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  1. I'd be up for that. I can think of another way it would be thematically appropriate for the series. Doing sorcery leaves a mark upon the world, and it's compared at one point to a child scribbling on a piece of art. So why not make it deliberately look crude and unrealistic, because that's what sorcery amounts to - a crude over-writing of the world?
  2. If they did do a TSA series, and kept the sorcery, they should make it the CGI for the sorcery really cheap and cheesy-looking. Giant ridiculous cheap CGI dragon-heads and walls for Anagogic sorcery, sparkly light beams for the Gnosis. They could save money that way and reduce some of the relentless grim-dark. Maybe re-use some of the panning army shots as well.
  3. IIRC Bakker outright confirmed that Gin'Yursis is a Ciphrang.
  4. Eh, series get dumped all the time before they go into production. Prince of Nothing would have been a tough one, too, considering the source material, the cost of producing it, and the relative obscurity of the books ("relative" being the key word there). Back on topic, I've been thinking about this more. They probably can't do it, but I'd love to see them do a Shadow of Mordor adaptation around the same time as Netflix is doing their Witcher tv series/movies. There's a massive chance it would be awful, but at least a decent chance it would be incredibly entertaining.
  5. Thor: Ragnarok, but it amusingly did continue the trend of Thor movies introducing ostensibly huge and very important villains and ideas, only to quickly dispose of them. It's also the third time they've used the "blowback" idea for villains, and not particularly well.
  6. This adaptation sounds really interesting to me. If it actually gets picked-up to do, the showrunners are going to know that it will be compared heavily to the film trilogy, and it will be fascinating to see how they try and distinguish it. As Anti-Targ said up-thread, they could probably flesh out all of the loose ends and "happening at the same time as the main narrative" stuff to bulk up several seasons of it. The main narrative from LOTR would mostly be a way of framing everything going on (maybe only dedicate 2-3 episodes per season out of an 8-10 episode season to it - beginning and ending the season with main narrative episodes). . . . Of course, that would also be astronomically expensive even for a TV series with a $100-150 million/season budget, unless they heavily restricted the episode count per season. If it were up to me, they'd do an Aragorn prequel series. There's lot of stories there, lots of potentials for cameos and new locations, he travels everywhere (including the far east, meaning you could have the Blue Wizards show up on screen), and it wouldn't have to be insanely costly for all of it. If you didn't care about Merry Brandybuck, you might even be able to cut almost the entire Rohan storyline out. Just have them answer the call of Gondor for aid, and show up at Isengard after the Ents fight their way through it to siege.
  7. Good stuff! I've really enjoyed the series. There must be something like Sothoryos' plagues going on with Ulthos, because it's really not that far from Yi Ti if tons of ships are already circuiting the Jade Sea to Asshai (and the Yi Ti have done colonization efforts on islands in the Jade Sea). You'd think it would make for an attractive target for Yi Ti colonization, especially since Yi Ti is already a tropical land. I love that the eastern edge of the Maesters' knowledge is a barrier made up of Siberia, a big cold desert, the Vale of Shadows, and vampires. I wonder why far eastern Essos is so cold compared to western Essos. Mossovy is at or less than the latitude of Braavos, but it reads like a pretty frigid, subarctic forest. It's almost like Eurasia IRL, with areas in far northeastern Eurasia being colder than their European counterpart areas at the same latitude in northwestern Eurasia. I'm hoping we get a flashback to Asshai in a Melisandre POV chapter. It'd be interesting to see how it compares to Yandel's description of it.
  8. 1. That was Aurax at the end. It's not clear if he became submissive after the Consult was hijacked (assuming it was, and not vice versa), or if he's been like that for a while. 2. Bakker admitted that he doesn't really have any plan or outline for where the broad storylines and themes are headed, and is making it up as he goes. As you can imagine, that kind of throws a damper on any speculation about where it might go. 3. Kellhus made a deal with Ajokli, as far as we can tell. Their relationship may have started as far back as the Circumfix, or earlier. 4. Yes, the Inchoroi are a Weapons Race just like the ones they created on Earwa. The difference is that they're ensouled and designed specifically so that they're constantly damning themselves and thus have a motivation to stick to the Ark's plan (not that it's hard to be damned in that setting). 5. No idea still.
  9. I really like the extrapolated map of Sothoryos in the latest one. It would totally fit if Planetos' "Africa" equivalent was literally like a bigger, upside-down, very roughly Africa-ish shaped continent - complete with a massive, continent-sized desert sitting astride Planetos' "horse latitudes"/desert belt in the southern hemisphere. And it would explain why nobody has found the southernmost edge of it, because the combination of sailing past an inhospitable death maze of a rain forest followed by a massive desert coastline would just be too much for the equivalent of pre-modern sailing ships (few or no friendly ports, unless there were rare ports along the desert coastline that the Summer Islanders keep secret). It would mirror the difficulty in sailing around Africa IRL. Odd that the velociraptors in the Green Hell haven't migrated northward, considering how deadly they are. I guess the Brindled Men are keeping them in check. It feels like the Valyrians could have more aggressively burned back the jungles with their dragons.
  10. Good point. Are they hoping using Stelline, they can somehow figure out on their own how to make replicant reproduction work? What if she herself is sterile, like a mule?
  11. I hated that ending to the Utah-USC game. Who cares if you get the two-point conversion - either way, USC is going to get the ball back with 40-odd seconds on the clock, and all they need is a field goal to win. The only difference is that at least going for the tie means you're probably going to go to OT, and not effectively throw the game away if the two-point conversion fails (which it often does).
  12. I enjoyed most of it. The only part that left me cold was Los Angeles 2049 - we've been here before, and Los Angeles 2019 felt like a city that was still living and breathing even as it spiraled downwards (it's all but stated in the first film that most healthy young adults have left for the off-world colonies, and we basically never see any children in that film). Los Angeles 2049 (thirty years in the future and following a massive multi-day blackout) is . . . just the same thing, except not as good-looking or distinctive as LA 2019. It was kind of boring even if some of the holographic advertisements looked good.
  13. They're the same as the demonic "Sons"/ciphrang, just coming at it from a different soul-feasting angle. I think the book describes it as the "moaning broth of the Countless", with "moaning" meaning constant pleasure (the "sighs" in the heavens).
  14. I'm going to wait for the season to end, then hope it ends up for sale on Amazon Video or elsewhere. I don't want to pay for another video subscription service when I'm already paying for Prime, Netflix, and cable in general.
  15. So if Nayu could still be damned, but the gods are blind to him, does that mean that he's basically auto-aimed for oblivion upon death (assuming he doesn't get fed into the No-God Machine)? Nobody is going to grab him in the Outside.