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  1. Hulu now becomes Disney's streaming service so they don't have to make one. Plus they can now release 11,000 different versions of the Star Wars movies without having to pay fox.
  2. You mean his jail time should not work as jailtime is intended across the world? You are right, very unrealistic.
  3. So what's the in-universe lore about the American slave trade? Did Wakanda just allow it to happen? Or were they backers of it?
  4. And Wakanda is more advanced all that time?
  5. Just a question for the comic book lore people... how long has Wakanda been around? In universe I mean.
  6. Post merge I think it has actually been really good, Lots of people actually looking to win instead of just coast to the end. Except Mike.
  7. Good play by Ben. I'm not sure why Lauren and Ashley and Devon protested at tribal about the waterhole powwow. They knew they were trying to blindside Ben. He caught you out, just acknowledge it and move on. Instead they look like liars for really no reason. Just weird. Also is Dr Mike a slightly more likable Philip?
  8. Putting aside Thibs for the moment, I'm curious as to why you apparently think Fizdale is a good coach or at least better than Thibs.
  9. lol I was just following suit, I don't remember really anything outside of Midgar other than the Lion Dog and Cid's rocketship so I'll trust ya on that.
  10. I take it you haven't read Infinity Gauntlet or Infinity War. Easily best comment so far.
  11. Bloodborne.
  12. What a shocker you forgot to mention the person who was said to have said he knew denied it under oath,
  13. Why?
  14. I liked Season 3 the best. Does it have the highest highs of season 2? No. But it doesn't swing as hard in between amazing and not so much like season 2 does. (Season 1 I think has a strong second half). I liked that it went hard into the Rick is a complete selfish asshole who is awesome at everything besides relationships plot but then had him humbled at the end.
  15. Netflix Canada has had Force Awakens since three months after the film released.
  16. So Raps lost again to Indiana. Referees were atrocious this game. Last three minutes alone had by my count 7 missed calls (both ways) and that's not even going for ticky tack stuff or travelling. Just brutal. And yet I enjoyed the last three minutes in particular. Why? Lance Stephenson. He is such a nutjob it is mesmerizing. I really wish he would effect a Macho Man voice for interviews. He's already insane, why not? Would make him exceedingly popular. Yes for the last three minutes I was daydreaming about Lance giving interviews and saying things like "HE'S GOT JEALOUS EYES!".
  17. It has got no real basis unfortunately other than getting another rating. If that's gambling so is buying baseball cards or MTG.
  18. I am baffled. Why did Mike play his idol if him and Joe were both voting Cole? Might be the dumbest thing I've seen on Survivor in a long, long time.
  19. I found the movie entertaining but its a team up movie so I wasn't expecting much. They had good bits for all of the characters except cyborg and he's a terrible character so who cares really. I actually quite liked the Batman angle they went with, different from any live action Batman honestly. Just terrible CGI though. I'm curious why studios keep hiring WETA to do special effects. They are fucking awful.
  20. There is no season pass. Battlefield 1 was a simple reskin was it?
  21. They have already promised (and detailed out what is coming) that all DLC will be free for Battlefront 2. Its to stop what what happened in the last game where it fractured the player base, so expansions won't be coming. My guess is they will just get rid of all pay to win elements in the loot boxes and then put them back in. I'm actually pretty impressed though that they got rid of it even temporarily.
  22. Thankfully EA paid attention to reddits most downvoted comment ever (about Luke and Vader's price) and cut the price for them and all other heroes you pay for by 75%.
  23. There is going to be a lot of teams that regret passing up on OG Anunoby. Is he a big time scorer yet? Nope but he will be in a couple years. Already an awesome defender with a high bb IQ. Plus short shorts.
  24. Yay a time period they have already done twice before. How exciting.