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  1. TTTNE v.467 - Lets do the Spamsmoot again! [Spamsmoot 2017]

    Viola Davis is great and that's about it. The Good Wife was so much better. So the ballot so far: Anarchy [ ] ... anybody else?
  2. TTTNE v.467 - Lets do the Spamsmoot again! [Spamsmoot 2017]

    Yay the moot is officially open. I'm against anarchy yeah it's one big clichè.
  3. TTTNE v.467 - Lets do the Spamsmoot again! [Spamsmoot 2017]

    I doubt that, but let's see what happens how to get away with murder is a ridiculously overrated show.
  4. TTTNE v.467 - Lets do the Spamsmoot again! [Spamsmoot 2017]

    I know, but I don't really want to. your time is nearly over as a monarch, you don't have to be kingly, let it out
  5. TTTNE v.467 - Lets do the Spamsmoot again! [Spamsmoot 2017]

    I nominate First or Buckwheat or Helena because they are the only actual regulars left. Ab, Sidious and JQC qualify for second place and the rest of you guys really barely ever post, so I will vote for someone of these six people. And I'm not voting for anarchy, rules and structure are the fundamentals of a functional society. So I have legit tiger stripes in my hair. I am so fucking sick of hairdressers. Next time I will tell them I want to color my entire hair dark brown, no more lightening no more bleach, they screw it up every single time. Every time. I'm done. Back to long dark hair and chopping the ends every three months.
  6. TTTNE v.467 - Lets do the Spamsmoot again! [Spamsmoot 2017]

    Yes, last year. Or no, last year there was the you and pebble team and we were waiting for a competition that never appeared. So maybe we never had this problem before.
  7. TTTNE v.467 - Lets do the Spamsmoot again! [Spamsmoot 2017]

    Where are all the people? It seemed like the Thread was picking up a good pace in the past couple weeks and now... so dead.
  8. Aslaug was still married to Ragnar and I'm sure that every single Ragnar son would have had something to say about such promise. But okay, the empty Kattegat is a fair point, still, this is the first time in TEN years that Kattegat is empty. This gets me back to another question of mine: what were all these people doing for ten years?
  9. TTTNE v.467 - Lets do the Spamsmoot again! [Spamsmoot 2017]

    Pretty much sums up the thread right now.
  10. Am I The Only One Around Here Who V.2

    No, I pronounce it Mia too, and I pronounce Lysa like L-I-sa. (But it's L-ie-Anna and Eh-lie-ah, not L-I-Anna and Eel-I-ah) Lots of character names are pronounced randomly by people. I still don't know if the Targ ae is A or E, because I say R-A-ghar and A-gon but I say D-E-neris and E-ris. I also say BrAhn(don)and not Bren(don) even though I hear a lot of people calling Bran Bren. Re FAegon - I'm not saying he predicted anything but assuming it would Gregor isn't such a wild guess. In any case, this whole issue comes down to detail, do we know enough objective details to confirm either? No. We don't. We can argue for both options. I can argue for both options too. It's completely open to either way and that's probably what I would want as an author too, to have the freedom to take it another way if I want. Am I the only one around here who doesn't think there's a "correct" way to pronounce characters' names unless they are actual words? (In one interview someone asked GRRM if damphair was to be pronounced like dam-ph-air, ph as in metaphor even though that's damp_hair)
  11. Am I The Only One Around Here Who V.2

    Re: Aegon - varys is a very clever person and it doesn't take any special wisdom or powers to have a solid guess about which henchmen of Tywin Lannister would be sent to massacre two children and their mother, could it possibly be the most ruthless of them all? And Amory Lorch doesn't strike me as man intelligent enough to tell one baby from, another neither of which he had ever seen before. As for why only Aegon was saved, there are ten thousand scenarios that can explain that. I'm not saying Aegon is 100% real, but come on, the fact that Rhaenys wasn't saved does by no means excludes the possibility that Aegon was. Varys had no power over Elia? Did he need power? Your Grace, I can save your son, here's a pretend babe to fool your enemies. No, go away, I don't want my son to survive, he should stay and die with me. That sounds very very very logical and realistic. To be honest, Aegon can be real as much as he can be fake. He is whatever GRRM wants him to be regardless of any scientific and textual evidence people can come up with to support either possibility. And yes, you might be. I won't eat candy I don't like. Isn't the point of candy to taste good? Why would I eat something that's bad for me AND doesn't taste good. Am I the only one around here who wonders what Euron's role in the show will be?
  12. TTTNE v.467 - Lets do the Spamsmoot again! [Spamsmoot 2017]

    Hi lady O and Mark and Cora! I will gladly be anybody's campaign manager.
  13. Am I The Only One Around Here Who V.2

    YES. YES. YES. Yes, I'm sorry, but that's just... please, if Ashara has to be alive, let's go with the lesser of the two evils and let her be Septa Lemore. Footnote to Tyrion and GRRM: stretch marks do not necessarily mean pregnancy. #FAegon: I am not at all convinced that Aegon is real. However: Jon convinced Gilly to give up her own child to save Mance's, why wouldn't Elia agree to hold a stranger babe in return for hope that her actual son would survive? Babies don't look all that distinctive, and the Mountain isn't the brightest person in the world, any baby in elia's arm would 95% fool the mountain, any blond baby 120%. Also remember that it's pretty convenient that the baby's head was smashed, so there was ultimately no way of telling wether it had the signature valyrian features or not. As far as I know Rhaenys was scared and hid under Rhaegar's bed, so nothing indicates that either Elia or Varys had knowledge of her whereabouts when things got bad. Also, Aegon was the male heir, OBVIOUSLY they were going to save him over Rhaenys. The open small scale baby switch at the wall had to have some sort of significance in terms of the bigger picture. Some time some place a grander, more important baby switch is likely to have taken place, otherwise why bother baby switching at the wall, for the sake of an uninteresting subplot no.26462827? Having said that, I can't name a single hint that indicates Aegon is alive before Tyrion book five chapters. The baby switch thing is hindsight bias and it can be applied to the Daenerys/Jon/MysteriousAsharaNedOrBrandonOffspring switch. So I really don't know whether the kid is real or not. It's pretty damn convenient both ways. #WheelSpeech - there's nothing wrong with that wheel speech, it's a metaphor and Daenerys isn't a literary expert, her metaphors are allowed to be off. But people will deconstruct every single line of the show (especially Daenerys says it) to show how crap it is compared to the books. And it kinda is 7 times out of 10, but 3 times it's okay and book fans just enjoy nitpicking. It was supposed to be dramatic and metaphors aren't rocket science, there isn't one good answer to decypher them. Am I the only one around here who wonders if Jeyne Poole will ever find peace in life?
  14. TTTNE v.467 - Lets do the Spamsmoot again! [Spamsmoot 2017]

    Hahaha, no, at least something would happen during this spamsmoot. You Should absolutely attempt to overthrow/usurp yourself. Well I'm okay with people who eat odorless (/good smelling) food at their desk. I eat fruit at my desk too. And yeah some people are unfriendly that way. Office folks aren't particularly friendly around here either.
  15. What is the avatar above you thinking (ver.12?)

    Where are all the bees?