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  1. The Flash - Stupidest man alive

    This episode reminded me why I loved those Mirror Universe episodes of DS9 so much.
  2. Sorry man, but I hated just about everything Penny related. She was such a horrible character and for the most part useless to the plot. I'm so happy that character was removed from the show. If anything I felt Tyrion's guilt trip went on way too long in the books anyway. To be honest, I'm just happy Tyrion and Danny met each other on the show Until in ADWD, where George just trolled us that they would meet for nearly an entire book, only to have Dany fly away on a dragon the chapter in which we see Tyrion in the city for the first time.
  3. So is this how the show is going to be? The main characters fighting Savage each week, possibly even winning, but never finishing the guy off until the final episode?
  4. I'm confused? Didn't they have Savage beaten this week? He's immortal because he has Wolverine healing powers and they knocked him out cold. Why didn't they just strip him naked, chain him up and wait for Hawkgirl to recover. They just let the guy go, for no apparent reason.
  5. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    I wasn't a huge fan of all the Earth scenes to be honest. I understand why they were there, but it felt like they were taking me away from the source materiel every time one came up. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for an adaptation doing it's own thing with it's characters and making changes when they're needed to fit the adaptation, but when you introduce characters who aren't even in the story in the first place and create story arcs with them that go nowhere................well then I sort of have issue.   Don't get me wrong I love all of the stuff that followed the books source material, Earth really was my only issue with the show.
  6. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    I'm not very happy with the pacing of the first season. I felt like they could have covered the entire first book at the very least. I mean it wasn't a very long book from what I remember.   So how will they do season 2 now I wonder? There really isn't enough material in Leivathan Wakes to cover an entire season. So are we going to get more filler stories to fill in the space or will the climax of the first book be the middle of season 2?
  7. Agent Carter

    I love this show even more than SHIELD, these days.   It's nice to have a show that doesn't try to be too serious and just have fun.
  8. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    It feels like they did a little more than half the book. I agree though, season 1 should have been the first book.
  9. THE X-FILES returns, in HD and widescreen

      So what's the deal with the 2012 invasion not happening? Is the show even going to address this once, because if not it sort of ruins the meaning of the final episode for me.
  10. THE X-FILES returns, in HD and widescreen

    So after last nights episode, are we to believe that the whole 2012 alien invasion was fake? If so I'm a little confused here. We had plenty of scenes with the members of the Syndicate talking about the invasion even when Molder wasn't around. Also how the heck is Spender/CSM still alive? The guy was blown up in the final episode of the original show.   This first episode only left me more confused than ever before.
  11. Which again, is why I said he must have not cared about characterization if the rest of the story was a waste. And by that you mean what exactly? From my point of view, after Tryrion leaves Aegon's group he spends 3 chapters doing nothing with Jorah aside from meeting Penny. He then becomes a walking camera showing us what being a slave is like, until finally in his last two chapters he returns to being a character again and comes up with a clever way to escape.
  12. Will we see any other sample chapter?

    The only good thing I can say about a Aeron chapter is there's at least a chance Euron could show up in it. Though I feel that's almost too good to be true knowing George's pacing these days.
  13. Will we see any other sample chapter?

    Probably is all I can say.   I love how GRRM first said Mercy would be the final sample chapter, than we got the Sansa one last year as the apparent final chapter. Now with almost no hope of the book coming out this year, suddenly GRRM is thinking of releasing another one. We're going to have a good 1/4 of this book spoiled for us before it's even published at this rate, assuming that ever does happen.
  14. Sorry, but I have to agree with him. After Tyrion leaves Aegon's group, his story really is a waste of time. He literally spends two chapters on a boat with Jorah and Penny doing nothing. I laughed so hard when Tyrion finally has the chance to meet Dany only to have her fly away on a dragon. I don't think I ever felt so trolled reading a chapter before. Jorah was probably the only thing about Tyrion's chapters I enjoyed to be perfectly honest.
  15. Well asking a reader to move forward in time to a certain point, only to jump back in time, does seem very weird. I often wonder why Geroge would chose such a strange format for a book in the first place. I mean Jon and Sam have a chapter that more or less covers the exact same events, granted Jon's chapter goes on a bit longer to show us the death of a certain character. It only gets weirder when Dance starts to cover material past AFFC's, when the characters from the previous book start to show up again.