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  1. I hope Arsenal take this opportunity to return to their roots* and pick Big Sam to takeover. *Those of you who aren't Old Gits will not remember Arsenal have a long history of being the most defensive and boring team in England.
  2. And Wenger is finally done.
  3. But you seem to be agreeing with me rather than saying the opposite. I said there will be more immigrants from developing countries, with higher birthrates. You disagreed with me and then said the same thing. The lack of space is an issue, but the UK disbanding won't make much difference to the trajectory, as the increase is expected almost wholly in England anyway. And with that, I'll try and end the hijacking of the thread.
  4. I imagine Brexit will only increase projections. Instead of large numbers of immigrants coming from eastern Europe, with relatively low birth rates, the slack will probably come from the Commonwealth, with higher birth rates.
  5. Actually, the UK is projected to have Europe's largest population in 2100, and is expected to overtake Germany in 2049. France is expected to overtake Germany in 2058.
  6. His own investments are in a blind trust. The company he works for, in pensions, has stakes in pretty much every major Western company. This is really reaching, which is presumably why the only people stirring this up are Russia Today, Iranian Press TV, and Russian propaganda asset Global Research.
  7. Yeah, I hate name changes. The rot set in for us when we abandoned Reading Pacific Islanders to appeal to the trendy Celtic demographic.
  8. Yes, but it’ll come when we’re down and Bristol are up.
  9. We’re down. Again.
  10. Support for unification won’t necessarily grow if, as seems likely, Brexit damages the U.K. economy. After all, Ireland’s economy is heavily dependent on the U.K., so they are likely to suffer even more.
  11. Don’t let that stop you, it doesn’t stop Bayliss. I have chosen to rail against the exclusion of Dan Lawrence.
  12. At least Lyth and Jennings have Test centuries!
  13. To be exact, Parliament has confirmed no such thing. A parliamentary committee has published a report by a private legal firm making allegations. It is now down to the Electoral Commission to investigate and decide whether to refer the matter to the police. Looks like a strong case though.
  14. I concur. I'd buy it.
  15. Fantastic essay, Roose. Denethor has always been my favourite character, which probably doesn’t say much good about me as an aging English conservative!