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  1. Yay you got it congratulations.
  2. Thats what I believe also. It's purposeful misdirection. Fueled by their post show commentary also. But we could be wrong.
  3. I agree with most of you all. Sansa isn't the villan nor is anyone painting that picture of her. She does desire power. That is plain to see.This is FACT! She doesn't just want Lady status she wants queen status. BUT will she actively try to remove Jon? NO!!!! Arya just wanted her to stand up more for Jon. She had plenty of opportunity to do so. First dude: we should have chose you picking him was a mistake" SHE should havr replied to him immediately: Thank you my Lord but you chose Jon for a reason. He's a good leader and you would not have chosen him if he wasn't. I am here leading in his absence becuase he trusts me to lead you as he would. Second dude:" he should be here with us in the North! " SHE should have said: "Jon is away making sure we have the best chance at survival he is doing what is best for our realm. He is not absent because he wishes to be" INSTEAD she said "He's doing what HE thinks is best." She should have spoken to show she was on board with him by speaking of and making show like a team effort. Instead if singleling him out.
  4. I never said Sansa was a villan. Not once. Calm down.
  5. Okay, Did Arya come on s bit strong? Yes but she was ONLY addressing what she had OBSERVED AND HEARD. Arya spent years in Braavos and a bit of training with Syrio to not just look but SEE. She also spent those years in Braavos with the waif SEEING the lie. Whatever Sansa was giving off Arya picked up on. That's all I'm saying. Did Sansa deny any of those accusations when Arya told her what she what she knew she was feeling?
  6. All things Davos and Gendry this eisode.
  7. How could I forget Davos! His whole smuggler in action bit was great. I loved seeing hi lie on the spot like that. Such a great mind. Jon is lucky to have him. I actually hope he lives through it all. And yay Gendry for smashing heads.
  8. I'm sorry that you don't know who Arya has become since her return from Braavos. But she is still and will always remain my second favorite character. She has had her own perilous journey and she is far from perfect. She was a young child put in a position where she and to kill to survive. Sansa is not alone in her suffering. Sansa has seen shit, and Arya has seen a lot of shit. Arya needs to learn to be a bit more diplomatic in solving situations ABSOLUTELY. Arya needs to try and like NOT killing everyone. She is consumed by revenge and acting out justice on behalf of her family. She has no reason to harm Sansa. I don't think she will. Mistrust Sansa? Yes I can understand. She will not harm a member of the same family she wants justice for. That makes no sense. Sansa is not going to make a mad grab for power and Arya won't hurt Sansa.
  9. Exactly. People know who you once were and where you had been. Arya may not know Sansas journey since she was spirited away from Kings Landing by Yoren, but she knew the old Sansa and she's investigating based off whats known to her in the past and what she is seeing present day, She didn't try and behead Sansa. Everyone was screaming about viewers accusing Sansa of wanting to betray her family and wanting power for herself. Now that Arya has addressed the viewers concerns as her own and proved that Sansa does want Jons position (she didn't deny it either) yall ready to condem Arya for something she hasn't even done and may not even do.d
  10. Cersei hated Tyrion way before he killed Tywin. She only now uses that to justify her anger.
  11. I'm a bit odd. I embrace my weirdness and let my freak flag fly. I hate Cersei. Hate her in both show and books with the heat of a million suns. She as some downright funny inner monologues absolutely.
  12. I so want Jaime and Brienne to make sweet monkey love. And have like blonde babies with one green eye and one blue eye. I really do want this. Just like I want Arya to live and marry Gendry (Lil Lyanna and Lil Bobby) finally together on equal ground mutually invested with lil black haired babies with grey eyes. A nice fleet of ships so they can travel the world from their keep of Storms End. Cersei does not deserve a happy ever after in any universe. She needs to die horribly painfully and loudly.
  13. Sansa showed the same contempt if not more for Arya. What is your point exactly? Let me guess you hate Arya but LOVE Sansa, and Sansa can do no wrong?
  14. Cersei s a gonner and so is that child she's carrying. I don't believe she will make it far enough to go into labor. I hate to say it but I believe Jaime is going to be dead at the end of season 8 too. He's grown on me since he lost his hand in both mediums.
  15. I don't know.....hmmm I'll have to watch again. it was a nice set up for the last two upcoming episodes. I was able to enjoy this entire season thus far because it's move so far beyond the books and I don't have to keep comparing the two in my head. I can actually just watch and enjoy, But back to the vial. He's such a damn troll. I hate his guts. I can't wait to see Arya kill him, I know that is how he comes it his sticky end. It has to be. He's been a thorn in the Starks side since they met the rat bastard. Arya can smells certain poisons! remember her blind training in the HoBaW. I know there are some poisons that are tasteless and odorless but she also drank from that black pool too. so might be that she gained an immunity from certain poisons from ingesting the water.