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  1. There must be, I think. Though the ebony chair with the weirwood face at the HoB&W was interesting. Might it be possible that Bloodraven is keeping an eye on Arya overseas? There was also a mention, both in AFfC and this new Mercy chapter about the Bridge of Eyes in Braavos which was described as having "a thousand painted eyes" carved on it.
  2. Birth years of the Targaryens

    This is an amazing resource. Thank you! :cheers:
  3. I haven't really entertained the possibility of Arya crossing paths with Dany until only recently, tbh. But the more I read/re-read, the more connections I'm finding between Arya and Targaryen imagery. Then there's this vision from the HotU that Dany sees: Arya, perhaps?
  4. The Most Annoying Phrase

    :cheers: I understand I also side-eye every single "wherever whores go". No.
  5. The Most Annoying Phrase

    I don't believe that. I like Dany well enough, but she definitely has mucked up in the Ghiscari peninsula in many ways. But pls don't make this a dany-bashing or pro-dany thread- there's a bunch of other threads for that.
  6. The Most Annoying Phrase

    I am so over Tyrion after the end of ASoS and all of ADwD. I just can't anymore. I loathe "if I look back, I am lost" so much especially because Dany is extremely paranoid by all the prophecies she's heard, yet can't seem to grasp that the little mantra of hers goes completely against Quaithe's whole "To go north, you must journey south, to reach the west you must go east. To go forward you must go back and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow." C'mon, Dany.
  7. What Role Will Edric Dayne Play?

    WOAH. completely forgot about that moment with Arya. I've had R+L = J on the brain since the second book so no surprises there as to why I forgot about this red herring. Hmm..
  8. What Role Will Edric Dayne Play?

    The sword Dawn is passed on to descendants of House Dayne, right? Perhaps Edric Dayne will wield it. I'm not one of the proponents that Dawn = Lightbringer since I tend to ascribe to Apple Martini's theory that the Night's Watch itself is Lightbringer. Edric Dayne was a squire to Beric the Undead b/c of his aunt Allyria's engagement to him. We know that the BwB separated after Lady Stoneheart rose. Edric Dayne is also the rightful Lord of Starfall. Do you think he's returned to Dorne or he's still out playing Robin Hood in the Riverlands? Also, do we ever find out the name of his father? He's obviously a Dayne, but I can't remember if his first name was ever mentioned in the books. I think Edric Dayne will appear in the future. Whether he plays a large or small role, that's yet to be seen but House Dayne is currently in possession of Dawn and no one yet in this generation has been heralded the new Sword of the Morning to wield it.