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  1. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    In my hometown my mom gets her hair colored for *drumrolls* 12 euros. She has short hair though. But yes. 12 euros. Down the rabbit hole, through the iron curtain. Once you hit the city though, prices go up. A mid-range cut and color for my hair was 30 euros when I moved here 5 years ago. A mid-range cut and color for my hair is now 50ish euros. Any hair styling (including color of course) above 20000 (which is like... uhh.. 70ish euros) is considered expensive here, which is only right as the average monthly salary is still net 500ish euros. Of course this is the inner city, go a couple districts outwards and you can probably get a cut and color for 30euros... And we don't tip hairdressers here. At least I never heard of such before. And facials are the other beautiful thing... in my hometown I could get a facial and waxing for 15 euros. Here I pay €30-40 for the facial and €15 for just a bikin wax. And I guess those are pretty cheap by western standards too. The world is weird.
  2. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    I didn't like it. Apparently my hair has a lot of red tones, so it didn't look nice and ashy blond, more like a coppery color and I hated that. Yup, I've returned to the dark side.
  3. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    You're probably right about that. No, no, it wasn't. *puppy eyes*
  4. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    A hundred euros, but my hair is dark and not tiger striped. Thank the gods old and new.
  5. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    I was a little ambivalent about the end. It was pretty deep that the guy gave up his idealistic ideas to get off the bike like everybody else, but it felt weirdly out of character. I was kinda expecting him to try and kill the judges and die in the attempt or commit suicide when he failed or something. I'll watch the ones you and Helena suggested.
  6. Is Meera......

    For the record, I never ever wanted Jon and Daenerys to have a romantic relationship (regardless of whether or not they are brother and sister). It's creepy either way. The citrus and the grass and the red door, yes. That's the only open window GRRM has to make a twin twist happen. Ashara is someone I would cut of the books entirely. It's so boring and so stupid. She is a big nobody the dead sister of that other dead character who a lot of dead characters liked back in the day. That's Ashara. At least Rhaegar and Lyanna are kept in memory because someone always dreams or thinks or talks or obsesses about them. I cant stand all the Ashara theories. She is quaithe, she is septa Lemore, she is Daenerys's mother, she is Jon's mother, she is Aegon's mother, just no. She is dead. And she doesn't matter. At least I dearly hope.
  7. No it would not have been possible, not in 8 season. SHOULD all the storylines of a book be adapted in a show? No. Should all the storylines of this be adapted in this show? GOD NO. In truth, more characters and storylines should have been cut. Why? Because they wasted a lot of time and extra characters on storylines that don't move the main plot forward. The general audience doesn't care about the ten billion subplots of each character (hell, I don't care about it either and I read the books) since the main plot is complicated enough and they remember about a quarter of the characters they have seen in the 6 seasons. That used to make me mad (sometimes still does, a little) but then I tried to make my family watch it who had zero GoT history. My sister can sort of follow along the main plot and has an opinion about main characters and once in every cases she even spots social/political/emotional conflicts that had a whole entire story in the books. My mom was okay until around the middle of season 2, then it got too complicated and she didn't care. She had a couple favorites but couldn't connect them to the main plot. My dad hated it at first then sort of got into it and started asking for the next episode. By season 3 he didn't remember who was Robert and had zero idea what Daenerys had to do with him. He lasted until the very end of season 5 where I had to tell him there's no "next episode" because it's yet to come out on DVD (and he wouldn't watch the English version of season 6).Then he asked, Okay, never mind, but how does it end then? When I had no answer to that he said that was stupid and put on a football match. Which I understand. Later he concluded that it's not bad but too long and too complicated and he thinks the blond girl should be queen with the dwarf. My friends are slightly better at keeping up with the story because they are a little most invested and some of them have even read (some of) the books. But even they struggle with linking characters' faces with their story when they have been off screen for a whole season or longer. You can say a lot of things about D&D but they made (almost) all the right decisions when it came to cutting/merging storylines. Cutting Aeron and Victarion, LS, Jon Connington and FAegon, the no name Tyrell brothers, Quentin and company, Manderly, kindly man, Green Grace were all very good decisions. Merging Sansa with Jeyne was also a very good idea, it is a shame they botched writing it. I wouldn't have minded if they cut Dorne entirely but if they were going to do a second generation Dorne, that should have been ONE woman, Arianne (plus Doran) and not four. Aero Hotah, Qyburn, FrankenGregor, Septon Meribald/Rey, Iron Bank, Thenns, Selyse, Sandsnakes, Mace Tyrell would never have made the cut if it was up to me.
  8. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Yeah that was the one I meant. I watched the first 4 episodes, I think. I liked the memory app thing. The fifteen mill was kinda boring and had a pretty disappointing ending. The dead lover one was boring and too sci-fi. The PM one was so sick. The second one was the right kind of disturbing and felt closest to real life. I liked that. It's a very creepy show. Might watch a couple other ones when I feel like watching something serious.
  9. Is Meera......

    I know, that's why I don't think Jon has any siblings other than Rhaenys and Aegon. I would like Daenerys to be Rhaegar's daughter, but other than that there's nothing to support such scenario. Since there's little to no chance that happens, I don't see anybody else being revealed as Jon's (twin)sister, especially not a character as marginal and insignificant to the ice and fire topic as Meera.
  10. Three word story (game)

    Getting too close
  11. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Somebody here recommended I start watching Black Mirror. Whoever it was, step forward. What on God's earth am I watching? I watch all sorts of weird shit, but man, that was some interesting first two minutes. I wish I hadn't run out of Jane the Virgin so soon... holy mother, seriously who told me to watch this?
  12. dragons have the size of 747s

    I googled that too when they released these news, and I thought that was pretty reasonable. Balerion had been big enough to swallow a cart, for that kind of jaw, was even bigger than Daenerys's dragons are now. And for a fierce mythical beast, that sounds pretty damn reasonable to me. Just think about it, a penalty area on a football pitch is 40meters wide, it would be damn underwhelming if I could fit my entire dragon into a penalty field. If I were a fantasy heroine I would sure want a dragon that needs AT LEAST half the damn pitch with its 60meters length.
  13. Is Meera......

    The significance of Howland being at the tower of joy is not that he is the only one left alive to tell the tale. that's why they made a point of him being there. Because he survived. Nobody cares who those other guys were who died for Ned and didn't live to tell the story. Howland matters because he did, because he was at the tourney, he knows what happened. Meera is an extension to keep us reminded that the reeds exist and someone to take care of Bran who CANT WALK and needed someone to pull him out of that cave. Nothing at all points out any connection to Rhaegar or Lyanna. The show proved R+L=J and if there's another baby at all, which I doubt, it has to be Daenerys some way as she is the only other character significant enough to be involved in that love rectangle. She is the only one who is obsessed with Rhaegar and her father the way Jon was obsessed with her mother. There was never the slightest indication that Howland is not Meera's father. (Unless of course you are trying to say that Lyanna slept with Howland too which, no offense, on the level of Brandon + Ashara = Daenerys/Jon). Yeah, of course someone would know about it, but after Jon's parentage was revealed there's little to no room to go back to that scene and say, Hey, watch this from another camera angle, there's an other baby in the corner. hence I'm still of the opinion that as far as the show is concerned the only biological siblings Jon has were Rhaenys and Aegon. Again, there's no point in discussing what route the books might take, as we will never find that one out.
  14. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Oh no, I'm so sorry. Congratulations! And... who are you?
  15. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Again, I would like to stress that the coup isn't against Sniffer and his falling ill. It's against anarchy. And he had a co ruler. To cover for him while sick? It didn't happen. Whatever anarchy did right was done by Sniffer and we all acknowledge that.