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  1. So, Resting Bitch Face is a real thing, according to scientists

    I do agree with you.  My first reaction to seeing this topic was to question why it always seemed to be directed at women - like we ALWAYS must be pleasant appearing.  Well, to hell with that. Then my second thought was to remember this one girl on a show I've watched. She WAs kind of a bitch too.  Maybe we should start a movement to introduce "Resting prick-face" to make it even.  
  2. FWIW, I think you're well rid of her.  Anyone who'd do that isn't worth knowing.  (unless, of course, she was hit by a car on the way to the ice rink.  )
  3. Whoa.  You didn't make THAT part clear in your OP.  I assumed it was some sort of customer service call center. One of my earliest jobs out of school was clerical at a magazine place.  They had a staff that made sales calls.  Well, one day the state attorney general's office showed up and closed the place down.  All of us peons had to just grab our personal belongings and leave immediately.  And like THAT, I and everyone else working there was out of a job.  Turns out the methods they used to sell magazines were underhanded.  We office staff didn't know much about what the salespeople had to do.  I guess they were strong-arming little old ladies and other despicable things.  They even had an enforcer type who wouldn't take no for an answer when the little old ladies couldn't pay.  This all came out afterwards, of course, or else I wouldn't have worked there, but back then I was pretty naïve to a point.    ETA:  Thinking back on this, I wonder if the AG's of various states take the time to monitor this kind of stuff anymore.  They should.
  4. Yeah - there's that too.  Damn it.   THANKS, FELGUY.    OT, I hated this one job I had so much that I went to lunch and didn't come back.  Thinking back on it, it was a douche move on my part, but I felt justified at the time.  I felt physically ill the few hours I had to spend there. 
  5. The only thing I can see that you did wrong was not asking the Board ahead of time whether you should have taken the job.  We are displeased.  You owe **us** a pint. 
  6. US Politics: We're serving Flint water mmmmm.

    Oh, I think that your first point plays into it too.  We give more consideration to those who are "like" us, which is what I think you're saying.  And believe me, I know incompetence and corruption is not limited to the public sector.  I've worked for too many companies to count and I've seen it.  It just can have such far-reaching consequences when it's public sector screw-ups - (not to say that some companies can't ruin people's lives equally as badly.) 
  7. Flat Earth theory gaining converts???

      You guys are lying and I WON'T STAND FOR IT.  THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. (just not here.)
  8. Flat Earth theory gaining converts???

    No, it's not.   Everyone knows it's a projection beamed up there by the same folks who faked the moon landing. Sheesh.
  9. Flat Earth theory gaining converts???

    Some people will insist on a contrary opinion to just about **anything**.  They just want to be contrary.  Then they will invent some wild-ass theory to back themselves up.   When the sun rises in the east, I'm sure some fool is insisting that it's not really the sun, but a burning jet trail from some alien ass-raper coming to get them. 
  10. Awesome. Awesome to the max.

    Was there a Wayne in your family tree who warranted such recognition?  Or did it just get to be a tradition?  
  11. Objects that seem to just... Vanish?

    This Boggart idea fascinates me.  What form does it take?  
  12. Objects that seem to just... Vanish?

    There's this arm-holder thingy made of foam rubber covered in a blue material and it's in a half-donut shape, that I've had since I started my job in court reporting, some 20 years ago.  It's been through hundreds of court trials and depositions and meetings - all the while supporting my arms so I could write on my machine comfortably.  I've even recommended it to other court reporters in federal court, and they've come back to me and said it's saved their careers.  Reporting is tremendously hard on your body.  It looks like you're sitting there just lightly typing, but the concentration and mental agility required is pretty intense. One day, not long ago, my blue arm-holder thingy was gone.  I had been thinking it looked a little dog-eared and tired and maybe it read my mind and was put out about it.  Anyway, I searched EVERYWHERE for it - parking lots, offices, alleyways, bushes - to no avail.  It's gone.  Now I have to go on without it, and it's terrible.  I'm in pain.  The company that made it is no longer around. WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!   
  13. US Politics: We're serving Flint water mmmmm.

    We get the system we fight for, and poor, mostly black communities don't have the tools to wage that war.   It's not so much that the powers-that-be WANT poor communities to suffer such neglect, but that communities have to hold their elected officials' feet to the fire to keep them honest.  (Maybe I'm more of an optimist than I think, though...) The news is FULL of stories of misuse of public funds, payoffs, screwing around with each other on the public's dime... just plain ol' corruption, that it's a wonder anything GOOD gets done.  And if anything good DOES get done, it's probably by accident. Are other countries this screwed up?
  14. US Politics: We're serving Flint water mmmmm.

    The former head of the MDEQ was appointed by Snyder (he resigned in December '15.)  But he has served in similar roles for both Republican and Democratic governors for quite some time.   But the problem with the MDEQ goes way deeper than politics.  To fully understand the situation, you've got to first start with the fact that the MDEQ was created for a purpose - to foster a "friendly" environment for business, which is something Michigan (and other states in the Rust Belt) need.  People need jobs, and if companies can't prosper in an area, they're only too happy to set up shop somewhere else, whether it be outside of the USA or even other states.   The MDEQ has a balancing act to perform between not scaring away business on one hand, and protecting the citizenry's interests on the other - NOT an easy job, especially considering the citizenry needs to earn a living.  I believe this "high-wire act" of trying to juggle both goals becomes tipped from time to time by a number of factors, only one of which is who is in gubernatorial office at the time.  As I've said upthread, I liked Snyder and voted for him ( a decision I question now, of course, but at the time it was the only one I could have made.)  Personally, I think he had loftier goals in mind (a possible Presidential run) at the time this whole mess was going down and took his eye off the ball.  Be all that as it may, amorphous and hazy goals that shift in the wind with political power do not make for sound decisions regarding people's lives - something that other places besides Michigan are experiencing too. TL;DR - It's more complicated than one side's a moustache-twirling villain and the other spends its time polishing its halo.   IOW, humanity is fucked up. 
  15. US Politics: We're serving Flint water mmmmm.

    It's not going to happen, IMHO.  Schuette's just making the gesture.  He'll leave it to the court to say his office will HAVE to defend them.  He's got designs on the governor's office so wants to play both sides of the fence and leave the tough decisions to others.  ETA:  And I do blame the MDEQ (as I state upthread) for its large part in this mess.