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  1. Roose was a semi hero

    Yea, it was because of honor and justice that Rosse chose to kill Robb and end the war, lol The man was an opportunist who sold out Robb because he was promised certain rewards from the Lannisters.
  2. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    We're nearing that point. I think if we don't get the book by this July it will be 6 years since the last book came out.
  3. Opinions on Theon

    Fair point, though it is a little disturbing that someone can think a child murder and a traitor is a good person. I can tell you love Theon though, so I wont bother you anymore. I just can't view the guy as anything, but a black hearted monster. The best thing I can say about him is I loved the Reek chapters. They were some of the best literature I've read in a long time.
  4. Who was more honorable? Ned Stark or Ser Barristan

    They were visiting the man. They both loved him like a second father, you might recall.
  5. Opinions on Theon

    Saying Reek is sane is just silly. He acts like a trained and beaten dog most of the time. To be honest Theon is a literal example of "the road to hell is paved with good intentions". Theon wanted to make his father proud and become a "real" Ironborn by taking Winterfell, and in the process betrayed everyone who cared for him, and murdered dozens of innocents. He's still a good person because he has a bad dream or two though, by your logic, lol edit: More like Jamie got retconned from being a villain, to a main character. His back story about killing the mad king doesn't even make sense.
  6. Who was more honorable? Ned Stark or Ser Barristan

    The king tried to kill him, you might recall.
  7. Opinions on Theon

    You do know Theon is hardly even sane anymore when he becomes Reek? I know what an excuse is and Theon is filled with them, to the point where it just becomes silly.
  8. Opinions on Theon

    That's after he becomes Reek. Only after Theon has lost everything does he finally start to show regret for what he did. I said as much in an earlier post.
  9. Opinions on Theon

    By not taking up arms against a man he loved as a brother, for starters. I don't recall the text ever having Theon regret his actions. It's mostly just Theon trying to come up with excuses for what he's done. The most common excuse being, "I had no choice". Also even Judas had regrets about what he did. He did kill himself after the fact.
  10. Opinions on Theon

    Maybe stay neutral, maybe go visit his mother, the guy had choices. He seemed to enjoy playing the role of Judas though by betraying his best friend.
  11. Who was more honorable? Ned Stark or Ser Barristan

    Just saying Jamie killing Aerys doesn't really seem justified to me, since he had other choices.
  12. Opinions on Theon

    Well Theon does come from a family of mostly psychopaths, so I don't blame him. His mother and Asha are the only ones I'd label as decent people and Asha was retconned into one. The Asha of the second book is a very different character, than the one in the fourth. Balon, Vic and Euron are some of the worst people in the series and from what we heard Theon's brothers aren't much better. In fact most of the ironborn characters in general are 2 dimensional evil. I know there are a few good ones like Lord Blacktyde and The Reader, but any that believe in the "old way" and the "iron price" are just insane. No better than pirates and in some ways worse. It's a shame Theon proved that he's just as rotten as his father and uncles when he betrayed his best friend, murdered a priest, killed those two little boys, mutilated their bodies, killed 3 of his own men, and then framed an executed a man he knew was innocent. The fact that you think we should feel sorry for such a monster is a joke in and of itself.
  13. Opinions on Theon

    I'm just going to throw out that Robb was the head of house Stark when Theon betrayed him. When he betrayed Robb he betrayed house Stark by proxy. I'm sorry, but it really is that simple. Also Cat trusted Theon to lead Robb's army in his place and even trusted Theon to her secreted dagger meeting, Theon himself admitted that he use to have a friendly relationship with many of the people he killed at Winterfell. I'm sorry OP, but Robb was not the "ONLY" person to treat Theon kindly at Winterfell. Heck even Bran says a prayer to the old gods to look after him. Even Maester Luwin treated him kindly.
  14. Who was more honorable? Ned Stark or Ser Barristan

    What child did Jamie hunt and try to kill since losing his arm. Also pretty sure he was just bluffing to Edmure. Throughout the entire chapter he talks about how he vowed not to ever harm anyone from house Stark or Tully again and how he can accomplish his mission without doing that. He also kept his word when it came to treating the garrison of Riverrun fairly. Now show Jamie is another story. On the tv show he seems to be going back to his wicked self and I can believe that man would harm Edmure's family.
  15. Who was more honorable? Ned Stark or Ser Barristan

    I just don't enjoy the "he had no choice" excuse. To be honest Jamie's reason for killing Areys sort of feels like a retcon. I mean Areys basically put a bomb under the city and Jamie worked in that same city for nearly 15 years, without ever telling anyone about it or removing it. Sure he killed the people who made it, but what's stopping some random yoyo from finding it.