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  1. Making A Murderer: Netflix Documentary Series (SPOILERS)

    The biggest problem I have with this reasoning is that no matter what the truth is in this case there are a ton of odd coincidences that could be described as 'staggering' or 'unbelievable'. In addition to the previous false conviction of SA and the fishy police actions, there are several other persons that are suspect. There's the older man who was one of TH's other stops that afternoon, who was extremely uncooperative with police, including denying that he had contacted AutoTrader and asking that TH was arrested for trespassing even after he was told she was missing. There's the regular customer at Avery Salvage that was reportedly there on the day TH's car was found. He is currently in prison (the same as Brendan Dassey) for attempted ax murder and he has supposedly made a few interesting comments, like telling Barb Janda that he know Brendan and Steven didn't do it. And there's Bobby Dassey and Scott Tydych whose statements change, whose timeline is an hour off and who were supposedly selling a .22 cal rifle the weeks after the murder.  I can honestly say I have read about all of the above (including SA) at some time and thought 'wow, look at all those coincidences - this is probably the murderer'  before going back to a more reasonable  'I just don't know' - so to say anything in this case is the 'simple solution' doesn't make sense to me, at least if you concede that the police probably did meddle with the evidence.
  2. I'm in NYC 9-11 Feb

    I'll be there around 6.30pm. 
  3. I'm in NYC 9-11 Feb

    I can make it either of those evenings as long as we meet in the city (Blind Tiger would be fine, for instance)
  4. Pictionary XIX - The one after the Spamsmoot

    *cough*ALMOST everybody's   I'm usually not early so I'm trying to savor this.
  5. Pictionary XIX - The one after the Spamsmoot

    I'm in!
  6. Secret Santa X...Gift are arriving from all over the World!

    OMG! Congratulations!!! The gifts sounds great, I think I might pick up Man Bites Dog for myself.... Also, I know who your SS is!
  7. Secret Santa X...Gift are arriving from all over the World!

    That does match my notes, except I think the following are the ones left:
  8. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    I completely agree and I think this is the biggest problem I have with Fallout 4's main character. There is too much story there for it to be a blank slate 'a la Skyrim' that I can attach my own ideas to, but not enough story for me to get invested. In Skyrim I started to really like my character, but in Fallout she feels like her own person that I don't identify with much.
  9. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    Yeah, I love the game but for the free roaming and messing around, definitely not for the writing/characters (except Dogmeat). The glitches are part of the charm though... (ETA: Well, the funny ones, at least. I'm having problems with the stats glitching on some of my settlements and it's really making it a pain getting the 100% happiness trophy.) I see Witcher 3 getting a lot more love as 'game of the year', so I guess I'll have to give that a go one of these days.
  10. Making A Murderer: Netflix Documentary Series (SPOILERS)

    Fez - I think the wording on those  is coming  from prosecutor Kratz. It's very unreliable. For instance, I read the part of the confession where Dassey 'stated' that Avery had lifted the hood, and he is being led by the detectives just as with the 'what happened to her head' part. I believe Fassbender is the first to bring up the hood and Dassey just goes along with it as usual. Also, the calls to Halbach makes a lot of sense knowing Halbach had said she would arrive around 2.00pm and the calls were made after that between 2.12 and 2.24pm (her phone record). My guess is that he was calling to see why she was late/when she was arriving (this makes sense whether he is innocent or guilty). From what I understand, the complaint that Avery was creepy was more like a comment, including laughing, about the towel incident. That said, I'm really curious about the hand print and I really don't know who did it.  Thanks! Wow... that's a pretty serious claim. Looking forward to finding out more. 
  11. Making A Murderer: Netflix Documentary Series (SPOILERS)

    I am at work and can't watch videos. What was the announcement?
  12. Making A Murderer: Netflix Documentary Series (SPOILERS)

    A watched this over the weekend and can't stop thinking and reading about it. Considering the documentarians had 10 hours, I was a bit disappointed at the things they left out, such as the supposed hand print under the hood of the car. I have seen it mentioned in a bunch of places but still haven't seen the defense explanation of it.  There is so much information out there now it's a bit hard to figure out what is accurate. For instance I keep hearing about 'the citizen' and 'the German' but I don't know where that theory originated. If it's true, I hope it is investigated further. I didn't cry until the final episode when Dolores Avery showed the house she picked out for her son. As for who did it, I'm trying to remember Dean Strang's "lack of humility" quote and not jump to any conclusions.
  13. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    If I can stay away from Civ for a few days, Undertale is next. I've heard so many good things about it I am afraid my expectations are too high.