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  1. Jaime Lannister's death

    He won't be killed now. He hasn't killed Cersei yet!
  2. Unfortunately, same sex relationships aren't seen as normal nor accepted in most cultures nowadays. It's not even legal for them to marry in most of the Western World, let alone the east. But yeah, Middle Ages were much worse. Also, it's homophobia, wheter the rest of the population agrees with it or not.
  3. He isn't much more homophobiic than most characters would be in a pseudo-medieval setting. He just said that to test Maergary's loyalty.
  4. Great, great scene. And great forshadowing as well. One of the best of the episode.
  5. How would you rate episode 301?

    "9" Great, great episode. And most of the criticism people make (like the 'toned down Tormud and Mance) are actually for the best. TV is a different media and some things won't work in a drama series.
  6. When did Stannis Baratheon become your favourite character?

    These lines made him my favorite: "Few of the birds Maester Aemon had returned as of yet. One found Stannis, though. One found Dragonstone, and a king who still cared."
  7. If you could ask George RR Martin one question about ASoIaF

    I guess this is just an example, but it's the Starks, duh. He has already said he does. As much as I like Apple Martini's idea of asking something from a storyteller's standpoint admirable, I'd just ask: "Who are Jon's parents?" This is because if I asked "Is R+L=J true, he could just say no. Or even worst: Me: "Is R+L=J true?" GRRM: "Yes." Me: "Yay!" GRRM: *grimaces* Fourty years later, when GRRM's conscience, now transported into a computer, finishes the series (he's still very slow, constantly reading fan mail and surfing through porn), we discover that Jon is actually Neds son with Ashara and I go: "What the ***, dude?" GRRM: Did I mention that Jon Arryn's parents were called Rolland and Linna Arryn?
  8. King in the North or Warden of the North?

    'The king in the north!'
  9. How does Tommen die?

    I think it's more about those made by Starks and those made by Lannisters. Cause you know, Ned was honorable and Cat was a caring mother; but Robert was abusive and distant (at best) and Cersei is an evil bitch.
  10. Who are your top four characters?

    Favorite characters are: Barristan, Davos, Arya and Robb. Tyrion and Jon get close too. Though, I think I'm more like Stannis.