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  1. He didn't take Storms End very quickly though. Also we knew Mel had dark magic form the get go. It's when the crazy stuff that's not magic related happens that I start to roll my eyes a bit.
  2. Like I said, a bit too many Continent things seemed to happen to get a Lannister victor. I'm sorry, but the whole thing really needs me to suspend my disbelief a little. Stannis showing up at the Wall so quickly is another example of something that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, when you look at the time window.
  3. Still seems like a very tight window for Tywin to make it to the city before it fell.
  4. He should have used the second one on Tywin or Joffrey. It would have really destroyed the Lannister's PR
  5. I often think GRRM went out of his way to screw Stannis from taking the city. We're meant to believe he's a smart battle commander, but he puts an fool in charge of his fleet, doesn't attack the chain towers when any man with half a brain could tell they were designed for some sort of trap and doesn't bring Mel to the battle with him; you know the only person on his team with magic. On top of all that GRRM allows Tywin to somehow make it to Kings Landing in time for the battle, when only chapters/days before he was getting his ass handed to him by the Tullys. On top of even that he created fall storms to delay Stannis fleet and made most of his men idiots for not thinking more than one person could wear the same armor; really Renly's ghost joke is such a stupid idea, I have no idea how it worked. I like Stannis, but just about all of his moves on the Black Water make him seem like an idiot.
  6. All of this is assuming Tywin doesn't return to defend KL. The fact that he just assumed Tywin would just continue his war with Robb, while Stannis is attacking the city is just insane.
  7. I'm pretty sure he'd kill Joffrey, for the crime of "trying to steal his throne". This guy was willing to use his primitive Death Note to kill Robb, probably the most just of the 5 kings in the war; heck he named Joffrey as well, shortly before Robb.
  8. This is Stannis we're talking about, odds are he'd kill Cercie and Joffrey ASAP, he is a "just man" after all. That's assuming Cercie didn't do the job for him.
  9. The whole attack just seems stupid, so long as Tywin was in the field. There's no point in taking the city, if he didn't have the men to hold it.
  10. She also frequently looked for dangers to herself and to her king. She's actually been quite good at predicting the future, she just doesn't always understand the vision right.
  11. They knew about the chain, they knew that it was down and that the chain towers were guarded which all, but made certain it was complete. It's the equivalent of an enemy leaving his door wide open when an advancing force was coming. You'd have to be a complete idiot to just blindly walk it. To make matters worse most of Joffrey's fleet was not in the bay. On top of everything else Tyrion got lucky that A- Stannis put an idiot in charge of his fleet, B- never attacked the towers himself and C- most importantly didn'tbring Mel with him. Had Mel been at the battle I get the feeling there's no chance at all that Tyrion's trick would have worked. I'm not sure if that would have saved him from the Tyrell/Lannister alliance, but Mel could have easily been aware of that as well.
  12. That's the thing though, Tyrion got lucky that Stannis chose to put and idiot in charge of his fleet. Things would have been very different if a person with half a brain was put in charge of his fleet. The point of a battle is to win, not win as quickly as possible. The fact that the towers were all but ignored by Stannis forces is just something insane when you think narrative wise. Stannis was said to be a smart battle commander and yet he just leaves an obvious trap in place, while the commander of his fleet does exactly the same.
  13. I really doubt an easy going guy like Robert would care about such a thing.
  14. Still any commander who would willingly walk into a trap, is not worth being a commander. The fact that the chain was down and the royal fleet was so small were clear signs of a trap no matter how you look at it. To be honest Stannis was a bit of a fool for attacking the city and not dealing with Tywin first.
  15. Varys Did Not Intend for Tyrion to Kill Tywin

    I'm not sure if Tyrion killing his father was a part of Varys plans or not. Seems more like a disadvantage to him if anything, since force Varys into the shadows, in place of working in plain sight like he did in the first 3 books.