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  1. Was that....did I just see Big Nyms?
  2. What the....the Hound needs Stranger not R'hllor.
  3. Thankfully no Arya vs. Ed Sheeran duel. Didn't want it to come to that.
  4. And a Hound reference is thrown out to Sansa.
  5. cersei's ego jigsaw puzzle is adorable.
  6. Yes, I did fear we were skirting Fredo territory.
  7. Lyanna is ready as usual.
  8. The little gloved "hush" hand that was raised to indicate silence….uh, immediately. I died laughing. Just the best. I didn't expect it. Every nuance, gesture, movement, expression, her eyes, and her poise, along with the matter of fact, scathing verbal deliveries….just perfect and balanced. I look forward to any scenes she's in next season. Totally get a kick out of her character.
  9. Some wondered as they sat there, if they should just appoint Lady Mormont and be done with it.
  10. And still he has to talk about Catelyn….
  11. Oh, this can't be good.
  12. I'm not a Stark….oh, here we go...
  13. The hell with Dumbledore's office…