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  1. What even is this comment. TMIFairy, There's a football thread here which is pretty active - you might get a bit more of a discussion there!
  2. He should leave. It's better for him to leave ( he's only going to play wing back in our system). If they are willing to pay anywhere close to that amount of money, we should sell.
  3. Yeah - I was a bit taken aback to see Sane, Sterling and Bernado Silva on the bench. That is one strong squad Also, Fabregas cards looked right to me. 2nd yellow was a horrible tackle and the first yellow was obvious dissent ( if sarcastic clapping can be counted as such)
  4. Yeah, I know. I just don't think Mustafi was 100%, which is why he didn't start. I also don't think he's had that much of a preseason? Edit: Nevermind
  5. Kolasinac looks like an excellent buy. Him and Monreal were the only decent ones in that defense. Man, I can't believe we turned that around.
  6. Footballers are on the bench all the time when they're not 100% - read *any* book and you'll know. Also, Monreal is a first choice CB in the back three ( and he's excellent there) . Now I'm wondering how many AFC games you've actually seen.
  7. If we had our defenders fit, Kolasinac would be at LWB
  8. Yeah, Nelson is super exciting. And judging by all the comments, very confident on the ball and off it too. I don't want to waste time thinking about what his 'injury' could mean. I've seen Arsenal lose so many key players before, if it happens it happens. I'm pretty zen about it all. On another note, is this Coutinho to Barcelona thing happening? ESPN were saying terms have been agreed or something.
  9. Yeah - it's probably going to be Sanchez & Ozil behind Lacazette. But I don't think either of them will start in the position behind lacazette this friday.
  10. Wish we weren't playing first! But I'll take it. Can't believe the summer is up. Iwobi looked pretty good against Chelsea. Really want to see him play in the front three with Lacazette and Ozil
  11. My mistake. Though looking at the credits for those two writers, they don't really seem that many when compared to Hill and Cogman. Also, zero people of colour in the writer's room? That isn't great. It's not really enough for me to give them the benefit of the doubt ( some of that has to do with the fact that I think GOT's writing is pretty bad, but I know people don't agree with me on that)
  12. GOT's writing to me has been on a steep decline for a while now, and I'm very wary of D&D tackling this show. GOT has not been good for minorities in front of or behind the camera ( 90% certain they haven't had a single minority in the writers room or any women) They have *zero* reason to receive any benefit of the doubt from me. This gentleman captures the issues with Confederate pretty well - It's a twitter thread, but worth the read.
  13. I think Gibbs would have been an excellent LB for Liverpool. Surprised no one has gone in for him, but it *has* been a bit of time since he's played a run of games ( and I guess he's slightly injury prone )
  14. I mean, they're quoting 45 million for Sigurdsson, so... I'm getting properly excited for next season now (pretty sure I say this every time before a season and then we go onto lose the first game).
  15. I saw this almost a week ago now and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I certainly had fun during the movie, but I think that was because the script is funny and the cast is pretty likeable. The diversity was refreshing to see, though Flash seemed like a bit of a cartoon character. For me, it doesn't even come close to Spider Man 2, but I think those movies were trying to be more 'adult' than this one. Definitely liked the fact that the movie had lower stakes compared to some of the other marvel/ dc movies. Also, Zendaya seems like an excellent choice for MJ. It's easier for me to pin down the things I didn't like in the film. 1. The action is pretty incomprehensible in the movie - Besides the ferry scene ( which I thought was done decently), I couldn't understand *anything* on screen, especially the climactic fight. There are too many cuts and there's no sense of space. I was basically tuning out every time there was an action scene on screen. 2. There's no point of Tony Stark in the movie - Less Tony Stark, more Aunty May, please. I get that Tony's supposed to be the father figure etc in the movie, but I don't think it added anything to the film. I would have preferred seeing more of Aunt May and Peter's relationship.