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  1. Dinner List so far: LJBG, Pod, Mormont, Ran, Linda, Cuellar, Mrs. Cuellar, Wolfgang, Toft, williamjm, Lady Narcissa, +27 from FB thread. We can add to our reservation so anyone else who wants to go, just chime in.
  2. Group Dinner We have made reservations for Saturday at 7pm for 30 people at this Viking-themed restaurant downtown: (Helsinki) The do have vegetarian options. Main courses start around 20 euros, but there are several set menus too. All of us or sub groups of us can do the Chief's Feast meal too (12 people or more). If you are interested in going, post here or in FB. Please get there just before 7pm.
  3. Hey everyone, we're thinking of organizing a BwB dinner on Friday (no other nights are good) before the Hugos. We're still working out the details but keep the option open while we work it out!
  4. Where is everyone meeting up these days? Is there a particular bar, restaurant, place in the convention center?
  5. Thanks, guys. Pod, this was helpful. Skyscanner via GoToGate pulled up some KLM times that weren't showing up on my other searches. I was then able to just buy those flights on the KLM website. I mean, it was still ridiculously expensive. I could have flown from the US to Europe for the same price. But oh well, I guess the Finns and Greeks must hate each other and thus I am paying for it with my ticket price. Coming in Wednesday and leaving Sunday afternoon. BTW, do we have a master list of all the BwB that are attending?
  6. Seriously, why is it so hard to get flights from Athens to Helsinki?? Everything takes like 14 hours. I've tried all the major travel websites. Do any of you Euro folks have any ideas for the best airline to use (that is reasonably inexpensive)?
  7. Noooo! Don't do it, unless 1) you are independently wealthy and don't need a job, or 2) its a field that easily transfers outside of academia. And I mean really easily, like Chemistry or Engineering or something. Being in academia, I highly recommend NOT getting a PhD.
  8. Thanks for finding that thread, aoife. I keep a baseball bat in my bedroom and have for the last few years, all because of the towel story. Whenever I hear a scary noise and reach for it, my first thought is always Lord oBones naked in his bathroom, girding his loins. I reckon Bonesy would get a kick out of that.
  9. I feel like I need to drop about 753 F-bombs in Bonesy's honor, as a salute from the board.
  10. This board needs Lord of Bones. I am speechless and so upset.
  11. This sucks so bad.
  12. Lord of Bones, we beseech you! Get well soon!
  13. This is so fucked up. I hope she's home with you now, Mormont. Please let her know we are thinking of her.
  14. For Dramatic Performance, I highly recommend Cleverman. It's an Australian tv show that came out in 2016. It's on Netflix, so no excuses, go watch it! It's a dystopia that tackles the fraught history between Aborigines and white Australians (think District 9), and it turns Aborigine Dreamtime stories into a kind of superhero story. It's got great character development and focus on family interactions, creepy monsters, a very authentic-seeming grounding in social-history. WETA was involved, Sundance TV, and Ser Jorah Mormont is in it! It was fricking awesome. Here's the trailer.
  15. Everyone on FB is going on about how crying-apalooza they are right now. Must have been a pretty awesome speech. And yes, I am not surprised about the Trump thing at all. This is the guy who covers all his mistakes by suing people and making them go away.