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  1. It's a single game sample? They've played twice. You are absolutely right because other than head to head matchups where both teams are playing hard there is lots to determine where someone has no chance right, such as you saying the Raptors have no chance vs Houston? Like do you enjoy being hypocritical or just not realize what you are doing?
  2. So Tywin's right, Toronto really has no chance vs Houston in a potential finals matchup.
  3. My favourite traveller is Mafan. Granted I've only done 6 runs (only completing 2) but the Zoltan shield is too good. He made the Hook tank on Blitzkrieg awesome for me as I got the upgrade where he freezes everything around you in a wide area but doesn't freeze himself due to the shield. Has anyone got what seems to be(from the silhouette) the Mantis yet?
  4. What did you think he's going to say it was stupid? He's a producer of the show, no?
  5. How many series has he won? How many has he lost when favored? Anyone else you know lose by 58 at home in the playoffs?
  6. Probably. We also know that Chris Paul and James Harden are complete shit in the playoffs too but people are forgetting that because.....?
  7. Why are Houston and GS "way" better than Toronto or even Boston? Is it because in Houston's lone meeting with Toronto, the Raps beat the Rockets in Houston by almost 40?
  8. If I were running star wars I would pay James earl jones millions to read every word in the dictionary in different tones so I could use his voice forever.
  9. Thank fucking god lol
  10. Is it actually called Into the Breech? If so that's a non buy for me. That shit bugs the hell out of me.
  11. Thinking on this..... I'd say BP oddly enough (up until the battle) is much more derivative of Rocky 3 (And whatever Rocky 3 was I'm sure derivative of). Let's see.... T'challa/Rocky beats a tough guy (Awesome Barking Guy/Apollo), becomes King/Champ. First combat as King/Champ, protagonist fails/loses in a situation that ultimately doesn't matter (Klaw/Thunderlips). Gets challenged by badass new guy on scene, Killmonger/Clubber. Head Priest/Coach advises not to take the fight, then when fight is taken Head Priest/Coach dies and T'Challa/Rocky gets their ass kicked. Then T'Challa/Rocky goes to recuperate/train with the guy he defeated at the start (ABG/Apollo). Comes back and defeats the new guy becomes King/Champ again. The real question, will BP solve an equivalent to communism in the sequel?
  12. This is just baffling. Lets start with some things.... the invasion thing? Run into a boss fog, the invader goes away. You know the exact same way it's been in all Souls games ever. It was never changed in SOTFS. hat Late game enemies were added? If you mean the Dragon outside the Keep that area beyond the Dragonrider in Heide's Tower well then I'm not sure what to tell you. They purposely clutter up that area with heides knights and big guys to reinforce that the area past Dragonrider is no longer an early game area. That's the whole point. It's been done in games for a long time. You put much harder situations so that the players don't go that way yet. You can still do it if you like but it will be harder. Much like the Valley of Drakes in DS1 or going to Lothric Castle before the Undead Village in DS3. That's how the Souls games have always worked. What loot was removed without having something better (that was previously late game like the Grand Lance) replace it? They actually made you have to work for estus shards unlike Vanilla which gave them out like candy. They added enemies but actually made them pullable so you wouldn't get gang ganked like in Vanilla. They also took away a whole bunch of enemies too but whatever.
  13. WTF is this real? If so, I wants it immediately and hopefully in as goofy a fashion as possible.
  14. DS3 to me is sadly meh. Yeah the first two areas are good but then it gets super duper linear and frankly pretty boring. I think it was trying to ape some DS1 with some shortcuts here and there but they are contained shortcuts and basically are worthless for the most part. To be fair that also could be that it had no chance, at least for me, as it immediately followed Bloodborne which is a far superior game in pretty much every single way. Also heavy armor means nothing. Loincloth is as good as armored greaves, the only thing that matters is that you have a piece on in all slots. They basically got rid of poise in DS3.
  15. Given Alec Guinness was 62 when filming Star Wars, Obi Wan being 55 ish isn't that bad. Desert air and constant sunburns change a person yo. Edit: I don't mind the look of the Falcon, obviously Lando needs it looking fancy for his soirees. What I do mind is the media's insistence on saying the movie "is where the young Han meets the young Chewbacca" except Chewie is like 200 years old at that point.
  16. Was it banned? I'm just curious.
  17. The only team he was ever going to?
  18. Besides the other 2 Star Wars trilogies as mentioned, there is the Indiana Jones's off the top of my head. I'm curious as what you think are successful trilogies where it actually happened as you seem to think it happened. EDIT: Or really any recent trilogy at all.
  19. Thats been happening for years, at least Smith will be competent at it and not directly throw at DB's 90% of the time.
  20. You don't want Kirk Cousins being the QB on your team. Every play you have a dark feeling in the pit of your stomach, that feeling just saying "Is this the play where the CB doesn't luckily drop the gift wrapped pick 6 that Cousins throws 4 out of 10 passes". It will give you an ulcer.
  21. I'm not one of your names but also a Skins fan. I am happy. I loathe Kirk Cousins with the fury of ten thousand suns so I don't give a shit who replaced him, but someone who is competent? I'll take that.
  22. The only one of those who was around in WCW's heydey was Jericho. Don't forget the WWE mismanaged Steve Austin and HHH too, unless you think the Ringmaster and Lord Helmsley were good gimmicks.
  23. I'm hoping Curry and Kerr (I think is coach) just says we are not shooting any shots that aren't threes period. Nothing. If you get fouled put the ball down. Nothing but 3's all game long!