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  1. booknerd2 added a post in a topic The Riverlands Web V.7   

    So am I…I'm aiming for later tonight hopefully. The busies are back. Not as bad. But still back.
  2. booknerd2 added a post in a topic The Riverlands Web V.7   

    This is just perfect. I totally agree.

    And notice he is offering all expensive, luxury items. Meaning: "I'll do anything to have you, whatever it takes, I will try to care for you, protect you, and make you comfortable. I'd do anything to make you happy." And it could be the harbinger, if it is true, that now, from stuff we've all discussed before, that Gendry is making that sword and wants to take a gander at being as knightly as he can with what he was given, the Ser of the Hollow Hill. Like he is willing to try, like Sandor was willing to change his entire way of thinking and what he wanted for Sansa, when he offered to serve Robb and Cat. Which was oh, so not totally present in anything he ranted about or what direction he wanted to go in.

    In turn, the lady is telling him, "yo, screw the expensive stuff. I don't need it. I want you. You don't have to put yourself out or be something you're not to have me. I don't care about that. Its not important and it's not me."

    It reflects much of their story in the early books and could be foreshadowing stuff later. Time will tell.

    Also, the "spun away", the light-hearted carefree laughter, reflects the girl being an independent, free spirit, and also that it won't be an easy road ahead. She has places to go, people to see, and she is a challenge. And there will be a chase and she is sprinting, and he is going after her.

    Damn, some of this sounds awfully familiar….

    Love the Carter and Cash. Great example and oh, so relevant.

    It made me think of Eddy and MacDonald too and their lovey duets and many old standards that are exactly in that format. Astaire/Rogers also had some like that. Others too.

    Now, here is my favorite duo in that tradition…and a funny one. Unfortunately, every time they try to perform something goes horribly wrong.

    This is so silly. I love them.
  3. booknerd2 added a post in a topic The Riverlands Web V.7   

    People asked for more. I had a bad day and needed a laugh, so...

    They call him…Driftwood. Part 1

    A murky warped stable on the QI...Stranger and Sandor converse...

    Stranger: Sandor, I think I'm going nuts in here. Oh, and by the way, THEY WANT TO TAKE MINE TOO. They tried already and I took three down the other day. I broke an asshole's fibula and took an ear. The dummy thought I was going to let him pet me and then I went for it. Neck out and teeth gnashing...let me tell you. The whole f@cking ear there, buddy. Wanna come closer? You are on my sh@t list. I don't recommend it. Oh, wait, you have a cowl on, you moron.

    Sandor: What are you a healer now, Stranger? How do you even know what a fibula is? I don't even know what in the bloody hells it is.

    (​Stranger proceeds to have a case of cabin fever and a meltdown.)

    Stranger: Lots of time to think cooped up here, smart ass. Not funny anymore. What? You like digging out bread bowls and serving soup? You and I both know that your room in King's Landing was a pig sty, who are you kidding? And you only started caring about how you looked when you met the redhead with the pretty face. What the hell has gotten into you? And might I add, all this sh@t, our downfall, started with her. It's the redhead. All her fault. Ok, so I took up reading…I'm bored in here...and you apparently, long creepy gowns and cowls. Oh, God, what's become of us…you've ruined me and you and us…

    Sandor: Stranger, calm down. I've never seen you like this.

    Stranger: Don't you dare try to sweet talk me. If I kick this door down, I will kick you next. Believe it. And get used to it. And now they stopped sending brothers. Only one for food that I lose half of it because the bitch is so scared of me he shakes and loses half of it before he reaches my stable, oh, wait, really, I mean my CELL. And I gotta protect myself. They want my nuts. and you are nuts.

    Sandor: Stranger, settle down, buddy...

    Stranger. No, I'm not anymore. Deal with it. And if you think I'm going for a higher calling….my ass. You want to bus tables here for the others hiding out? Fine with me. You do it. I was…I am an elite warhorse, you are a f@cking basket case. Change it back right now. Make it happen. And come and visit me, asshole. Can't miss me. Only one on the entire left side of the stables in the back. Yeah, that's me. Only your horse. And lose the gown. And if I do manage to bust the door down….Oh, I'll keep trying...and if I do get off of this damn isle, I just might leave your ass here. Meaning behind. So heal the leg, get some counseling, and let's get the hell out of here.

    Sandor: You need to calm down...

    Stranger: No. I don't. And do you know what they call me now? Get ready for this... DRIFTWOOD! A piece of wet toothpicks….oh, my gods... that hurts worse than anything. They are trying to break me….but I'm strong. Oh, they won't. And Driftwood is so clever… real imaginative...very creative for bookish learned scholars. Whoa…(he waves his hooves in the air for effect) Gotta give it to them. Worst name ever…worse then…Yech…I can't even say it….worse than…Craven. Actually, let's find Arya Stark. At least she has balls left. And then maybe…the sister. Not that I care, but if it gets your ass out of here, so be it.
  4. booknerd2 added a post in a topic The Riverlands Web V.7   

    Honestly, EB is someone. Has to be. I think we find out a bit more later. Doesn't have to be a major House/person either, like he's not Rhaegar for crissakes or in that conspiracy theory vein, but I don't believe he is a random nice guy from nowhere either. I was thinking of all the houses, the mottos, and coats of arms, how vast in number they are and I think he is someone and we will get a kick out of it. I haven't looked into it too much, but I've seen others postulate Darry and I'd have to research and review more, but that would actually be ok. I still don't know what to make of EB. It all depends on how much he ends up having helped Sandor, and hopefully he is not a hindrance in future. I am not ready to trust him 100% yet. And between you and me….I don't think Stranger is too crazy about him. No explanation required. lol.
  5. booknerd2 added a post in a topic GRRM on Gendry and Arya (Allegedly)   

    Oh, I do think he is a good boy and has some great qualities, but with Arya and Gendry so huffy, he was the perfect, nonchalant, unassuming foil for that scene.
  6. booknerd2 added a post in a topic The Riverlands Web V.7   

    In all honesty, Longie, I don't think I could do it because I just find Stranger and Big Nyms hilarious. I have to do a funny one for her too. That spark that is there for them and the innuendos and information we get about their personalities and characterization strikes me with them, but not Dog. Although I think Dog is very intelligent and he has been used story wise. Like he points out the blood on the floor, and I think it is shown that he is docile unless…he had to protect Meribald. And other stuff that I can't think of right now. I like Dog too, but not as much as my faves. If something hits I can always try though.

    Like I'm sorry, but I took it even on my first read,and maybe it's me…but Stranger left on purpose and sort of went with the flow, sensed trouble, and wandered off. It is made very clear in the series that nobody can touch him and move him besides Sandor. Which we know is a big tip off about the QI and how they go there, which helped, even when connected with how the brothers who tried to touch him in the stables got attacked by him. So how Stranger and Sandor got separated in the riots struck me as funny. And in that mess Sandor was still able to find him later because nobody could mess with Stranger. Tyrek gets taken, people get hurt and killed, and that horse is still standing, and ends up fine. Hilarious! Now, he is an expensive warhorse, trained, and with all the chaos you would think somebody would attempt to nap him due to his value, but Sandor had nothing to worry about. It is just the suggestions that are hilarious.
  7. booknerd2 added a post in a topic GRRM on Gendry and Arya (Allegedly)   

    Oh, yeah…

    It's really funny too because for like two days now, Gendry mouthing off to Edric complaining about his hair, has been a running joke for a few of us posters.
  8. booknerd2 added a post in a topic The Riverlands Web V.7   

    Thanks! God, I love that horse….and Big Nyms.
  9. booknerd2 added a post in a topic The Riverlands Web V.7   

    When I read I lol'd when Gendry referred to Jon and (damn, I need the exact wording) and something about being born under a cabbage leaf. The Cabbage Patch Kids popped in my head and I just about died laughing the first time. Ah….child of the 80's...
  10. booknerd2 added a post in a topic The Riverlands Web V.7   

    Oh, I think some QI ones would be awesome too. I have to work on it. But I do have this that I've been holding.

    Sandor and Stranger argue over Sansa and t-shirts

    Sandor: Stranger...

    Stranger: What now? (rolls eyes in exasperation)

    Sandor: Are you busy?

    Stranger: If it is about her again then yes, I am.

    Sandor: Do you think that she…

    Stranger: I don't care. How can I make that any clearer for the thousandth time?

    Sandor: Stranger, come on…

    Stranger: No, you come on, and what about a shirt with my face on it instead of dogs, huh? Really makes me feel special there. Nice touch. Very considerate, of me. My own sidekick and now you are wearing other animals faces on your shirt. What next? Just great. And if you start wearing a shirt with the readhead on it, not surprising... Just try me.

    Sandor: Stranger, enough.

    Stranger: Sandor, do I need to put you in time out again?

    Sandor: Stranger...

    Stranger: Oh, my….my…all of a sudden….my one hoof hurts….I have to rest, Take me back to the stable. You might want to go back to your rooms.

    Sandor: You are bloody faking it.

    Stranger: No, I'm not. Really, it came over me….all of a sudden….just now….so odd…..out of nowhere…I really need those damn earplugs.
  11. booknerd2 added a post in a topic GRRM on Gendry and Arya (Allegedly)   

    Eh, you just struck a chord.

    And there is a slight undercurrent in that Peach chapter that he wouldn't, hanging in the air for down the road.

    Two issues were brought up, and it was clear what he would chose. He'd rather have a battle of wits and insults with the little swashbuckler.

    Fast, physical, instant gratification vs. mind, spirit, personality and a wait.

    He chose well. And he is not influenced by pressure of what the other men were doing around him. A keeper. So un-Robert.
  12. booknerd2 added a post in a topic GRRM on Gendry and Arya (Allegedly)   

    Lol. Too funny.

    Gendry: But cut your hair first, like before you come out and die.
  13. booknerd2 added a post in a topic The Riverlands Web V.7   

    When there is a little lull…why not more Stranger? A continuation of the riots.

    When Stranger ponders plausible excuses to throw at Sandor for how he "got lost" at the King's Landing riots.

    Ok, browsing for earplugs at the market…. trying to buy him a wineskin for Christmas, and it is the thought that counts? Nah, too early. Saw a hot mare…I can actually talk to girls unlike him. Someobody spotted my mom…or some pony told me I was their dad? Free apples only today? Nah, f@ck it, they're starving. He won't believe it. Sandor looks it sometimes, but he's not that stupid. He may believe the earplugs…or a Gregor sighting, so I followed him? What should I tell him? Oh, wait, I got it… I was looking for Sansa. He won't be mad then. That's it! That'll do it! Plus I get suck up points and more apples. Damn, I'm a genius. I'm a riot. (Stranger slaps his knee and guffaws) Well, one of us has to do the thinking in this partnership, I mean, he is the sidekick.


    I feel like the biggest bastard ever. Sandor never asked how I got lost. He er, was so happy to see me and he got emotional on me. He let it drop, He,er, said he missed me and if anything happened to me he'd kill whoever was responsible. The face was too much. I sulked, not making eye contact for a dead giveaway with head down. I quietly rode him home, feeling guilty as all hell. Then I snapped at an old guy's face that was riding in a cart, just because. Get the horse testosterone flowing again. Sandor just petted my head and got all gushy. I think I heard an affectionate "that's my boy" rasped under his breath. Ugh! I even….I even think the soft sonofabitch was about to tear. And now I feel like the biggest piece of cold-hearted crap on earth. Gods. I hate when he shows he has a heart. Makes my job harder. He is getting soft on me. Gotta toughen him up somehow. Ever since he met this girl…where did my old buddy go? This is ridiculous. But I did get those apples and a halfway decent grooming this time.

    And thank God nothing happened to the pretty redhead, because then I'd never hear the end of it. And I'd really need those earplugs.
  14. booknerd2 added a post in a topic The Riverlands Web V.7   

    Oh, sorry, this is a list of ones that were done in v.1 - v.6 already. But if there is something you'd ever like to do, PM me and I can let you know if we did it or not. We covered people and some topics, events, that overlapped in some cases.
  15. booknerd2 added a post in a topic GRRM on Gendry and Arya (Allegedly)   


    And for all we know that thought might have passed through his mind in a certain chapter, and it wasn't pretty.

    Hair insults are pretty low. lol.