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  1. The story trailer for Stellaris: Apocalypse is great imo. https://youtu.be/zW3YB2ptGws I'm looking forward to it and 2.0 although I'm personally not a big fan of hyperlane only. Purging was never my style but Exterminatus is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1CQ7Vwz8Eo
  2. With my dying breath I curse the unknown but vile XENO SCUM responsible. FOR THE EMPEROR!
  3. I kinda regret not voting for our version of the social democrats (I voted Liste Pilz...). It is a worst case scenario come true... I would rather have Merkel...
  4. I'm reading the German translation of Haruki Murakamis short story collection Men Without Women as a warm up before reading his newest book. Excellent as always.
  5. I'm looking forward to that. I'm enjoying the current version although it is a bit too easy on bigger maps for my taste. Currently I'm playing tiny galaxy games with a 5x crisis on insane which is lots of fun because you have to min/max like crazy to win. I got me and my girlfriend a switch for Xmas and Zelda is lots of fun. When I realized that Link can climb I was amazed... Comes from playing too many Bethesda games I guess(at least Morrowind had levitation). It is my first console and I'm positively surprised. I had a gameboy as a kid though and played with my cousins on their NES.
  6. I used to do take one month breaks from drinking two or three times a year when I was still binge drinking. About 4 years ago I felt withdrawal symptoms at the start of such a month and I have not touched alcohol again.
  7. Dogecoin! Wow! Much blocks! Very chain! Market cap over 1000000000 $!
  8. Raw water? Sounds like a great idea! But what if you have no access to a spring or no trustworthy supplier ? No need for despair because the Austrian genius Johann Grander invented water revitalization! Link Personally I recommend getting rid of your food&fluid addiction though. Breatharianism is the way to go!
  9. I'm reading Axiomatic by Greg Egan right now. There are a lot of great stories in that collection. Not brain melting unlike his last book Dichronauts which I enjoyed but made me feel stupid.
  10. I guess you are right. According to the site I visited median income usually does not contain income from non-work sources like investments at least in Austrian statistics. One site added it on top of the normal median income which increases the gap between the top 10% and the rest significantly. It was not a neutral website though(Arbeiterkammer). The top 1% get more from such sources than the lowest 30% get from work. It was the net median income 2015 according to that site. According to another site it the median net annual income 2015 was €19 558 (women: €15 986, men: €23 235). https://www.statistik.at/web_en/statistics/PeopleSociety/social_statistics/personal_income/annual_personal_income/index.html Gross income is pretty much irrelevant in that context at least for Austria as most people have the same health insurance and social security is the same for everybody. Better insurance has to be paid from your net income. Comparing different countries is indeed difficult. Honestly I doubt that many noneuropean countries are relevant for a realistic discussion about UBI. The USA is pretty much irrelevant though. It does not even have a decent healthcare system.
  11. The problem with the current system is that if you are unskilled and able to work collecting benefits and working cash-in hand will get you much more in the short term. You can always work as a cleaner or on construction for example, you will earn more than you would earn otherwise and you will get the benefits on top of that. You will pay for it once you reach retirement age or if you get sick/disabled though. Or if the taxman catches you but that is unlikely if you stick to cash.
  12. A realistic UBI would probably be far bellow median income imo. In Austria the median income is € 22215.19 per year. (Although median income is a worthless metric anyway because of the 1%.) In Austria we have a needs-based minimum benefit system(Mindestsicherung) which is € 827.82 per month(€ 9 933.84 per year) for singles living alone . You only get it if you have less than € 4222.70 in savings. You can live of the Mindestssicherung although rent can be difficult even with the housing benefits you get on top of it. Some additional details for people who are interested: € 620.81 per month for singles with a roommate € 1241.74 € per month for couples. Some regional governments offer more than that minimum(921.30 € for singles in the federal state I live in for example). You get additional benefits depending on the number of children in a household. The roommate thing was added later, if I remember correctly, because a lot of couples separated(at least officially) after the Mindestsicherung replaced other kinds of social security. There are lot of conditions though and the amount is often reduced if you do not comply and you have to look for work if you are able to. Unless you are disabled or need it for work(if you earn less than € 827.82 your income is topped up) you might have to sell your car if you have one. More or less the only valuable property you are allowed to keep is a house or flat if you live in it. You get the basic health insurance which is pretty decent even be euro-commie standards although I guess the Scandinavians beat us in that regard. Cut backs are coming of course because we just got a far right & neoliberal government. Some regional governments have already reduced the maximum household income to 1500 €(you could get significantly more depending on the number of children) and reduced the amounts for persons entitled to political asylum unless they agree the certain integration related conditions. Vienna is the state with the least cutbacks(because its the only state ruled by a left only coalition) and some people, especially migrants, moved there because of that.
  13. I work in a field in which the ship has sailed years ago. Single purpose chemical plants require significantly less operators than they used to(a tenth is not uncommon) and the people that remain only serve troubleshooting purposes in most cases. A lot of plants do not even have enough shift operators for startup anymore and additional personal is necessary after a shutdown. In many plants most if not all maintenance is done by contractors(often with employees of east european origin here in austria). In many well running single purposes plants the handling of raw materials and the shipment of products requires much more people than the running of the plant itself. The administrative side expanded a lot in the other hand and cutbacks in that area are a pretty recent thing. They are happening now though and it seems a lot of positions were not necessary anymore because most of what those jobs entailed is already done by computers(mostly in the area of bookkeeping, billing and payroll). Its mainly done be not hiring new people after the old people moved on. Despite the fact that such plants require less people to run it is actually far more difficult get people for the job because the pay is not as good as it used to be and the workload has increased exponentially. About 30 years ago a shift worker got about twice the pay of someone working on the day shift and usually had a lower workload(night shift was just there to keep the plant running for example and maintenance was done during daytime). Nowadays you only get about 30% more. On the other hand the output of most plants increased by a lot.
  14. I belive that quite a few men only display those basic skills to avoid consequences. When drunk some people care less or not all about consequences. Maybe visiting Pattaya and seeing how a lot of guys change once they realise that they can treat people like things if they have money did not help but I have a pretty low opinion of my fellow men and I'm not just talking about the sex tourists who only travel because of that but also the guys who make a pit stop backpacking or are there for a bachelor party. Things like blow job bars make you wish for brain bleach.
  15. One of my coworkers once told me that he asked his doctor for medication to reduce his sex drive. I dunno if he ever got it though. He is the kind of guy that seems to lose half of his brain when a women he finds attractive enters the room. Maybe its because I work in a male only environment as plant operator on shift but that kind of guy is not that uncommon. A former superior of mine avoided women for that reason (once his superior reprimanded him because he had not done something he was supposed to do on a regular basis because he would have come in contact with a female trainee if he did it...). Those guys can control themselves... at least when they are sober. But it certainly reduces their effectiveness at the workplace significantly if women are involved. Maybe shift work In chemistry planets attracts such people because they can avoid women there most of the time? Or maybe guys with a predisposition to such behavior get worse if they work in a field in which they interact with next to no women. I find such behavior alien at times as I have a pretty low sex drive but I realize that it exists.