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  1. The monkeys growing?

    You say that, but I just don't see how. He's not a POV character and aside from Cercie there's no other POV's in Kings Landing. I mean we can speculate that JC might take the city at some point, or a hundred other things could happen, but given from what we know at the end of the last book, I just don't know. George has shown he has no issue with ignoring characters for long periods of time after all.
  2. The monkeys growing?

    You know I often don't say nice things about the show, but I honestly think having Varys go to Essos with Tyrion was one of the better changes made from the books. He's such an amazing character and seeing him almost completely ignored for nearly 2 novels felt like such a waste. Will his amazing return moment be misses, certainly, but I'd rather have the character in the story than ignored the way the books did things. As for Quentyn, I don't know man. Nothing about his POV chapters made me think he stood a chance in hell at wining Dany over. I'd much rather have him introduced in a Tyrion or Barristan chapter, than give him his own POV. His first two chapters are mostly just exposition and his final two seem beyond stupid. Having his story told from Dany, Barristan and Tyrion POV's might have been better if you ask me, since I honestly don't think this guy contributed enough to the story to earn one.
  3. The monkeys growing?

    I just wanted to focus on a few points. While you're right that the Hand isn't the guy with absolute power, he's still the person who's second in command of the government, the vice president if you would. In Ned and Barristan's case they were the de-facto leaders of the government, since Robert was more focused on getting drunk to lead and Dany was off ridding her dragon. Tyrion had to find clever ways to do things without Joffrey or Cercie knowing, which made for some fun writing, so in his case I can see what you mean by a mid level man. Now while you're right GRRM did get a little kill crazy in ASoS's and did kill a lot of villains and "good" guys if you would. I still think he could have focused on some of the other villains a bit more in AFFC and ADWD, because aside from Cercie and the Bolton's I feel most of the other new and old villains seems to get ignored. Euron for example only gets three chapters in two books. All I know about this guy is he's insane, charismatic and smart. He wants Dany's dragons and sends his brother to get them, who is apparently still on his way to Meereen, because of horrible pacing in ADWD. Some more focus on Littlefinger would have been nice as well. He's another antagonist who only gets three chapters in two books. Those Vale characters were probably my favorite parts of AFFC to be honest and left me wanting more. The fact that GRRM seems to be going out of his way to delay the Vale story line as much as possible seems to annoy me a little. The worst example of an amazing character being ignored is Varys though. This guy was possibly my favorite supporting character for the first 3 novels and then suddenly he just vanishes from the story entirely. Sure his return at the end of ADWD is awesome, but having to read over 1000 pages to get him back in the story was not. You're right, his death will serve a purpose to the story. His life on the other hand did not. What was the point of getting to know this guy and his friends if really the only narrative purpose this guy had was to die. We've had plenty of examples of important people dying without making them POV's.
  4. The monkeys growing?

    I hope you're right about WoW man, I really do. Because if that book drops the ball, it will be strike three for me with this series. Don't get me wrong I'll probably still read the last book when/if it comes out, just to see how the story ends, but my interest in the franchise will be all but lost at that point. I don't agree that all chapters told from a leaders POV are boring however. Take our 3 Hands of the king/queen for example; Ned, Tyrion and Barristan. I found all 3 of these characters to be awesome examples of how a leaders POV should be told. With Ned you get some amazing dialog exchanges from him and Robert, Varys and Littlefinger. Ned also gave us the murder mystery plotline and showed us the fall of House Stark from Kings Landing. With Tyrion we got some great chapters of political maneuvering and backstabbing, with some amazing humor as a bonus. We also got the Battle of the Blackwater, which was amazing in it's own right. Barristan's chapters were the first example of the Meereen plotline finally becoming interesting for me. We got to see him take over the city and try to desperately keep Dany's government together. It took a while, but with Barristan the Bold, GRRM finally got me excited about what's going to happen next in Meereen. I honestly think for the most part GRRM just didn't know what to do with Jon and Dany for most of ADWD and was just stalling for time.
  5. The monkeys growing?

    That would be fine and dandy if the lack of a gap didn't cause a tone of other problems. I mean you say the stuff at the Wall wouldn't have worked with the gap, well not a whole lot happened at the Wall in that book in general. Aside from Jon's final chapter, the Wall plotline was insanely boring. Ohh sure we occasionally get to hear that something awesome is happening at Hard Home and that Stannis is doing something cool from letters he sends Jon, but in terms of what Jon himself does and see's it's more or less just, "alright, I better move this solider to this castle, I better send some wildings here to help defend this castle" and so on. He also spends a good chunk of the book bickering with his men who are mostly idiots and can't see that the Others are the real danger and that peace with the wildings is their only hope at survival. Don't get me wrong from time to time we get some good stuff from the Wall chapters, like Slynt's execution, but for a large chunk of those Jon chapters it's mostly Jon dealing with garrison duty, which is insanely boring, IMO.
  6. The monkeys growing?

    Yea because seeing every rock and lake Tyrion moves past in the book was much better. Seeing Dany do nothing except fail as a leader was also pure gold as well. Ohh and don't get me started about Quentyn Martell and his massive contribution to the story, lol
  7. The monkeys growing?

    I would just like to say your version of Dany's first chapter in a time skip DwD, is much better than the actual chapter we got. Many where some of those chapters boring as hell. I honestly have no idea what GRRM was thinking.
  8. The monkeys growing?

    This seems to be a case of you wanting him to hate the show more than anything. I doubt he would be showing marathons of the show at his personal theater if what you said is true.
  9. The monkeys growing?

    Yea, he just screams "unhappy" in this Not Blog post, after wining the Emmy.
  10. Narratively speaking, we are still in book 4/5

    Yea, I wouldn't be shocked if GRRM has less than after of that book completed yet. The man just doesn't have the heart for finishing the series these days.
  11. You beat me to it. The yoyo keeps saying the maps aren't the point, then brings them up again in his next post.
  12. So GRRM never screws with the distances? Also who really cares, this seems like beyond a minor nitpick. Possibly one of worst I've seen on this website.
  13. The monkeys growing?

    Seems like apples and oranges. I still doubt the guy is "unhappy" to have finally won an Emmy.
  14. The monkeys growing?

    You said he was unhappy with the show in your post.
  15. The monkeys growing?

    As posted above, I'm sure GRRM hates the show that won him an Emmy. That seems like a perfectly logical thing. I'm sure he hates most of the books that win him Hugo awards as well, lol