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  1. Can't upload profile photo

    Would you try to upload it directly to the board instead?
  2. Can't upload profile photo

    NHAW would have been rather interesting with Gravatar :lol: My photos are directly uploaded off my computer, for reference.
  3. Can't upload profile photo

    I've just had a look at the members list and some people have zero posts and a picture. Somebody has 2 posts and a visible avatar. I'm a bit stumped.
  4. Can't upload profile photo

    Well that's half the battle. I can see it too, by the way, on your profile though not here. I thought it didn't display in the threads for being too small, but I just ran a test myself and it still works for me. A few more posts needed maybe? When we joined the board, Stubby and me, the board software was completely different so that we don't really know what happens with new accounts in this new version I suppose
  5. Can't upload profile photo

    Might be a shot in the dark but both of you have zero posts, since posts here do not count. Try posting something in a forum that's not Games? to have 1 post under your belt. (then try a photo again)
  6. Blame Pod

    I blame Pod for the books section to be full of self-important pricks who think they can impress me with their knowledge and their sneery attitude. and I'm going to blame Pod for the strike I'm going to get when the next little cunt starts at me, because my newfound good manners have already run out.
  7. Can't upload profile photo

    Is your photo too big? the max size is 50kb, even though it recommends a 200px + size
  8. Blame Pod

    POD MADE TOGBUI SHAKE GOURD AT JON SNOW oh, oops *puts TOGBUI away* you fuckin bastard, Pod
  9. Blame Pod

  10. Rogue's Gallery Re-open For Business!

    Thanks rush on that but you typed Niamh, when it clearly is niamh :pirate:
  11. Rogue's Gallery Re-open For Business!

    Drat, I need to repost too. With a horse, or with a skirt, is the question. eta: I went halves. You got the skirt and the farmer's tan.
  12. Vote on the Reputation System

    I've decided to do as others have done already and get the fuck out of dodge until this thing is gone and dead. This is sure to make a couple of people happy :thumbsup: When somebody receives -2 (no, not me) for even asking how to edit a thread, you know you've stepped from a pleasant recreational pastime into a little 1941 Vichy delation wonderland. Not my thing at all I'm sorry to say.
  13. Vote on the Reputation System

    Well if it becomes a public vote, I dearly hope it's going to be retroactive.
  14. riding the galaxy on a Freedom Tray

  15. Vote on the Reputation System

    That's because you can't even spell Dougal. you're lucky to still be mostly harmless in fact.