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  1. How did you get into your field of work/ study?

    No. I quite like many of them. They're just people - some good, some bad. What I don't like is the adversarial environment. I'm a pretty friendly, easy going person who likes to chat with others, and at depositions (which is what I mainly report) 99% of the folks in the room don't really want to be there. Anyone who comes in in a good mood is fairly certain to leave in a bad one. I like being around happy people, so my days are fairly shitty. What I like is the technical part of my job, getting a high translation rate on the code I'm writing to my computer and making it come out "pretty"; i.e., translating perfectly into English with all the punctuation in the right spots, etc.
  2. How did you get into your field of work/ study?

    I became a court reporter on the advice of a state appeals court judge (whose son I was dating.) But I wore many other hats before I landed here: retail shop owner, one successful, one not so much; computer company tech support person/automaton, to name a few. I'm very well qualified for being a court reporter in some ways, but I detest other parts of the job. Good thing I'm nearing retirement!
  3. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    It points to how inept his campaign (and a possible future Presidency) really are. Even the most deluded Trump supporter can't help but think about this. At least, I would think. Maybe I'm giving them too much credit, though.
  4. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    This plagiarism of Michelle Obama's speech is going to be a MAJOR shit storm. I'd love to be a fly on the wall at Trump headquarters.
  5. What's annoying you today? Part the grievous

    From what I understand from quickly perusing the Bakker threads, it **has** been split into two - one of which is The Unholy Consult. (someone correct me if I'm wrong.) I'm trying to stay out of the recent thread since spoilers abound. BUT we can get our fix of atrocity as one recently released, so not to worry.
  6. What's annoying you today? Part the grievous

    The Tears household is just barely hanging on by a thread. Headaches from the humidity and frequently changing pressure are making us cranky, my dog is shedding up a STORM of tufts of white fuzz, can't go outside without having to consume liters of water to make up for the moisture loss from our bodies (where's a stillsuit when you need one?!) Now my dog wants a walk - is he INSANE? Off to the woods and some shade. . . (and fighting off mosquitos.) BTW, if you're the Queen of Winter, would you mind issuing a proclamation to force Summer the hell out of our lives??
  7. Can a woman wear a mens watch?

    For sure trying one on first is a necessity. Buying something like that without finding out if you will actually LIKE the darn thing would be a costly mistake. TBH, I don't know why I haven't thought of buying a man's watch myself. I haven't been able to find a reasonably priced woman's watch with day-of-the-week/date/light-up-at-night functions all in one glorious piece of arm candy. Oh, and it has to be comfortable and with the right kind of strap too. Yes, I **would** like angels in my angel cake.
  8. Let's Discuss Arya's Pie Baking Logistics

    Has anyone seen Hot Pie around lately? Maybe she had an accomplice!
  9. I know kids grow. It's just sort of STARTLING to have them do it when it seems like just a season ago they were a whole heckuva lot smaller. (yes, I know it wasn't actually a season ago.) I think they ought to have it as part of the contract that child actors cannot grow. <----- sarcasm As for Tyrion and Dany convo, I was speaking about the camera angles when I mentioned "forced perspective." I did get the gist of what they were speaking about.
  10. That's what I was wondering too. I guess they're figuring that what happened with Ramsay is some sort of proxy vengeance. I'd rate the episode a solid 8. There were a couple cornball moments. I don't like what they're doing with Sam, for instance. And hasn't Gilly's baby gotten HUGE all of a sudden? Something on the order of Rikkon's growth spurt, I'd say. And what's Bran and Meera supposed to do from this point on? She's gonna get tired awfully soon having to lug him around like a sack of potatoes. What was going on in that scene where Dany's talking to Tyrion? It looked like some sort of forced perspective going on, but I couldn't figure out why they needed it. But, really, these are just some quibbles. I enjoyed the vast majority of the episode. Good job.
  11. Infidelity

    Let's see if I've got this right, Zabz. Your husband began drinking heavily since December and he's recently started sexting/texting a stripper in Nawlins. Right so far? (There's a chance I missed some additional info since your original post.) If what I've outlined above is the main gist of it, I do have a couple questions - if you don't mind! What precipitated the sudden increase in drinking? Was he always just a smidge away from being a raging alcoholic? How happy is he with his job? his life? (not very, I'd speculate, which is not a BIG leap.) "Is this marriage worth saving" is what all this boils down to. From what I've read of your post(s) it seems as though you're already mentally packing your bags, for which I don't blame you. Personally, I'd blow a gasket too. In reading between the lines of your post, I presume this incident, combined with the antics associated with the drinking, has got you at your last nerve. Certainly, the excessive drinking eased the way into the juvenile sexting to the woman. Is this just the latest in a long line of trust destroying issues, or is it an isolated aberration in an otherwise happy marriage? It's good you two are in marriage counseling. I'm assuming the counselor has gotten to the root of the problem(s) pretty quickly, if not they should have. I wish you the best in coming to whatever resolution can be achieved.
  12. Makeup V: Inspired by a Diva

    Awful in what way? Clumping? I feel like I need DETAILS, for some reason. My foundation I was so high on let me down the other day. There **were** extenuating circumstances, but still.
  13. Dear Board : A thread for small things not worthy of a thread of their own.

    To paraphrase Frankie D. Roosevelt: "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." Take that fear as if it were a physical object, grasp it firmly and SHAKE IT. Slap it silly, for silly it is. It advances you in no way but, rather, holds you back. None of us here bite (with the possible exception of one or two I won't mention.)
  14. I did wonder about this too, but I figured it was more amusing to take it seriously. Some posters look at things as they are and ask why. Some, OTOH, ask why not. (to paraphrase.)