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  1. This looks alarmingly like a questioning of the divinity of Trevor Brooking. Do not make me denounce you.
  3. Almost totally agree. The only problem being that we don't possess five specialist batsmen.
  4. Indeed, and the bowler is worse off than the others as they are committed to the forward momentum of the follow through.
  5. Sorry, Birmingham v Notts 20/20. Bowler hit in the head by straight drive.
  6. Well, that was sickening. How they can keep playing after that is beyond me.
  7. Epic fail from Ballance. He told Jennings not to review when it was not out on two different counts, reviewed his own plumb LBW, and was out in the exact way the analysts predicted he would be. Again. How often does he have to demonstrate that he can't cope with fast bowling before they decide not to take him to Australia?
  8. Telecoms, energy, automotive, chemicals, shipbuilding, haulage, airlines, minerals, just for starters.
  9. England's win was enjoyable, despite the shocking number of mistakes. The Red Roses played well and I'm looking forward to the U20s. Who are these Lions clowns?
  10. I was alive in the 70s, Sadly, I was also alive in the 60s, and there is no way the rolling stock was newer or better in the 70s. Investment was incredibly low, because the country was virtually bankrupt. Breakdowns were routine, of both stock and track, and the network was wracked by national strikes and wildcat strikes. There is no comparison with the service now, where amenities are vastly superior, trains are more reliable and strike are rare, Southern Rail excepted. Shame it didn't work, cost a fortune and was quietly scrapped. It was one of the many industrial vanity projects that sucked up what little industrial investment there was in the 60s and 70s, and contributed to the collapse of British industry.
  11. I think it is a public/private issue, at least in the UK. Private sector companies cannot afford not to invest. The public sector always cuts investment when the economy or the public finances are under pressure, because the saving is available now, but the impact won't be felt until someone else is in charge. Edit: If the opinion piece isn't enough, try this one:
  12. More trains, more routes, more passengers, more punctual, better customer service, fewer accidents, less drain on the Treasury. And actually, the ticket price rises are less now than they were it was nationalised. Is that enough to be going on with?
  13. Too old, and too Cabinet-Minister-in-the-Coalition-Government.
  14. I'm pretty sure it will be Jo Swinson.
  15. Christ, I miss John Major. And that's a sentence I would never have thought I'd have uttered. Now, I hate myself.