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  1. I'm unfortunately out until April 11th - and then I will switch to having tons of time.
  2. Yes, but it would be a bit awkward to wear the same outfit as Mr. TC.
  3. Thanks for all the input! I really like the idea of a long sleeve dress! Thanks for the links, Zabz, I really like the first one especially (although I'm still a bit apprehensive when it comes to wearing black at weddings). I tend to just find flowy, summery dresses when I look... I will also be wearing a shawl, but usually they don't help as much as I would like and are often a bit of a pain to deal with.
  4. I really want to play, but I'll have a very busy period end of March and early April. Let me know if you want me to be a stand in, or if you want me to try to play anyways? If I'm playing I'm happy with any theme.
  5. I'm bumping this thread because I need ideas! I am going to a wedding on March 31st on Long Island, NY and although I own a bunch of dresses I am very, very worried about getting too cold. I tend to get cold easily and don't know what to wear that is 'fancy' enough for a wedding but will also keep me warm?
  6. I can change my avatar to indistinct fuzz in your honor, if you wish. ETA: I'm up for another round in about a week.
  7. BB said Soldier 76 tries in vain to teach Reaper how to reload. Bucky Drew http://i.imgur.com/2l9BMXJ.jpg Soldier 76 and Reaper (who inexplicably throws away his shotguns after each clip instead of reloading). I was super excited to see 2 x Overwatch chains. Helena did an excellent job drawing Mercy and Genji!
  8. Ah, short game makes me sad, I was just getting into the swing of this game! That said, I do have a sentence ready for next round.
  9. Can I have a bonus to describe please!
  10. Maybe while we wait for more people to sign up, we can create some beautiful Mandalas.
  11. Woop Woop! Winning!
  12. Yey! So glad you liked your gifts! Of course I know you like writing, if not I wouldn't have done my obligatory Santee stalking properly! Hope to read your novels one day! Thanks a lot for humoring me with all my silly questions as well. Just to check that customs didn't steal it - I also sent a Cthulhu inspired Mafia-like card game. Did you get it?
  13. Sign me up, buddy. Although I admit I have not YET read the entire first post. Please forgive me.
  14. We're still recuperating from all the Christmas food I suspect! However, I'm here now to say, THANK YOU EP! @Expecto Patronum I loved all three gifts. I got three small packages, all were jewelry that I suspect EP has carefully selected from my etsy favorites list. I tried to take photos but its hard to show how pretty they are so I'm just linking to photos from etsy to show. The fist package contained these cute golden leaf earrings. I actually owned a pair of these before but I lost them. Super happy to have a new pair!! The second package had these super adorable drop earrings. Finally, and maybe my favorite gift of everything I got this year, I got a Skyrim inspired 'soul gem' necklace. My 'gem' is a bit darker than the one pictured which means it can trap a human soul, so I'm pretty happy about that! This one also came with a Harry Potter clue which confirmed to me who my Santa was. Unfortunately one of the other sellers had printed EPs name, and my husband who saw the note called my Santa 'he' which had already narrowed it down a bit. Thank you again EP! Hope you are as happy with the gifts you got from your super secret (and slightly nervous) Santa as I am with mine!
  15. Beautifully wrapped and awesome gifts + your cat is so pretty! This thread is definitely getting me in the Christmas mood!