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  1. The bunny who hops the world. Oh, I'm sorry to hear. Or am I sorry? If that was something you wanted I'm not sorry. okay we are in the middle, and Christmas stuff is admittedly early. Neither of those justify a 25C mid-October though. Ugh. Argh, I want to scratch my eyes out. This is so annoying.
  2. Yeah, it's a little over the top... but frankly the heat annoys me more. We are closer to Christmas than we are to a summer vacation, so it would be great to have a weather accordingly.
  3. The iron nest is ours by right.
  4. Actually the avatars sometimes change and we still draw certain people as certain characters. I often get confused too. Helena is apparently always a ginger, no matter what her current avatar is.
  5. My god, the weather is disgusting. It's literally 25+C in the sun and I kinda feel like I should have put on spf 50. Ugh, it's so disgusting, please, let it be autumn, stores are putting out Christmas stuff, it can't be summer. Ugh.
  6. Speaking of customer service, @Lady Olennapeople in healthcare are the worst. They don't give a shit about you AND they are rude. I totally get that they are sick of working double shifts for peanuts and deal with stupid people but come on, nobody comes to See a doctor for fun. And @Buckwheat that's funny, it was exactly the double narration that I thought was a bit too much. The previous Mateo was indeed cuter but I suppose I'll warm to this new one too. I did love how they handled the recast though. Bamm, Mateo looks like this now. End of story. Good luck with getting to work a uni! How is the phd going, btw?
  7. For those of you who haven't checked instagram in the past three hours and are interested in GoT celebrities
  8. Oh I didn't see this post, sorry. well, it's good if you don't take it personally, but I do think it's not nice of them anyway. What would be your first choice, btw? And what would you name your cat?
  9. That's an amazing idea! Just think about all the dragon-Easter-eggs you can make and take a photo of them with, it's just too perfect. Most of my pets had names before I got them. At least the ones that were planned, randomly adopted pets didn't get a name in advance. Thank you, Mark.
  10. That doesn't justify being rude. Wanting you to do better and not making you feel like you are crap aren't mutually exclusive. And I'm sure you are the easiest person to motivate too because you are dedicated and hardworking, so I don't see why it's necessary to make you feel bad about your teaching. As Mark said, I'm sure you are a fine teacher too. Pinkeye. A type of inflammation of the eye. In the meanwhile I got an inflamed ear too, so I'm literally just lying on the sofa and sleeping through the weekend. I'll go and see adoctor tomorrow. This is really unfair because that's not how I planned to spend the weekend, I have a ton of shit to do, and I'm feeling too crappy to do them, plus, I'm kinda scared of getting more bacteria/chemicals/dust into my eye/ear so I also don't want to push it. Well that was happy and positive wasn't it? I've been binging The Good Place... it's actually kinda entertaining, very nice character building, fun twists that make sense, likable character, marvellous British accent lessons. The plot is a bit of a bumpy road in season 2, but it seems to be picking up. Also watched the new Jane the Virgin episode. Wasn't a huge fan of that, but we'll see how the rest of the season goes. Also it's 25C outside. I'm inside, but the idea is outrageous in itself. Also, sister sent me the cutest pictures of Prince William he is such a sweet dog, I miss him so much. And it kinda makes me want to have a puppy here. Maybe next year I'll get a puppy, that would be amazing. I would either get A: corgi puppy named Henry VII B: dachshund puppy named Otto (von Bismarck) C: adopted mutt puppy named whatever historical figure fits him or her. That was a lot of nonsensical ramble for one post. @The King in Black I've been fine. How about you? Update please! Nice to see you around
  11. That's really rude and not professional at all. I can totally understand why you feel frustrated. One would think that a language school gives you space to develop your own style of teaching while providing guidance, instead of pinning you down to a strict "that's how you do it". :/ oh hey, it's been like three years since I had conjunctivitis, missed it so much. No I didn't. And of course, this happens just the day after I run out of camomile tea...
  12. Is it constructive criticism and do they also tell you what's good about your teaching? I hope so, otherwise that's really rude of them.
  13. Why is that? I mean what makes you think you aren't a good teacher? From what I gather you put a lot of time and effort into preparing your classes and enjoy working with (grownup) students. That's kinda the foundation of being a good teacher, isn't it?
  14. I don't know, but I'm sure you're a good teacher and know when a teenager needs their tongue removed. I can't, still have a little work to finish and then there's a team-building event later in the afternoon. In other news, this conversation happened and I can't decide if it makes me ashamed or proud. It mostly makes me laugh. I make the worst jokes these days and I laugh at myself. I need sleep. Friend: RhaeB, you are that person who goes to Starbucks with her laptop and works from there, right? Me: no, I'm that person who meets the house painter at 7am, then goes to Starbucks to pass out for two hours till stores open and she can go shopping.
  15. Oh god, it's 10am and I've been up for 4 hours, the very knowledge is making me want to fall asleep... and I won't get to sleep at the weekend either, and I'm still sleeping on a mattress anyway, because my bed still hasn't arrived and it's beginning to stress me out. Enough of complaining. When you meet the painter at 7am and go to Starbucks to die and sleep at 7:30, there are actually free armchairs and super cute corgis with super hot owners (who wear a wedding ring, but still). That corgi was so so so cute and fluffy and soft and friendly. I want a corgi. And a super hot corgi owner. I need sleep.
  16. Oh damn, of course that was Donnie and Alison! Thanks for being the patient host you were, Helena!
  17. You know it's summer when you aren't cold in jeans and a cardigan at 6:45 waiting for the tram... which isn't coming. Wtf is wrong with the weather?
  18. I'm sorry you feel that way. Hope you and the friend can clear things up and she'll appreciate you for the great friend you are. If the policy agrees, I'll send my sister to your German class. Feel free to cut her tongue out and glue it to the white board.
  19. Are you cutting your students when they mess something up and glue their tongues to the white board?
  20. Hugs. Lots of tea and rest in cozy blankets. I had a bff feud the other day too. Then we talked it out so now my friend is happy that everything that annoyed her was adressed and she understood that the reason why I nag her is not that I'm mean, it's that I think she's making her own life miserable and I don't want that, but I promised to respect her choices while she tries not to chase herself to insanity by stressing over irrelevant shit all the time. I mean the stuff that bothers me wasn't adressed or resolved or taken seriously in any way, but half the coin is a start...? I would kinda feel stupid about brining it up again... hope you guys resolve the issue and come to an agreement (even if it's an agreement to disagree). :/ I'm sorry, that sounds annoying. Do you have any ideas about what you would like to try? I know it's tough to not like what you are doing/studying, but sooner or later it will come to you. The answer to what you want to do, what you enjoy doing (as a job or a field of study, I mean). It took me way longer than expected, but I finally kinda know what I enjoy and want to do as a job. So don't stress about it and try different things. Yeah, but only his voice and we all know it's not his voice we (or I) like about the Rock. In fact I don't know what's his voice is like, because I watched the dubbed version of movies he was in. They were all godawful movies, but those muscles... after not wearing makeup for like two months, I'm back at it with the whole package... doing makeup is time consuming. And it doesn't necessarily make me any less ugly, but it's fun and it does gives you (again, me, let's not generalize) that feeling of fancyness. It's also coupon weekend and I'll be off to spend some money (for once I actually need the stuff I'm going to get). And then there's a hipster plant exhibition/market I want to visit tomorrow and I'll be visiting family at the weekend...
  21. Get Well soon, lord sidious. it's literally summer here. 23C in the afternoon and still 20... here's a guy in literally flipflops and I'm he isn't even a little bit cold... screw the weather
  22. I really hate administration. And god who comes up with these things? Is there nothing on tv? Who needs 20000000000 ways to pay taxes?
  23. Oh damn, first, I'm really sorry, it really sucks to hate your job/internship. what happened? I don't know, I'm not in a Disney mood right now, I'm in a hot men shooting guns and sword fighting mood. Or sexily crashing into brick walls and standing in water. And when I'm in Disney mood I usually go for classic Disney, but a long weekend is coming up soon so I might as well give moana a chance. Sister has been sistering a lot this week... *sigh* Morning to you too (Let's assume this is tea and not beer) (no, I didn't just get up. Unfortunately)
  24. Oh god don't even remind me. *Shudders* no, this twist was much better than those... . even if I didn't like it.
  25. That sounds like a very socially responsible job. Must be nice to work for an organization that's not out there for themselves. I only ever worked for companies that are out there for the money. Yeah, I know, my mother's a teacher. At the world? At Luisa? I always wanted her to be at least suspended for being so insufferably unprofessional and irresponsible. Yeah that's a fair point. Not sure the nuns believed her, they wanted to make a business out of the story, I don't think they cared if it was true or not. Valeria and Victoria were probably the same. It really is weird. Haaaaahhhhhh, I just love making an effort for people and being shitted on in return.