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  1. Pictionary 2017 Round 5 Describing

    Can I have a bonus to describe please!
  2. Pictionary 2017 Round 5 Describing

    Maybe while we wait for more people to sign up, we can create some beautiful Mandalas.
  3. Pictionary 2017 Round 5 Describing

    Woop Woop! Winning!
  4. Secret Santa XI - Santas are no longer secret!

    Yey! So glad you liked your gifts! Of course I know you like writing, if not I wouldn't have done my obligatory Santee stalking properly! Hope to read your novels one day! Thanks a lot for humoring me with all my silly questions as well. Just to check that customs didn't steal it - I also sent a Cthulhu inspired Mafia-like card game. Did you get it?
  5. Pictionary 2017 Round 5 Describing

    Sign me up, buddy. Although I admit I have not YET read the entire first post. Please forgive me.
  6. Secret Santa XI - Santas are no longer secret!

    We're still recuperating from all the Christmas food I suspect! However, I'm here now to say, THANK YOU EP! @Expecto Patronum I loved all three gifts. I got three small packages, all were jewelry that I suspect EP has carefully selected from my etsy favorites list. I tried to take photos but its hard to show how pretty they are so I'm just linking to photos from etsy to show. The fist package contained these cute golden leaf earrings. I actually owned a pair of these before but I lost them. Super happy to have a new pair!! The second package had these super adorable drop earrings. Finally, and maybe my favorite gift of everything I got this year, I got a Skyrim inspired 'soul gem' necklace. My 'gem' is a bit darker than the one pictured which means it can trap a human soul, so I'm pretty happy about that! This one also came with a Harry Potter clue which confirmed to me who my Santa was. Unfortunately one of the other sellers had printed EPs name, and my husband who saw the note called my Santa 'he' which had already narrowed it down a bit. Thank you again EP! Hope you are as happy with the gifts you got from your super secret (and slightly nervous) Santa as I am with mine!
  7. Secret Santa XI - Santas are no longer secret!

    Beautifully wrapped and awesome gifts + your cat is so pretty! This thread is definitely getting me in the Christmas mood!
  8. Let's decorate a tree! A holiday-themed game

    I'm in - I added some color to the trunk and snow. Here
  9. Secret Santa XI - Santas are no longer secret!

    Sorry for spamming the thread - but OMG another small package arrived. I love small packages.
  10. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    I saw all of them in this video - McCree's emote is also great! ETA: Full Patch Notes: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20752545497 ~~~ Unrelated, I have been playing the Fighting Fantasy 'games' (it's essentially just digital versions of the books) and they are amazing fun.
  11. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    I was pretty disappointed in the Mei skin at first, but her ice block being a snow man is adorable. I want it! Zaryas is just completely unnecessary - it's the only character whose regular skin is the best. On the other hand, her new emote is great! Glad I've been saving up in-game for this! Really like a bunch of the skins; Roadhog and McCree especially. Haven't heard much about the brawl yet. Hope it's fun!
  12. Secret Santa XI - Santas are no longer secret!

    A second package arrived yesterday! So excited. ETA: I make my husband open the outer packaging just in case, and this time that was good because the store had literally printed my SS's note to the store and name on the package slip. I haven't read it, but my husband did and based on his reaction I did get a clue.
  13. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    That's really awful. I think I have been incredibly lucky because although I run into some salty people from time to time I haven't gotten racist slurs, or Trump chants or even sexism on voice chat (yet) though I have heard plenty of stories of those things. Really my biggest complaints are people having music/TV sounds on in the background and the fact that burping into the mic is all too common. I guess this is because playing on PS4 means push-to-talk is rare and hard to get to. My favorite voice interaction was with a young man while defending on Volskaya. He was very salty and cursing and calling everyone noobs, etc. When we lost the first point we had this exchange. Young Man: LOOK AT THAT YOU LOST THE #&$%# POINT. Me: No, WE lost the point. Young Man: THATS WHAT I SAID YOU #&$%# IDIOT. Me: No, you said YOU lost the point. Approximately 15 seconds of silence. Young Man (mumbling): I guess I did say 'you'. I guess we are a team. The rest of the match he was mostly quiet, except for calling out some enemy locations etc. We still lost, of course, but I was in complete chock for actually getting through to someone.
  14. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    NiNoKuni is an amazing, adorable game. The story is beautiful and the game play is fun, although you do need to grind. For some reason I named the first Familiar 'Mr. Pants', and I still get warm feelings when I think of him. Definitely highly recommended! I am still absolutely obsessed with Overwatch. I got the platinum trophy and am still playing almost every evening. I'm super impressed with Blizzards constant updates/events etc. and am looking forward to the Holiday Event. I do have to say I play very little competitive, because I sometimes have trouble accepting that my worth as a human being is not directly tied to my SR. Also, wanted to mention that this Humble Bundle (for $30) looks really great, and all proceeds go to charity. I've been playing some Psychonauts again and am really looking forward to playing Kholat. New games are revealed each day.
  15. Secret Santa XI - Santas are no longer secret!

    Got a small package in the mail yesterday with a nice little SS note. Not opening anything until Christmas (on the 24th).