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  1. My opinion about Show Rorge? They pronounced his name wrong, why is it French? LOL
  2. No problem. Oh yes, Stannis would have problems believing a woman could save the world, sad to say. I say that as someone who enjoys much about Stannis. I just do find it odd that he wouldn't throw around his knowledge about how Dany fits some of Mel's beliefs much better than he does. After all, Mel IS just another woman, regardless of magical abilities. I could see him snarking about it to Mel or others, or himself, when things go wrong sometimes. That would be like Stannis as well.
  3. LOLOL I needed that, thank you for the idea of bringing back Drogo as a horse. That is beautiful!! A good laugh is always appreciated. But yes, I think at first it was a true attempt at healing. As is George's habit, though, it isn't made it could go either way, thanks, George.
  4. I agree, especially in our first intros to Stannis, that it is not a question of belief as opposed to him just trying another bird instead of Proudwing. I just think with the circumstances and place of Dany's birth being so well known, it'd be a fact a smart person like Stannis should ask about.
  5. My answer was not about what Stannis knew in the present in regards to Dany. My post was asking why Stannis didn't address with Mel the fact that Dany's BIRTH seemed to fit Mel's beliefs, as opposed to his own possession of Dragonstone as his seat of power. That was all. It seems a bit of an unaddressed issue, IMO, in the books.
  6. This is my guess as well, that being that unless George wants to tell us, we may never know. By that I mean, I am not sure about the initial treatment that Mirri gave to Drogo, whether it was a true attempt at healing or not. It's written as if it could have been an honest attempt at help, and the succeeding time spent with the Khalaasar led to the decision not to help the second time, to actively prevent a bad future outcome in MMD's perspective.
  7. Ah, this question reminds me of something I've always wondered about, and it's not the what or why on Stannis's info about Dany as the story is happening in the present. I've always wondered hasn't dawned on Stannis that Dany is more so the one that all of Mel's beliefs about Dragonstone would indicate she should be looking for.....not him. I mean, come on, the girl's name, even then.....seems to be known as Danaerys Stormborn.....all do know where that storm of her birth took place, yada yada yada. I've never understood why a smart man like Stannis wouldn't be pointing such out to Mel, or wondering about it, or questioning her about it. I do find it to be a bit of hole left unexplained.
  8. WHAT?? I COULDN'T QUITE HEAR YOU? LOL Now, I can't find the correct font size, HA It does kind of surprise me that Show Cersei doesn't realize that she has a lot of blame when it comes to the deaths of her children. Well, Good Queen Carol would have realized this, but perhaps that is now beyond Evil Queen Cheryl. But, then again, she could see how Tywin's death endangered her children......but that was just for the fuckery of the show wanting to have Lena and Peter have a conversation. It really was more about that, not the characters, IMO, anyway.
  9. Hmm, just wondering what I've walked into in my attempt to catch up on the thread.
  10. Roose Bolton, no question. He is my favorite character of the ones that are in the expected list of hated characters. I'd even like to see him live, not win anything, just live.......back to the Dreadfort, I guess? w Fat Walda and a kid or two, LOL
  11. It's bad enough Nik was stuck with extra seasons of the Incestuous Dance with Darth Vader, the poor guy just wants to be able to tease Jon at this point, I can't blame him. It's a good thing the Ds are so in love with their Darth Vader, it may be what saves Jaime's life for a while longer. I'm sure they want a end wrap for Crazy Carol, or whoever SHE IS, LOL, and her lover formerly known as Larry. Otherwise, I'd worry that all of Nik's truth telling would get him killed off in the first or second episode. I'm really looking forward to seeing Jaime finally freed up from the Ds prolonged torture, and the more Nik talks truth, the more I think he's looking forward to it, too, and that in a circular logic situation, makes me further look forward to it as well. Of course, the Ds will try and fuck it up, that goes without saying.
  12. LOL I love how Nik wants Jaime to razz Jon about sleeping with his auntie, LOL Well, I love Nik, any old way, but he cracks me up.
  13. LOL I can't help with Songs that make us think of ASOIAF right now, but EVERY TIME I see this thread title I find myself thinking of this song: Things that make you go hmmmmmmm It's been in my mind for days now. Things
  14. I just hope the boring Romulan costumes are out of fashion by the time Shitfest of Thrones returns for the last season.
  15. Found this little quickie video on the Coloring of GOT, or lack thereof, I guess. ColorOfGame