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  1. Brienne and Gendry: Possible Romance?

    Nah. Just my opinion, but I don't see it. Brienne has the memory in her heart of Renly and her regrets of not being to help him coupled with her vow to avenge him. And Jaime moved into that heart. Big time. Gendry appears to only have room in his heart for the memory of his fiery, swashbuckling little scamp, Arya. (See the Book 4 cameo.) But I'll be damned if Brienne isn't going to have some page time telling him hisidentity and looking out for THE NEPHEW. Um, Gendry. They are already tied. He saved Brienne's life, and also by doing so killed a baddie that once tried to threaten his AcornGirl. Hey, he warned Arya not to talk to them in an earlier book. And Brienne was astute and cautious enough to realize that when attempting to talk about who his father was, she went to see him alone not trusting anyone to hear. Also, she is mature enough to take his surly attitude in stride. Apparently, he has a lot of crap on his mind. I think Icould guesswhat some of that is. We seem to be cued a few times in that chapter. And there is also the soap opera cliche scene where she is in a delirium and still asking for him. It is totally cliff-hanged how badly she wants to tell him who his father is. There she lies with a half chewed face like: Must….Must tell him…Must tell Gendry. She is serious about it, much was made of it, and I think it will happen. Somehow she will tell him. Or no point to the emphasis on how hard she tried to do so.
  2. The Riverlands Web V.7

    I can't even go there with my crazy work hours and how hard it is to come on consistently, so I'll leave it at that. I just want to thank you Wizz for the excellent piece on Piper and Vance and the Jack Vance piece. I have no words which is why there is no way in hell I can touch that. Still marinating in the brain and it was a very weak point for me as far as making connections.So much I hadn't picked up on and pieced together and it was extremely insightful and helpful. Thank you to everyone for the comments and additions and welcome to new faces (avatars) we haven't seen on here before. Hoping thatour observations and what we notice,what sticks out or sticks in our craw,and like to share with each other for more perspective on the series and feedback to questions we have or things we wonder about as readers, will maybegive you some things to think about too. And also thank you Le Cygne for the Jane Eyre comparisons. I read it years ago and was rusty and marveled at the parallels. I will try my best to come back on and post when possible. And the possible for a long time always seems to become the damned impossible. Lol.
  3. The Riverlands Web V.7

    I,er, changed my member title. That is all. Best New Year ever!!! Don't u think so, Wizz?
  4. The Riverlands Web V.7

    I wanted to say something too about the TWOW news.Of course its human nature to want something and want it very badly, and the sooner the better, for many, but...There is truly nothing like this series. It is an epic, intricate, snowflake-layeredheavilydetailed universe. For chrissakes, I can't name all the Freys let alone keep track of the billions of other names, coats of arms, places, etc. That's not even writing the damn thing. That is fact-checking, referencing, checking time, place, arcs, subplots, characterization, consistency…I shan't go on further.Its enough;that's not even the tip of the iceberg.And then there is actually writing this thing with amazing dialogue, story lines, description of scenery,etc.This is an epic undertaking of immense proportions, unfathomable to me, who is in awe just as much as I was the day I first read book 1.All I can say is: Dude, you do what you gotta do. Totally behind you.No problem.However much time it takes, whatever. Looking forward to it, is how I see it.
  5. The Riverlands Web V.7

    Happy New Year! Totally unable to post. I read the last few pages and caught up. Wonderful posts! And thanks so much to Longie for your articlesand the many Wizz catches and points that were made. Just a few things: -I needed that. The breadth and scope of this seriesis so vast, and well, big…but I think it looks very likely that in the RW crows, BR, weir woods, and everything hinting to the Starks being watched and the build up for Bran utilizing his powers to possibly reach out to his siblings is highly likely. Among other great things to come.I need that pointed out to me to get a sense of it. That is not something I noticed on my own in re-reads still, when I was too interested or focused on other things. Really, people. I'm more intuitive with characters. I enjoy it and it comes easier for me to notice such things.You helped me to see it easier and to get a sense of the amount of times these connections are brought up whichare notable. -The Hound yet again reflects my sentiments in a sort of insulting way. He has no filter and just doesn't give a crap, which is why we love him.So he tells them ever so bluntly, that they seem a bunch of swineherds. Exactly. He's not impressed. Neither was I. I was thinking when we first met them…and what the hell is this bunch of ragtag losers going to do?Thoros and his drinking/partying like a King RobStar, Anguy with women and blowing money, Tom and his love for the ladies. A half dead guy with a very long engagement that lookslike a walking Swiss cheese...And it took a lot of time but there is much more to the BWB. This is a vast network. Men and women, old and young, low or high birth. With various safe places and methods of communication and intelligence.And we realized it way before some unfortunate people like maybe Cersei, LF, orothers will. Lord Frey is feeling the pinch now. Well, a bunch of his relatives have.
  6. The Riverlands Web V.7

    Just Elder Brother abbreviated.
  7. The Riverlands Web V.7

    Some more Stranger. Let’s leave the QI for awhile and backtrack, shall we? When Stranger gets passed up for a promotion… Stranger: You work for them, the Lannisters. I don't, okay? I work foryou.That can change. Oh, believe me. That can change… Sandor: (looks at Stranger silently) Stranger:Can you just do it? Just get knighted and deal with the “ser” thing so I can like get a promotion too. You only think about yourself. I thought we were a team, remember? Just the two of us, huh? You are thwarting any chances I have to advance. What are we frenemies now? Thanks a lot. I want to get it…to officially be the horse of a great knight. Now, nobody will know you cry over Sansa at night when you think that I think you're sleeping or whine about your family or whatever… That stays between us. And you have a heart, a big one, but I'll just keep on pretending you are the meanest sonofabitch that ever walked through Westeros. We look cooler that way. And the romantic stuff, trust me, I'm not letting that shit out of the bag. So embarrassing... Sandor: Why are you getting interviewed? (notices that Stranger did not appreciate the sarcasm.) Stranger: Maybe. I might one day.Ifyou come to your senses and just take the damn knighthood, curse them behind their back, and let us get on with it already. You're ruining my career…and my street cred with the crying over a girl.Ooh, Sansa…I love you so much… but I'll die and never tell you because I have no balls…wah…wah… Sandor: Shut up Stranger!
  8. The Riverlands Web V.7

    Whoah. Never considered that. Did not think of that like ever.Now I have to let it sit in my brain and swirl around. And it always cracked me up, that reference of Stranger having a bad temper/nasty attitude. What a badass! lol. And could he make it any clearer he doesn't want to be there?Oh, how the brothers will be relieved the day that horse leaves... Just caught up with theposts. Great insight guys!
  9. The Riverlands Web V.7

    Go right on ahead and rag on him. That chapter was hysterical. And if that was a Jon Snow Cabbage Patch Kid reference, which I'm still not sure of, but dammit I laughed myself something silly the first time Gendry blurted that out to Arya and Ned and I read it. Hey, it was every trope of a love triangle. From a 1930's movie to a B 80's movie, where a guy with a Flock of Seagulls hairdo is like: What the hell does she see in him? Gendry just didn't say it out loud. LOL! Among the many things we've all noted in our posts over a period of time, I still marvel that the two interests of the Stark girls, let me repeat, both guys, both LOSE their helms in the series. You know, just the helms that represent their identity and their animal avatars, just like Sansa loses her wolf and Arya Needle. Its just too good. Side note: After I saw the hilarious scene with armor between Joe and Ben, I can't imagine how he would have delivered the "cut your hair then" line, if there was a Ned and things were different.(Sorry, guys, I don't have the line in front of me) It would have been great. Just imagine the snooty, deadpan "'Cause I sold armor" said like that. Oh, and the dry exasperated stare.
  10. The Riverlands Web V.7

    Oh, God, i even cringed in a good waybecause it was so retro delicious when I read it. And it drove home the point that she really wants to tell him. It was great. What happened to her was so traumatic and she is still on the case regarding telling him and we are all hoping she doesn't die of shock, infection, or both. Those two are the perfect Old Hollywood love foils. They are every great cop-buddy movie, but I also think the seeds of love are there too. I swear Gendry and Arya could be William Powell and Myrna Loy. Those two were excellent together. Their banter on the road is hilarious and endearing. In general the Starks are so tied to the dire wolf, their animal avatar, it would only make sense that both Arya and Sansa hit it off with and deserve and connect with two guys that have a very strong sense of self and their own unique individual animal avatar. The Bull and The Dog/Hound. Oh, I agree. Tenacious B is sure as hell NOT dropping this. When she is on the case, forget it. And I believe Its all about Jaime now, but I could see her honoring and serving the memory of Renly out of loyalty and for other noble reasons, and I'd bet money that it counts in her book that Gendry is The Nephew. She's tortured that she can't save or protect the uncle, she ain't letting that happen again.
  11. The Riverlands Web V.7

    Thanks so much, Wizz. And I think Tenacious B is sticking…lol. You are totally right that Renly is also a major point of possible reference/recall for Thoros. Yeah, he was there a lot to observe both Baratheons. And it also popped in my head that the author is so slick, and we do see Brienne (who wants to tell Gendry and I believe would have good intentions regarding Gendry) given a dialogue scene with Thoros ( the only other person around her, I think, that has the best chance of confirming what she knows,and it adds suspense that we aren't sure that if he does know who he is/or puts it together, we don't know necessarily how Thoroswill react to that info.) Because I will admit that I was on the edge of my couch worrying, saying "oh, shit, I know you want to get it out, Brienne, but don't tell this guy!( and she was savy and didn't.)We don't know what's going on in that head of his exactly. And of course, most time was spent with me head-scratching that Thoros had either the stupidity or the utterballs,telling the soon to be judged a traitor and total stranger to him, Brienne, that he has gripes with Uncat and BWB.I'm like:Hell, they are so damn sensitive, and here you are badmouthing Mother Merciless and her back up dancers. Are you crazy, dude? Not a smart move, if they get wind of it. They may even decide to take care of you before you can cause a problem if they're paranoid. LS and Lem and the boys have been "trigger happy" so to speak for awhile now. Just make that a noose instead. I also agree that keeping Gendry a working smith was important. And that he can possibly repair anything he is given is good. Also, that scene with Ned and Tobho is of multiple purposes.A young smith making that great of a master piece ( I spaced it because a masterpiece has a different connotation I believe)is really hitting the reader over the head that his talent very early on should stand out for us, and to keep it in mind for later. Otherwise, all Ned had to do was see the resemblance and it still moved the Robert- has- bastards- and- a- kid- that- looks- like- him" arc forward just the very same without it. I love how you said "Personal Projects." Perfect wording and extremely important. That is high skill, intelligence, and creativity. He is not an average smith. Some of the most brilliant/gifted youththink out of the box and like to veer off course to excellent results. I'm sure he has been doing more since the bull helm because he has been a working smith. Plus, he is stubborn and proud of his work and I doubt repair work alone in his cup of tea. Also, we've all seen in real lifeand fantasy, the trope of the talented mentor takinga liking to a favored/talented apprentice and showing them extra. That might have happened in KL with Tobho.Speculative, but I turn over any possibility and kick it around. You brought up just another excellent point again. Yeah, I think some of those little tidbits we chew onwill add meat to the boneThere are some fine, seemingly delicate details he throws our way, fiction filigree, if you will, and they have budded down the road before. Itsgoing to happen again. And I'm proud that all of us that post here are open to looking at them.
  12. The Riverlands Web V.7

    I agree that the timing is important. Also, that we are probably meant to seeit is somewhat significant with all the build up, urgency, and by how it keeps coming up throughout the series. I think it is important what kind of terms and what sort of situation Brienne is in beforeshe tells him. That will dictate how it happens, I think.What happens next will determine a lot regarding what goes down with her Jaime, LS, and the BWB. There are too many things hanging to predict. The BWB's Frey beef, what to do with Jaime, looking for Arya/the whole orphanage system they have going, Edmure and the Westerling thing, and other stuff I'm sure. Hopefully, I can post today or tomorrow, but I have more things that bother me about this. But I have to look it over. I mentioned it in my lastpost, but I still find it weird that they didn't have him just repairing something,(like when actors are directed to do minimal acts in a shot to show movement and naturalness in a scene, or like "background noise)because he is known for his hammer. I did take it as a possible indication/hint that he is about to leave the orphanage next and go out with the BWB, which also may be hinting that they are all collectively about to make a move and do something next. Possibly act on some of the things listed as we've all been anticipating. But he said he is working on it and it is his. This shift from hammer reliance to even considering a sword took my notice after all he has said in the past and from what we know.
  13. The Riverlands Web V.7

    Actually. It just occurred to me. We know about the ear and some other things with Stranger…but what about the other altercations that surely happened on the Isle that we do not know about. Lol.Trying to count in my head now...
  14. The Riverlands Web V.7

    One a day. He was feeling generous that day and figured he'd throw them a bone.
  15. The Riverlands Web V.7

    Stranger is the master, of course.Everyone knows that. Or, uh, they better learn quick. I have a feeling that Quiet Riot Isle is going to stick like Dorkwood and the rest.