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  1. It seems out of character, but if I remember correctly there is a line in the books to the affect of "When the King laughs, the court laughs". Joffrey laughed, so maybe he was just being a sheep like the rest of them.
  2. They are both great fighters, but I genuinely believe that nothing was going to stand in Robert Baratheon's way that particular day.
  3. Selmy is a hypocrite (like most Knights) who has flip flopped a few times (Targ, Baratheon, back to Targ). Ned is steadfast in his beliefs and actions throughout.
  4. Still seemed like nothing to me.
  5. You don't re-gift. That's rude.
  6. I love Ian McShane. Always great. Makes me want to watch Deadwood again.
  7. It gets a 7 from Ian McShane alone.
  8. On my second watching, I found the first 4 episodes high paced and brilliant, the Kingpin stuff really good and the remaining part slower paced and less compelling. Still better than most other shows, but not the level they set early.
  9. The Bullet Club is going join the illustrious list of teams buried by John Cena including the Nexus and the Wyatt Family.
  10. Even then, Jessica Jones was much better. Kilgrave alone puts it at number two. Nothing gets to Daredevil, in my books anyway.
  11. Just saw it. Post Credits scene was lame. I had to wait like 5 minutes just to see a name on a box? Give me a little more. Sophie Turners accent was not good, but I was expecting it to be worse. Like Peter Dinklige bad. Which is about as bad as it gets accent-wise. How many people did Magneto kill? Hundreds of thousands at least. Most Likely millions. Possibly ten million plus. And everyone is just cool with that? Cool with letting him go? Everyone had a go at Superman for letting Batman get away with killing a few dozen career criminals. Xavier let Magneto go on his way as a friend despite mass murder and attempted genocide. Not good enough. Wolverine is always the best part of the team movies. And yet they can never get this guy a decent solo movie.
  12. Thankfully there are no shortage of slow motion shots, so Snyder would be fine. Hopefully they would be less rubbery and horrifying.
  13. So, if Zoom needed himself and Barry to run around that thing 500 times to destroy the multi-verse, why did he need Barry at all? Just run around it 1,000 times by himself and it creates the same power, right? Lazy bastard. This timeline is incredibly fucked. This is why I prefer multiverse theory (DBZ style) for time travel. Seems cleaner, easier to understand. I am having that TFS Goku moment watching that ending. "Wait, if Barry stopped Thawne, then Barry behind the door would not exist in time to be there, none of that stuff would happen with fake Wells, the Barry who fought Zoom would never experience that loss and never come back to stop Thawne and.....why does everything taste like copper?"
  14. Given the way his character was written for the show I don't blame him. Manu Bennett, who played Deathstroke, was pretty critical of what they did to his character in season 3.
  15. How did they not notice her leaving? Seriously, what reason could she possibly have for leaving when Ramsay wants her dead?