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  1. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    A week ago (or two?) today @rocksniffer promised to announce the titles on Sunday. still waiting for my title, it better have some super extravagant addition to what I requestion
  2. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    Oh yes.
  3. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    I have no idea what you are talking about but welcome to tttne! stay around anonymously and share the fun. (And if there isn't any, feel free to blame the anarchist kings of the thread, Sniffer and ab)
  4. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    THAT's why you voted anarchy? Because you believed she would actually stop?
  5. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    The proof of your language skills is when you talk with me in English/German/French/whatever language is required on the phone/during the interview or fill out the language test we give you. (Of course if you have a degree in a foreign language or have relevant work experience abroad we will believe that you can speak foreign languages without testing it) I can enclose the digital version of my B2 level German language exam to my application if I So want, but I still won't be able to negotiate for a company at a German business meeting, because all I can say in practice is Wiener Schnitzel mit Kartoffeln für mich, bitte, danke schön, ich möchte bezahlen.
  6. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    It really depends on the position and the location of the job. There aren't ever 50,000 applications for a job here, even the most popular jobs with the most generic requirements top at a few hundred applicants. That's understandable with just London having more residents than my entire country. And I work in a rather candidate driven market which is again a big difference, applicants don't come to us, we go to them. As for degrees, we have a rather unfair distinction between young candidates and older ones. As a junior candidate, we don't really talk to anybody without a degree, however with senior or management level candidates a degree gets less important as there's the 10+ years of work experience vouching for the person and whether or not s/he got a degree over a decade ago is not all that relevant. He was given a chance to prove himself back then and he did. Today however young people aren't really give a chance to prove themselves in a white collar job, a degree is the basic entry ticket everybody needs to have. Whether or not that's good is a question for the philosopher.
  7. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    That sounds like a very stupid way to make a hiring choice. (Asking for the degree and a grade) Again, this is stupid of them. Absolutely unimportant and irrelevant. Even for your first job out of college your internships and extracurricular activities and language skills and personality counts. Nobody gives a rat's ass about grades, at least not here. Top grade students don't necessarily perform better in a working environment, in fact, it's often C students who prove to be more successful. Once again, associating school grades with work performance is stupid. Work expectations and school expectations are wastly different, top grades don't reflect the skill sets most valuable to enterprises. Big companies look for confident, agile people who are good at representing interests, communicating, negotiating, making decisions, selling themselves and finding shortcuts and making most of limited resources. That's not what getting straight As teach you. Again, this may be slightly different in the UK, but international studies seem to confirm these things as a global trend. What employers use CVs or job application forms for is to compare it to their checklist. What we check off to actually give someone a call: degree, English, position filled, years of experience, industry. This is about those five lines of the CV one can read in 10-20 seconds. Here we really don't care about anybody's grades or hobbies and interests, we never ever even open motivation letter or recommendation letter files. People only ever include the grade of their degree if it's a B or an A. And including the grade draws attention as it's not customary, so people will say who gives a shit about that for a B degree and ooooh look at that conceited little nerd for an A degree. Yes, that's very mean. I don't think anybody should include their grades unless specifically asked for in the application form.
  8. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    Drunk typos are funny. Oh I See. Don't stress too much about it though, these processes are veeeeery slow. A friend of mine had some sort of career advice class too. They told her the stupidest things. Don't believe what they tell you at school about job application. I've been telling myself for weeks not to get my hopes up because I would never get this flat and I could start looking all over again, and I thought I hadn't, but now that it's final that I'm not getting the flat and I can start looking all over again, I am so pissed. So angry and so sad. Yes the flat was almost perfect and my heart is bleeding for it, but what pisses me off the most is that I've been looking for a goddamn flat for 5+ months now and I'm back at the start line again. It's just so so so stressful.
  9. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    Why now? Multi tasking is cool. do you have any news of your job interview?
  10. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    Oh god I hate hangover. But good luck to you and prepare all the water for Saturday true enough.
  11. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    Oh yes. I can understand that. no. We are not deserving of such. Well Sniffer said the announcement was part 1 so there might be a part 2 coming in March or April.
  12. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    I am sooooo bored.
  13. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    Erm... WHY on god's earth would you need a scan of your diploma to apply for a job? It's not like recruiters spend more than 20 seconds looking at your CV. We trust you, if you say you have a degree in this and this, we don't believe you. and if by any chance recruiters in Austria would require you to attach your diploma, you can just ask your mother/father/brother to email you a photo of the certificate they can take with their mobile mobile and ta-daaa in about 30 seconds you have your diploma with you. Same with me. I like my 11-12 to 7-8 sleep pattern. @rocksniffer finally, I thought this was never going to happen.
  14. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    This, I will never ever ever achieve. *bows in respect* I do need to move to Bangladesh.
  15. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    it definitely is, but I do hope life gets less stressful and you'll be able to sleep like a baby. I love sleeping. It's the second best thing in the world. Maybe vean yourself off of coffee? It could help with feeling less tired. If your body is used to coffee it won't actually make you any less tired, in fact, drop your alertness as it's something your body considers normal rather than a boost and defines the lack of it as an absence...? And good, do get 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is important. And good. Like I said before I love sleeping <3