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  1. War Drums: North Korea edition

    That's begging the question. China has interests in North Korea not unifying with a US allied South Korea. It doesn't necessarily have a vested interest in things being as they are, and therefore their preference is not necessarily to do nothing. Their current actions are also therefore not necessarily a response to Trump. North Korea is expensive for them in terms of cash, reputation and risk. I think they would be happier with someone more stable and amenable. If they judge that North Korea is not viable without a Kim in charge, and there isn't a suitable Kim available, a unified neutral Korea would be much preferable to the current disaster.
  2. War Drums: North Korea edition

    But they don't have several hundred obsolete pieces. They have thousands, dug into the mountains and protected by blast doors that close during reloading. According to STATFOR, every volley would be equivalent to 11 B52 payloads.
  3. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    I think my favourite Corbyn moment was when he joined a protest against one of his own decisions!
  4. French politics: houlala!

    He doesn't really have a base. His support is everyone in the country who doesn't want a crypto-fascist as president. His main challenge was getting through the first round without that energised base. Le Pen has a highly energised base of 20-25%, but that's also pretty much her ceiling. The second round will be a massacre.
  5. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    Leaving aside that it's a horrible idea in principle, if enacted, all that would happen would be that instead of fighting for the power to gerrymander districts, you'd have a struggle for the power to write the voting test.
  6. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    A Channel 4 poll has the Tories ahead in Wales for the first time since the 50s... the 1850s. And ahead by 10 points at that.
  7. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    That's pretty ironic as the only person who has called for an end to democracy in this thread would appear to be you.
  8. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    1931 apparently. It's not simply down to a lack of funding, though clearly that's part of the problem. An inefficient system cannot cope productively with extra funding. Also, much of the extra funding under New Labour did not go on patient care, but on increased wages for Labour supporting administrators and support staff, plus the disastrous improved GP contracts.
  9. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    I mean that their party rules, the government's policy and all statements by the leadership are loudly and clearly against any kind of discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin, religious affinity or sexual orientation.
  10. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    Right-wing authoritarianism isn't on the rise in the UK. Even if you count UKIP in that number - which I don't, they're reactionary and buffoonish, not dangerous - they are in steep decline. The Tory Party is explicitly not anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT, anti-POC, it's in favour of The Paris Treaty, in favour of the commitment to spend 0.7 of GNP of foreign aid, etc, etc. It's a ridiculously hyperbolic claim.
  11. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    I think that is unfair, at least in your conclusion (though not on Johnson). I believe that, like me, she had no enthusiasm for the EU, and in an ideal world would not want to be a member, but thought that in was in Britain's best interests economically to continue to be a member at the current time. It would therefore be reasonable to give muted support for Remain, but the decision having been made, to want to make the best of Brexit. I realise it is unpopular around here, but not every conservative is always motivated solely by personal interests.
  12. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    That too is a simplification. Corbyn's base is, UNITE leadership notwithstanding, not the old unions. The old union vote was the right-wing of the party, not Blairites, but left-wing economically and very, very socially conservative. They hated the Bennites, whose supporters were mainly metropolitan middle class. I was extremely angry with the defence cuts that Cameron introduced, as were many Tory MPs, but there is a significant difference between not full funding the armed forces, and being opposed to their very existence. There is also a difference between statesman-like comments in the wake of a peace agreement, and being of the opinion that you would have preferred the IRA to win.
  13. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    It's ridiculous to have expected Corbyn to lead a Remain campaign, He's always been opposed, but the man of principle took a pragmatic position that he couldn't really say that. His actions since have proved just how much of a Remainer he was. He voted to leave in 1975. He opposed the Maastrict Treaty in 1993, saying, accurately, it "that takes away from national parliaments the power to set economic policy and hands it over to an unelected set of bankers who will impose the economic policies of price stability, deflation and high unemployment". He voted against the LIsbon Treaty in 2008, noting the EU's "democratic deficit". In 2009 he opposed the creation of the post of European Council president in 2009, saying that "The creation of the post of president is a triumph for the tenacity of the European long-sighters. The project has always been to create a huge free-market Europe, with ever-limiting powers for national parliaments and an increasingly powerful common foreign and security policy." During the Labour leadership contest, he said "I would advocate a No vote if we are going to get an imposition of free market policies across Europe", before going on to criticise the "growing military links" with NATO. He even criticised the government's pro-EU leaflet campaign, with his spokesman saying a more neutral assessment of the facts about the EU. Some Remain leader.
  14. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    You're right. Best not to bother.
  15. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    No, hostility to the monarchy, the armed forces, any limits on immigration, a liking for Venezuelan economics, the IRA, high taxes, etc, etc. It is possible to dislike hard left Labour politicians and politics without being a deluded and manipulated pleb, I believe. PS Corbynistas show their real views on democracy when it gives answers they don't like by suspending Len McCluskey's challenger for leadership of Corbyn's biggest union paymaster.