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  1. We saw a hop hop this morning. It was really cute and kinda daring for a hop hop, ran alongside the horses for a while and wasn't scared at all.
  2. No, I don't think so. Am I the only one around here who knows that season 7 is going to absolutely horrible and outrageous in terms of storytelling (and costumes and characters) but still feels a morbid and undue excitement for the upcoming episodes?
  3. Pentos sounds more like my kind of place. I'm lazy to think up a new question so, Would you rather live in Winterfell or Sunspear?
  4. Why do girls always get Kit Harington? As if he was the ultimate Greek god?
  5. Jon is, at this point, still a bastard. And Sandra/Bran should rule the north.
  6. Great! And the point is, uni is over. That's worth celebrating in itself. Do take time for yourself. Just be happy for the accomplishment and give yourself some well deserved rest! is it only me or the board has been acting up? I keep getting error messages, certain forums won't load...
  7. Awwww. So the final exam went well?
  8. Best: 1 Worst: 5 or 6
  9. Here the weather is simply stupid. One minute you're boiling in a jumper, the next minute you are freezing in that same jumper. Either way, this is a really horrible day.
  10. Rhaegal. Would you rather watch a visually terrible but stimulating and interesting show, or a visually stunning but boring and cliche show? (I can't imagine what I might be referring to probably nothing, just a random thought)
  11. I can live with 1 (may or may not happen) and 4 (most definitely going to happen), I will get serious blood pressure problems at 2 (may or may not happen) and I will probably toss my laptop out of the window at 3 (may or may not happen). Footnote: if GRRM goes with any of these, it's still crap writing and doesn't make it okay.
  12. What better way to honor a person's acting talents than putting them in aimless gay sex scenes? None other could play that big of a role. When was he mankind's only hope. Kit Harrington has been mankind's only hope for two seasons. Poor Bran, what else could he do other than revealing R+L=J that people give a crap about? Whoever styled Daenerys this season needs to be kicked out of the costume design team. What is that hair. What is that two curled chunks in the front throwback to the early 2000s absolutely ridiculous, impractical hairstyle? And those black gowns... so unimaginative. There's a lot of unsullied vs Westerosi knights fight scenes. Unsullied vs Anybody fight scenes are the most boring kind of fight scenes, but whatever. There's Melisandre and Jorah, why don't we let these characters go... what else is left for Melisandre or a dying Jorah to do? Crypt and Jon and Littlefinger. I guess he tells him about his parentage but he doesn't believe it until Bran finally comes along and gives him some sort of weirwood flashback to what actually happened. Cersei and her enemies all around. Yeah, why is that a surprise? It makes no sense for her to be queen of anything. Cersei was done after the walk of shame and her "ascend" to"power" is so unrealistic I don't even care what's up with her. Just get her out of the picture already. Which should have happened last season. But yeah, I can still be bought with dragon CGI and Dothraki charges. I just need to condition my brain to have Pretty Little Liars level plot expectations, and we'll be fine.
  13. So forty thousand Dothraki screamers do after all land in Westeros with the Stallion who mounts the world flying above their heads. Oh the feels. My little heart wishes for a teeny tiny flashback or dream or vision or whatever with Jason. Anyway, I didn't catch a whole lot, so I can't wait for a die hard fan on YouTube to take this lovely trailer to apart, screenshot by screenshot. The costumes though.... why. Why. Why.
  14. I don't know how it works here because I never registered when I was looking for a job. I suppose you get some limited health benefit and like $100 per month for unemployment support or something. There are a lot of reasons why I wouldn't ever register, the main one being the pile of negative connotations. This might be entirely different in other countries. Sooooooo there was a huge storm last night and the yoga studio was flooded so I'm just hanging out. I went to ikea with a friend and got a succulent which I planted in a glass container. If it survives two weeks, I will go back for another because I'm a sucker for symmetry. And it was actually great because IKEA reminded me how badly I want to move house and stirred up my house hunting motivation which has hit rock bottom in the past weeks. It also seems certain that my second vacation is to be put off till autumn because everybody is a busy bee and we can't seem to find a weekend that's free for everybody.