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  1. The little gloved "hush" hand that was raised to indicate silence….uh, immediately. I died laughing. Just the best. I didn't expect it. Every nuance, gesture, movement, expression, her eyes, and her poise, along with the matter of fact, scathing verbal deliveries….just perfect and balanced. I look forward to any scenes she's in next season. Totally get a kick out of her character.
  2. Some wondered as they sat there, if they should just appoint Lady Mormont and be done with it.
  3. And still he has to talk about Catelyn….
  4. Oh, this can't be good.
  5. I'm not a Stark….oh, here we go...
  6. The hell with Dumbledore's office…
  7. I totally did not realize that. Lol! I'll get my blue roses ready, I guess.
  8. Oh, nice focus on Lyanna. Dying to see how much.
  9. Hey, I, for one, got lulled on a first read when I was trying to absorb so much info and reflect on past books, and I get side-tracked. I was so focused on personally thinking Dorkstar is a fool that I forgot for a moment….hey, he is a Dayne…of the mysterious Daynes. And I never forget the "dangerous man" bit. For a smart, calculating, careful, and patient man to say that about him…definitely something to keep on file in the mind. Ned put the crackdown on talk at Winterfell. What Wylla, Allyria, and others say is curious. Somewhere Ned is slapping his forehead: "Can we keep the talk to a minimum? Really, people…" He would not want that, I am sure for the safety of Jone he made that VERY clear to Wylla. So why is she talking? Harder to live with of you bring it up, easier to slip that way too. I am very curious about her and what she's been up to these years. She is carrying with her the biggest secret in Westeros. Dorkstar. Loose cannon. Some type of agenda. Not sure what he is going to do. And also, what does he feel about Edric Dayne? Ready to step right over him? Thinks he is a little kid and could care less that he is THE Starfall Dayne. And….where the hell is Edric Dayne? How do you walk away from Uncat and her boys and take people with you. And you know their whereabouts and how they operate. Is it really that easy? Was it? Is is just me or….I mean, they are not going to kill Edric because his name isn't Frey, Lannister, and for many reasons, yet they don't exactly follow rules and are on the fringes of society, but…I think I'm curious to know how that one went down. Or it is supporting material, just the author telling us that there are cracks in the Brotherhood, like Thoros complaining to Brienne. That Edric was totally up for fulfilling service to Beric, but once's he's gone, he's out and they can't stop him. And he did get Arya to start thinking there are other perspectives out there. Starts to prepare her for some surprises upon her return home. No, I did not check out those theories. But I'd be interested. I've been busy and haven't been hopping around trying to get some posts going here. Sounds interesting. Let me know the title of the thread and I'll check it out. Would make a hell of a lot of sense. That sword is damn old, and it seems Daynes are already set up with stand out differences from other houses and their history. In general, I have more coming with Ashara and the Daynes. Something regarding all the Riverlands overlap I have to look over and finish, stuff that occurred to me with Barbrey, and more Riverlands-centric stuff too. But tonight….it's all about the show. Whoahhh……Wolf Pack!
  10. Oh, I did have a moment where I thought he'll be walking around this episode and he's stopping somewhere to get his horse back. Nah, he just kept walking. Sonofa…. Very concerned for Big Nyms and Hot Pie now. New shoes, no horse. So pissed. But I thought the same thing you did too. We'll just call him Granger or Grazer or something…all the same Craven to me. This is like Arya without Needle. Huge loss. And I thought about what is the first thing he says to Sansa when they meet up after all the wisecracks tonight. It will be so earnest and lame, just too funny. Case in point: Calling the bowman a bloody girl, and then getting all serious about girls better than him trying to kill him. Nice smooth transition and it worked/flowed. Not easy to do. Great job the last two episodes especially. Hard when any actor has to return after a long period of time and in a new facet, yet still retain the old essence too.
  11. I didn't even get started on the Hound yet…lol. These flick of a lightswitch raging rampages... I'm head scratching here. One second he is doing standup comedy, then it completely gets undone. Something about the pacing….and I admit it is hard to not make book comparisons. Almost impossible. He can still be a hell of a warrior and funny with more subtlety. Seems like there was no reason for the "time out" now show wise. What did he get out of it? Ok, at times he's calmer but... There is something about the actor. I'm giving him credit for taking the campy almost caricature dialogue and raging scenes lately and saving them. The deadpan-playing it down-and low key expressions are reining it in. But I did laugh myself silly, because his funny lines are all in the delivery, and he does it well. And there is that soft spot for chicken while on his buddy road trip with Arya. And the puttering around on foot, no wonder he's browsing for shoes. He needs Stranger Clegane back. People who only watch the show won't miss it. We know how heavily characterized and symbolic he is in the book. Big loss to me. Thought I have to say, his wise-cracking and the more subdued at times demeanor, is going to compliment the Sansa she is today on the show. The dialogue scenes are going to be a riot.
  12. And Stranger just joined them apparently.
  13. Don't forget the Busbey Berkeley choreography rolls where I think she she hit every fruit basket on the way down. Gad to see I was not reaching when the Terminator resemblance hit me too tonight. It made the atmosphere/time period become off. The wounds opening again and how dirty water infiltrating the deep slash/stab wounds, that were bad enough on their own, that somehow Matrixed their way to bypass even nicking vital organs, get healed after bed rest, milk of the poppy, and soup. Maybe the Hound is onto something with the magic of chicken, if that's the kind of soup? I can only suspend belief so far... But to be honest, Arya's exit with Needle was awesome. That was a gift, a bone thrown. I doubt it is that cool and cut and dry in the books. I just enjoyed it as a fist pump second.