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  1. victim added a post in a topic What moments moved you the most on the show?   

    "My real father died in King's Landing."
  2. victim added a post in a topic Re-Cast Game of Thrones with actors from any era.   

    James Cagney as Theon Greyjoy
  3. victim added a post in a topic The Original pilot   

    I seriously doubt it. Apparently, it was quite bad and everybody was shocked when HBO actually went for it afterwards. It's hard to say how bad it was but if it sullies the show in any way, we'll never see it.
  4. victim added a post in a topic EW Reveals Season 4 Directors   

    Alex Graves directing four episodes? I wish it was feasible to have him direct every episode, his work in Season 3 was incredible. Looks like he has a lot on his plate this year.
  5. victim added a post in a topic Casting Aegon and Company   

  6. victim added a post in a topic Janos Slynt, Lysa Arryn, Rorge confirmed to return for Season 4   

    Thank god. I was terrified they were going to just have Alliser Thorne take Slynt's role at The Wall... Now all they need to do is cast Bowen Marsh, Donal Noye, and either Cotter Pyke or Denys Mallister (only need one of them for now), and we'll have much fun at the Wall next season.
  7. victim added a post in a topic Does it bother you that they've "skipped" violet eyecolor?   

    It's not only about the actors complaining, it's about the final result. Even if they had used contacts, there was no guarantee they would have looked natural. And by "natural" I mean, would it seem like the characters natural eye colour or would it look like an actor wearing contacts? I love the idea of Targaryens having violet (lilac in Viserys' case) eyes, but some things just don't translate well to the screen. The Stark's are meant to have grey eyes, and that wouldn't have looked very good either.

    Really, all they did was weigh the aesthetic of the show against loyalty to the source material, and one came out on top for a number of reasons.
  8. victim added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion   

    I set the instrumental version of 'The Rains of Castamere' as my ringtone. Will update.
  9. victim added a post in a topic The Last of Us -- Quickly becoming my favorite game ever.   

    I don't really venture outside of the ASOIAF or GOT sections of this site often, but I wanted to to discuss this game. Mind you, I somehow knew there would be a thread on it, because well, how could there not be? It's just that good. I just finished the Winter section of the game, and I'm completely blown away. It's already in my top five games of all time*, even without having beaten it, and just about on par with Red Dead Redemption as my favourite game of the past decade. It hits on every single emotional level. The way this story is told reminds me of one of my favourite Billy Wilder quotes (and a great tip for budding screenwriters and storytellers): "Grab 'em by the throat and never let 'em go."

    Joel and Ellie really are wonderful, exceptionally-voiced characters, who I really care for. I wouldn't call them cliché, they just share a lot of tropes with other characters in the same genre, but they're more three-dimensional and engaging due to the performance of Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson. It's not just them too. The supporting cast has been outstanding; Tess, Henry, Sam, Bill, David and Tommy are all amazingly written, memorable side-characters that you really come to love. Speaking of David, I was on the game's IMDb page a few hours ago and he's actually voiced by Nolan North (Nathan Drake himself), which is just too cool. The man is a master of voices, did you know he also voiced the Penguin in Arkham City? Or that Troy Baker voiced Two-Face?

    Back on the topic of the characters, I'm not sure if I have ever felt as emotionally drawn to a cast as quickly as I was with The Last of Us. I mean, I was tearing up during the introduction level, and for that to happen in a videogame is a truly great accomplishment. Whereas Red Dead Redemption took it's time to build-up the mysterious John Marston and make you legitimately care about him and what happens to him, the Last of Us thrusts it on you from the very first second... and it actually succeeds. I'm sure many are aware just how fickle video game audiences are, or rather, how fickle video game developers think their audiences are, but it seems Naughty Dog doesn't. Someone above mentioned how this game isn't for everyone, which is why I think it's perfect. So many AAA developers feel the need to cater for everyone and end up with games that are a sort of amalgam of ideas and wasted potential.

    Just so everyone knows, the reason the game will never come to Xbox or PC is because it's published by Sony, kind of like how Halo is published by Microsoft and will never (ever) see a release on Playstation. It's sad because everyone should experience this, but that's just the nature of business.

    *If anyone cares, I'd put the list in order as:
    1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    2. Red Dead Redemption
    3. The Last of Us
    4. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
    5. Max Payne

    Edit: Also wanted to add that I'm playing on Hard, and will definitely replay on Survivor+. I mean, it's difficult enough, but I love a challenge, and hate coasting through video games. Too many are easy these days.
  10. victim added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] If they were to cast Jeyne Poole   

    So many people are coming up with silly suggestions, I heard someone suggest Asha/Yara (Ashara?) the other day, which was maybe worse than all those Ros suggestions that have finally been quelled thanks to Joffrey. I think the only logical choice, outside of actually casting someone as Jeyne Poole, would be to combine the character with Alys Karstark.

    Think about it: they're both of the North and have Stark heritage, the audience is already familiar with the Karstark's, Alys came to Winterfell often in an attempt to get a betrothal to Robb so Theon would know her (maybe... Jon knew her). Basically, I can see her uncle hatching a plan with Roose Bolton that benefits them both. Here's a girl who thinks she's going to marry a nice husband (the eventual Lord of Winterfell). When she becomes Ramsey's wife, she see's how horrible he is, her uncle gets control of Last Hearth, and Bolton can have a better reign over the North after using Reek to convince everyone she is Arya.

    Thinking about it beyond that hurts my head.
  11. victim added a post in a topic [Book spoilers]: GoT producer expects at least 7 seasons   

    fArya and Alys Karstark will be the same character in the show.