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  1. Fashion thread: updating classics

    I just bought another pair. I'm intending to wear them with boots too. According to the Farmer's Almanac, the upper Midwest is due for a mild but wet winter, so I think it won't be a problem. OTOH, I also bought some fleece-lined tights too, so I'm hedging my bets.
  2. Fashion thread: updating classics

    It really depends on the shoe, I guess, but you're probably right. I've always associated rounded-toe shoe wearers with sturdiness, dependability, conservatism (not in the political sense,) and common sense - qualities that I'm sure any employer would want in an employee. They are generally to be found in libraries and are good to their mothers. OTOH, pointed-toe shoe wearers embody the devil-may-care attitude, unpredictability, and loose morals. They live for today and leave bunions, plantar fasciitis, foreshortened calf muscles and the like for a far away tomorrow. They are likely to stay out late at night drinking and smoking, though, so the chances of their actually GETTING these ailments is probably slim. It must be said that against all common sense, judgment, and the advice of my doctor and parents, I've always worn somewhat pointed-toe shoes. So I'm sure because **I** like them, I'm biased.
  3. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Re: Heels with pants. . . I always wear heels with pants. The heels have gotten progressively (or regressively?) lower as time goes on. Currently it's kitten heels around 1-2". If you don't feel comfortable in that low of a heel, you can go for neutral colored wedges with a softly pointed toe. They give more of a secure feeling while still giving you a somewhat dressy look. Here's a variety of the kind of shoe I mean: http://www.zappos.com/ecco-belleair-wedge-black-black http://www.ninewest.com/Ispy-Wedge-Heels/15088261,default,pd.html?variantColor=JJ169A0&q=wedge pumps I would stay away from really round-toed shoes (unless you HAVE to have that kind of shoe) or flats, pointy-toed or otherwise. That's what **I'd** do, anyway. I'm not sure what job you're interviewing for and what kind of field you're in. Some work environments welcome creativity and style, others not so much. I am unfortunately in a field where if you dress too "out there," someone is more than likely to drop a dime on you to your boss. "They" say to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. But I can't help it if I've always wanted to be a God Empress.
  4. Why do I find Evangelical Christians irritating?

    Yes. As were most of the characters in the movie The Shining. Good gods. I really hope that the section of drive containing some of my past posts has been corrupted. There's a few of them I cringe to recall. Hee-hee-heee-hee!
  5. Fashion thread: updating classics

    You did a great job, Lany. Someone would have to look very closely to see the damage. IOW, they'd have to be **looking** for it before they'd spot it. FTR, I think $80 is a lot for shoes too. I'm terribly hard on my shoes, so paying over a hundred bucks or so on them doesn't make sense. I often walk on city streets that haven't been maintained as they should - they're generally falling apart with chunks of uneven concrete, plus tiptoeing over air grates, etc. - and high heels especially get thrashed. (And, yes, for those who wonder why I don't carry my pretty shoes and just wear sneakers, I carry enough stuff as it is. One more thing WOULD break this camel's back.) Today, however, I'm wearing a snazzy pair of pointy-toed flats in a leopard haircalf material. Form AND function!
  6. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Good grief, Datepalm. I'm very bummed that you are experiencing some of the bad things so soon of our lovely country (which is, I promise you, generally lovely, but has some bad things, of course, too.) If you weren't on the opposite side of the map, I'd love to drive you around to some proper shopping AND give you handy tips too! (that last link? No.) As it is, I'm absolutely good for nothing but moral/morale support. Oh, and I Googled "Women's Business Casual" too. I must have landed on the same grotesque and schizophrenic group of pictures you did, because I ended up with that same image, which was one of hundreds of wildly divergent and inappropriate examples.
  7. Buying Washer/Dryer

    Yes! My parents recently replaced a washer and dryer that HAD to be over 35 years old! I think they were Kenmores.
  8. Buying Washer/Dryer

    If you go for a Sears brand, try to find a Sears Outlet near you. Although I see a lot of poor reviews for them on Yelp, our experience was a great one. They're a clearing house for appliances that have been refused, for example, by someone due to the item's being slightly damaged, and they also sell refurbished appliances. We got a side-by-side fridge/freezer in a stainless steel finish for around 70% off of list price. I don't even recall what the problem was with ours - I think maybe a small scratch on one side. It wasn't a refurbished. (I'm slightly leery of those.) We've had it for around seven years with no problems whatsoever. And the scratch doesn't even show. We'd definitely give them another try if we were in the market for an appliance. Do decide what size and the features you want ahead of time - their customer service is fairly non-existent, but that didn't matter to us. We knew exactly what we wanted ahead of time. Our washer and dryer are old Kitchen Aids that came with our house when we bought it, so I can't give you any advice there. I tend to like my appliances simple, without a lot of bells and whistles. Less to go wrong. Our daughter has a front load heavy-duty and has had quite a few problems with it, despite it being pretty expensive and only around five years old.
  9. Around 20 minutes in, I am seriously considering it. (the bolded.)
  10. Poetry in Tolkiens Work

    Just because these people have bad taste does not mean you must accept their erroneous opinions. /sniff And that "teacher" who ripped on you in front of the class should have been horse-whipped. She's not worthy of being called a teacher. My favorite poems or "songs" of Tolkien's generally tend toward lowbrow Hobbit favorites, particularly the one where he takes the one about the dish running away with the spoon and turns it into his own. Give me inventive, gripping or charming literature over "quality" literature any day. (But I agree that Tom Bombadil is grating.)
  11. I approve this message. Eh, I've managed to be oblivious to the obvious answer myself a time or two. I'm inclined to give her a pass on this. Expand your imagination a bit more - it's not THAT bizarre. Ding, ding, ding - we have a winner! This guy who says you owe him money and who has blocked you from his Facebook account (boo-hoo) needs to fuck off. And no one can ever be even remotely called a "friend" who makes threats to sue your parents. If anything in your story is bizarre, it's this part. I mean, truly, WTF?? BTW, does anyone on this board have any **good** stories of living with roommates? From what I can tell, it's one of the nastier levels of Hell.
  12. Dreams Redux...Redux?

    Training zombies. . . and don't even get started on their eating your face while you're trying to teach them anything. And, Drawk, I've actually been in real-life situations very similar to your dream. It was hard to keep the sneer off my face as I was writing the deposition.
  13. I must be on that spectrum too. I virtually never recognize anyone famous. My husband points them out to me often. I think it must be part of being an introvert in my case - totally wrapped up in my own thoughts. He, OTOH, is the classic extrovert - he directs his attention outward. Glad to see you back again! I actually thought another poster was you and that you had changed your title. Man buns: Yes or no? Personally, I don't mind them, up until I hear the term "man bun."
  14. Nah, it's not cheating. Just enjoy it!
  15. Falling out: the opioid epidemic (or, fighting the war on the war on drugs)

    Oh, my gods. That guy's a real bozo - a bozo with power. What's next? Will he vow to kill anyone with a mental or physical disability?