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  1. Is that Matic stuff serious? The transfer stuff is all a bit crazy at the moment. Can you pls sell Martial to us in the meantime?
  2. People who get too worked up over that stuff are odd. I also watched Get Out, which was fantastic. I regret not catching it in the theater. I also watched John Wick, which was excellent, and sort of makes me want to watch the matrix again.
  3. Lol - you know what I meant. I use both ASOIAF and 'GOT books' interchangeably.
  4. Yeah, this is not what Mad Men is about ( arguably, you'll still find a lot of that in a couple of seasons ). The office stuff is my favorite part of the show, but I don't think it goes up to that level (or is even trying to, tbh) To me, Mad Men has *always* been a show about it's characters and less about the cutthroat nature of Madison Avenue. None of the seasons are too long either, I think it's about 11-12 episodes? I'm curious to see what Isis thinks of the show at the end of the first season. It also has one of the best performances by Jarrod Harris!! I'd totally participate in a rewatch thread, if someone wants to make it! ( I regret not coming to the board in time for S1-S4) Edit: I do totally get if people think the show meanders and is slow, that's a valid criticism, but I think I got to a point with the show that I just enjoyed being with the characters that it didn't really matter where the plot went ( which is basically where I am with the GOT books too)
  5. I think the show does some excellent stuff with some of it's characters, but I can understand if you find it a bit bleak. I think the show certainly is that, but imo, there's plenty of humour in that show ( maybe verging on gallows humour), especially in the early seasons. It certainly *can* be bleak though, that doesn't change throughout the seasons, but that sort of TV is right up my alley.
  6. Well done Pakistan! Totally deserved too - though I wasn't able to catch the last 6-7 wickets that fell. I didn't think they were the push overs that *everyone* seemed to think they were going to be. Re: India - Pandya seems like an excellent all rounder, I know he went for a few runs in this game and the previous one, but he's a exciting player for India.
  7. We're fucked. Maybe it's a good thing that I'm heading into work
  8. I hate all of y'all It's a pity I head into work in an hour. It's going to need a *very* good/ patient batting performance to win us this game.
  9. Yeah, I'm not sure Ashwin has worked in either of these games. It's looking a bit ominous for India at the moment.
  10. This is from your previous post, but I'd try and stick with Mad Men for just a little bit more ( if you can) - it's my favorite TV show. How far into the first season did you get?
  11. Their bowling has been excellent though. It's possible to see them bowl well again, similar to how they did versus England, of course, they were bowling first in that game. What is up with these pitches though? Were they the same when England played South Africa?
  12. Good start by Pakistan. Didn't think this would be as easy as the previous game against them.
  13. Definitely - I've never even heard of this! I think it's pretty interesting to see the divide between North American/ European attitudes to living with your parents. In the middle east, it's almost unheard of to live away from your family through university/ getting your first job. I've got friends who are married and they live with their parents; that's definitely a cultural thing though . I think eventually they would still move out, but there's certainly not much of a stigma attached to it.
  14. With Pakistan's bowling attack, they're certainly in for a shout. I'm surprised at how one sided the coverage has been ( basically writing pakistan off); we've been good, but I don't know to what extent we've been *really* tested. I hope we get a better pitch than the one we had for India V Bangladesh.
  15. Man, these pitches should have been better than what we've seen so far.