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  1. Blutrabe added a post in a topic GRRM will read a Winds chapter at Conquest KC next weekend   

    AFFC/ADWD's shortcomings aren't his editor's fault. The editing process goes like this:

    Editor: "I think this is redundant. You should scrap it."
    GRRM: "NO."
  2. Blutrabe added a post in a topic Greyjoy storyline   

    My guess is that they'll cast Euron for S6, and have him do whatever important thing he is going to do in TWOW.

    Balon will unceremoniously killed off and Euron will just take his place, without any kingsmoot. Maybe they'll have Asha question his position, but we'll see what happens to her in S5 (if anything).

    Euron will not send Victarion anywhere, as he doesn't exist in the show canon and Dany doesn't need him to return to Westeros.

    So in short, the whole Ironborn plotline from AFFC/ADWD is cut, but will be picked up with TWOW.
  3. Blutrabe added a post in a topic Let's Discuss the Recently-Unveiled TWOW Chapter   

    please delete
  4. Blutrabe added a post in a topic Guess at structure of initial parts of TWOW   

    According to the German publisher of the books, Tyrion I is the first chapter. I don't know where they got the information though.

  5. Blutrabe added a post in a topic how can they not do the Manderly sub plot   

    The thing is, there is absolutely no reason to include the Manderlys.

    The only people who know about Rickon (and are not currently lost beyond the Wall) are Osha, Rickon, and ...the Umbers. No Manderlys involved.

    And why do people even assume that Davos will be sent to Skagos? Unless the Umbers send Rickon to hide there, that is. No, I'm pretty sure things will play out as follows:

    Davos will be sent by Stannis to treat with the Umbers. At the Last Hearth he will discover Rickon and procede with whatever he'll do in TWOW.
  6. Blutrabe added a post in a topic Seen the latest Season 5 news?   

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  8. Blutrabe added a post in a topic Jojen Reed's Death- Chekhov's Gun   

    GRRM won't leave any plot threads hanging just because he is set on finishing the series in seven books. If he needs more space to finish the story, he'll write more books.
  9. Blutrabe added a post in a topic Which Chapters Have We Seen?   

    Only a very small, if any. GRRM said that Mercy would probably be the last one.
  10. Blutrabe added a post in a topic "The Winds of Winter" Possible POVs   

    Davos is pretty much given as he is off to Skagos to fetch Rickon.

    Bran's story isn't finished and he has probably an important role to play.

    Melisandre is currently the only POV at the Wall, so I assume that she'll have one or more chapters.

    Sam has an intriguing storyline at the Citadel, with Sarella Sand in disguise and a pending Ironborn attack on Oldtown.

    Jaime's POV might absorb Brienne's but I think that's unlikely unless she dies early on.

    Jon Connington could be replaced by Arianne.

    Areo Hotah will surely be the POV in the Darkstar plot.

    I'm very curious about whether Jon Snow will continue as a POV or not.
  11. Blutrabe added a post in a topic TWOW & the five year gap   

  12. Blutrabe added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion   

    The episode didn't show one scene and suddenly it's the worst show on television.