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  1. Remember Stannis burning someone for the good of the realm-bad Dany burning people to get an army-badASS
  2. I still think it best not to discuss
  3. tears will be shed tonight
  4. can you send me a link for the leaked episode?  thanks

  5. we shall have to agree to disagree as I am falling asleep
  6. didn't burn her clothing, she took off her tokar but still had rags and small clothes in her last chapter
  7. no she took his breath not fire-difference
  8. at the end of her chapter, after drogon chased the dothraki scout and burns the horse
  9. when drogo burns the horse dany gets off his back and eats the horse flesh with "bare, BURNED, hands" GRRM seems consistent as opposed to reading something quite contrary in the actual text, so I think we should go with GRRM
  10. Actually milky fluid is a symptom of 2nd degree burns, you know blisters. the rocks scraped her they didn't cause the blister. blisters don't form immediately from scratches. of course even friction burns would indicate a susceptibility to heat as friction causes heat
  11. I'm not reaching in the least, you argue that GRRM made Dany fire proof, when the text clearly states SHE HAD BURNS. You need to honeypot that the burns were from scratches. How did the scratches, which she just received, cause blisters, which were then healing? The scratches opened the blisters, clearly. you are reaching.
  12. scrapes don't cause blisters
  13. Well except the words of the creator of a product, when relating to the creation he is creating, should be taken as solid. Until YOU can prove otherwise, see above how Dany gets burnt in ADWD then say you have any argument whatsoever.
  14. Well, except for the fact that that is simply not true. At the beginning of her last chapter in ADWD her burns are healing. SOOOOOOO. you MIGHT want to try a reread Here is a clue "Her skin was pink and tender, and a pale milky fluid was leaking from her cracked palms, but her burns were healing." SO tell me again how she wasn't burnt?