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  1. The Airport scene in this film was amazing and was much better than anything BvS gave us, IMO I also loved the new Spiderman. This kid was perfectly casted and I love how they're setting up Tony Stark to be his mentor.
  2. Why is Kendra so stupid. Did she forget Hawkman will simply be reborn if she kills him. Even if Savage is magically the only person who can fix this version of the character, did Kendra simply forget she had the option to hit the reset button, lol
  3. Who got shafted worse? Doran Martell or Stannis Baratheon

    Really, I don't recall any chapters of Dany mentioning how anyone was there to protect her or her brother while they wondered Essos for nearly 14 years. Doran didn't have to shelter them in Dorne, but providing no assistance to the Targs for nearly 14 years, in their hour of need and then being shocked that one wound up dead, is just stupid. I'm sorry but Doran's reveal that he was planning to marry his daughter to Viserys either A- makes Doran seem like a fool, or B- is a total retcon on what happened in the story.
  4. Who got shafted worse? Doran Martell or Stannis Baratheon

    Bold, doesn't mean stupid. Plus Quentyn was actually succeeding for a while, but he wasn't paying attention to the other dragon and...............well like I said he was stupid, lol
  5. Who got shafted worse? Doran Martell or Stannis Baratheon

    The guy planned to marry his children to the Targ's yet just let them wander around Essos for nearly 14 years, without protection from all sorts people who could possibly kill them. I have no idea how this guy can be shocked that Viserys was killed. No worries though, he had a back up plan to send Quentyn to marry Danny, that's a fool proof plan, there's no way she'd ever turn him down..............well at the very least Quentyn isn't stupid enough to think he can ride a dragon...................dam it. At this point I'd say marring Arianne to Faegon is a bit of a hail marry play for the guy. Twice the guy has allowed the Lannister's to get away with murdering members of his family, which is two times too many, IMO
  6. Who got shafted worse? Doran Martell or Stannis Baratheon

    I call that line of thinking craven. Fortune favors the bold.
  7. Who got shafted worse? Doran Martell or Stannis Baratheon

    Doran did nothing on the show, kind of like how he is in the books. The only thing we missed out on where seeing all of his stupid plans blow up in his face. I really don't understand how some people consider this guy wise for doing nothing, but to each there own I suppose.
  8. My guess is, a war with Dorne is going to take the place of Faegon's invasion.
  9. Without Faegon, was there even a need for Dorne in the first place. All of the events in Dorne, that aren't Faegon related seem like filler stories at best.
  10. Better Call Saul

    Mostly because Chuck drives Jimmy away and even tried to ruin his professional working carer by being the worlds worst big brother, despite the fact that Jimmy spent all of last season looking after Chuck and treating him nicely. It's more like Chuck wants to do everything imaginable to keep Jimmy beneath him.
  11. Better Call Saul

    I completely agree.
  12. Better Call Saul

    You know you're doing a good job as a writer, when both parties are wrong. I don't agree with Jimmy did, but I don't approve Chuck's methods of getting to the truth either. The fact that Chuck only went after the case because Jimmy was involved with it has me slightly leaning on the side of Jimmy. Chuck really has shown over the cores of the show that he's a horrible big brother, who always wants Jimmy to be beneath him.
  13. Fargo Season 2: you betcha!

    The best part about Peggy torturing Dodd was, I don't think she was fully aware she was torturing him. lol By that point in the show, she was so loopy and off the wall, it was hard to tell.
  14. Say what you will about Marvel's villains, but these guys always nail their heroes. It looks like Dr. Strange will be no exception. That trailer was great.
  15. Better Call Saul

    What can I say, I don't like a guy who's only proof is, "it probably was Jimmy". Let's just agree to disagree.