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  1. Definitely. The wight hunt would have been the perfect time to throw a little nugget in. Either Sandor and Gendry, or Gendry and Jon. When Gendry went on his let-me-introduce-myself dialogue to Jon, somehow the along the lines of "I travelled with or know Arya or whatever" (worded better than that) another tiny nugget could have been dropped there too maybe. Or maybe it's better that they like each other and things are going swimmingly between them and the Arya mention between Jon and Gendry comes up later as the icing on their, the in the face confirmation we are given of their apparent buddy-dom. I have to say too when I'm watching them walk on the wight hunt and it becomes apparent that it's share info time, and a lot of stuff came out, and people are spilling left and right with catch up time, I thought that considering Gendry decided to offer himself and Jon join on his quest, somehow even if someone else briefed Jon, it would have been known to Jon already that this guy was with Arya for a time travelling and it was a positive experience. Sandor maybe, but Thoros and/or Beric would know better. Just something, some little tidbit. At first, I though that might happen and it would be Gendry's "in" in being able to join Jon. Not the case in show anyway. It was: Hi, I'm Gendry, I'm Robert's son, let's be friends, I want to join now, left my life and job, I'm ready, let's roll. (Again, anyone else would have dropped the ball on this, It's too much cramming in one conversation, but Dempsie saved it.) And even without an Arya Entrée into Jon's group. I really think the book will be different. I'm not even sure he meets Jon first, let alone other issues. He has his Stark book entrée with Lady Stoneheart, the family member to Arya in this case being her mother. So I mean who runs into who next because he is already with her mother and some BWB. Sandor's on QI, Stranger wants out, etc.
  2. I think Jon is sold already. And his approval will mean a lot to Arya, plus their past history, and in most film and literature, the abrupt parting of two people under stressful circumstances with time passing usually works out well. In a series where every many old tropes are turned on their head, Jon and Gendry works. It's not buddy cop movie. Jon is not Ned's son, so it's not corny like... the two sons of the two father's... and everyone in the end goes off to their pretty castles. The audience knows more than the character's do. Some of the dialogue would have been corny under other circumstances, but the actors pulled off most, and the nature of the series anchored it. To me, because it is most likely going somewhere in future, the hanging in the air between the four works for tv. Anticlimactic if Sandor and Gendry lined up in front of Jon and went off on the tv show about I know your sister, where is she, blah, blah, blah. Maybe it could have been done, I'm not a screenwriter, but at this point due to time and other issues. Leave me with the books, maybe it's just better they didn't. We may get something in the final season, or I will ask myself why the hints and other small tidbits that happened this season, if it's for nothing. It will be better when they all meet up again, and I am sure a bit of comedy ensues too. It does drive readers nuts, and non-book viewers that either heard some book themes, theories, or did their homework. The not bringing them up may build it up more and help. I saw people shocked that Gendry didn't bring up Arya to Jon. Other stuff he said to Jon with another actor could have been too much or over the top but Dempsie balanced it somehow. Mentioning Arya, I can't even begin to imagine in such short rushed choppy between characters scenes how the heck that could have happened decently. How do you mention her quick, a big issue, and then stop awkwardly, because there are like other storylines being crammed in and bursting at the seams. I just don't know. I give the actor credit, because that could have came off pushy, arrogant, annoying, his scenes with Jon. Maybe even near Viserys Entitlement territory, and it didn't. A bad actor could have ruined the whole thing, but definitely the right person was cast. Ok, so maybe Big Nyms has a Queen's Guard too? Sounds good to me.
  3. After so much time it really is cool to see a gist of themes and the visual. Just seeing all three characters interacting was great. And Sansa and Arya, the not being mentioned, it just hangs heavy in the air. Well, Arya was by Brienne a bit.The hints and the weight of omissions is too much. Oh, the two future brother-in-laws... Also, what was up with the black horse pulling the wight near Sandor on the way to KL. It threw me a second and then I thought of my favorite horse. No way, people better not think that was me. I was the wimpy carthorse with the bad teeth in book 3 for that pig feet-peddling peasant ruse. Everyone's going to think it's me. I don't think so. Oh, hell, no
  4. The other sword symbolism didn't occur to me, but along with the other hints of the change and the passage of time in the Cameo, it makes sense. You gave me a lot to think about with the hammer passed to Tormund and the chucking by Sandor. I have to ask myself why is it being shown? What does it mean for show? For the book? In both, he is so heavily associated with a bull, while it comes up with Ned and Brienne the comparisons to Robert and Renly which means: Robert & Renly = Baratheon = Stag. We have someone like the Hound who is so associated with one animal, Starks also with wolves, so my thing now is do bull and stag coexist, or will by destiny, he starts leaning towards one more over the other? Out of his control? The stag symbolism, hammer, maybe even a new helm eventually will replace the Bull of his youth? And I'm not even satisfied with how I worded this. Too many questions in my head presently. So the next thing I did was, hey, at least in book Gendry is not alone. He has two other siblings that we hear about in the books. Can I glean anything by looking at them closer again? So I did. What struck me most was Edric Storm. Little side note: I get a kick that he gets annoyed with Ned Dayne and he has a little brother named Edric too. So in this case, a few things occurred to me when I re-read the Davos chapter when Edric Storm, Shireen, and Davos' kid are taking their lessons on Dragonstone when Davos walks in to talk to the maester. I observed Edric Storm and I thought of Gendry. Edric is immersing himself and mentally molding himself from what he hears and what he thinks is Robert and the "Stagness." Mostly the past glories, and not the full picture. He has had contact with him too though and Gendry has not, limited and small thought it was. Gendry has always had the advantage in my opinion. True, Edric has not had to struggle for basic necessities, nor work, nor worry about danger, but Gendry was able to "forge" his own identity, be his own person, be out there and experience good and bad and see the world, so when all this swoops down on him, he will be ready. Edric hears about it in books and stories of his father, Gendry is actually living it and doing it. Mya has the advantage too of not being so sheltered for what is to come, and just as a future adult in general. Edric wants to be Robert, Gendry wants to be himself and have a purpose, and it seems family or loved ones or something. A place in the world he can be proud of and be productive. I think the show demonstrated a healthy pride and respect and interest in his heritage. I think the book will too. The hero worship by Edric, I think Gendry isn't going to go that route. Good. It's better that way. The show shows him after the shock of finding out surely wears off and how he takes a good attitude towards it. Just a clearing the head and path and a motivation to help and do good. The "I won't leave you " in show to Jon, I cringed for a second, but the actor made it work. He really did. It could have gone awry. The aftermath was just showing the character is sweet, loyal, he has a sense of respect for history and past friendships and familial ties, and it means something and he values it, and he is neither self-absorbed nor changed now that he knows who his father is. In Edric, I saw a small tinge of the Viserys entitlement, he's young, sheltered, and he's not the same personality, but he's not Gendry. Also, never said nor addressed, but I am damn sure it is because it weighs on him that Jon is Arya's brother. Wait, bro, it's the cousin, more shocking news to come. I swear it felt like Gendry was nailing the first perfect job interview. lol. Somebody was trying for a really good first impression there. But it was his natural, amiable, easy-going personality too, which is why the Cameo sticks out so strongly, that is not his usual demeanor there. Sandor...well, when he sees Lady of Winterfell, Sansa again, he is going to die from joy. He was all warm and fatherly pride when Brienne brought up Arya. The other runs much deeper. Gendry and Arya meeting again. Well, that is for another time. Too much to post. Back to family. Well, crap, I've said for years how much can it slap us awake in the face that Gendry is destined to be brought into the Stark fold, plus the Stag world. Before he meets Arya, he meets Ned (the father) and gets approval, Ned knows who he is instantly, an offer to sell his bull helm which he refused and it says a lot by the act alone and who he refuses, Jon Arryn knows, Stannis knows, he's hanging with Lady Stoneheart where the mission appears to be to find Arya at the Orphanage. It's just too much. The guy can't shake the Starks off if he tried. Side note: What is up with that black wolf with Nymeria mentioned? Is that like Nymeria's Hand of the Direwolf? lol. Didn't pick up on that.
  5. And Arya may get what she wanted too. She wanted him to come with her to her family. Stated dead on that " I can be your family" in show, more internal dialogue in book that she is not happy about him leaving, and considers him one of her pack. The ultimate compliment for her. He is just not coming back in both book and show exactly how they remember each other, and not the way they would have expected. Both took many winding roads and an alternate route but still most likely happening. And Robert gets the son he can be proud of posthumously.
  6. There's always been tons of material with those two to analyze and make a case. What the show chose to "show" and even when the material was changed for tv, a lot was in the vein of "this is not a passing character in her life", for whatever reason. Certain things like acorn dress, arguing in the Peach over status and him putting the press on the old dude bothering her and not wanting her there, giving Ned Dayne and Arya a petty, perturbed, and immature hard time for no on the surface clear cut reason, arguing over status several times, her status, and what it meant for his own, when he didn't give a crap before knowing he was going to the Night's Watch, The AFFC Cameo, and so much more too. And the same goes for her. There is someone on her list guilty of the grave crime of taking his bull helm and her not liking that very much. In the book, just because he is making that sword in AFFC, never led me to believe it was a break with a hammer. He is on the path to discovering who he is (Brienne pushing the issue with him and even bedridden after getting her face chewed, delirious, and in delirium, she still isn't letting it drop). When the call of the Baratheon stag-dom finally hits him it's back to the hammer. Not even convinced he is going to use that sword at all. I think it reflects other things going on. But it's good for him to realize he is better with and prefers the hammer. If that is even an issue either. A lot of stuff had changed by that chapter and it is very clear that a lot of thinking had transpired before that point. He has some plan to change what his purpose or routine had been at the inn. It is not background smithing to give movement in a dialogue scene. He is making an object maybe he never used with proper training and it is not without it being apparent that a shift somehow occurred and it is for some purpose, and hanging out at the Orphanage Inn indefinitely is probably not in the cards for much longer. In the show that was all blurted out in a quick scene. It could also be a hint that he is going to be more mobile with the BWB and I'm not ruling out other possibilities too. His beard stubble mention and that he was the oldest there I think is a hint that he is nearing some milestone and he is not the kid on the buddy road trip that he was. And he is being compared to another man, Renly. Yes, due to Brienne's history with Renly, but the language hints at the passage of time and change. It also struck me that he is maybe exploring the knight thing too. He became very hung up on status when he found out and only when he found out Arya's true background. All the m'lady snarky retorts, the Ned Dayne pissing contest and being snotty to Arya, and Ser Gendry of the Hollow Hill is a small point but a starting point. Lord Beric Dondarrion is a lord and from a titled House with status. Strong and quick/fast was verbalized and shown often in the book. It appears in the show too, as you said. It begs for the question to be asked, why be pointed out and why make personal comparisons between the two characters? If he is a fly by night character that she'll never see again or will never appear again, why does it matter? To be significant enough to be demonstrated in the show should say something too. I thought of it in terms of balance.
  7. That must have been some singing and harp-playing... It was the shock that he appeared to look so much like Viserys that got me. Not what I ever envisioned nor expected. The power of the book series and imagination in my head. Hard to see his face while in profile and the same hair and clothes just took me aback. I think I just didn't expect it and I had a what the moment. Not the actor's fault. Recalling Viserys' whining and tantrums totally killed the effect for me. It was the same feel of the messed up hair and clothes the bedraggled Viserys rocked on his travels on the run with Deanerys. That's probably what did it. Or I expected a little black and red...then it occurred to me that if Rhaegar did that, well, that would be very dumb considering the situation they were in. Now that the shock has subsided though, I thought that hey, it was a fast wedding, secretive, and on the run so how he looked would reflect that. Until, I remembered that Lyanna dressed for the occasion, and her dress was not what I would envision either. Style wise. But it looks expensive too. I'm guessing it was borrowed or gifted. Doubt she ransacked her Winterfell closet before jetting and doubt she'd have something similar there to begin with anyway. Not a big deal for me. This isn't the books.
  8. Thanks, First thing that came to mind when I saw it. lol.
  9. That odd close-up shot of the Night's King bobbing up and down in the air while Viserion torches the wall. Looked like someone gave him a quarter to ride those old school metal animal rides. Totally forgot he was in the beginning of the "Been Caught Stealing" video for Jane's Addiction.
  10. Two Words: Eager Beaver So he tells Davos off the cuff that he is out of there and runs for a warhammer and grabs it faster than Davos can follow. Thankfully the waste no time putting Baratheon style touches worked. None of that Lannister gold lion heads and ruby bedazzler all over on weaponry crap. (The Starks, any Starks who witnessed the simplicity and power of Ice are turning in their graves. That can change though...but that’s for another time.) And then his words tumble out so fast to Jon…Gendry is ready to get ready. He’s been ready to get ready. Good. And it could have gone really wrong. And I had to wait to post for two episodes to let it marinate and think how it set with me. And believe me, other stuff to with this character and others. Then I came to the conclusion that it was pulled off and balanced effectively and so well because of the actor and the actors in the scene with him. It was played endearing, earnest, affable, and somehow harnessed back to ensure it wasn’t over the top and Dempsie did a good job with it. Because it went from: Here I come, big tough guy Robert’s son with hammer to Why is this kid tagging along to catch a wight with us? Hope he doesn’t die a hero’s, er, lackey’s death from (shudder) like frostbite or something…That is the writing and that had nothing to do with the actor. With little time and trying to squeeze so much in you have to convey things and move along and it’s been getting more difficult and noticeable for ages now and that is series-wide. But it’s more than that. This comes back to the infamous cameo appearances in AFFC. Where it looks like the aura, or the gist of what is going on there was maybe brought to the show. Being found in a forge and the ready to go tips we get, the restlessness, wanting to take off, and basically the he’s “had it” permeates the chapter. Something is quite off and he wasn’t like this before. Well, the last time we saw him was when his road trip buddy, Arya, disappeared. Huge personality change. Huge. Big shift. Everything else detail wise is very different. Except two things that were “shown” differently in the book. Because two things were hanging in the air. Hanging so heavy you could cut it with a knife. 1. Hi, I’m Gendry here again. Yeah, I’m appearing again and I’m angry, angry, oh, so angry. But no explanation why. Read: Put two and two together on your own. 2. Where’s Arya? What about Arya? Arya, Arya, Arya…subtly reference Arya, Arya, Arya…Willow may be Arya to Brienne, you know, who has never seen her. The hound helm appears, the man who took Arya, the blood on the floor was caused by the barroom brawl Arya and the Hound was at. There’s more too. That poor ‘prentice boy may marry the girl Brienne thinks is Arya. And there’s more still. And it is very similar to the Quiet Isle. Nothing is verbalized and spelled out. Much is handed out and the work to piece it together is on the reader; the offer is on the table. It’s blatant and repetitive and all over that Brienne chapter. So are the two connected by similarity with heavy showing and no telling? I certainly think so. Haven’t changed my mind in years. I also understand with tv limitations that Arya has to be shown to change due to her experiences, especially the more brutal ones like from Braavos and display the passage of time as well. And then we have Eager Beaver sunny and ready to please. I think the two extremes are connected, and Gendry might be the walking, er, Sprinting Antidote, for down the road. I occurred to me on the couch as I watched: Somehow and eventually, it’s going to be time to hit the defrost button on the frozen package. And that may be a combo of how the three people Arya was close to and cared for, and the same goes for them too, are now all together. To different degrees, but they get her, and see her at her most vulnerable, most openly emotional, human and in some cases in the most trying of times, and how she handles that too. Namely, Gendry, Jon, and the Hound. I think the defrost is coming. Lots of build up for it. For another time, I think there is a good case that stuff is being set up for the possibility of Gendry getting Storm’s End. Iron Throne? Nope. Highly doubt it.
  11. Whoah...he's ready and not fooling around.
  12. Finally... Back and hammer I tow.
  13. Your post just made me think of this, and I hadn't contemplated it: Arya did NOT invite her pack. She just asked Nymeria to come with her.