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  1. I rarely ever post.....most others usually say what I'm thinking.....but this was so disappointing. I can't even right now
  2. I only thought about watching The Expanse because of Mr Martin's recommendation on his NAB.....I'm glad I did and thoroughly enjoyed it and am kind bummed that it over...hrumph.
  3. My partner and I plan on doing a full reread once an announcement is made about it going to the publisher....this time though we want to read using Boiled Leather's AFFC/ADWD combined reading order for the chapters in those two (sorry I don't have a link handy)....along with a list of notes we've been jotting down of all the plot points and things we'd like to pay closer attention too.
  4. 7 this time because I liked it better than the first two. Interesting stuff, even with the deviations....but not happy about my favorite line in the whole series getting changed.
  5. I gave it a 6. I know there was still a lot to get on the plate but still felt jumpy and the courses were served to Really liked Maester Aemon's chuckle and Sassy Sam!! Love everything at the wall although was disappointed at the compression. Braavos and the Water Gardens looked lovely. Wanted more Arya!!
  6. 7 for me Mostly just happy to have it back. Liked the stuff at the Wall and the Meereen stuff wasn't too bad for a change. Winced at a few the Brienne and Pod scene. Seemed like they added that in just for the heck of it.
  7. I gave it a 9 even with all the changes....mainly because they kept Tywin's "I think the King is tired" line. Shakes head at the cheesy Dany ending....ugh.
  8. I gave it an 8...a few small quibbles that have been mentioned already and I would have like the music leading into and during the wedding to be more ominous....but I was balling. I liked the silence during the credits. That's what I would have liked after Jaime lost his hand but I guess you can't really do that twice and this was the best episode for that.
  9. This was a 9 :) So much better than the last 2 weeks!
  10. 6 this time....very disappointed at Sansa being told about her marriage to Tyrion...didnt like Jojen all of sudden having seizures or the Osha/Meera bickering :ack: I DID like the Olenna and Tywin scene. I eventually come to terms with the changes from the if they are going to make stuff up it should at least be good stuff!!
  11. A 9 for me this week.....had to pull out the tissue for the Jaime/Brienne scene. Wonderful intensity there. Jon and Ygritte's scene was done nicely too :) poor dead babies in the strange green goo??? Ewwwwwwww :ack:
  12. I loved this one...gave it a 10. This was the first this season that I didn't have really major head darn it if I didn't start liking Dany for a sec there.
  13. I gave it a 7 this week....over all a great episode but I took a point away for the upbeat flavor of the song during the credits. Not to knock the song at all but I think it made too light of Jaime having his hand hacked off. The Pod and the Brothel scenes were silly but it did give me a chuckle when Tyrion and Bronn pulled up their chairs for details.
  14. I gave this one an 8....I tried really hard to watch it as someone who hadn't read the books so the changes didn't bother me as much this time around but the Cat thing was pretty weird.
  15. I gave this one an 8. I was recently out of town and away from my books and I found it much easier then to separate the books from the series...I really do try to see things from the writing/adapting point of view but I just did not like the HotU or the last scene very much. But no matter what changes are made, Tyrion is ALWAYS fantastic and Alfie Allen knocked Theon out of the park yet again. Now I have til next April to get my non-reading partner caught up word for word for season 3 :)