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  1. No they wouldn't.
  2. You think Miami is going to pass one of Boston, Toronto, or Washington?
  3. Apparently he and Ali knew each other from college so her betraying him would kind of sting.
  4. Vader not using force lightning because he is a weaker version of himself because he is too much machine comes from Lucas himself. I remember him talking about it in the DVD commentary for New Hope.
  5. So forgive me if I missed it but I did a search and couldn't find anything. Saw the movie tonight, It was fantastic pardon the pun. Going into it they had to nail Pennywise and they had to nail the Loser's Club. They did both quite well with one exception. Particularly Ritchie is utterly spot on. And Pennywise. Oh my that Pennywise. I loved the effect they used on Pennywise in which for pretty much all the shots where he is moving and such his face is stable and everything else moves all jankily and weird. It looks creepy as all fucking hell, Other thoughts:
  6. I certainly don't. Boston, Cleveland and likely both the Wizards and Raptors will be ahead of them. I could see Charlotte also beating them record wise. Well other than last year.
  7. To add to Wert's explanation a lot of the Two Rivers people that are named or are referenced have Al in them, like Rand Al'Thor and Egwene Al'Vere. The Al part means something and you will find out later in the book.
  8. Hm? If you haven't seen it you have no idea what I am talking about.
  9. Very much enjoyed the movie. I liked it better than the first one. Heresy some may say but I always found Bladerunner way too slow.. EDIT: RedEyedGhost got mad at me for legitimately spoiling nothing and saying nothing more than Wert did in his review.
  10. I haven't played Andromeda so I have no idea if it follows the formula. ME3 does follow it just under the guise of "gathering forces to fight". I can't remember Inquisition too well but I seem to remember that being there as well.. But yes I was exaggerating a bit. Regardless by my count Bioware has made 10 full RPGs since Baldurs Gate 2:(not counting Andromeda) Kotor, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire, ME, DA:O, ME2, DA:2, TOR, ME3, DA I. Knights, Neverwinter, Jade Empire, Mass Effect 1 and 3, DA:O (and maybe DA:I), the class stories of TOR all follow the gather 4 things plotline taken from Baldurs Gate 2. Which makes at least 8 of 12 games including BG2 and Andromeda.
  11. Has anyone played the Dark Souls board game? I'm thinking of buying it but it comes with a hefty pricetag and I'd like to see lots of reviews on it.
  12. Its been easy to shit on Bioware because Bioware hasn't done anything actually original since Baldurs Gate 2. They do the same basic plot over and over and over and sheep eat it up.
  13. Have you ever actually watched Redzone? It is not random at all.
  14. Going by Force Awakens, I fully expect Finn to be captured by some sort of Crime Lord at the end of Last Jedi and so then Oscar Isaac has to try and save him by fake bringing in Chewbacca but then will in turn be captured himself and put in a metal speedo where eventually he gets to choke out the Crime Lord via a curtain.
  15. So Boston just gave up next year? I don't see how they think they are going to beat an angry motivated LeBron who wants to throttle KI? Then throw in IT likely being pissy and you gave up what could be the #1pick next year? Also why the fuck would Kyrie stay in Boston past his contract?
  16. Miami won't touch him with a ten foot pole and rightfully so. That's the one team which he will never play on.
  17. Unless they settle quick (and potentially even if they do) this could become really, really bad for AMC. Not just in paying out a billion to people but from a taxes perspective. They would have been deliberately fudging the books.
  18. It's still nothing on Purple Drank. Or Jonny Flynn.
  19. The fact that you said this in a NFL thread and didn't mention Purple Drank is a crime against humanity.
  20. I don't get this speculation given Steppenwolfs line in the trailer. There won't be any Green Lanterns. Hence why the Green Lantern Corps movie comes afterwards to get Earth a Lantern. It's not hard. At best there will some planes taking on something and a mention of Hal Jordan One may not like the DC movies but they do actually have at least a bare bones logical plan behind them. MOS and BVS see giant metahuman threats that regular humans cannot handle.. Suicide Squad tries to make a regularish human team to handle such threats but fails... hence Batman wants to form Justice League.
  21. I'm also doing a run through and I don't agree at all. Are frag grenades/plasma grenades not as useful as they used to be? Potentially not. But the other types are much more so. Flashbangs are absolute gold. I also haven't had a problem with the 3 rulers... all went down in 2-3 missions and the berserker queen didn't even get remotely close to hitting anyone. I like the idea though, I'm hoping the new expansion improves them.
  22. What is your definition of an elite shooter? Cause to me not being in the top 20 in either 2 pt % or 3 pt percentage% would say that is not elite. And Irving is neither of those. I'm not saying I would compare him to Wiggins, he is much better than Wiggins. A straight up trade wouldn't be a good deal. EDIT: I'm not saying Kyrie isn't a great shooter, he is. But elite to me is on a different level. When he gets to 50-40-90 I'll call him an elite shooter. Also not sure why you are bringing up elite handles. Know who else had/has elite handles? Bassy Telfair. Elite handles means jack shit.
  23. He can't shoot. So no, he does not fit in with LeBron. LeBron wants people who can shoot.
  24. I tend to the cynical side so I'm thinking Hamill changed his tune due to the higher ups coming down on him. Plus the script leak really points to his earlier comments. Howdyphillip, I've watched TFA 4 times and it IS a copy of Episode 4 beat by beat unfortunately it misses the themes of what ties together the original trilogy and the prequels and is just a shallow bowl of popcorn. Entertaining in its way I suppose and occasionally maybe something you want but not something actually good. If you love popcorn, by all means continue thinking its the greatest thing since slice bread. I'm glad you can enjoy it.
  25. I suppose I'd be more excited if the script hadn't leaked, Mark Hamill hadn't come out and said the character of Luke has been essentially destroyed, or basically if I thought they would even try to make a thematic resonance between this one and 2 and 5 instead of a straight copy (Abrams certainly failed at that in 7)