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  1. Archer Season 6: Caress of Krieger

    That's okay. This season might be more enjoyable if watched as a whole once it's completed, especially since there's something of a serialized story amidst the episodes. The most recent episode was a bit meh. The "A" story sort of just petered out with little consequence, although the "B" story with hypnosis was funny. I do like the implication that Archer and Lana genuinely love each other but just can't make the relationship stick - he's got persistently bad habits and behaviors he can't or won't change, and Lana has expectations of him that are always dashed. No idea what the robots/cyborgs are for. Krieger probably has something very strange up his sleeve.
  2. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    The repetitive nature of it makes me suspect that it's a "ground" to anchor Kellhus' soul back in the World when he's exploring the Outside. Every time he starts to get sucked into the Outside mentally, the "there is a head on a pole behind you" drags him back into focus.
  3. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    It could be that binding the memories of Seswatha to Mandate Schoolmen changes the Schoolmen physiologically somehow, such that the Skin-spies have been engineered to detect it.
  4. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    To be fair, I don't think Solo was the only one suspicious that Madness might be a Bakker alt at one point.
  5. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    If Mimara could pity and forgive Mr Child Rapist, she could probably bring herself to forgive the Countless Dead if given the chance to do so. Or if nothing else, she might do it to save Akka from damnation.
  6. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    I could see Mimara forgiving literally every soul in the Outside, redeeming them and removing them from the grasp of the Sons. As for the rest, I'm still thinking all future humans will be born soulless, with Mimara's child the first soulless Modern Man born after the literal Semantic Apocalypse. Hell, if your "cuckolded Nonmen" theory is right, then it could be a less grotesque version of that - instead of modifying wombs to produce soulless Nonmen equivalents, Mimara will just change the rules and end the narrative of a meaningful universe.
  7. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    Unfortunately, he was cut down and processed into paper for the hardback edition of The Great Ordeal.
  8. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    Darzin made a good point up-thread that the "Other Sons" might be the equivalent of angelic ciphrang/"benevolent" gods. It's just they feed off of pleasure - the "moaning" souls in the "skies made bowls" (the "heavens"?) - instead of the agony that the Lake-of-Fire Sons consume. Either way the Countless Dead are bread. As for why they can't be summoned, maybe the only Ciphrang that can be summoned are those that find sorcerer souls tasty in the Outside. The one that Iyokus summoned was like, "FOOL! DOEST THOU NOT KNOW WHO WILL KEEP THEE?" I used to think that was just a sorcerer double-damning themself by ear-marking them for a particular demon, but maybe the demons they summon are those that are drawn to sorcerers in the first place.
  9. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    Isn't that one of the theories about the Inchoroi? That they tried to use genetic and bio-engineering to turn themselves into Dunyain, but couldn't remove the "sex" and "violence" parts of themselves and thus fucked themselves up? Then again, the Dunyain seem to have done that better than the Inchoroi.
  10. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    I shudder to think of what a Whale Father would be in Ishual. Some type of misshapen creature with eight arms for grasping tightly on to the Whale Mothers and a giant set of genitals . . . oh.
  11. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    This. Although we don't actually know what Kellhus' initial reaction to normal women was. He went to Atrithau before coming south, and all we know about it is that he used Dunyain tactics to gather a group of folks willing to lay down their lives to escort him southward. He presumably came across women while he was there.
  12. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    @Sci-2 Sterile drones, maybe.
  13. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    Sranc, assuming the theory is true (and it might be, although I remember Bakker saying years ago that the Womb Plague was a crude bacterial bioweapon). We know that the Sranc were made in perverse imitation of the Nonmen, with their face atop dog-style bodies. And we also know that the Inchoroi were ready for the Nonmen when they showed up angrily at the Ark to confront them over it, with hordes of Weapon Race troops and space-age weaponry. It'd be just like them to change the wombs of Nonmen females to start churning out Sranc children. It's almost a pity, because it'd be way more interesting if this was the Inchoroi being benevolent in a fucked-up way. Changing the offspring of Nonmen so that they're all born soulless would be a much kinder way of reducing the population of ensouled beings for the No-God project.
  14. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    Which makes you wonder what exactly the Judging Eye is, in the setting. Is it entrapping the God? Why can Mimara re-write sin and forgive?
  15. R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)

    You definitely hit those predictions, Kal. Hell, you were probably the one who came up with the theory back in the "Bakker and Women" threads years ago, back when Bakker himself would pop in for a visit. Ugh. It almost makes me wonder if Bakker's doing it for spite now. As for how the Inchoroi eventually find Ishual, it could be that one of the Erratics originally came from the Nonmen Mansion that it used to be, and remembered its location for searching. They weren't terribly far away from it to begin with, given that Kellhus came across Sranc and Mek in Sobel (a few weeks' travel southward from Ishual).