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  1. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    so GoT rolled out their teaser trailer through a melting block of ice. Man, they are truly meta. Watching GoT is like watching ice melt, only more offensive
  2. On the show, are Sansa and Jon destined for each other's arms?

    I just don't get all this shipping between siblings and relations.
  3. Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    The funny thing is if you think of it from Tyrion's perspective Sansa is not a good match. He needs to find someone like Tysha, you know someone who loves him for himself. That is what made him happy that is what he is seeking, he aint getting that from Sansa
  4. He had the woman he wanted beside him on the Iron Throne marry Ramsey? What if Ramsey lived a long long time? Speaks for itself.
  5. Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    I for one, hope Sansa never meets Tyrion again, unless it is witness to Tyrion's head on a spike.
  6. Yet somehow this show with 8 episodes of tedious nothing followed by SPECTACLE BATTLE followed by EVERYTHING HAPPENS Episode somehow receives regular 10 votes. 10 is perfection. PERFECTION. I simply don't get it.
  7. What proof that Tommen jumped?

    This made me laugh out loud
  8. FWIW progressivism is NOT anti-religion. Progressivism is for the separation of church and state AND for protecting the freedom of religion. Yes many progressives are atheist, but it is simply a spin to say progressives are therefore anti-religion. In fact many of the tenets of most religions are by their nature progressive ideals.
  9. [Spoiler] No way in Seven hells is this happening in the books

    GoT is great spectacle GoT is NOT great story telling. And yes there are objective measures for good storytelling
  10. [Spoiler] No way in Seven hells is this happening in the books

    Equality??? Not sure you understand what feminism is. In terms of literature it means female characters that are their own characters, that exist and are motivated by their own perspectives and experiences. It means that the women don't solely exist as props to propel the male character story or exist for purposes of sex. It means that a female character has strength and value without having to resort to acting "masculine". All stuff that ASOIAF aspires too so I believe that the books, yes are feminist in that regard. That cannot be said for the show.
  11. [Spoiler] No way in Seven hells is this happening in the books

    Just so it is clear, what D&D are doing on the show with regards to women has nothing to do with a "Feminist agenda". Though I will freely admit they may THINK it is. It is NOT feminist to make women into essentially men with teats, it is not feminist to make women murderous thugs, it is not feminist to have rape be empowering. If the show runners THINK that is feminist then they are sorely wrong and sadly reminiscent of a large part of society.
  12. [Spoiler] No way in Seven hells is this happening in the books

    Meaning they didn't want to accept responsibility for a controversial issue
  13. [Spoiler] No way in Seven hells is this happening in the books

    Compounded by the fact that they are transitional in nature and will be viewed far differently when the books that they are transition TOO are released, you know putting these books into perspective