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  1. I really like the extrapolated map of Sothoryos in the latest one. It would totally fit if Planetos' "Africa" equivalent was literally like a bigger, upside-down, very roughly Africa-ish shaped continent - complete with a massive, continent-sized desert sitting astride Planetos' "horse latitudes"/desert belt in the southern hemisphere. And it would explain why nobody has found the southernmost edge of it, because the combination of sailing past an inhospitable death maze of a rain forest followed by a massive desert coastline would just be too much for the equivalent of pre-modern sailing ships (few or no friendly ports, unless there were rare ports along the desert coastline that the Summer Islanders keep secret). It would mirror the difficulty in sailing around Africa IRL. Odd that the velociraptors in the Green Hell haven't migrated northward, considering how deadly they are. I guess the Brindled Men are keeping them in check. It feels like the Valyrians could have more aggressively burned back the jungles with their dragons.
  2. Good point. Are they hoping using Stelline, they can somehow figure out on their own how to make replicant reproduction work? What if she herself is sterile, like a mule?
  3. I hated that ending to the Utah-USC game. Who cares if you get the two-point conversion - either way, USC is going to get the ball back with 40-odd seconds on the clock, and all they need is a field goal to win. The only difference is that at least going for the tie means you're probably going to go to OT, and not effectively throw the game away if the two-point conversion fails (which it often does).
  4. I enjoyed most of it. The only part that left me cold was Los Angeles 2049 - we've been here before, and Los Angeles 2019 felt like a city that was still living and breathing even as it spiraled downwards (it's all but stated in the first film that most healthy young adults have left for the off-world colonies, and we basically never see any children in that film). Los Angeles 2049 (thirty years in the future and following a massive multi-day blackout) is . . . just the same thing, except not as good-looking or distinctive as LA 2019. It was kind of boring even if some of the holographic advertisements looked good.
  5. They're the same as the demonic "Sons"/ciphrang, just coming at it from a different soul-feasting angle. I think the book describes it as the "moaning broth of the Countless", with "moaning" meaning constant pleasure (the "sighs" in the heavens).
  6. I'm going to wait for the season to end, then hope it ends up for sale on Amazon Video or elsewhere. I don't want to pay for another video subscription service when I'm already paying for Prime, Netflix, and cable in general.
  7. So if Nayu could still be damned, but the gods are blind to him, does that mean that he's basically auto-aimed for oblivion upon death (assuming he doesn't get fed into the No-God Machine)? Nobody is going to grab him in the Outside.
  8. Plus, that wouldn't necessary stop Akka from helping her out financially - there's nothing there suggesting that he either offered it, or she asked for it. Paying off "sources" is likely part of what a Mandate Schoolmen does in their hunt for the Consult's influence.
  9. I didn't see anything like that when I did a search on my kindle copy of Darkness That Comes Before. RE: Triskan Sort of fits with the Mangaecca being an order obsessed with power and willing to do anything after seeing the Inverse Fire. If it better saves his soul from eternal damnation, it's not hard to understand why Shae would ditch the rest of them.
  10. I've liked Akka for most of the series, although it always bothered me that he didn't try more to help Esmenet while she was still a prostitute in Sumna. He's a freaking sorcerer-of-rank for a School that's heavily in cahoots with Conriya - he couldn't find some way to support her better financially, or relocate her to Aokynyssus? Instead he just sulked and whined about her seeing clients while he was in town. Mimara is really good too, which is why I hated where her story went in TUC. So much squandered potential with an interesting character. Oinaral Lastborn is also really good, and seems to be the only truly decent person we've met among the Nonmen. A nobody scribe who genuinely tries to do the right thing to find his father and stop Ishterebinth from being fully turned over to the Consult, and gets murdered by his giant Erratic father for his troubles (although it ultimately works despite that). He's like the Quentyn Martell of TSA. The chapters he's in are easily my favorite ones from The Great Ordeal.
  11. Thanks Rhom! Oh shit, the AMA. Might as well, I suppose - we'd just end up linking to it down-thread when somebody new asks about it.
  12. Here is the new thread. Figured I might as well get it started.
  13. This is why I said he should do a Patreon in a prior thread. He's got a small but devoted fanbase online, which he could probably monetize to some limited degree to help support him to the next book. Life, time happens, I guess. In the case of the fl00b, it's because the show is so popular now that they don't need to hang out on pre-established forums for the series anymore. There's probably a shit-ton of dedicated Show Only Facebook groups, blogs, sub-reddits, and Youtube comment sections where they can hang out instead. Before the show, it was lot easier to have actual discussions about the books without being so swamped with new comments and threads such that it'd be hard to even track down where you last discussed things. The forum consensus on stuff could grow and change, too - whereas now it's like you're constantly having to re-argue everything over and over again if you try. There's a sweet spot in commenting when it comes to forums and blogs, when you've got maybe a couple dozen frequent posting regulars amidst the more casual crowd who stop by and might leave a comment or three. I guess we should be grateful the forums haven't been swamped with spam-posting and stupid self-promoting crap (although there was some of that back when the show first came out, particularly one case I remember).
  14. He probably couldn't do anything but complain about it. If he got a deal at all for a TV adaptation, it would be under "here's some money, we'll take it from here" terms.
  15. For now. Maybe they'll re-boot it again in two years, with a different director, different actors cast, etc. Truth be told, I wouldn't be too sad if that one was never successfully remade (I liked the mini-series). I'd be much more interested to see someone try Needful Things, The Shining (again), Insomnia (after IT Chapter 2 is done), Revival, and the Long Walk. None of those would break the bank on budgeting, either - they could probably do them on an IT-sized budget ($30-50 million per film).