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  1. agreed... i also think their characters became victims of the accelerating plot this season, no time for development........
  2. Euron is huge on silence............. (see what i did there?) Yes, the entire "MAMA" scene was one of the worst sequences of dialogue in the show. Even Ros had better dialogue when she was alive, and her character was far less important.
  3. Bran: You looked beautiful the night you got raped. Sansa: STFU cripple or I'll throw you through another window. -------------------------------------------------- tbh, the Medieval Fun Park bad lip reading of season 1 is the best example of this....... --------------------------------------------------
  4. The Hound: "Dumb cvnt." The wight: "Dumb cvnt." Starts walking.
  5. What 1 line of dialogue should have been inserted into what scene to kick that scene up to 11.......... or even 12? Original: Arya is being chased by the Waif. She ducks into her "bedroom" and picks up Needle. She slices the candle. The room goes dark. Mine: Arya is being chased by the Waif. She ducks into her "bedroom" and picks up Needle. She holds Needle to her face in meditation. She whispers, "Not today." She slices the candle. The room goes dark.
  6. Cersei would never let her child leave her proximity - as we all saw.... the only way she'd let Joffrey move to DS is if Tywin blackmailed her into it............
  7. So, OP, you're asking why Robert Baratheon did not follow the traditions of the Targaryen rulers that he hated and overthrew? hmm....................................................................
  8. By order of Ned Stark, Lord of Winterfell, Warden of the North, the Most Honorable of Westeros: Ser Arthur Dayne If we're talking only about knights, then imho, it's the Morningstar, Barristan Selmy, or Duncan the Tall... pending more information about eacch
  9. Jon's Nissa Nissa is Dany, and his lightbringer is Dawn (yes, I'm still holding to that theory) Drogo as Nissa Nissa? convince me, because this seems contrived...... And, no, nothing in the myth says AA wears black ice armor, but I see you're ignoring the part of the dream in which Jon's wielding a flaming sword. And there is the fact that, as another pointed out, Jon is ice and fire made flesh, and this is the song of ice and fire... dany is pure fire... and in one of Dany's visions she sees Rhaegar say, "his will be the song of ice and fire." all signs point to Jon... ---------------------------------------------- Only 1 day left! Now through Sept 19, all items in my Etsy shop are 10% off!
  10. If Dany is Azor Ahai.... who is her Nissa Nissa? And what of Jon's dream in which he sees himself clad in armor of black ice, wielding a flaming sword atop the wall? (Sound like Jon's dreaming he's AA) I think Dany = AA is a reach..... ---------------------------------------------- ONE DAY LEFT Now through Sept 19, all items in my Etsy shop are 10% off!
  11. What if AA was the sun (fights the night, brings light, etc...) and NN was the 2nd moon? and they are purely mythological figures in Westeros/Essos like Ra, Odin, etc...? The main reason that I think NN is the 2nd moon is that when NN was killed, her scream was so forecful that it left a crack on the moon..... And legend holds (according to Dany's servant in book 1) that the moon got too close to the sun, cracked, and dragons spilled forth from it... same myth.... interpreted differently by different cultures... the servent's tale says the dragons came from the broken moon....... and also that the moon was a goddess............ thus it can be said that the moon was the mother of dragons.... this is 1 reason why i believe Dany is NN to Jon's AA........ ---------------------------------------------- Now through Sept 19, all items in my Etsy shop are 10% off!
  12. 1. How do we know Illyrio was telling the truth? 2. your explanation only bolsters my claim that Dany is living out the role of Nissa Nissa - Mother of Dragons, so thank you. ---------------------------------------------- Now through Sept 19, all items in my Etsy shop are 10% off!
  13. The Night's King, and the Night King are not necessarily the same person........ the next question is, if what the show told is is completely true, then the Night King was the first White Walker, so why would they need a queen? What purpose would that serve? How would she fit in to the story at this point? I think it would require a LOT of exposition to make it convincing... and I just don't see that happening. ---------------------------------------------- Now through Sept 19, all items in my Etsy shop are 10% off!
  14. I don't think the world is a timeloop as there's little to no evidence of this - and agreed, it would be too similar to Jordan's works... i also do not think there is any Night Queen as that would be too far out of left field this late into the story.... it would be incredibly similar to the introduction of horcruxes in book 6........ like where the eff were they for the first 5 books? (besides the diary) ---------------------------------------------- Now through Sept 19, all items in my Etsy shop are 10% off! Edited 7 hours ago by irishpisano
  15. The only reason people think Dany woke dragons from stone is because their eggs are described as stone.... And equal - yet metaphorical - case can be made (show spoilers) for Jon mining the DRAGONglass from dragonSTONE And Dany is NOT the only one who can hatch dragons as many, many Targaryens have done this before........ I think, IMHO, people promoting Dany as AA or TPTWP are on average grasping at evidence and forcing it into their theory/dream, rather than letting the evidence tell them the theory......... no one that I've seen seems to look at the evidence about Nissa Nissa and how Dany fits the role of NN far far better than she does AA (assuming that AA and TPTWP are one and the same). NN was moon goddess, wife of sun, shattered and from whence came forth dragons..... making NN the literal mother of dragons... NN was also said to be AA's wife/love.... so the mother of dragons is the wife/lover of AA, TPTWP.......... it certainly fits for Dany... which would then fit with her becoming Jon's lover as Jon is AATPTWP...