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  1. I'm guessing here, but using show evidence, LOL I think the show was going with some book facts originally when it came to the wights. IIRC, wights SHOULDN'T be able to move in the daylight. That is how, in the books, the NW were able to pick up those wights they brought to Castle Black. They were already wighted, but in the sun...........they seem to lose power, all power, and just drop like dead bodies. In the books and show, originally, it was night wasn't it, when they awoke and went after Jeor and company. It's been as the seasons continue that the show has seemed to drop all reasoning on what the hell the rules are for the wights. But that first season, it seems they went with the book rules. Right now, I have no idea what the rules are in the show. Although.......I always notice and mumble about the wights up in the daylight. The only way that happens in the books is with the clouds of snow and storm that they or The Others seem to bring. But.......they shouldn't be mobile in the sun.
  2. Hahaha I love these things. Thank you.
  3. Victarion's Monkey Island? I may watch this if so.
  4. Thank you, Ran. If I am the one that puts up the thread next week, I will include your reminder. Thanks again.
  5. LOL Especially considering it was Davos, who's been hanging out with King Jonny, and the only thing they've been mining is dragonglass, not gold, not silver, LOL Davos, Dude........get your money back, you're as bad a Dany, burning the food and not getting there til the gold was gone. I do kid, I love Davos. Even when they have him do stupid things.
  6. Good article, I loved the ending line...........of the greater purpose of which Beric spoke being only what it is the show writers need to happen.
  7. LOLOL A la Hannibal?
  8. One does have to wonder WTF happened to Euron and his magically appearing fleet. He seemed to be beyond the standard Westerosi teleporter skills. I was thinking that ship could sail the winds, and wind up anywhere, like Peter Pan.
  9. Wait, wait that reminds me of my Nitpick from last night. Once Jaime was back in KL, I noticed.........he still had the Golden Hand. It's bad enough the sink to the bottom of the sea, errr river, didnt' kill him.....but the dead weight of the hand made it, too? Ugh, I miss Golden Hand the Just.
  10. LOL That is a good point, about the only peeps going beyond the Wall who didn't know Arya were Jorah and Tormund. Hot Pie being excluded because he likes talking about Arya, LOL Now I'm hearing Jack Sparrow: Stab the forever? LOL
  11. The topic of the thread is discussing things you dislike about the show. It is not a place to throw insults at one another or to act as if the normal rules of the forum otherwise do not apply. Discussion of why people disliked something is permitted, but remember the topic at hand: this is not a debate thread, it's a discussion thread specifically about episode details or events that posters disliked. Posts that ignore this will be considered off-topic.
  12. The worst part of Arya's finale last year, and the worst case of shoeing something in, came in the way they had Arya just about jump up and down and proclaim FREY PIE as if D&D thought they were doing book readers a favor. It was so out of place, off point, and a such a bad case of side door exposition that I'm surprised any non book reader could make sense out of it all. I'm surprised they didn't have Arya jump up and down and say LOOK LOOK....FREY PIE!!!
  13. I think you have a point here.........perhaps Vision Rhaegar, or Real Rhaegar LOL, thought at first that Aegon's destiny could lead to the Fire and Ice thing somehow. Maybe it took seeing Lyanna, among other things, for him to rethink that part of it, especially considering it was said Elia either couldn't or shouldn't have another child. By then, Rhaegar did seem to be looking for three of them. It really is maddening that GRRM throws the Ice and Fire symbolism at that vision, with that child, though. I guess it was a good call, how many years later, and we are still working on that vision, those words.
  14. LOL I love the disclaimer at the beginning of the review: ***Spoilers heard coming over the hill well before you see them coming*** Beautiful!!
  15. I didnt' even realize that........but that must be why I wasn't cringing near as much as usual this past episode. This Euron gives me the shudders, and it's not from fear.