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  1. Oh wow, I don't think we have buses like that. Then again, the max amount of time I travel by bus is an hour, so I have no idea about long distance buses. Wow that's curious! It's usually faster and cheaper to take the train here. Well that seems to be a popular combo these days, but let's hope 2017 brought us the wisdom we didn't have in 2016. AAAAAAND check this out! I know you are all dying to see my magnificent handiwork. Or not. But I'll show it off anyways. I'm not a particularly crafty person but it turned out to be surprisingly pretty. And I'll keep makeup brushes in that jar when the not very good smelling candle finally burns out from it.
  2. my problem with long bus rides had always been the lack of lavatory. Is this some advanced vehicle with a built in lavatory? Or I'm the only person who needs the loo every time there isn't one around?
  3. No, not at all. And it wouldn't even be wrong to serve you, if they were able to do it well. But they aren't.
  4. One word: fanservice. Arya and Gendry meet up and fall in love. Daenerys gets pregnant. Jon will be crowned king. Tormund and Brienne have a baby. Missandei and Grey Worm have a baby. Cleganebowl. Arya teleports to KL and kills Cersei. OR. Tyrion kills Cersei. But only after they had a long and deep and nonsensical exchange because don't we love putting Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage in a scene together? Bran finds out how he can control the Night King through the connection they have (NK is Bran's past/future/mirror world self or NK is a past three eyed raven )- no. I'm being too creative. Let me try again: Drogon blows exploding fire on the NK and he dies. Or. A fellowship goes on a quest to kill the NK. Theon and his ten good sailors single handedly destroy Euron's fleet and save Yara. Sam and Gilly will rule Hornhill without ever finding out what happened to Randyll and Dickon. Qyburn and Euron die because someone has to, but we can't sacrifice main characters or fan favorites... Sansa will rule the North and the Vale and Tyrion will rule the West and Dorne. Sansa also won't have another love interest (or if she does, it's going to be a girl). Neither will Tyrion unless a very creative intern who rewatched season 1 suggests they dig up Tysha, while he serves coffee to the script writers. CGI including: Exploding blue fire. Exploding orange fire. Ice dragon. Regular dragon. Zombies. Undead bear, undead fox, undead deer, undead squirrel, undead entire woodland nursery animal set (because that other medieval show did it too and it looked cool and it's so damn symbolic because lots of houses have animals as their sigil) but no Ghost. Also no Edmure Tully or Robin Arryn because they are really redundant. Yohn Royce might die as well because we all deeply care about him and the audience must be shook. Yes, shook, not shaken. (WHO came up with this bloody "shook" thing?) Melisandre might also return even though her only role in the past 2 season was bringing back Jon. But we like this actress a lot too. Not as much as Lena Headey, but almost, so we can't write her off. More black costumes because the season is going to be SO darka and SO intense. Jon and Arya reunion because it's just a must and Kit and Maisie were so cute on the cover of Empire. But hey. Maybe I'm wrong and it's going to be full of mind blowing plottwists: like a Meera Reed is Jon's twin and her real name is Aegon Targaryen.
  5. yeah, @Jaehaerys Stark has a good point about your obsession with Bronn. If i have to sign up for a crackpot Bronn theory this would be it though (Jaime fathered Cersei's alleged baby and Tyene is dead). But in all seriousness, no. Bronn is just an able and smart commoner with a great skill set who knows his best interest. In the show he represents the ultimate comic relief sidekick and is sometimes a plot device. In the books he is the embodiment of the concept of "sellsword". I love Bronn, but he is just a sellsword. If he were anything more, it would destroy his character.
  6. Didn't the last pope resign to retire? Benedict XVI. I was referring to him.
  7. So I finally found out where @felice is from. I googled this Winston Peters person, wow he is OLD. Popes are resigning because they are old while politicians run for office in their seventies... weird. I went to see Home Again and it was a very very pleasant surprise. I thought it was going to be a godawful Hollywood comedy with forced and crappy jokes, but it was great in every aspect. The characters are so adorable, the actors did an amazing job and the atmosphere of the film is so warm and cozy. It's been a very long time since I watched anything that good in the cinema.
  8. Why is nobody writing anything? Do we really want me to talk about my furniture? I don't think so. A friend and I were going to a park for a nice autumn walk tomorrow but allegedly, it's going to be raining all day, so we'll probably end up in the movies or something. I walked 8.5kms today running errands. According to some random internet trivia, the healthy thing would be to walk 10kms every day. I cannot phantom how that's possible on a daily basis if someone works on a fixed schedule. What else can I tell you to keep the spam going...? A long and edifying story about the gloomy basement, the flower pots, the rat extermination and the hot pink lock to set the mood for Halloween? Or the short and unfortunate story of how I'm going to murder the noisy college students under my window in honor of the 100th episode of Walking Dead? OR. The short and very much convincing story of why you should all go and watch The 100 (or American Gods) right now?
  9. Ooooooooooh, the arm chair for my vanity arrived and it's so nice!!!! And I finally started lining the drawers too and they are very pretty. The lining material I used doesn't go with the knobs though so I'll have to reprint those. And I'll get the glass for the table top tomorrow and it'll be ready to be finished. If I get a cushion and a little throw for the chair and some pictures and/or lights to hang above the whole thing it'll be the first corner of the flat that's fully ready. This is sooooooooo cooooooool. And I already know what pictures I want, I'll just have get/make/print them. *overly excited*
  10. Umm... so... will we finish the first drawing round in a week at least? There's still 7 hours till one week anniversary of the round's kick-off time.
  11. They are usually comfortable but each to their own. I'm currently looking for a pair of combat boots and/or a pair of... the same boots I bought 4 years ago and wore to death. Thanks, I'm somewhat better than yesterday, but the day still feels wasted. It's such a lovely weather and I feel crappy and don't really do much all day. Thanks to @Ashara_Dayne too! That sounds cool, I hope you find something you enjoy doing. And don't worry if it takes a bit more time than you think, it will eventually be worth it. I can confirm that it's exhausting and shopping for furniture is not fun. I'm terribly indecisive and there's so much to consider, price, quality, aesthetic... and I have had ONE delivery out of 5 that arrived without problems. At least I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Swimming is fun, good luck!
  12. Yeah, ones with proper sole. They are really comfortable and I would totally wear the right style to town just running errands or something. Yeah, I've lived here for almost a month now. As soon as there was a mattress, internet and a kettle. I should have my bed in another month. It will be glorious. I'm currently waiting for my desk to arrive. And... blowing my nose and drinking tea and overdosing vitamin c...
  13. That sounds cool! What kinda jobs are you considering? Good luck with the application! And good luck with getting into shape as well! I moved house and I'm suffocating in getting furniture and running errands. (and I'm boring people here with my furniture shopping "adventures" ) @First of My Name I'm that happy too, I'm just too snotty and sneezy to jump around in a circle like a communist emoticon @Lord Sidious I've been looking for geeky art online and I found something your baby needs.
  14. Eh, I only ever managed to hit my own shinbone with that stick :s BUT I FINALLY ORDERED ALL THE MAJOR PIECES OF FURNITURE. Decor and additional pieces are not even in sight, but the basics are finally off the list.
  15. I guess it's kinda popular but we don't have the mountains for it, so if you want snow you kinda have to hop over to you or Austria or Slovakia. Which is kinda costly. Badminton was the "I don't want to play sports today" activity in PE class for us. It doesn't aim to be practical imo. It just aims to be pretty on your instagram. Weirdly, my feet always hurt in Converse after walking a long distance. Proper sneakers agree with me more and in the summer I lived in Birkenstocks. The ugliest but most comfortable summer shoes of the world. Hiiiii Nym!!!! How are YOU? :grouphug: