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  1. Yeah, I look my best on your drawing *throws hair back*
  2. My favorite chain is without a doubt the absolutely amazing modern art and Medusa one. Absolute perfection.
  3. Oh my. That was an awful depiction of me, anybody would have turned it into a crazy cat lady. Anyway, I’m just great, aren’t I? And now I will know who put me into a sentence in the first place. Eta *viewed reveal*: okay I didn’t actually turn myself into a crazy cat lady, other players didn’t pick up on that awful first depiction of me either (@Count Balerion shame on ya, pal, what kind of a picture is that of pretty little me, I look better even in real life ) of course it was going to get distorted. /selfobsessionfest And look, I was in Pebble’s chain, what a surprise!
  4. I don’t have the patience / am too lazy to post my guess from phone, but I can’t wait to find out if I turned into Medusa or Crazy Cat Lady Cersei... Or which of them turned into me.
  5. okay, okay, I’ll try to cut down on words. And
  6. you speak the truth. On a scale from 1 to 10 how much do I, in particular, need to cut down on sentence length? (Just out of curiosity. And because feedbacks are important)
  7. Oh my broomness, only 4 weeks till Christmas and I haven’t bought a single bristle to anybody yet!
  8. I watched justice league and man, I come to Westeros for a semester and Batman is already crushing on bloody wonderwoman...?!
  9. Okay. I’m done. Full House is hands down the best, most adorable, most inspirational, most lovely show in the history of my watching tv shows. Awwwww I’m sooooo obsessed.
  10. You’re awesome!
  11. Tick-tock...
  12. No baby, how do you think I was born a batgirl?
  13. Hello @Q the Cat!!!!! So nice to See you around! And I’m so happy to hear you are doing great and you’re in love and all is well! Are you already preparing for Christmas or are you Team It’s Still November? So I watched Full House (which is by the way my new and most favorite happy show) till 2am because hey it’s weekend and I only have to get up at 10am. And then at 6:15am the junk-clearance people arrived to collect the junk on the street and they were loud and took a long time to pack up everything and it just wasn’t quality sleep after 7am... so I’ll finish some work and go to sleep basically.
  14. Kids these days...! More swept up in themselves than me.
  15. Whaaaat? A Nimbus X is coming out?