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  1. Thanks! Just one friend. There's a third room but it's teeny tiny so we'll leave it as a study/guest room.
  2. Nah, not really, I compromised a lot, but it's a pretty good deal, so I don't really mind. It's going to be really cool to move in and live there, especially once I find the money to furnish it properly. We'll just have to start off with the bare minimum. But it'll be all nice and cozy by Christmas and basically that was what I wanted last year so that's just perfect, apart from the fact that it's a year late. Nope, this is a family holiday, I'm going alone/with an undecided friend at the end of August, but that's only for 4 days.
  3. Canary Islands I understand that, I'm always pretty reluctant to see a doctor or dentist too. But glad to hear you had the problem sorted out in time. Thanks, I hope so. So it is done. Me has a new flat. Should be able to move in around the middle of August.
  4. Uhh, the dentist sucks, but at least you got it done. Everything at the dentist tastes awful, I hope with another five brushes it will be gone I'm fine. Stressed out. But when am I not stressed out? Hopefully moving house in August. And I'm packing for vacation. Fingers crossed that it's going to be a good vacation.
  5. Hi KiD! How are you doing?
  6. This is why there weren't spoiler tags from my part, but fine we'll spoiler tag stuff about the new season. *sigh* I was supposed to finish all my work yesterday and sit on the carpet with a bottle of wine to celebrate my flat deal. But I didn't finish all my work yesterday and I only get to sign my flat deal tomorrow, so the wine is in the fridge and I'm working. Lovely. At least I got new shoes and a sun hat for my vacation.
  7. I knew I was forgetting something! I suppose Euron also reads The Westeros Times and knows that Ellaria death kissed myrcella, someone massacred the Freys and Jon was named king in the North. Or he has Littlefinger's twin on his head ship who is actually doing some work unlike his twin.
  8. The lewdness, obviously. Everything is wrong with that character. I know she is supposed to be cute and funny, but I personally think she is just annoying an unrealistic.
  9. Oh he is now. He just amazingly discovered something he had been told seasons ago.
  10. The best part of his scenes was the montage, ironically enough as for annoying, I've been aching to bitchslap Lyanna mormont since season 6.
  11. I think Euron will attack Yara and Theon or set a trap for them. Plus, High Garden doesn't have a coast, Euron would have to sail up a river and is that strategically and logistically wise? I would also like to see Olenna interact with Daenerys before she dies. Question: does the episode promo count as "spoiler"? I really don't think it does, but one never knows what ones is allowed to say these days.
  12. I thought it was kinda annoying, but I'm still glad the show is back. We just need to get some action going. The horse surfing Dothraki will surely buy me. And @Mark Antony is now following me?? I just got this notification. am I following you?
  13. Applause for Titancat and CuteBoyfriend, you guys are great! Sorry for being so late with my drawing this round, the past days have been awfully busy and I'm famously terrible at time management. Also, I'll be going on vacation tomorrow. This should not hinder my participation, but just so you know in case of a delay.
  14. Yes, yes, yes. At this point it's completely out of context. The context, certain characters' behavior. It's just one big fanservice to today's trending hashtags. Really, ten year old girl gets to talk like that to 50 year old men who fought wars? Really, she's going to battle and not let the men fight for her? Really, everybody is wearing black leather because why? Really, Cersei knows Jon is king, Daenerys is sailing and the Freys were killed? Did she get that off BBC news? Really, Euron sailed past Dragonstone TWICE without invading it? Really, not a single soul is in Dragonstone? Really, Littlefinger gave up his powerplay to stalk a moody Sansa in Winterfell?
  15. The fact that Jaime drew attention to the fact that Cersei has no political support or food supplies or really anything that would make her last on the throne. Euron's rock star design. Fits the character so much more than that ridiculous Theon replica look he had last season. And if Cersei is wearing floor length leather jacket, why can't he be a rockstar? Arya and Ed Sheeran scene. I loved everything about that. Tormund leering at Brienne. That was the one thing that made me laugh in a positive sense. Love Tormund. That's about it. I also wanted to like the Hound's grave digger scene but it was so damn dark I just thought about how pissed I am that it's so damn dark. And I also started liking the Sam's Citadel Internship montage but it was too long and the length of the snaps were not well proportioned. So it kinda made my eyes twitch after a while. So those were good scenes too.