about the park's location, they made mention about how a fantastic place like Disneyland is sitting in the middle of suburbia, and said that you might be able to figure out where it by the end of the first season. I took that to mean that there's nothing special about where the park is - it's just in a location that's large enough for their purposes while being convenient enough for guests to reach it.
  9. Here's a good reminder from Vox on what Trump voters actually are in demographic and economic terms:
  10. I think I read her bio on the viral website they created, and it's basically "if a guest helps her and goes home with her, they can save her from bandits at the ranch house and then (implied) she'll be so grateful she'll have sex with said guest, or whatever they want."
  11. Early Release Episode to avoid the Presidential Debate! Episode 2 is up and ready to be watched! Merry West-Mas! Maybe we should just have a moderator add a "spoilers" warning to the thread title, so we can just discuss it all without spoiler tagging stuff.
  12. He can't be cheap, though, or at least having both him and Ed Harris in the show can't be cheap (the premiere episode cost $25 million reportedly, and the per-episode cost is $10 million - on par with current seasons of Game of Thrones). I'm guessing that if the second episode improves on those ratings, we'll get a renewal for season 2 or more from HBO.
  13. The premiere episode had very strong ratings - stronger than True Detective's first season premiere. That hopefully bodes well for the show going forward.