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  1. Pictionary Game 33 - Finished, come see the many polar bears!

    I'm late and I'm so so sorry! Thanksgiving really messed me up! I'm sending my pic in in 15 minutes.
  2. Pictionary Game 33 - Finished, come see the many polar bears!

    Possibly this guy, or this guy, or this guy. All look like they could use some classes.
  3. Pictionary Game 33 - Finished, come see the many polar bears!

    Concerning Sex Ed, I'm gonna be all Swedish and liberal and say that we had really great sex ed. They started us young, I think we were around 9 or 10 years old, with a female teacher taking a few of us girls to sit down and have a very earnest conversation. I still remember the graph she showed of what sex actually is, and my brain going 'ooooh, so that's what everyone's been talking about'. Also, one of the other girls told us her mom had an IUD, and she knew cause she overheard her talking on the phone. Kids know a lot early on! I think we had some form of sex ed every year after that, and it was always very open and accepting and never judgmental. So, yey!
  4. Pictionary Game 33 - Finished, come see the many polar bears!

    Finished this round. Hoping in the future, the sentences will be shorter. Please?
  5. Secret Santa XI - Shipping costs how much?!!

    This sounds like the perfect Christmas! <3
  6. Secret Santa XI - Shipping costs how much?!!

    Thanks so much for hosting again Lany! You're the bestest! Questionnaire: Favorite Type of Food (i.e. Italian, Mexican, McDonald's, Burger King, etc): Vegetarian Food Favorite Scent (i.e. Fruity, Vanilla, Flowery, etc): Vanilla, Coconut Favorite Hobby (i.e. Scrap booking, Photography, things you collect, etc): video games (favorite games are Civ, Overwatch, Borderlands, Skyrim, Portal), some birding, painting, hiking. I like table top games. Scuba diving. Favorite books or types (romance, true store, mystery or just one you would like): Non Fiction Favorite animal: Dogs! Favorite movies or types (romance, comedy or just a DVD/VHS you would like): Documentaries Favorite Music Artist/Type or a CD you would like: None Do you collect anything? Yeah Is there anything (not expensive) you want or need? I always want/need blankets/jewlery/scarfs Also, a cool replica of a video game weapon would be awesome. What is your favorite: a. Color? Purple b. Type of candy? Licorice c. Type of munchie? Cheese (without animal rennet) d. Puzzle to do? Any puzzle. I like puzzles. Do you collect anything for Christmas? (i.e. certain types of ornaments, nativities, snowmen...etc.) . Nope. What type of hobbies do you have? See above If you were going to theme Christmas with just one word... what would it be? Cozy Big family Christmas with everyone down to 2nd cousins...or just immediate family in their jammies? Immediate family Favorite Christmas movie and why? Die Hard. Because what's cozier than Bruce Willis killing bad guys. Religious or non-religious Christmas/Chaunaka/ - Non-Religious If you could spend Christmas in any one of these places, which one would you choose and why: a. A beach on a tropical island just a few very close family or friends, be lazy and open presents and then have a non traditional dinner including Pina Coladas and BBQ shrimp, wearing swimsuits, Bermuda shorts and tank tops b. Tiny cabin in the woods, fire going, very rustic, warm and cozy with your close family and friends, wearing jeans and sweaters. c. Biltmore Estates, full regalia, all glitter and glitz, all your close family and friends, wearing black tie and velvet d. NYC Christmas, Park Avenue, last minute hustle and bustle, haute couture with a 4 course meal and champagne with 50 of your favorite people. Wearing, of course. the latest fashion favorites. Favorite Christmas music - All of it! What is your Christmas morning like" a. chaotic b. slow and relaxed c. organized, but fast paced d. "Christmas is HOW SOON???!!!!" e. all of the above. Name something you want but will never buy for yourself, just because you cannot see yourself being that flamboyant. Maybe this What sizes do you wear (optional answer if you would prefer to not have clothing) I do like T-Shirts/Sweaters. Ladies Large. What colors are in your home: It's pretty neutral over all. Some dark blue and purples in living rooms. Some reds in bedroom. What style is your home decorated in? (i.e. ethnic, country, southwestern...etc IKEA Anything else your SS should know about you? I'm easy to please and appreciate any and all the effort you put in. Do you have any wish lists? No, sorry. Does this link to my etsy favorites work?https://www.etsy.com/people/ameliqvist/favorites/items-i-love?page=2
  7. Should I Tell Vegetarians There's Meat in the Food They Ordered?

    I would be very grateful if someone told me. It's happened once or twice that I've not studied the menu properly and accidentally ordered something with meat, and it's not fun to get the dish and realize you've made a mistake. That said, I certainly don't think you're obligated unless someone has asked you - it's really my problem to deal with my dietary preferences.
  8. Just sent my picture. Just noticed I'm super early since the deadline is not until October 6th. (Sorry I'm late)
  9. Mine's just in. I returned from Europe a day late due to the storms in Germany/Netherlands etc. but I'm ready to play now!
  10. I want to play but I can't start drawing until after Memorial day (i.e. May 30th), if that's ok, sign me up?