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  1. Ghosts of Mars is easily the worst science fiction/fantasy/space horror film I've ever seen in a theater, and possibly ever period that wasn't a low-expectations B movie. Stupid, bad- and cheap-looking even for a $28 million budget, with an idiot plot that feels incredibly contrived and ends on a stupid cliff-hanger.
  2. I wish we could get an Atrocity Tale or other short story from a witch's perspective (one that doesn't end with her being burned). The informal, "folkloric" version of the Anagogis, taught from witch to witch in secret with secret codes and words so that they have a sorcerous language, etc.
  3. I'm going to keep reading, even if it's just ass-pulling extensions going forward. The setting is interesting, anything with the Nonmen is interesting, I want to find out what the hell is going on with Eanna and Zeum, and I might as well see if Mimara ever pans out to something beyond "gave birth to the last living child before the No-God returned". Plus I like Achamian as a character, and mostly always have.
  4. Gah, this whole Cersei and Daenerys "armistice" thing is so unsatisfying! I want to see Cersei toppled from power. I am so done with the Lannister Twins. Speaking of being done with people, can they just bring about the downfall of Littlefinger already? This is taking forever - it feels like when Tyrion was cooling his heels in Mereen, waiting for the plot to catch up to him.
  5. It took over a hundred years for them to all take the Innoculation, so it's not that implausible that virtually all of them eventually took it (especially since the only holiness that Nonmen attach to death is the holy Between-Way to bypass the Gods and find oblivion). It's also possible there were other objectors to it besides the founding king of Ishterebinth, but they didn't survive the ravages of the Inchoroi-Curunoi Wars. I don't get the impression that they existed east of the Kayarsus from any of the stuff in the Glossary. Siol is mentioned specifically in the Glossary as being both in the northern Kayarsus and as the bulwark against the "mannish hordes" to the east.
  6. I don't think those things are incompatible. NK Jemisin runs a Patreon to help support her writing, while also publishing it for a broader audience. Bakker could do the same thing (assuming he has a publisher), or self-publish the books however he likes and release parts of them earlier for Patreon subscribers (if he doesn't).
  7. If he released it chapter-by-chapter (with each one being Atrocity Tale length), probably not. The ultimate end product might not be good, but the basic editing of each piece might be okay.
  8. I don't know about Kickstarter, but I could see Bakker doing a Patreon. He has a very small but devoted fanbase, and all he really needs is for, say, 1000 of them to kick in a couple bucks a month. Or an even smaller number to pay $10-20/month.
  9. It does feel kind of like bullshit. I don't remember Kellhus ever feeling anything for Esmenet in his POVs in the Prince of Nothing Trilogy, nothing like the emotions that popped up when he saw Serwe get raped or strung up on the Circumfix with him. It's been twenty-odd years in the book settings since then, but still . . . Woh, I'd totally forgotten about the latter. It's really been six years.
  10. I'm hoping it survives as a TV series, although it would be hard one even for a premium cable channel. There'd be expensive sets and on-location shoots, counteracted a bit by the group being largely together (and some parts of the show mostly take place in the same area).
  11. Maybe that's why Kellhus' soul disappeared after being salted. It could be the same thing with the disappearing Nonman - your soul slips past the gods and ciphrang in the Outside if it's pathetically weak and broken.
  12. So they actually banned Madness? I thought the mods just told him to knock it off with promoting the TSA forums here. Seconded on taking away Bakker's italics function.
  13. I'd watch another one of these movies just to see The Android David get killed by one of his creations and then never come back in another Alien film.
  14. It was disappointing to find out that Kellhus' Big Plan Reveal was that he cut a shitty deal with Ajokli (although the reveal where Ajokli took him over was cool). God, remember when we were predicting the "disenchantment" possibility where Mimara would be hugely important in the book? Sorweel was worth it only for the scene where he gets taken to Yatwer-Heaven, the various Kellhus and Kellhus-spawn misreading him, and for when Imrillicas is overlaying him. Meaning that all three times he personally isn't interesting, just what happens to him is interesting (and Imrillicas is fun to read from a POV, and only more fun when you read the glossary entry on how he became a haunted helmet).