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  1. In Westeros: the Reach or maybe the Stormlands, as a member of a noble family But preferably in Essos, either in Pentos or Braavos. As a wealthy noblewoman in Pentos, of course. And a courtesan in Braavos :leer:
  2. Who are your top four characters?

    1. Tywin Lannister 2. Sansa Stark 3. Cersei Lannister 4.this one is hard...so many characters to chose from...Davos, Wyman, Dolorous Edd....Val. I chose Val. I'd be Sansa because her character development reminds me a lot of my own development from preteen to adult (less dramatic, of course) and because I think she is brave and smart, despite what other people may believe. She's kind, never forgets her courtesies even in the face of danger, and one day, she'll wield considerable power in Westeros. :3