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  1. Lyanna Stark

    Too bad Jennifer Connelly is not nearly young enough...she looks pretty Stark-ish to me. And she's way too big a star to get for a flashback anyway. And American as well. I think she's got the look though, when I think Stark woman, I think dark with light skin and a longer face...the girl who plays Arya has got the coloring but I've always thought she was a little off in the face (don't get me wrong, she's adorable and will obviously grow up to be a good-looking woman from what I can see) any rate, I like the fact that a lot of the casting are relative unknowns (or at the least, unknown to me).
  2. How would you rate episode 205?

    Really, really enjoying the Arya scenes...this young actress can really hold her own with the older actors. The Arya/Tywin scenes and Arya/Jaqen scenes were my favorites this episode. Brienne is impressing me too, I was really worried about her casting but seems to be working out fine so far.