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  1. What theory would cause you to Stop Reading ASOIAF if True.

    I wouldn't stop reading, but I would be sorely disappointed if Jon and Daenerys end up together, or when Daenerys ends up on the Iron Throne as the Most Awesome Saviour of the Whole Wide World Come and Bow To ME PLZ. Nah. I really would be disappointed. I would continue reading though.
  2. [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    So, don't know whether someone has said it already (though someone probably already did): What about the huge foreshadowing of the conversation between Olly and Sam? All talking about how Jon is friends with the ones who slaughtered his family, Sam saying sometimes you need to take a hard decision which doesn't seem to be the right thing? I mean, it was almost as if they were screaming "I AM GOING TO KILL JON SNOW." As if that weren't clear already.
  3. Will Sansa slowly turn into Cersei? I think so.

    Yes, indeed, but I think we were more responding to this: "While the Tyrells stopped trade with Kings Landing that isn't "ruthless" in and of itself", and that being an inaction. I mean, stopping trade to achieve your goals isn't that bad in and of itself, of course; we do it in the real world every time. But it is bad and cruel when one knows (as I'm sure the Tyrells did, they're not stupid and stopped trade for a reason in the first place) that the result will be that 500.000 people will be starving. That's cruel to me.
  4. Will Sansa slowly turn into Cersei? I think so.

    Indeed. The Tyrells knew full well what it meant when they stopped the flowing of goods to King's Landing. Starving a whole city of about 500.000 inhabitants.. What's not cruel about that?
  5. Best and Worst POV

    Best: Sansa. Her name always puts a smile on my face, even when it's not her own POV. Worst: Damphair. Please. I always go ''Oh no, not this again.'' :stillsick:
  6. Who Indeed? (AND WHY?)

    Power resides where men believe it resides. Thus, it depends on the man himself. If he was a devotional believer of the Seven for example, he'd surely choose the Priest. If he was someone like Shae (golddigger) he'd surely choose the rich man. If, however, the man was loyal to his King and wants to obey the law, he'd choose his King. I for one don't know whom I would choose. Perhaps I'd just walk out of the bar. Killing is not my thing. If I should choose however, I'd probably choose the Priest.
  7. What region suffered the most in the war?

    The Riverlands, absolutely no doubt.
  8. The Quiet Isle Theory

    As much as I want Sandor back in the story (we all have to admit he has some great lines and is quite honest. We need more honest men in ASOIAF), I don't think it's going to happen. I think we'll be seeing the Quiet Isle again though, but maybe not directly. It won't be playing a pivotal role. At least, that's what I think.

    Making Jaime a kinslayer. Cursed by gods and men. But I like Jaime. xO A bit.

    I'd like this, I've heard the theory before. I don't think Tyrion would give a shit, however. Edit: Oh, yeah, I forgot about the quote of Genna Lannister.. :V Now, it would be more fun if Jaime and Cersei were the children of the Mad King.. :cool4:
  11. Most disturbing scenes/things for you

    Oh yeah, that story was quite disturbing too. I just can't believe any father would actually say that to his kid. Sad to say, it does happen..
  12. Most disturbing scenes/things for you

    She has sex with her 17-year-old cousin. Yeah, surely wouldn't put it past her. :V
  13. Most disturbing scenes/things for you

    Wouldn't that be a fun sight to watch.
  14. Most disturbing scenes/things for you

    I know it was quite tame compared to some other stories, of course, but it was disturbing nonetheless.
  15. Most disturbing scenes/things for you

    The Red Wedding, obviously. And what happened with the bodies. I mean, I wanted to jump into the book and kill them all, one by one, killing them like Arya killed the Tickler. Screaming. The fight between the Viper and the Mountain and how the Mountain killed him. Steel fingers, eyes, smashed skulls. That one was quite.. Disturbing, yes. The cruelties committed by Gregor Clegane and his men. Just, all of them. The girl at Harrenhal, Pia, the Innkeeps daughter, the numerous villages he raided and the hundreds of people he has killed during those raidings. The thing he did with Vargo Hoat.. I mean, just kill the guy already. Forcing him to eat his own limbs.. :ack: Those stories were really disturbing. Saltpans. Yes. What happened to the 12-year-old girl, for example, who was going to serve the Faith. It was just too much. Victarion killing the seven prettiest girls to serve them to the Lord of Light. The coldness of his description was just too disturbing to me. I quite hate that man, really. Asha is probably the only Ironborn I like.