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  1. Unless they settle quick (and potentially even if they do) this could become really, really bad for AMC. Not just in paying out a billion to people but from a taxes perspective. They would have been deliberately fudging the books.
  2. It's still nothing on Purple Drank. Or Jonny Flynn.
  3. The fact that you said this in a NFL thread and didn't mention Purple Drank is a crime against humanity.
  4. I don't get this speculation given Steppenwolfs line in the trailer. There won't be any Green Lanterns. Hence why the Green Lantern Corps movie comes afterwards to get Earth a Lantern. It's not hard. At best there will some planes taking on something and a mention of Hal Jordan One may not like the DC movies but they do actually have at least a bare bones logical plan behind them. MOS and BVS see giant metahuman threats that regular humans cannot handle.. Suicide Squad tries to make a regularish human team to handle such threats but fails... hence Batman wants to form Justice League.
  5. I'm also doing a run through and I don't agree at all. Are frag grenades/plasma grenades not as useful as they used to be? Potentially not. But the other types are much more so. Flashbangs are absolute gold. I also haven't had a problem with the 3 rulers... all went down in 2-3 missions and the berserker queen didn't even get remotely close to hitting anyone. I like the idea though, I'm hoping the new expansion improves them.
  6. What is your definition of an elite shooter? Cause to me not being in the top 20 in either 2 pt % or 3 pt percentage% would say that is not elite. And Irving is neither of those. I'm not saying I would compare him to Wiggins, he is much better than Wiggins. A straight up trade wouldn't be a good deal. EDIT: I'm not saying Kyrie isn't a great shooter, he is. But elite to me is on a different level. When he gets to 50-40-90 I'll call him an elite shooter. Also not sure why you are bringing up elite handles. Know who else had/has elite handles? Bassy Telfair. Elite handles means jack shit.
  7. He can't shoot. So no, he does not fit in with LeBron. LeBron wants people who can shoot.
  8. I tend to the cynical side so I'm thinking Hamill changed his tune due to the higher ups coming down on him. Plus the script leak really points to his earlier comments. Howdyphillip, I've watched TFA 4 times and it IS a copy of Episode 4 beat by beat unfortunately it misses the themes of what ties together the original trilogy and the prequels and is just a shallow bowl of popcorn. Entertaining in its way I suppose and occasionally maybe something you want but not something actually good. If you love popcorn, by all means continue thinking its the greatest thing since slice bread. I'm glad you can enjoy it.
  9. I suppose I'd be more excited if the script hadn't leaked, Mark Hamill hadn't come out and said the character of Luke has been essentially destroyed, or basically if I thought they would even try to make a thematic resonance between this one and 2 and 5 instead of a straight copy (Abrams certainly failed at that in 7)
  10. Jimmy D is running things again. I'm sure they'd accept Ryan Anderson and a box of matches. It's hilarious that despite how terrible Phil Jackson was he was still probably a step up from previous regimes.
  11. Kind of fascinating in a morbid way. Darabont was clearly acting like an ass, yet he was treated like complete shit and from his view wasn't paid properly. More amusing is all the stuff that has come out about how AMC has been lying to the press about this since he was fired.
  12. Relic... It's funny. Despite that list I'd be much more in favour of being a Nets fan than a Knicks fan right now. The Nets clearly are trying to turn it around after probably the worst trade in NBA history and are seemingly being pseudo-effective at it. Maybe it's just because they seem to have a competent GM and an Owner that is actually hands off? I'd almost guarantee the Nets are going to be good again before the Knicks barring something miraculously lucky on the Knicks end. (Jimmy D selling)
  13. I almost liked the Vulture. They tried to do something different for him which I appreciated given that it's a marvel movie. Sadly the "wrong gun" scene just kind of ruined what they were trying to do with the character but close. The movie was certainly miles better than the standard marvel formula movie so good job there I guess. It was quite funny, they did the high school stuff mostly well. Iron Man mostly showed up appropriately (not the end sadly) so it mostly made sense from a logic perspective. Honestly the thing I enjoyed the most was that the central theme of the movie was just a retooled version of the 60's Spiderman theme song. Made me smile every time.
  14. 1. Seinfeld 2. Office (US) 3. Parks and Rec 4. Arrested Development 5. Curb Your Enthousiasm
  15. Sperry, The Franchise tag is that the player is guaranteed the average of the top 3 players at his position league wide under a 1 year contract. Each team can franchise 1 and only one player per year but cannot franchise a specific player more than twice. It's also pretty much an enslavement policy as those players who are franchised almost always leave immediately afterwards. (This is beside the point that franchised players can and do sign elsewhere regardless and it turns into a draft pick for the former team. Essentially a sign and trade in NBA terms)
  16. Well LeBron won't cause he wants to be a billionaire and bless him for it. That is certainly the way it could be going though and the Union if not the League will put a stop to it. Sperry I'm not sure why you think the NFL has some sort of checks and balances on stars leaving teams in free agency. It doesn't.. Stars don't leave teams primarily because its hard to change systems in the NFL particularly for QB's. It isn't like the NBA where every team runs essentially the same playbook.
  17. Manhole, I still can't quote. Fucking website. Anyways there are no rules against taking less money than what you are worth but it will be a problem for the union in CBA talks because the owners can point to that and say the players don't deserve as much money bla bla. It's basically one thing for old soon to be retired players to take a pay cut to chase a ring, it's quite another when the second best player in the league does it so that his team can have a competitive advantage.
  18. Thinking more about Durant taking less money.... the next deal he has will almost be certainly a max deal. He can't fuck over the union twice in a row right?
  19. No, I don't. Curry didn't take less money and they have even less reason to. They aren't getting the shoe deals Curry and Durant are. They will get paid max money somewhere else.
  20. Does Durants new deal end when Klays and Draymonds are up? If so, I'd say the Warriors Dynasty now has an end date.
  21. I don't understand how this Chris Paul thing isn't tampering. Apparently he told every team he is going to the Rockets. That in itself is tampering before the July 1st deadline but obviously Houston was talking to him prior which again... tampering.
  22. Congrats Relic the Knicks are finally free of Phil. Too bad they can't get rid of Jimmy D the same way. Latest rumor around here is he's going to throw lots and lots of money at Ujiri, If so that would actually be a smart move. Hence why I don't think it's happening but you can dream!
  23. This board will never let me quote. Gah it's annoying. Anyways in order to have Radiant mode do you need to buy the Expansion?
  24. So I'll bite briantw... why is Windhorst in LeBron's doghouse now? He's been so far up his ass for years to me it seems inconceivable.
  25. The shadow of mordor deal is too good. I own the base game but that price is lower than the individual dlcs.