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  1. I assumed that he brought the majority of the Lannister forces with him North when he left (as Lord of Casterly Rock, most would follow him even without the Queen's consent). But most of you seem to assume he's travelling north alone?
  2. So why did Claire and Matt pretend they didn't know each other, even when they were in the same scene? Did they both have amnesia? Maybe Claire wouldn't wanna mention their relationship so as to not make Luke jealous, but they could've at least exchanged a few meaningful glances or something? It's a shame, as I liked their chemistry was more than Luke-Claire or Matt-Karen. Anyway, the show gets a 5/10 from me. Not shit, but after watching it I couldn't recall a single time I was emotionally invested in anything happening.
  3. This show does the surrealist and/or horror sequences extremely well, but the main plot arc has enormous pacing issues. And the dialogue is mediocre in the best moments and horrendous the rest of the time. I will continue watching for the sake of the, sometimes, extraordinary cinematography and sound design, but I have lost hope of being told a good story.
  4. Fantastic trailer!
  5. These are all the shows i recall watching thus far this year. Probably forgetting something 1. The Leftovers - how to finish a show with grace 2. Big Little Lies - enormously entertaining, superb cast all around 3. Better Call Saul 4. Twin Peaks - if it maintains the current quality for all 18 episode, it's gonna be #1 on the list 5. The Handmaid's Tale 6. Fargo 7. 13 Reasons Why 8. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 9. The Americans - this season didn't captured me at all for some reason, still hasn't finished it 10. House of Cards - this show should have ended three seasons ago 11. Santa Clarita Diet 12. Taboo - hugely disappointing, considering the cast and scale of production 13. Sherlock - a horrible mess
  6. I am almost completely unfamiliar with surrealism, bit this whole episode (episode 8) had me hooked for every second. I basely understand anything, but I love it all. The art direction (both visual and auditory) is sublime and hugely emotional.
  7. The fifth season of House of Cards was released on Netflix one or two days ago. Is anyone here still watching the show? I'm on episode eight atm. In my opinion it remains entertaining during the binge, although I doubt it has much rewatch value afterwards (nor do any of the previous seasons). People have speculated how difficult it will be to sell the premise of the show considering the madness that's going on atm at the real White House. I believe they still manage to produce somewhat interesting storylines despite sometimes being out-shined by reality. What do you think?
  8. Watch episode 1-9 of season two, as well as the season finale (episode 22). You can skip the episodes in between.
  9. Seen the first three episodes now. It's stunningly brave and brilliant work thus far. The campy soap elements has been erased completely from the narrative, and the surreal horror amped up a thousand times.
  10. Good show, 7/10. It started out good and the last three episode were very powerful, but in between that it dragged quite a bit. The girl who played Hannah is a fine actress but the dude they cast as Clay is horrendous. He has more or less the same expression on his face the whole 13 hours, almost ruins the whole show.
  11. Very entertaining episode. Felt good to get back to meat of the story after all the business with Gus and Mike (however entertaining that is). I'm curious though... Why would they not disbar Jimmy after this episode? Sure Chuck was proven to be delusional, and that might explain why Jimmy said the stuff on the tape... But Jimmy still broke into Chuck's home and broke his property. That remains a crime, no matter the context. How will they justify that?
  12. The man that Mike was following in the beginning of the episode: what was he doing before swinging by Los Pollos? Just visiting random dead-drops unrelated to the story, or what?
  13. This show is so fucking beautifully filmed and directed that it makes the most mundane scenes interesting. So glad to have it back.
  14. Extended trailer:
  15. Glenn is without a doubt the best actor on the show (although Danny is fine too). He manages to create some genuinely scary scenes and then revert to comedy in a second. Can't be an easy task. I wonder though how far they will take his psychopathy. Like with Mac's homosexuality (which was "resolved" recently), Dennis' serial killer-esque character arc needs to make a progression before it becomes stale and predictable. The latest episode was great. Had me laughing out loud in a way I almost never do when watching TV.