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  1. Congratulations, that is one of the stupidest comments I've ever seen on this site.
  2. Shockingly bad performance by England. Eddie Jones looked like he wanted to kill someone.
  3. Millie is popular in the UK in its own right, but most girls known as Millie are christened as Amelias, Emilias, Emilys or even Millicents, so the link with Mildred in the article seems a bit tangential.
  4. One of the great many things I will never understand about US politics is why people are comfortable being publicly registered as a member of a political party. And, for that matter, why the party itself doesn't have any control over who gets to join it, or remain in it.
  5. Britain has already done this, though they have until 2019 to complete the reorganisation.
  6. I agree that there is some nebulous form of obligation to at least try to finish. If no-one bought uncompleted series, no series would get completed, unless writing was not for the primary purpose of making a regular income, and who can do that these days? Essentially, therefore, the author is saying, I cannot afford to wait 20 years in the uncertain hope that my seven volume completed series gets published all in one go, so I'm going to ask you to fund my existence as I finish what is essentially a single book. Having done so, in some cases very lucratively, the least the author owes to their readers is, illness or other unavoidable circumstances apart, a genuine effort to finish the damn book. If the readers have contributed to such an extent that you get rich and decide you don't have any further need to finish the book, the readers have a justified reason to be very, very pissed off, and the failed author has no right to be pissed off with their anger and disappointment.
  7. Doesn't compute. If you have something deeply damaging on Boris and you fear him becoming Prime Minister, you keep it in your back pocket.
  8. I think you're a bit late on this prediction. His family is already worth something like £400m.
  9. Because it's not about wanting a sex toy, it's about making the secretary feel uncomfortable/uneasy.
  10. No, it was the stronghold of the socialists, communists and anarchists.
  11. Ready Player One and Rivers of London at 99p on Amazon today.
  12. I've just finished my second bottle of wine, so I can't be arsed! What I will say is that being the violence capital of Europe is like being the tallest midget in the Wizard of Oz, totally irrelevant to the massive figures the US displays. But if you are happy with those death figures for some reason connected with a defunct constitutional application, good on you.
  13. When the UK figures are 10% per capita of the US figures, come back to me.