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  1. This is a real thing? I though how I met your mother made that up...
  2. Restore? That honestly makes no sense to me. I doubt there was a time, at least in patriarchal societies in which men did not beat their wives. Maybe I talk with too many old women but things seem to have improved a lot. My cleaning lady told me recently that any man that does not beat you is a keeper no matter what other flaws he has...
  3. Ah thanks. I admit I don't know much about Spanish history after Franco. I should have googled it.
  4. Is was surprised that the Guardia Civil still exists as an organistion. They tried to destroy the young democracy in Spain in 1984 after all.
  5. You can pick one if you want to. Although I guess the EuroCon has it's own thread? But it also make sense to use one thread for both I guess.
  6. Update the first post. I could color-code the names. Black for just Worldcon only and orange for Worldcon+Eurocon for example.
  7. Having to commute every day would suck indeed but I guess it would make a lot of sense money-wise.
  8. Me... responsible... does not compute.
  9. https://dublin2019.com/ It's never too early to start a thread buy a membership! I got mine and I'm already looking forward to it. If you plan to attend DUBLIN 2019 you should also take a look at EUROCON 2019 in Belfast ( August 22-24 2019). Attendance List(Preliminary): (Because Targh said so ) Orange: People who also plan to attend EUROCON 2019. Wolfgang Peadar Maltaran Denvek Targh Little Miss Sunshine & Both All Men Must Rhyme Pebble Kama & John williamjm Werthead Queen of Procrastination Adz of CCAA Titan Cat & TCCB Aderyn Ser Knight Somerville SamanthaofHodorsfield Ser Osis of Liver Lil Red Head & Billy
  10. I had lots of fun in Helsinki. I'm looking forward to Dublin.
  11. Hopefully not. I curled up with a hot cup of tea and a book afterwards just in case.
  12. I managed to get drenched... I decided to drop my bag off at my apartment before going to dinner. I underestimated traffic and got delayed because of that. Because I was in a hurry I got on the wrong bus after leaving the apartment. As I got off said bus it started raining... Even my underwear got wet. I tried to hide in a bakery but it was too late. (My thanks to whoever invented waterproof smartphones.) Now, after a hot shower, I'm making good use of the heated drying rack in the bathroom of my apartment. Hummus, bread and bananas shall be my not so viking meal I fear.
  13. Count me in.
  14. The weather is nice today... It's way too hot back home.