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  1. I love how Drax was the only one who thought Yondu was Peter's "real" father. It's really quite touching.
  2. It is a rather strange book.
  3. Because it was a character driven movie and not a plot driven movie. Take Rogue One for example a movie the RLM guys actively hate. They don't like that movie because Jyn is not an active protagonist, but a passive one. Jyn never once moves the plot forward, but instead is just randomly thrown into the plot, time and time again. Also she completely acts out of character towards the end of the film. Instead of being angry and hating the rebellion for using her to try and murder her father, she suddenly tries to help them get the plans. Now compare that to this movie. Everything fits into place and the characters drive the plot the plot doesn't drive the characters. Heck even a few chekhov's guns from the first film have payoff's in the sequel; let's face it Peter's dad certainly was an jackass like Yondu said. Ego was also a really great villain, something the MCU doesn't have many of, though for me personally Yondu stole the show.
  4. This was sort of my biggest issue with Kevan. He was too much like Tywin for my liking. Don't get me wrong he's much more kinder in some ways, but the way his mind works is clearly on the same wave length as his older brother, he just doesn't always take the most violent solution to solve problems most of the time. Tywin's other two brothers seemed like much more interesting characters. Gerion seems like a really fun and beloved character, while Tygett seems like a skilled warrior. What I find strange is the fact that all of Tyrion's uncles seemed to have loved him, it was only Tywin and Cercie who despised him. I wonder how well Tywin got along with his brothers if this was the case. If I could only chose one, it would be Gerion with ease. The guy seems like such an interesting character.
  5. Don't act like Cersei is blameless. She was having sex with her brother only hours before her wedding to Robert.
  6. There's always a good chance it's just material that was cut from the World Book. GRRM apparently wrote so much stuff he plans to make another one, after he completes A Dream of Spring.
  7. So letting people continue to preach hate and death is cool. However we should do nothing about it and just wait for them to attack first?
  8. I said no such thing, I simply said I view genocide as something much more sick and twisted than birth control.
  9. I don't like people like that, but he's not preaching the genocide of a group of people. So I see no issue with that.
  10. There's clearly a ground of people here trying to say this particular Nazi is some type of "victim". A notion that seems pretty sick in my book.
  11. Best not to try and reason with Nazi sympathizers. People like that are beyond the reach of logic and reasoning.
  12. Yea, it was because of honor and justice that Rosse chose to kill Robb and end the war, lol The man was an opportunist who sold out Robb because he was promised certain rewards from the Lannisters.
  13. We're nearing that point. I think if we don't get the book by this July it will be 6 years since the last book came out.
  14. Fair point, though it is a little disturbing that someone can think a child murder and a traitor is a good person. I can tell you love Theon though, so I wont bother you anymore. I just can't view the guy as anything, but a black hearted monster. The best thing I can say about him is I loved the Reek chapters. They were some of the best literature I've read in a long time.
  15. They were visiting the man. They both loved him like a second father, you might recall.