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  1. Dawn - Trophy captured from the Others?

    Why do you say that?
  2. Dawn - Trophy captured from the Others?

    “My House goes back ten thousand years, unto the dawn of days,”
  3. Dawn - Trophy captured from the Others?

    They're also described as razor thin though and that's so unusual it'd have to be part of Dawn's legend. I also mainly like the idea that they did in fact forge it, only not from a meteorite but something involving the Others but the true origin has been lost with time. Or deliberately changed. Ha, never read it. Other than ASOIAF I've always avoided anything involving dragons for the most part. Never been a big fan for some reason. Another crackpot, only a Dayne worthy of bearing Dawn has nothing to do with any kind of moral virture but one with the First Man blood manifesting an ability to literally be able to wield it, not like warging but just in the same general sense as a comparison.
  4. Dawn - Trophy captured from the Others?

    True, things can always just be chalked up to 'it's magic' but I would still lean towards Dawn being forged by men into a greatsword and in the process perhaps losing some of it's properties yet perhaps a weakness as well. I'm mainly thinking of the possibility of their swords melting at the touch of dragonglass, their armour does melt same as their flesh and bones after all. If Valyrian steel has the same advantage as the dragonglass like Sam and Jon think it would seem likely Dawn could have had an embarrassing end the first time a Dayne crossed swords with someone using a Valyrian sword. Crackpot cheesy sci fi theory, both the dragons and the Others are from beyond and this theory gives both sides a story of coming from there. The story of the dragons and the moon and now the Others and the idea of a fallen star.
  5. Dawn - Trophy captured from the Others?

    That would certainly be interesting. I missed it the first time but the Other actually loses hold of it. "The weight of him tore the strange pale sword from the Other’s grip." So Small Paul falls with the blade sticking out of his chest. I think it's fair to say he falls on his back because Grenn checks his pulse and closes his eyes but there isn't another mention of the sword.
  6. Dawn - Trophy captured from the Others?

    It isn't described but I wonder what happened to the sword of the Other that Sam had melted. It's also strange how the Other itself sounds similar to Dawn. "bones like milkglass, pale and shiny" Maybe it was forged from a body, only not a fallen star but an Other. Or their swords are somehow organic in origin.
  7. Dawn - Trophy captured from the Others?

    Nope, not once. "who fought with a blade called Dawn, forged from the heart of a fallen star. They called him the Sword of the Morning" Off topic but interesting fallen star is also only used three more times after that by Cat, Jon and Arya respectively thinking of fires as looking like fallen stars.
  8. Dawn - Trophy captured from the Others?

    I certainly like the idea of the Daynes being connected to the Wall since I had the hare brained idea pop into my head earlier today that Qhorin Halfhand was actually Arthur Dayne. I know there's all kinds of actual reasons why it can't be and I have no reasonable reasons for thinking it other than they're both equally awesome, unmatched in their dedication to their vows, it makes a bittersweet symmetry that Dayne would actually survive the ToJ and go north to the Wall to live only to end up dying defending his king after all and it makes a poignant image that when he talks of a maid on her wedding night he could be thinking of Jon's mother.
  9. Dawn - Trophy captured from the Others?

    There's an SSM asking how old House Dayne, Starfall and Dawn are and Martin answers, but only for Dawn. "2. You've mentioned that Dawn has an illustrious history -- is there a ballpark figure for how long the Daynes and/or Starfall/Dawn have existed? Oh, I'd say Dawn goes back a couple thousand years... and before that, things get a little fuzzy anyway." http://www.westeros....SSM/Entry/1183/ Which would still work for me as I'm one that is beginning to think the eight thousand year timeline is greatly exaggerated. It's Darkstar that puts a time on House Dayne though it definitely has be taken with a grain of salt but it certainly suggest more of a First Men rather than Andal origin. “My House goes back ten thousand years, unto the dawn of days,”
  10. Dawn - Trophy captured from the Others?

    And they are, apparently anyways based on location, stony Dornishmen who have the most First Man blood in Dorne.
  11. Dawn - Trophy captured from the Others?

    Well Dorne is where the First Men originally crossed into Westeros. Somebody was asking about why House Dayne is considered one of the oldest Houses in Westeros but I don't think it was answered or where the idea even came from.
  12. Dawn - Trophy captured from the Others?

    I was actually kind of thinking the same thing which could tie into their idea of it being forged from a falling star. Maybe a few of the Other's blades reforged into something more resembling a sword a person would be familiar with and in the process maybe losing some it's original properties. Though why is Starfall named Starfall?
  13. Dawn - Trophy captured from the Others?

    An interesting thought. Couple of problems I can see with it though is Dawn is described as a regular looking greatsword other than what you described while as in the text there the Other's sword is unlike anything Will had ever seen, more sliver of ice than sword and indeed after their blades touch Royce's blade is covered in frost. Though it can make you wonder at the Stark's family sword name being Ice long before they got a Valyrian blade while they were still known as the kings of winter
  14. Not to go off topic but I wonder why Thoros doesn't see Robert in Gendry. He's been around since at least the Greyjoy rebellion so he'd have seen a young Robert in his prime.
  15. When you add, "I will say, I think it passing odd that I am loved by one for a kindness I never did" To, "And Tyrion, his little brother, who loved him for a lie." It makes hard to think there's anyone else he's talking about but Tyrion in the first as well.