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  1. There must be, I think. Though the ebony chair with the weirwood face at the HoB&W was interesting. Might it be possible that Bloodraven is keeping an eye on Arya overseas? There was also a mention, both in AFfC and this new Mercy chapter about the Bridge of Eyes in Braavos which was described as having "a thousand painted eyes" carved on it.
  2. Birth years of the Targaryens

    This is an amazing resource. Thank you! :cheers:
  3. Theory: Darkstar works for Varys, and here's why

    I feel like you would enjoy this essay. It's about how Dorne is set up for tragedy and I think the author makes a compelling point.
  4. I haven't really entertained the possibility of Arya crossing paths with Dany until only recently, tbh. But the more I read/re-read, the more connections I'm finding between Arya and Targaryen imagery. Then there's this vision from the HotU that Dany sees: Arya, perhaps?
  5. The Most Annoying Phrase

    :cheers: I understand I also side-eye every single "wherever whores go". No.
  6. The Most Annoying Phrase

    I don't believe that. I like Dany well enough, but she definitely has mucked up in the Ghiscari peninsula in many ways. But pls don't make this a dany-bashing or pro-dany thread- there's a bunch of other threads for that.
  7. The Most Annoying Phrase

    I am so over Tyrion after the end of ASoS and all of ADwD. I just can't anymore. I loathe "if I look back, I am lost" so much especially because Dany is extremely paranoid by all the prophecies she's heard, yet can't seem to grasp that the little mantra of hers goes completely against Quaithe's whole "To go north, you must journey south, to reach the west you must go east. To go forward you must go back and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow." C'mon, Dany.
  8. What Role Will Edric Dayne Play?

    WOAH. completely forgot about that moment with Arya. I've had R+L = J on the brain since the second book so no surprises there as to why I forgot about this red herring. Hmm..
  9. What Role Will Edric Dayne Play?

    The sword Dawn is passed on to descendants of House Dayne, right? Perhaps Edric Dayne will wield it. I'm not one of the proponents that Dawn = Lightbringer since I tend to ascribe to Apple Martini's theory that the Night's Watch itself is Lightbringer. Edric Dayne was a squire to Beric the Undead b/c of his aunt Allyria's engagement to him. We know that the BwB separated after Lady Stoneheart rose. Edric Dayne is also the rightful Lord of Starfall. Do you think he's returned to Dorne or he's still out playing Robin Hood in the Riverlands? Also, do we ever find out the name of his father? He's obviously a Dayne, but I can't remember if his first name was ever mentioned in the books. I think Edric Dayne will appear in the future. Whether he plays a large or small role, that's yet to be seen but House Dayne is currently in possession of Dawn and no one yet in this generation has been heralded the new Sword of the Morning to wield it.
  10. Dorne. I've been obsessed with it since reading Arianne/Areo Hotah's chapters. More autonomy for women than the rest of Westeros (sans the wildlings north of the Wall) and the city where Oberyn Martell and the Sand Snakes are from? Yes, please! Braavos, if I had to choose somewhere in Essos. It seems like an amazing city from Arya's 'Cat of the Canals' chapter.
  11. Who are your top four characters?

    1) Arya Stark & Sansa Stark: There is no way I can choose between the two as to who would take the top spot. Arya was nine years old when she became a victim of war and it's conspicuous that she suffers from some form of extreme PTSD. She has: - Heard her father being beheaded at the Sept of Baelor - Survived in King's Landing by herself for some time after Ned's betrayal - Killed a stable boy out of fear - Been taken under the wing of the Night's Watch and disguised as a boy - Had to defend herself and her friends when Ser Amory Loch's men attacked the barn with Yoren and the recruits - Was on the run in the Riverlands both before and after Harrenhal with Gendry and Hot Pie, surviving on worms and whatever they could get their hands on - Was caught by the Mountain's men and was made to watch for weeks the rest of the prisoners being tortured for information at Harrenhal - Worked as a lowly and abused maid for most of her duration at Harrenhal, then became a cupbearer - Was kidnapped time and time again when all she wanted was to reunite with her family (by the BwB and the Hound) - Saw hundreds of her Father's bannermen being slaughtered outside of the Twins during the Red Wedding and being vaguely horrified that her Mother and Robb were probably being killed as well beyond the portcullis - She dragged her own Mother's corpse out of a river as Nymeria (this is when Arya begins to refer to herself as "having no heart" or completely void of emotion-- a huge, huge telling sign of PTSD and severe depression) - Killed the guard at Harrenhal, was the "Ghost of Harrenhal", killed Polliver (which was one of the most heartbreaking scenes I've ever read in my life because you can see how everything she has been through has affected her) and Polliver's squire This list does not even include her interactions in Braavos. The girl has many external battles she fights, which takes a toll on her internal strength. But there's no doubt that her character becomes desensitized to the violence she experiences that she begins to wield it as means to control her surroundings especially because everything that has happened to her so far has been so out of control for her/out of her hands. Sansa, on the other hand, is much more subtle in her interactions with her captors. As a hostage in the Red Keep, we see Sansa internally rebelling against Joffrey and Cercei. She thinks ill of Joffrey in almost every scene between the two from her last chapter in AGoT and beyond. She begins to realize what actions and decisions will lead to more beatings and which don't and uses her charm and diplomacy to subtly control some of her surroundings (see Ser Dontos and Joffrey incident with the wine). She suffers slights on her honor, is physically and emotionally abused yet still holds her head high, rarely utters a word in those instances (silence itself serves as a rebellious act because it refuses to yield the anticipated reaction), and knows what to say and when to say it. By the time she becomes a hostage under Baelish, Sansa becomes much more confident of herself and begins to learn the unspoken rules of the "game" from Baelish. From her time with him, she discerns that almost every action on her part must be carefully considered and how imperative it is to seek out the underlying intentions of others who play the same game. 2) Varys: Completely fascinating character. Evidence points to him being the anonymous stranger paying for Gendry's apprenticeship under Tobho Mott, Rugen the turnkey of the dungeons below the Red Keep and a close friend and confidant of Illyrio Mopatis. He was apparently gelded by some kind of magic-performing sorcerer but we know little else of his past. His "little birds" who are all literate with tongues cut just add to his mysterious and macabre appeal. 3) Petyr Baelish: Self-explanatory. He is one of the biggest players in the Game. He's played Ned, Catelyn, Tyrion, Lysa, Jon Arryn, Cercei, Sansa, Jeyne (indirectly Arya as well by using her name), and the Knights of the Vale as pawns. Ruthlessly ambitious and brilliant, he's my kind of man. 4) Euron Greyjoy: I find him uncomfortably intriguing and I hate myself for it (at times). We know very little about him but he wields a tremendous amount of power, probably through magic. His quick whip about how he is the most godliest of men to Aeron Damphair was what sealed it for me. 5) Bonus: Every single person from Dorne MINUS Darkstar the Douche.