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  1. Beric Dondarrion vs Lady Stoneheart

    I agree, Beric seemed like an actual character, while Stone Heart feels like simply a plot device. I still don't fully understand why the Brotherhood would chose her as their new leader.
  2. Beric Dondarrion vs Lady Stoneheart

    He originally wanted Thoros to bring her back. If he had the BWB would possibly have two leaders and not one.
  3. Sybell Westerling – What was the “arrangement”?

    I never did like this sub plot. It require too much luck to work out, especially since there are no phones in this world.
  4. It's about having connections. Would the Stark's help someone from the NW sure, would they help him as much as they would Benjin, I seriously doubt it. It's a difference of getting more from the Stark's at the end of the day. I wouldn't doubt that Ned would give double the supplies to his brother than he would any random NW man.
  5. Is everything north of the wall dead?

    We have no idea. I still wonder what really happened at Hardhome at this point.
  6. Strange Varys actions

    That was my thought as well. I could understand why Varys/Illyrio sent Ser. Barry to Dany, but never could understand why Belwas was sent as well. He really hasn't contributed much to the story, outside of being a bodyguard for Dany................and not a particularly smart one.
  7. Strange Varys actions

    I have no idea, but Varys is a spy master. You honestly think he's just ignoring Dany?
  8. Strange Varys actions

    Varys probably has other eyes on Dany. She seems a little too important.
  9. Strange Varys actions

    Well he most certainly would have killed Varys if he learned he was in fact working with the Targs. That being said, I'm sure Varys must have set up some escape route, if this ever did in fact happen.
  10. Strange Varys actions

    Well he told Robert about the marriage and that Dany was with child. That's pretty reliable info. I know he was using the outcome for his own ends, but still he needed to give Robert something real or he would have killed him. With the Lannisters however his info on Dany becomes much less frequent. He tells them that Viserys was killed and that dragons have been spotted in Essos, but very little else.
  11. Strange Varys actions

    Varys was playing both sides for the first three books, which means even though he's fully supporting the Targs, he needed to give Robert and the Lannisters real and reliable information. The whole assassination thing was a ploy. Varys helped set up the assassin, but then warns Jorah to be on the look out and protect Dany.
  12. Borus Blount

    I'm just saying can you name one accomplishment that Boros Blount made that makes him Kingsguard worthy. So far the only examples I have are, "faced Jorah is a tourney..................and lost to Jorah in a tourney".
  13. Borus Blount

    and Jorah beat him. I'm still having a hard time seeing how this guy made Kingsguard. Barristan was an old man by the time the series started and could have probably kicked his ass with ease.
  14. Borus Blount

    I have no idea how a guy so weak, was able to get in the Kings Guard in the first place.
  15. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Just gives Manderly more allies, when you really think about it.