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  1. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    Interesting how differently people think. I imagine this to be at least 300 years into the future.
  2. HBO's "Westworld" [Spoilers!]

    Quite intriguing couple of episodes. I'm hooked. Bit confused with the timeline though. What do the guests do while the hosts are reset at the end of the day? Thought maybe they leave the park and arrive back on the train again the next morning but Ed Harris seems to remain there constantly. But I guess it'll all be answered.
  3. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    Damn good show this. Excellent acting and direction. They made the dark forest scary in a way I haven't experienced since Twin Peaks. It was surprisingly emotional as well. I nearly tore up when the Moby song started playing in the last episode. It wasn't without its flaws though. I found it weird that the government (who we saw early was capable of cold murder when it suited them), to simply let everyone go afterwards. Wouldn't they have murdered everyone to make sure their secrets didn't spread?
  4. Peaky Blinders Season 3 - Spoilers

    Another great season. Tom Hardy needs to be made a permanent main cast member, if they can afford it. I had two issues with the plot though. 1. The pedo-priest was fairly cheap and quite unnecessary (as others have said); the guy was a good enough villain as it was. 2. What was the deal with the Italian boss' wife being a former school teacher to the Shelby lads? It made zero sense to me that a London-based Italian crimelord would have married a random Birmingham schoolteacher. Maybe I missed something about that, I don't know.
  5. Episode 7 preview

    I'm think the same damn thing. Looks like the Greatjon without the beard.
  6. (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    Lovely series. My one true complaint is that the man playing Stan's boss is an extremely poor actor. The guy playing Stan isn't great either, but he makes an effort.
  7. The more I think about the theory that Obi-Wan is Rey's grandfather (or perhaps father if force ghosts can ejaculate), the more I like it.
  8. (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    I had totally missed that this show had come back, so I just binged the first three episodes. This is truly a fantastic show, extremely well-acted (apart from the guy who plays Stan), and with a writing that really allow the character drama room to breath and evolve naturally. I agree that Nina's story feels a bit detached, but I have that the writers will do something great of it.
  9. House of Cards Season 4: Life Without BBQ

    So I finished the fourth season. The best once since season one in my opinion. We got to see both Claire and Francis in vulnerable positions for the first time.
  10. Better Call Saul

    While Mike was right about Walt's huge ego, that quotation is wholly inaccurate. Walt actually had to kill Gus to save his and Jesse's life. And the reason the animosity began in the first place was because Walt ran over two of his drug dealers, who in turn would have killed Jesse. It all boils down to Gus ordering (probably) the murder of Andrea's brother back in season three. So Gus dug his own grave.
  11. Good episode, but was it really only supposed to be 17 minutes long?
  12. This is England is a film made by Shane Meadows, released in 2007. It takes place in 1983 and follows the skinhead culture. It was follow by three miniseries that take place in 1986, 1988 and 1990, respectably. The movie itself was a great piece of the work, but it's in the miniseries that the drama reaches its creative heights. They're absolutely astonishing pieces of fiction, some of the best narrative and acting you'll ever see. Quick, humorous, realistic dialogue, intersected with pitch-black drama. One scene make you laugh out loud, the next you sit in utter horror and despair at what's taking place on the screen. Any fans on this board?
  13. The latest episode (no 5) was one of the best one in the show's history. Dennis' continuous decent into malicious madness is glorious. Glenn should get all the rewards there are.
  14. I binged all episodes in the past week or so. It's a truly upsetting piece of work. The thing is though that I keep suspected the documentary makers left a lot of things out; that's the only way I can explain the guilty verdicts. As for Steven, I can understand how he was convicted. Judging by what's presented in the show, there obviously isn't enough evidence to overcome reasonable doubt. But seeing as how freeing Steven at least in some way would imply crooked cops, I can understand (though not excuse) if a jury, whose core values include the idea that police are the good guys, would render a guilty verdict. As for Brendan however, it's mind-boggling how he could convicted with an obviously coerced confession and no technical evidence whatsoever. Which leaves me to wonder if the documentary makers haven't left some incriminating stuff out. This suspicion is fuelled by the fact that all the appeal courts have refused to take on his case.
  15. Songs You Never Realized Were Covers

    The fact that Dazed and Confused wasn't a Led Zeppelin original took me by surprise. (Although ZP changed enough of the lyrics to get away with not paying royalties)