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  1. It’s curious how every country thinks their women are the most beautiful. I visited Slovenia a long long time ago in this galaxy and I survived it.
  2. Oh my... I’m catching up with crazy ex
  3. Yeah, that is exactly what I mean. Oh this country is very very very creative when it comes to avoiding taxes. People sit at the dinner table and alternate bitching about the government ‘stealing’ their money and cooking up new ways to avoid paying taxes. And they rarely ever see the contradiction.
  4. I haven’t heard of that. I’m kinda curious about where the Rey and Luke story is going, and it would also be great to find out if Snoke is Darth Plagis. We shall see. Only two days to go. @Lady Olenna @HelenaExMachina Every single work arrangement must be put in writing here (otherwise nobody is going to pay you - welcome to Eastern Europe), resulting in a work contract. This can contain the terms of an employment for fixed term. You are the employee of this and this company for this and this amount of time, you are obligated to do this and this, and the company if obligated to pay you this and this sum of money every month by this and this day. This is what I had at my previous job. It can also contain the terms of an employment for an unfixed time, this is what I had at my first job. The same thing as above, only it doesn’t expire after this and this amount of time. The contract can also be an entrepreneurship contract, when a company agrees with an individual proprietorship for fixed of unfixed term for this and this hourly fee. In this case person can have a contractual agreement with other companies too. Company files a request, person works on this and this project this and this amount of hours and sends an invoice to company to be paid for this and this amount of hours. This is what I have now, and from what she says, I’m guessing Buckwheat has a similar arrangement(?). If you have multiple short (that is fixed) term employments or entrepreneurship agreements with different companies, instead of a regular employment or an unfixed enterpreneurship agreement with a couple regular companies, you do contract work. I’m sure the legal terms are off and lost in translation, because I’m not a lawyer and my English sucks, but hopefully you’ll get what I’m trying to say.
  5. i was just wondering if there’s a Star Wars combo at the movies. My inner 10-year-old wants to get a Star Wars cup with a figurine. Possibly filled with water. I don’t want to drink the sugary nightmare that comes in it. I got a Chewbacca figurine two years ago. But I was very grown up the othe week and didn’t get a Jason figurine when I went to see Justice League. *pats her own shoulder* kinda fearful but very excited about the movie Oh man, that doesn’t sound very good :/ I work on a very very very complicated contract, it’s not an ideal work arrangement at all, but it does have a couple advantages so there’s that at least.
  6. It’s Dwayne Johnson...? “The Rock”...? “It’s time to Rock around the Christmas tree”...? It’s his EW cover from like... a few weeks ago, I think.
  7. That makes more sense. Poor guy though, German lessons on Friday night... yup, same here, though I seem to have reached an agreement with my company to arrange something that resembles paid vacation days. Sister is not well right now, she has bronchitis. She’s been home for a week and will have to stay home another week. She is gutted because she misses out on all the drama at school and will have quite a lot to catch up on. That sounds nice! How do you feel about gingerbread? I still have a box full of ginger bread. Poor little O. Hope he gets well soon. I suppose that’s because neither of us are “employees” in the classic sense. Which has its ups and downs, but extended Christmas is one big advantage. (At least that’s my case, I don’t want to speak for Buckleberry - (c) Lord Sidious)
  8. Whaaaaaaaat? It’s the best part of the picture. He is more gorgeous than the tree itself. (And there’s still plenty of space for more ornaments or little crocodile Santas with gift boxes, so there’s no reason to complain ) this thread has been so quiet these past days, I had to pump up the spirit, huh?
  9. Ooh boy, if that high schooler wants a German lesson in the evening of December 22, he or she probably needs a doctor too. Nobody can possibly be such an eminent student. Of course not, we can totally see that you are absolutely indifferent about these visits and talk about anything but.
  10. Yeah, but we won’t be working next Friday and I’m not working this Thursday. There’s also a Christmas party this Friday and next Thursday. Which leaves me with 5 and half work days, god bless it.
  11. You thought our job is done here? Now that it’s all nice and decorated, it’s time to Rock around that Christmas tree.
  12. Wtf is Halloween? I wear this every day.
  13. I don’t want Monday. On the plus side, only 6-8ish workdays left this year.
  14. Hello People! Even though I skewered my hand with a knife today, this was a lovely Sunday. It was productive yet chill, dinamic yet cozy. It’s a shame it can’t last another 24 hours. The funny thing is that I put like 16 hours of slave labour into making Saturday perfect (because I had some friends over for a little Christmas get-together) and it really wasn’t perfect. And today I was just like whatevs, I’m just here for me, no stress, and it turned out great. I did the laundry, I did my nails, I did some adult admin, I cooked (and skewered my hand*) and I watched full house and I’ll wash my hair and have a good night a sleep. Every day should be like this. * after which I cleaned it under running water and put a large plaster on it. But it’s four hours later and it still kinda hurts when I start poking it, and it must be like 2-2.5mm deep, so it got me thinking, could I be dying here? Instead of web md, though, I texted a friend and she told me pour some vodka over it and apply some anti-inflammatory lotion and get over myself. So I guess I’ll survive. But if I don’t, you’ll know that it was a steak knife and a two frozen pieces salmon stuck together that got me. Oh and I’m going to see Star Wars on Thursday.
  15. Oh I’m really sorry about that, but yeah... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Here, enjoy a present! Thanks, First. Heh, yeah, maybe Santa will come and take care of the puppy instead of me.
  16. My hair looks great all the time? Haha, thanks, I didn’t even notice, I just wash it with coconut oil, that’s all, I swear.
  17. Perm...? Puh-lease... want to see a hairstyle that sweeps the nation? Look right here.
  18. See? Santa still thinks of us or st nicholaus, it’s the same thing here.
  19. The Nightmare before chrismtas is NOT a Christmas movie, people.
  20. My mom put chocolate in my boot on Sunday, so I’d say there’s a good chance for you too.
  21. I’m sure there’s some logic, but like you said, it must be very twisted. From audience point of view, it makes absolutely no sense to insert a mid-season finale between two breaks. I don’t know about that. It’s certainly a possibility, but they do need a schedule in that case too, they can’t just go with the flow and air episodes at (seemingly) random. It’s weird. But luckily Full House is always there for me, and it’s better than Jane and Crazy Ex anyway. And I still need to finish Last Kingdom and watch season 2 of Frontier. So much to watch, so little time.
  22. So why is it on break? I mean Friday isn’t a mid season finale, it’s a break-so-long-I-forgot-what’s-happening finale. And what the heck is a mid-season finale anyway? That’s an absurdity like the plus one installment of movies. When they split the last movie/season into two, because money money money.
  23. Thank you guys And well, I went to bed at 9 and watched tv shows. As it turns out, I haven’t even missed a thing, both Jane and Crazy Ex Girlfriend stopped after episode 6. I truly don’t get scheduling anymore.