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  1. Chareerchat II: Production of Means

    Oh well, there are other jobs. Or so I am lead to believe.
  2. Did you just call us a soft target?
  3. James Madison, William Henry Harrison, Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson would like two words.
  4. Chareerchat II: Production of Means

    One of the ones I had today that threwme was: when researching our company, what didn't you like about our website?
  5. UK Politics - a new thread for the new board

    Well, that makes up my mind. I'm definitely voting Leave.
  6. Careerchat

    I have a job interview this afternoon. Finally. Wish me luck. Unless you live in DC, because I'd be moving there if I get it.
  7. UK Politics - a new thread for the new board

    He has. Babar Khan, for instance. Not that I think it matters, and Goldsmith also opposed Khan's extradition to the US, as did I.
  8. Drink-o-philes...Rum!

    Don't forget the sodomy and the lash part. It's traditional.
  9. U.S. Elections: We're All Qualified To Post Here

    Well. if you can name one that was socialist before becoming communist, be my guest.
  10. U.S. Elections: We're All Qualified To Post Here

    @The Red Wolf From the last thread, you said "socialism, which turns into communism". Can you give me a single example of where this has happened without Soviet military intervention? In other words, every single western European country has had socialist governments, please tell me which ones went communist.
  11. US Elections: When Murder isn't Murder

    As one of the most divisive politicians ever, I'd treat her Wikipedia entry with caution. Neither of the claims are precisely untrue while being misleading. She did speak against large scale immigration in the 60s, but so did people from across the political spectrum, the unions being particularlyopposed. She made no substantive changes to immigration policy. As for the NF, that's a smear. As the US is discovering, there are substantial numbers of people of an authoritarian bent who are attracted by those they perceive to be strong leaders or want "change" of some/any sort to address national decline. That doesn't make anyone they attach themselves too politically identical.
  12. US Elections: When Murder isn't Murder

    Sorry to interject, but this is not an accurate portrayal of Thatcher. She did not support privatizing schools and did not oppose any immigration. It is also incorrect to portray her as being equivalent to the National Front. The NF was a neo-Nazi party. It wanted nothing to do with globalisation, deregulation or neo-liberalism. It wanted state control of the economyand complete "deportation" of all non-whites.
  13. I found the conclusion enjoyable, but not world changing. As others have said, it was all a little too neat. I saw Marcus' rejection of Basrahip's influence coming. It was, after all, more or less how Thomas Covenant triumphed over Lord Foul. I think my favourite character was dawson, despite hating the name. For reasons I can't begin to fathom, I've always liked "good conservative" characters overtaken by change, see Denethor and Celadeyr from Saga of the Exiles.
  14. Terror Incidents in Europe 2

    Edit: I should acknowledge that one difference between the UK and France and Belgium is that our Muslim communities are largely from areas traditionally of sufi prominence, whereas North Africans were radicalised by the brutal repression, advocated by a number of our posters, in Algeria during the second civil war.