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  1. I suppose someone's already mentioned Trump's parents aborting him. If not, consider it said.
  2. Rare indeed is the attorney who has the time and inclination to exercise their intellectual curiosity about things outside their field. Sports seems to be the main topic of conversation during breaks in the action - during which I normally phase out.
  3. Bwwaaahaaahaaaaaa! Resistance is futile. I am convinced that I can look the same as the 5'9"+ models gracing the pages of my latest Talbots catalog . . . at least until the items of clothing arrive.
  4. So I come back for a quick read at this site and I see THIS. Fuck. I knew he was sometimes sick, but not the extent of it. MotherFUCK it. He was way too young for shit to take him out. I read a bit of your remembrances of him, but I honestly can't take it.
  5. I've heard tell that they don't think you're such great shakes either. As for the rescue groups requiring a fenced-in yard, yeah, it's great if you have it. That said, I could have never kept Benny, since our yard's open to the woods, etc. Instead, I took him for sometimes 2+ hour walks every day through woods and open fields. We especially liked the "Hundred Acre Wood" that's near our house. He found TONS of things to sniff and investigate. Rarely, we'd meet another dog walking his owner through the woods, but when we did, it was always a great social event. Ben got all the exercise he could stand. I consider that a LOT better than being stuck alone in a yard.
  6. My late, great, darling Bennie was (we think) a Ridgeback/Boxer mix.
  7. So sorry, Drawk, that they are refusing to work with you. Yeah, it's probably not a good idea to put the kind of things you did in your letter. Too late now, I guess. Is that the only organization you can go through to rescue a doggy representative of your favorite breed? Apparently, Keeshonds in need of a home aren't that numerous, so they can afford to be extremely picky. I hope things work out for you in your quest. When I decide to get another dog, I plan on rescuing one, but I'm not sure exactly where I'll go or what breed/size to get. There's so many dogs in need of homes. I'm not stuck on a particular breed, so it should be fairly easy. Unfortunately, I'm still missing my Benny so much that I'm somewhat afraid I'm fixated on wanting my next friend to be exactly like him - which isn't fair to the new dog.
  8. Damn. Don't you just HATE when that happens?
  9. Very nice! Believe me, I'm not sporting any Prada bags either. It's funny how at one time I felt that if I had brown, black, and light-colored handbags, I was all set. If I could get a mixture of black and brown in one bag, WIN! Then my mind opened up to the possibility of a red purse. That was the first step down the road to the perdition that is multiple handbag choices. Where will it end? Probably with me being killed by the piles of purses I've accumulated falling on top of me as I try to make my way through the tunnels constructed of a rainbow's worth of leather.
  10. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/5b/7f/62/5b7f62a7040975d64e8344f8d6728285.jpg Feast your eyes on its gorgeousness.
  11. I had a hankering for a yellow purse this spring. Ended up with a mustard yellow, but still. I have the most beyootiful pink bag I bought a couple years back. Love it. And a red bag is a necessity. That and red shoes are must-haves. I don't have a pale blue purse, though. Woe is I.
  12. Hey, Drawk! I just called **my** representative and put pressure on her to vote that MF'er DOWN. I can't help thinking, though, that instead of yelling into the phone, you should have seriously asked them why they want thousands if not millions of people to go without health insurance. IOW, try to have a serious conversation with the lamebrain. Yes, I know it's probably pointless, but you never know.
  13. What the hell? Did I kill the f**ing thread??
  14. Re: UTIs. . . the best thing I've EVER used for the pain is a prescription medicine called Pyridium (unless you have Vicodin on hand.) I always keep a supply around just in case. Be careful using it, though. It will turn your pee bright orange and stain any undies you're wearing. I normally just wear a panty liner to protect things. As for the Oxford comma, if you don't use it in its proper place, you're wrong.
  15. Quick survey: What do you find more disgusting, dog shit or people shit? Personally, I feel that shit is shit, no matter from whence it came. However, in the interests of total honesty, I would say people shit edges out dog shit on the disgust-o-meter by a wee bit. I've dealt with my fair share of both types in my life, so this isn't as random as it seems. But, yeah, the doc was kinda a dick for not allowing the use of his/her GARBAGE can for GARBAGE.