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  1. A Sane Theory for the End Game of ASOIAF

    Yeah I agree with Sander up there. Doran wouldn't commit suicide for his son.
  2. How would you rate episode 302?

    seriously HBO? Making Cat go on like that. Seriously? I think those guys have it in for Catelyn Stark, probably preparing us for the RW, so ppl wouldn't feel as much pity as we did in the book
  3. What if R+L=J is wrong how will fans react

    And I love the Baratheons. They breathe life to the story of all the other major houses. They and the Lannisters
  4. What if R+L=J is wrong how will fans react

    I love that possibility really. Jon Snow is is too good to be related to the Targs. Plus he's prolly dead and gone, so there. Doesn't matter anymore I say. Am more concerned about how Arya would turn up
  5. Vote : Who will rule westeros?

  6. Vote : Who will rule westeros?

    The others is gonna rule Westeros
  7. Most Powerful Lesser Houses

    House Tarly in the south and House Bolton in the north.
  8. Game of thrones graphic novel

  9. The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    Theory 1: Brienne screamed a word. The word was "Arya". She summoned Jaime not to a trap but on a mission. She is commissioned to head north and rescue "Arya Stark" as directed by Lady Stoneheart after Brienne told her that she has found Arya but the girl is in Bolton hands. They dont go on the mission, instead they go to talk sense into lady stoneheart, bring back the catelyn in her. They might prolly die together if that goes wrong. Jaime has Brienne's maidenhead. Theory 2: Brienne screamed 'PROMISE' or 'OATHBREAKER'.