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  1. Thoughts about The Red Wedding...SPOILERS!

    I know I cant believe I missed this, When the house of the undying chapter was written I didn't take much of it as real prophecy, thought a lot of it was just disturbing visions to test dany's strength. The ending of the series probably in that bloody chapter and we've all missed it hahaha I have never enjoyed myself so much as when joffrey died. It was PERFECTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Although i always had some hope of either arya or sansa stabbing him to death
  2. Thoughts about The Red Wedding...SPOILERS!

    not.in.the.slightest. I think I was just being dumb by not noticing sometimes. But then again I think most people were shocked. summat obviusly was gunna go down, but I was think more of walder frey just bitchin a bit and cat offering to marry him too to sweeten the deal. never expected THAT to happen.