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  1. Just saw this. While it is true that contributions are unlimited in the UK, as long as the donor is eligible and the donation is declared, spending by parties and candidates is highly regulated and at an exceptionally low level compared to the US. The entire spend by all parties and candidates at the last election is lower than what was spent on one local race in the last US election cycle. There are also strict limitations on TV and radio advertising, and coverage, to ensure balance and accuracy.
  2. Apologies, for some reason I assumed you were talking about the series of wars in the 18th century.
  3. That's not true. They prevented France from dominating the continent, established Britain as the pre-eminent trading nation, and launched its industrialistion process.
  4. No, they are a Muslim people with Turkic/Mongol roots.
  5. The country with the strongest tradition of preventing regional identity is France. I don't see many signs of that changing.
  6. In the immortal words of Admiral Lord Nelson, every man's a bachelor past 1850.
  7. This looks alarmingly like a questioning of the divinity of Trevor Brooking. Do not make me denounce you.
  9. Almost totally agree. The only problem being that we don't possess five specialist batsmen.
  10. Indeed, and the bowler is worse off than the others as they are committed to the forward momentum of the follow through.
  11. Sorry, Birmingham v Notts 20/20. Bowler hit in the head by straight drive.
  12. Well, that was sickening. How they can keep playing after that is beyond me.
  13. Epic fail from Ballance. He told Jennings not to review when it was not out on two different counts, reviewed his own plumb LBW, and was out in the exact way the analysts predicted he would be. Again. How often does he have to demonstrate that he can't cope with fast bowling before they decide not to take him to Australia?
  14. Telecoms, energy, automotive, chemicals, shipbuilding, haulage, airlines, minerals, just for starters.
  15. England's win was enjoyable, despite the shocking number of mistakes. The Red Roses played well and I'm looking forward to the U20s. Who are these Lions clowns?