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  1. Maybe she lets Kellhus become the No-God and *then* forgives him?
  2. Things are leaning in that direction. What the "new order" is, however, is up for debate. When answering whether people could guess or deduce the game changer in TUC, Bakker himself said it depended on how "twisted" they were. So it might end up looking like what @lokisnow suggested, a world where the Consult are forgiven despite their having essentially made sin their purpose.
  3. I'm thinking along similar lines except that I don't think it's the future, per-se, rather, a state of existence that exists outside of time or even, encompasses all of time simultaneously. The "head-on-a-pole" section in TGO left me thinking that time isn't really a thing in the Outside.
  4. Love this, @lokisnow. We've had a number of theories pop up about what TGO was really after (it's Kellhus so it can't just be an army). But the idea that the whole thing is designed to condition the ground for the Gods? Brilliant!
  5. Yes, the idea is that the Erratics allied with Golgatterath won't be nearly as compromised as we expect them to be. As @.H. writes, by exposing the Erratics to the horrors of damnation, the Inverse Fire acts as a sort of grounding therapy.
  6. Moenghus, obviously. He's the default answer to all open questions.
  7. Sadly, I suspect that there will be a lot of dangling threads like this after TUC. MG said as much, that while the central questions about Earwa are answered, there are a number of smaller questions that remain open.
  8. lol hard to keep the timeline straight! And even then, there's good reason to question what little we know of that time...
  9. Couldn't be Nau-Cayuti who rescued him; he was dead/missing before the Fall of Tryse. And if history is to be believed, Seswatha didn't know what happened to the HS after the Batlle of Eleneot Fields. Agree that Mek is the most likely candidate as savoir. Although I really like @redeagl's idea about using something like the Wathi doll!
  10. The "extra-damned" part has bothered me since TGO. There's clearly something special about certain souls -- Cnaiur and Kosoter being notable examples. But if becoming a living Ciphrang was just a matter of being particularly horrible, why would the Consult need the No-God at all?
  11. Even better, he's already working on the sequel:
  12. It's at Kindle location 4892, in the middle of chapter 8. Koringhus is recalling what the Dunyain found when they first dissected a Sranc skull.
  13. He certainly is no stranger to graftings.