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  1. Agreed. They've always struck me as kind of bumbling and borderline-incompetent. And Mekeretrig is bonkers. It really seems like Shaeonanra is/was the brains of the operation.
  2. Gwanwë was salted before the nuke went off.
  3. I'm guessing it'll be a tighter version of TTT's ending. TTT resolved the main narrative arc (Holy War) while leaving open the Consult arc. TAE will resolve the Great Ordeal / Consult arc while leaving open something else... maybe the war against the damnation?
  4. I've wondered about this as well, that something happened on Earwa long ago that established the current damnation system. And that damnation system applies not only to Earwa but all of existence.
  5. @Werthead is there a review embargo date? Or are you free to post whenever you want?
  6. I'm hoping it's a "wow the world is forever changed and I want to read more stories in it" rather than a "YOU WILL KNEEL (and wait for the next series)".
  7. The first TGO ARC's started popping up on eBay around the same time. And TGO excerpts all landed around the third week of May, about 6 weeks from publication.
  8. You'd have to figure at least 1/4 or even 1/3 of the book will be devoted to the battle at Golgatterath. Although MG did drop a hint that Either way I'm hoping for something that eclipses the Shimeh chapters that close out TTT!
  9. Right -- it's likely he knows about it now. But not at the point in TTT where he's seemingly talking to the God.
  10. Koringhus' conclusions were no doubt influenced by The Judging Eye. That probably crystalized things in a way that Kellhus couldn't grasp with the information he had.
  11. This is during Kellhus' journey to Kyudea -- one of my favorite parts of TTT. And there are a couple of points where he seems to be talking to *some* sort of higher power. This section has always made me wonder if this is the point where Kellhus has figured everything out, about damnation, the Gods, the Absolute/Zero-God. That everything after this was just executing his plan.
  12. Maybe she lets Kellhus become the No-God and *then* forgives him?
  13. Things are leaning in that direction. What the "new order" is, however, is up for debate. When answering whether people could guess or deduce the game changer in TUC, Bakker himself said it depended on how "twisted" they were. So it might end up looking like what @lokisnow suggested, a world where the Consult are forgiven despite their having essentially made sin their purpose.
  14. I'm thinking along similar lines except that I don't think it's the future, per-se, rather, a state of existence that exists outside of time or even, encompasses all of time simultaneously. The "head-on-a-pole" section in TGO left me thinking that time isn't really a thing in the Outside.
  15. Love this, @lokisnow. We've had a number of theories pop up about what TGO was really after (it's Kellhus so it can't just be an army). But the idea that the whole thing is designed to condition the ground for the Gods? Brilliant!