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  1. US Politics: Everyone's Manipulating Everyone

    That's an argument about electoral systems, not about the ability of the people to exercise their democratic rights. And hey, at least the most popular party actually gets to govern, unlike certain other countries I could think of.
  2. Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    As Caucasian a description of white people that comes from German race theory and has no basis in actual science, and therefore white people don't come from the Caucasus, I'd be careful about making too many assumptions.
  3. US Politics: Everyone's Manipulating Everyone

    Hungary? It has an unpleasant governing party, but its elections are free and fair. At least it's leadership is the party that wins the most votes. PS The Hungarian presidency is a largely ceremonial position not voted for by the electorate at large but by parliament.
  4. I didn't say it had no influence. I said it was not decisive. Far more important was tendentious reporting in the national press over decades. If you have any thoughts on regulating either sort of media without impacting freedom of speech or the press, then let's hear them.
  5. You're also glossing over, or unaware of, some important points. One, the official Leave campaign wasn't the beneficiary of this. The beneficiary was the UKIP-based unofficial Leave.EU campaign. Second, the Leave side was disproportionately more elderly, and the UKIP supporters even more so, so I doubt it would have been too effective. Thirdly, the result wasn't that close. There were 1.3m votes between the two, so I cannot imagine this minority campaign would have made much difference. That said, if they broke the rules, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  6. Wodehouse in serious?

    I suggest Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. Or perhaps Evelyn Waugh's Vile Bodies or Brideshead Revisited.
  7. Emily Thornberry is a problem for me. She causes my blood pressure to spike, but yet everytime she speaks she costs Labour support. But today, On Newsnight, she actually claimed that fake news had given the impression that Corbyn was anti-nuclear. I had assumed she was wrong but principled, but that is Trump like bollox.
  8. They're also blaming Blair's intervention on Brexit, Mandelson for... something or other, Jamie Reed for buggering off, and, as you say, the pernicious media for doubting Jeremy's pro-nuclear credentials.
  9. Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    Yes, I'd rather see Farrell at 10, Slade at 12, Daly at 13, Nowell at 14 and Watson at 15.
  10. I can't see how. His supporters don't seem amenable to political logic.
  11. Labour should count themselves lucky that Tories in Stoke didn't vote tactically. They've got away with a disaster instead of a catastrophe.
  12. I think Labour will hold on to Stoke because Nuttall is a dick, even for a Kipper, unless the remaining Tories decide to vote tactically. I really cannot see them holding Copeland though.
  13. Yes, I saw a debate about this on Newsnight. The Tories call it "going dark", the aim being to force the media to look for political stories elsewhere, inevitably causing the focus to shift to the Labour leadership, and then to grab attention when they actually want it, with a major initiative or piece of good news.
  14. As reunification is the almost certain result of North Korea's collapse, either not having an economically and militarily powerful American ally on its very border, or, depending on how the process goes, not having a failed state on its border. Either option is bad news, especially with China having a Korean province on its side of the border as well.