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  1. Understanding traveling in GoT book

    Stumbled upon an excellent blog by Adam Whitehead. He recently posted this:
  2. Understanding traveling in GoT book

    Okay, I can see that upon rereading. thx, Ran. You're an indispensible font of info from what I've read on the Forums.
  3. Understanding traveling in GoT book

    (Peeking out from my regular lurk mode.) I have also recently been wondering about distances in Westeros and found this archived Forum thread titled “Distances” (archived, but with a distance chart that its poster is very modest about constructing...): Ten thousand leagues would be about 30,000 miles...maybe is was meant to be "one thousand" leagues...I think I've resolved it in my mind as a typo, but in the process of looking it up in the archives, I have stumbled upon some interesting threads, which have lead me on a wonderful "bright shiny object" reading expedition. Back to lurk mode.
  4. Introductions

    I'm a Canadian lurking n00b. Goes without saying...I'm here because of the wonderful stories written by GRRM. The threads are very educational (i.e. all the info in the "Homage..." thread.) And, Matthew's LEGO homage is soooo well done! Will continue to lurk and then search the archives in hopes that one day I could begin an original thread. :)