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  1. Captain America 3: Civil War

    Calling 4 people fighting 3 a war is hyperbole. By that logic you could have a few weeks be considered an "age", just a very short age. 
  2. Dowries in Dorne

    You think she knew that at the time? When did she see that letter to Quentyn? 
  3. Where were Aerys and other royal family buried?

    It does seem like Roberts rage would lead him to mount their heads on the wall or hang their bodies where everyone can see. Maybe Jon Arryn talked him out of it. Or he gave them full honours in public and then poured their ashes in his chamber pot. 
  4. Dowries in Dorne

    That would seem weird if they did. If that's the case Arianne was setting her sights far too high. 
  5. 1:52 "As the old world passes away together we shall forge a new one in Fire and Blood" Confirmed Targaryens are evil  
  6. Captain America 3: Civil War

    In that case you are going to hate the "Civil War" that constitutes less than ten people fighting. 
  7. Dowries in Dorne

    Just a random thought, how do dowries work in Dorne? Given that daughters can rule, do lesser males from other houses have to pay them dowries to marry the female heir? Is the tradition waved? In the case of Ynys Yronwood and Ryon Allyrion did either pay and does their heir rule both seats when his parents die?
  8. True or False

  9. But he is not fighting to change the system. He is just using different tactics within the system to gain as much power as he possibly can, which is no different to what the Lords do. He is working towards the same goal as them by different means. I respect that he is self-made, but I can't root for him. The Lynn Corbray thing and what he did to Jeyne Poole is too messed up. 
  10. Who should Stannis have married?

    A Florent match was not a bad idea, in theory. A Hightower or a Yronwood might be a better match. A Yronwood is basically the Dornish equivalent of a Florent, in that they still had a claim to Dorne (and serious enmity towards the Martells). Get in with an alliance before Doran could heel their rift and it keeps the Martells honest. Better than the Florents anyway since Yronwood is the second strongest house in Dorne and the Florents are not in the Reach. Either way, I don't think Stannis is built for marriage. 
  11. Batman and Superman III : Batfleck Rises

    Well if Superman helped with the reconstruction (as he should) it could be rebuilt quickly. But its probably Gotham.  Killing Superman is what makes Doomsday the character work, but its too early and with Wonder Woman and Batman fighting with him, I doubt we will see it. 
  12. Batman and Superman III : Batfleck Rises

    Eisenberg was really chewing the scenery. Also not loving the look of Doomsday. 
  13. Captain America 3: Civil War

    They never actually felt like friends to me. They spent most of their time bickering or threatening to fight. Mutual respect they had, but friendship? Not sold. Stark and Banner? Friends. Cap and Falcon? Definitely friends. Cap and Stark? Teammates. Like the Jagger and Richards of superheroes. 
  14. Batman and Superman III : Batfleck Rises

    If Michael Keaton can get away with it, I won't hold it against Batfleck.