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  1. Wouldn't be the worst move considering the money involved and the quality of player. Much better than the 120m Lemar rumours! There were a few rumours about Strootman and Ceballos as well which i thought was interesting
  2. Wow South Africa....just wow. edit: Wow South Africa! Just Wow! (India 39-3, this is getting good!)
  3. Waiting on memes about the short-leg helmet outscoring quite a few English batsmen
  4. Steyn injury is a bit of a blow for South Africa. It will be a big boost for India for the next innings. I wonder what the Proteas will do, get another bowler or go for a specialist batsman? Considering how good India's batting can be (if they ever fire overseas.....) Saffers might be in need of another batsmen to solidify their lineup. Or stick to the aggresive option of going for another express fast bowler (if they have one in the bag).
  5. I think the only time we won't need a top quality holding mid is if Pool plays as you've mentioned, i.e. 4 up front with two holding mids (4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1) as there will be two midfielders protecting the CBs and the front four will be a handful. Lately this has been Hendo/Can + Milner/Gini. With Can gone next year, it will likely be Keita + Hendo with rotating Milner/Gini. The major issue being height if Hendo is injured. But if they still play 4-3-3, where they usually attack with front five (the two 8s) and has a solo holding mid, then we definitely need an upgrade/backup for Hendo. Unless Keita can play that role. I haven't seen much of Keita so I don't know how good of a defensive mid he is. Every clip i've seen so far suggests he will be more suited to the box-to-box role.
  6. At some point, England will have to stick with some players through their low and let them learn. Hopefully they will get better over time (assuming young enough). Same with Australia really. While the bowling stock is fine, the batting not so much. Aussies still need a settled opener to partner Warner. Khawaja needs to get better overseas and Australia needs to stick with him and let him learn. Shaun is relatively old and will need a replacement at some point (but he has done enough to seal the spot). Mitch needs to be consistent and so far this series he looked decent, but he needs to perform under pressure and there wans't a lot of it this series when he joined. Paine is okay so far, but has been lucky that other batters have put on some big ones so there wasn't a lot of pressure on him either. Still a lot of unanswered question for this new batting lineup for Australia.
  7. Depends what you consider to be his role as it changes a little bit based on his position (i.e. left winger, number 10 or 8!). Coutinho's role on the leftwing was always a bit awkward for Klopp's style because he lacked the pace of a proper winger (compared to Mane/Salah/Ox for example). So most of the time when he received the ball, he would cut in to the number 10 position and pool would almost play a skewed 4-3-1-2 with firmino and salah making runs into either posts. If the transfer rumours are any indication, Klopp obviously wants a more traditional winger (i.e. pace, trickery, shooting) as he has been after Pulisic, Lemar, Draxler or Mahrez (?). I vaguely remember an interview by Klopp where he said he moved Coutinho out of the 10 position (where he played under Rodgers) because he was a lot easier to mark/cut off in that position and he didn't have the physicality to hold the ball when marked tightly by the opposing holding mids. By moving him to the left, he had more space and could be more effective at what he does (cut-in, shoot, create etc) as he naturally tends to move into the 10 role when he gets the ball. Mahrez will unlikely to play the 8 role. But he can easily play on either wing or a 10 and Liverpool has been playing 4-2-3-1 quite a bit lately. I think he will primarily play wing and Salah may move centre in a second striker role or behind the striker. Hopefully leading to more goal scoring opportunities. I think Mahrez is decent with both feet (IIRC?) and is a good passer in counterattacking situations (i..e pass behind defense) due to the Leicester's system of play and Vardy linkup, which will suit Liverpool's style quite well. Should've got carded before the resumption of play, which is what usually happens in this sort of scenario. Firmino could have been carded for his reaction too (potentially). But I think the ref held back because of Holgate's accusation, and it might not have looked too good if he carded the alleged victim of racial abuse. I agree. He isn't worth 142 mill. I could understand if they paid that for Silva or KdB. But for whatever reason, they really wanted Coutinho. He is quality, but can still be inconsistent at times. Disagree about Liverpool buying three quality players with that money. They'd be lucky to get two. Anyone they are after, their price is gonna triple. Coutinho and Dembele's price when Barca showed interest is clear example of it. Everyone knows Pool has money now and the selling team will want a piece of that for sure.
  8. 40C+ over in sydney today. The Poms must be struggling. Hell, even the Aussie quickies will be struggling. Cook just got done by a ripper offie from Lyon. Cook wouldn't be too disappointed considering the Hell-ish conditions!
  9. Well, India is getting totally spanked. Not that surprising considering they never toured well. But still, I had hope they would do better considering how strong their batting lineup is. This could be even more one-sided than the current Ashes match. But the low score matches are always more interesting anyway!
  10. Haha fair enough. Although technically it is already Friday here (Australia).
  11. Or they can do what Pool did with Keita, let Barcelona sign him now but for next season. As has been mentioned, he only improves their domestic prospects but they almost have it wrapped anyway so it's not a big deal. While Pool really needs his services in EPL and CPL. I wonder if the kids will get some chance tonight. It's Everton, so losing isn't going to be acceptable. But it is FA cup, and unlike the last two seasons, we haven't seen much of the youngins thanks to getting kicked out of the league cup so early. Hope to see Woodburn atleast! I haven't seen much of either to be honest. So don't really know if either is particularly good. I just know that we were in for both of those players over the last couple of years.
  12. If Coutinho goes, Pool needs to prioritize getting a top quality holding mid first. We have a fair few top quality forwards, or attacking mids who play those positions, to cover common injury scenarios. Mane, Salah, Ox and Firmino can play both wings. Tons of CF cover in Sturridge, Ings and Solanke (or even Salah). Good box-to-box midfield option with Ox, Lallana, Gini, Milner, Keita. The glaring weakness will be in the holding midfielder role when Can goes. Klopp does seem to prefer a tall, physical and powerful player in that single holding mid role (Can and Hendo). I don't see any of the box-to-box player fitting that criteria (Ox does fit the physical bill but he seems to be so obviously an attacking mid that i don't think he will suit the role). Alternatively, he might play two holding mid (4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2) and forego the "physical" aspect of things in exchange for more bodies. But considering how many small attacking players we have, I think that might be a bit of a risk (specially as most teams are set up to exploit set pieces). I do think another winger will be needed, but I am also hoping to see Woodburn break into the team and not getting another winger is the only way I can see this happening. But considering all the pressure on Klopp, he will likely go for another proven winger instead of taking a risk with Woodburn. If that happens, I would like for Pool to try and snatch Willian from Chelsea (fast, tricky, good at set piece, goal scorer etc). He is not as good a dribbler as Coutinho( but not by much) but he has a lot of pace and is a goal threat so he will fit in perfectly. Alternatively, it will probably be either of Lemar or Draxler. However, secretly I am hoping for Isco!
  13. Ouch, Broad got robbed there. There was too much doubt, should've been a not out soft call....
  14. Poor Vince. That delivery was unplayable. Total freak.
  15. Rohit Sharma with another double ton. What a freak!