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  1. Let summarize this for myself. Current thinking is that Shavepate is playing Dany, Nobles, and Yunkaish off of each other (with Dany has the victor, Nobles/Yunkaish destroyed) to cement his position as the administrating power in the city.
  2. Also, wasn't Targaryens in "exile" on Dragonstone was the only reason that they survive the doom anyway. May be the reason they didn't invade until after the Doom, they needed "permission."
  3. This ranks right up there with Ned being alive. Please, step back away from the forum. ;)
  4. The Trader Tales Series set in the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper Universe: Quarter Share, Half Share, Full Share, Double Share, Captain's Share, Owner's Share by Nathan Lowell. No freaky aliens, space battles, etc, just making a living on a freighter in the Deep Dark.
  5. unCat offered a choice between sword or rope.
  6. The Hound should have his own TV show.
  7. F*CKING A _ AWESOME!!!!!!
  8. I always thought that he sounded kind of comical in the books.
  9. Many states in the US allow it now.