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  1. Lots of little Freys too you would think since I can't recall Arya poisoning a bunch of kids at the Twins.
  2. It's massive - there was an illustration of a huge one in the past year which GRRM said was more like the 'real' throne than the one on the show. Was probably the one in TWOIAF but can't remember for sure.
  3. Well... a - Sansa's internet-bro now knows Jon is really a Targ now and so may be able to be un-chosen/replaced as King of the North b - Yeah - as mentioned above - the Northern armies aren't that strong - not even sure why Cersei wanted to keep the North neutral as they are small-fry in the scheme of things (though - if included - the allied armies of the Vale would probably double their strength.
  4. this thread is high art... oh wait
  5. Sometimes i think ASOIAF is about monarchies becoming republics - then I think about ppl in Westeros voting for a new ruler and think how would they even know what's goin on - it's too fantastic to believe - then I think about the USA and other places round our world today
  6. Everyone from Winterfell to the Reach seems to be pretty much invisible/dead/forgotten about atm so who knows?
  7. lol NK should remote control em into making trebuchets and the like to toss walkers into the living armies and over the Winterfell walls
  8. Bit late this week but... 9/10 Haven't been any 10/10s this season for a change - but a few like this one at 9/10 and pretty good. Guess I will see all the haters back here in a year's time lol
  9. It's a question I've wondered about since Book1/Series1 and makes sense to ask at least now she's arrived in Westeros. Though if I was her Hand I might have asked it before we set off from Essos.
  10. This has to be the worst episode of the entire run - so much smh throughout.
  11. It was? Must have missed that.. Anyway I still wonder where he got them originally
  12. 7/10 - my lowest rating this season and probably equal lowest-ever. Too much annoyed me about this ep (dialogue, Arya, teleporting, a shedload of unlikely last-minute saves, those chains magically appearing out of nowhere) to give anything higher.
  13. Night's King: "Here are two massive chains I have hidden in my pocket"
  14. Jon and Jaime had the same swimming coach
  15. D until they stop..