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  1. The dark underbelly of Facebook groups

    What world is this...
  2. F1 2016

    I quite like that one
  3. Football: fixture congestion

    Really enjoyed this by the telegraph on Sutton V Arsenal
  4. Football: fixture congestion

    Never mind, hope spurs get spanked now.
  5. Football: fixture congestion

    Looking forward to Spurs - Liverpool. High scoring draw with at least two red cards, please. As an aside, Top 4 is back on!
  6. Saw Split - Twas excellent . Less said about this movie, the better. Go watch it if you're into M. Night.
  7. Football: fixture congestion

    We're going to win the Champions League, lads.
  8. Football: fixture congestion

    Arsenal are pretty shit, but every time Hull win and Crystal Palace lose, I imagine the faces of Merson and Thompson and get a little happy inside. Mind you, I hope we win against Hull next week.
  9. Football: fixture congestion

    Sadness. The Arsenal game is at the same time as the Liverpool - Chelsea one
  10. Football: fixture congestion

    I think the spanish players enjoyed that
  11. Football: fixture congestion

    Oh, I didn't know there was news about the two of them being injured. I thought they were just rested.
  12. Football: fixture congestion

    Love Welbeck Ox in the middle makes things interesting - not sure when he'll get another chance there, probably when we're 2-0 down against CFC next week
  13. The Leftovers

    The Leftovers Season 3: This time with ALL THE BEARDS
  14. Grad school is expensive I made the rookie mistake of applying to too many schools.
  15. Careerchat II

    So what you're saying is, this is what I should do during my skype interview tomorrow? Will report back.