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  1. Cricket 30: World Twenty20 and beyond

    I find waking up to an England batting collapse somehow comforting that all is right with the world in these troubled times.
  2. Cricket 30: World Twenty20 and beyond

    It was a fascinating day's cricket, though. I just wish Ali and Rashid could bowl with some control. they were spinning it a mile, but were offering at least one four ball per over. It's also time to give up on Ballance.
  3. Why Tolkien is not coddling his readers, why Tolkien is awesome

    I'm loving these pieces, thank you for writing them. It makes an unusual change to find something we agree on!
  4. Courtesy

    I'm a republican, actually.
  5. U.S. Elections: Orange is the New Wack

    Are Stenson and Jackson Stein and Johnson? #confused
  6. Why Tolkien is not coddling his readers, why Tolkien is awesome

    It's hardly totalitarian to argue that the author's intent should be respected and given credence if it can be supported by the text, either!
  7. Courtesy

    One of her staff will offer advice on what people normally do if asked, but no-one is under any obligation to bow, curtsey, not speak first or not offer your hand first. The Queen, unlike her mother, will speak to you anyway.
  8. Why Tolkien is not coddling his readers, why Tolkien is awesome

    Well, if an author says he did not consciously place meaning in the book, but others find meaning therein, good for them. That does not seem to me to devalue the case of an intelligent and educated author who did consciously pace meaning in the book expounding on that meaning and being believed, at least to the intention, as long as the reading of the book can support that assertion.
  9. Badly phrased on my part. But the Espionage Act carries the possibility of the death penalty, does it not? Anyway, the Swedes have previously ruled that there can be no extradition for political offenses or acts connected with political offences, and have previously refused to extradite an escaped Soviet spy from the CIA for exactly that reason.
  10. Why Tolkien is not coddling his readers, why Tolkien is awesome

    I'm not much impressed with the totalitarian attempt to prevent anyone from giving credence to an author's explanations of his intent, I can certainly believe that an author's work may include meanings that he did not consciously place there, but I have a very hard time regarding a work of fiction as a miraculous entity in its own right, which the author is merely the first, and probably not the best due to his ideological shortcomings, person to interpret!
  11. The Swedes have said that they are not legally allowed to give assurances that he would not be extradited in advance of any extradition request, but they have said they would not be legally allowed to extradite him to any country that has the death penalty, so the US is out. For some reason that's not good enough for him.
  12. If they had any ethics, then they should have refused to be used as a catspaw by Russian intelligence, who are exactly the sort of people they claim to be against, at least until they could display some balance by releasing what I am certain is a mountain of incriminating material on Trump.
  13. No, they're upset because it looks remarkably like a smear campaign and there are accusations of Russian involvement.
  14. If that were the case, he would be exposing Trump, too. That's why her supporters are angry.
  15. Unfortunately, this was also the defence by public figures accused in the 70s and 80s. Just because something could be politically or financially motivated, doesn't mean it is.