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  1. - are you quite sure it's the real Nymeria?
  2. Absolutely : )
  3. I still think Arya intended to draw the waif out. And totally buy into the blood bags and possible chainmail weighing her down and making it harder for her to swim. She also knew--from having fought her so many times--that the waif would want to make her suffer and likely go for the stomach. Maybe Arya has deliberately led her to believe in training that this is a weak spot. And Arya would have blocked other moves. Could the un-Aryaness of her rich-man walk, her hairstyle, her throwing her money around possibly be D&D implying that she's wearing a different face whilst still showing us Arya? I need to rewatch the captain's reaction to her and who he's seeing. Her sending out huge overconfidence 'here I am come and get me' signals to the waif would work in this scenario, I think.They'd want the viewer to see Arya. But maybe that's not who the people of Bravos are seeing hence the not dashing to help?
  4. Curiouser and curiouser. In that first shot, doesn't he look like he bumps into Arya and then she reacts slightly?
  5. I personally think she's wearing a blood bag etc. Buuut, since you mentioned it, as she's walking like Bran, you don't think she's being possessed/skinchanged by him? I kind of refute this idea, because Arya needs to get out of this on her own, and I think she's too strongly Arya to be warged by him, but some kind of Stark connection?
  6. Yep, I agree with all of this : )
  7. Should have read this first before I posted - my thoughts exactly : ) Or almost exactly as I don't think she needs to heal as I believe she used pouches of blood.
  8. I think she just faked her own death. Perhaps she had pouches of 'blood' stored on her person as she was spending time with the mummers - was there a scene in the play where someone was stabbed and there was a lot of blood? She's totally not that unsavvy. Don't think she's going by ship either, think that was a false trail : ) Or at least not by that ship!
  9. I loved this episode, particularly: Arya becoming Arya again and reclaiming Needle - I've waited for that for so long. Hope she heads back to Westeros with the company of players. Loved the play, and that the waif is after her. Loved Sam and Gilly, and Sam reclaiming Heartsbane - nice parallel with identity, Arya and Needle. Benjen's back! The confrontation at the Sept was fab, too.
  10. I felt that it wasn't so much that she empathised with Cersei and had it in for Tyrion. It was more that she empathised with how Cersei should feel at her family being murdered, and identifying the correct response brought her back to how Arya should feel : ) Hope that makes sense!
  11. Thank you - reading now
  12. Thank you...I'm on Bryndenbfish's twitter now
  13. Me too : ) I'm following #Balticon on Twitter to try and find out more ...
  14. Yes they're saying it's called The Forsaken and like Ramsay Bolton in tone
  15. I believe George is reading a Damphair chapter now at Balticon, called The Forsaken. He's said it's similar in tone to Ramsay Bolton. Don't think he's read this before?