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  1. I know what I said, but I was wrong. ODIs are worth watching and are also important.
  2. I know about the independents. But independents are, by definition, not elected as members of a party, so don't count as third party.
  3. Thanks, that's really handy! The Dutch population seems a likely source. It seems they arrived at the beginning of December and have been seen regularly since then. More competent (decent camera owning) people than me have captured them:
  4. They have, just not recently.
  5. No, in a former gravel pit about 5 miles away. They're not even in my British bird book. I saw them and googled "orange headed duck". Later, I saw that three other people had listed them in the same place on the Berkshire Birding website.
  6. I saw some Red-Crested Pochards today. Does it remind you of anyone?
  7. OK, sorry for the misunderstanding.
  8. First off, could you please can the contemptuous attitude.? I've addressed you respectfully and I would appreciate if you did too. Now, "many believe"? Source please. And Werthead doesn't count. Now, I'm sure there are some few Conservative MPs who would like to. But they know it would be electoral suicide to do so. The NHS is wildly popular amongst Tory voters. More private companies being involved in providing a service that is "free at the point of delivery" is not dismantling the NHS, no matter what is claimed, particularly as the vast majority of service providers are, and always have been, private. Source please. It may have escaped your attention, but the Conservatives didn't support Brexit. Government policy was to Remain. Now, to the extent that the Leave vote was down to anti-immigrant feeling, and I'll admit it was one, but only one, of the major causes, that feeling came from UKIP voters most of all, but amongst Labour voters in the north too. The Tory's main heartland of the south voted to Remain. Second, I am comparing the party, not the voters anyway. Conservative Party leadership has consistently and strongly condemned racism and anti-Muslim rhetoric, even after terrorist attacks. Can you same the same about the Republicans? "Only five countries in addition to the UK met or exceeded the 0.7% of GNI target in 2015. Those countries are the Netherlands, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden, according to the United Nations. Germany, France, Italy, the US, Japan and Canada each spend 0.4% or less." - the BBC So, you're wrong again. I'm not talking about cuts to corporation tax, but of government intervention in the free market. No, I'm not, as I've already explained. You are conflating the Leave camp with the Conservative Party. Then you won't be doing a fair and reasonable comparison. In case you haven't noticed, the crazies are in charge of the Republican party. To the extent that there are crazies in the Conservative Party, and there are crazies in every party, THEY ARE NOT IN CHARGE OF THE GOVERNMENT.
  9. Republicans Conservatives Universal Health Care No Yes Global Warming Acceptance No Yes Gay Marriage No Yes Anti-Muslim Yes No Abortion No Yes Increasing Foreign Aid No Yes Voter Suppression Yes No Government Aid to Industry No Yes Acceptance of Racism Yes No Colludes with Russia Yes No But sure, they're becoming more and more alike. I'm a member of the Conservative Party, and if, Heaven Forfend, I were American, I'd be a Democrat, and so would most of the Tories I know. So would Cameron and so would May, I believe. OTOH, if Clinton was British she'd not even be on the centrist wing of the Conservative Party, but somewhere in the middle of party orthodoxy.
  10. That is simply not true.
  11. I just created a spreadsheet. Happy to send it to you if you'd like. Even better day today, six new species and another new record - 43 species! To top it off, I was watching a flock of Goldfinches across the river with my binoculars, when one of them disappeared in a puff of feathers! Sparrowhawk.
  12. I broke my "most species seen in a single day" record yesterday. I've only been logging it since 17th November, but still... I've seen 61 different species since then and I recorded 40 of them yesterday. Nerd win!
  13. NVM
  14. The only people I've heard whinging about the pitch have been Australians. Steve Smith for example.
  15. I watched the brilliant Harlequins-Northampton rugby game, then, lacking alternative entertainment, watched the ManU-Saints game. Now I remember why I don't follow football anymore. Still, it was quite funny in its ineptitude.