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  1. I find that post to be the equivalent of swearing off the Internets, something most people do from time to time. Add his little stressed icon at the end of the post and well, it seems a good bet that if he is finding the Interwebs themselves to be a stress, it's probably a good idea he that he does take a break from that Not A Blogging. I'll be interested to see if he keeps his word on most people don't. Then again, maybe he's kind of grown out of the format of the site he posts on, could be that.
  2. Anyone see this about Lena/Cersei's body double being back? Hmmmmmm, wonder what that's about. It could be nothing, maybe their finally letting the lady show her face as an extra? LOL Who knows.
  3. BOOM!! I think the bolded statement you've made pretty much sums up the Ds #WannaBeDudeBro attitude when it comes to the female characters on the show. I've also come to believe they pretty much recreate the same villains over and over again, too, just about, but that's another topic I suppose. Truly, the bolded segment of your post is the most succinct diagnosis for the show's take on femininity that I've seen in quite a bit.
  4. Wait, no I meant Tyrek Lannister, the one that squired with Lancel. Although, according to the Wiki, he is golden haired. It's Lancel who is first described as sandy haired. I always took that to mean.....dirty blonde, or light brown. Granted, neither of these two are the main line, exactly. Tywin reinforced the Lannister traits with Joanna, I suppose. Lancel would be the son of Harys Swift's daughter and Kevin, Tyrek was the son of Tygett (I confused father and son by name), a brother to Tywin, and a Marbrand, according to the wiki. Anyway, I recalled that with Lancel and Tyrek first appearing in the novels, one of them wasn't quite described as golden, turns out, that was Lancel and his sandy hair, whatever color GRRM considers that be, LOL I've always taken that color, as I said, to be dirty blonde or light brown.
  5. Didn't the missing Lannister cousin that squired with Lancel have brown, or sandy brown hair? Ahhhhhhhhh, I can't think of his name off the top of my head, "Wet Nurse" the one married to the baby. Tygett? Something like that. I don't feel like cheating and looking it up, LOL
  6. Well, you started the thread, you deserve to have some fun.
  7. A Lady understands. The Eli Reynolds, it, I mean SHE, is almost the Little Engine That Could. Something put the battle between Vhagar and Caraxes in my mind (no need to explain, you know how it goes), so I checked both the World Book and the appropriate passages of P&Q. I answered my OG question about Caraxes body and now am left with these questions. I do think you may be right, and it will be something to pay attention to, this sex switching, in further reading.
  8. Aww, I see I gave Vhagar treatment. Oops, LOL Also, it seems Caraxes was back to being male as he died. The dragon crawled out of the Gods Eye and onto land. "Gutted, with one wing torn from HIS body and the waters of the lake smoking about HIM," Yet, one paragraph before that gutting was HERS, LOL I'm still wondering if this was purposeful or not.
  9. This almost feels like one of those word problems on a math exam, LOL Ah, The Blacks and The Greens. I've had that on my mind the past few days, even peeked at the relevant books on them, too. I was trying to remember if it Caraxes body was found with Vhaegar and One-Eyed Aemon (It was) at Harrenhal during The Dance. While skimming the appropriate parts, I did notice that during the battle between those two dragons Caraxes was referred to as female in the death throws with Vhaegar (she sinks HER teeth deep into the flesh of the larger dragon, has HER belly ripped open by Vhaegar's claws), but pre-battle Prince Daemon has Caraxes bend HIS neck. I had to go back to these few paragraphs to catch that......the switching of sexes right there in one scene. Vhaegar always seems to be female in what I have read (haven't read Book of Swords yet), many dragons in the Dance had set sexes, and for a second I thought that Caraxes did, too, having noticed the female to female in the death throws of dragons and riders (rider). But, no.........Daemon has Caraxes bend HIS neck for him to climb aboard. What I really need is a refresher on where the ideas of the shifting sex of dragons comes from, story wise. I know some of it based on Aemon's fevered utterances about Valyrian and the words on the prophecies of Prince that was promised being misunderstood in translation, ie.....Aemon thinks it could have been Dany, female not necessarily needing to be male, blah blah blah it relates to dragons and their sex as well. I do need a new look at that segment, as well as a reminder on where else the ideas of the shifting of sexes of the dragons come from, text wise. I thought it was odd that I noticed that yesterday, a dragon shifting sex within a few paragraphs description in my reading, I suppose that's how this thread caught my interest today. I wonder, though, was Caraxes shift intentional, editing error? I can't say as I plan on combing a ton of pages right now to figure out the answer. HA For the main ASOIAF story, I do think any ideas of dragon eggs are more about setting up the world going forward after the story, not necessarily impacting the present time line and outcome of the novels. (Should we even have an ending, that is ETA: I did think and type and read all at the same time with this post, so forgive me if it's a mess.
  10. I've always leaned toward Jon riding Rhaegal (IF he does ride, that is), the dragon named for his natural father. I also lean towards Rhaegal being the more feminine of the dragons and the best shot at eggs, in spite of my liking for the long shot of Viserion digging a nest in the pyramid.
  11. LOL I was more so thinking about Rhaegar's famous black armor with the red rubies. Plus, the Targ banners are black with the three-headed red dragon, that came to mind as well. ETA: And yes, I do think there is a chance one of Dany's three could,or maybe, already has, laid an egg or two. I do like the idea of Viserion's little cavern under the pyramid being a shot at that, although, I've always considered Rhaegal to be the one most likely to give us an egg. Also, I did see Bran's dream vision of dragons stirring in the east to be his foretelling of Dany's hatching of the dragons on the Dothraki Sea......not that they were more in Asshai.
  12. LOL They may be shit writers for TV, but this was a great idea for a thread, despite the derail attempt. I'm enjoying the reading of the on topic posts, thank you.
  13. Hmm, still reading this, but perhaps Jon's color always having been black simply refers to his Targ heritage? He just needs some red now.
  14. My opinion about Show Rorge? They pronounced his name wrong, why is it French? LOL
  15. No problem. Oh yes, Stannis would have problems believing a woman could save the world, sad to say. I say that as someone who enjoys much about Stannis. I just do find it odd that he wouldn't throw around his knowledge about how Dany fits some of Mel's beliefs much better than he does. After all, Mel IS just another woman, regardless of magical abilities. I could see him snarking about it to Mel or others, or himself, when things go wrong sometimes. That would be like Stannis as well.