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  1. Man, I don't even know what to say any more.
  2. I think YMMV on this question as like all art, Lost was clearly about different things to different people, in this case the characters was a strong pull as opposed to things like what's down the hatch/ what's the point of those numbers etc. I agree with Isis, to me, it became a show that used those mysteries to explore its characters. Which, I would argue is exactly what the Leftovers does too. There's an excellent podcast that covered the finale of Lost which expands on some of the points that I've been making ( there are also guests who take your position) . Have a listen, if you've got the time. The /Filmcast: Bonus Ep. – Lost Series Finale and Wrap-Up (GUESTS: Katey Rich and Myles McNutt)
  3. What even is this phrase...
  4. You're totally entitled to think that Lost was about it's mysteries, and you're correct. But for me, I just didn't care *too* much about the mysteries, I was more invested in the characters from the start. That is one of the reasons the flashbacks worked so well for me. That stuff, at least at the start, had little to do with the island, and it was excellent. So yes, Lost did ask a lot of questions about the island/ others/ etc, but that was never the main draw for me. For you, it clearly was.
  5. I've liked the two episodes so far, but I'm not into the season as much as I was in season 2. Then again, it is hard to replicate the impact the Murphys had on the show ( imo, the MVPs of that season). That presence, and counterpoint to Kevin is missing, but there is still plenty to enjoy so far.
  6. No. We all probably have various ways in which we judge a TV show; some people need the ending to be land perfectly or in a satisfying way ,whilst others are *okay* if the show has given us enough to latch on to on the way to the end ( the important part was the journey etc yada yada) S2 of Leftovers is the most complete piece of TV I've seen in years ( maybe my favourite season of TV of all time?), I would have been perfectly okay with the leftovers ending right there. Even if S3 isn't great ( and that doesn't seem to be the case based on the reviews so far), we still have 1 decent season and one exceptional season before it. I totally understand people being frustrated with Lost, I think I had a slightly different experiance as I basically binged the show a few months before the final season. Hairy Bear lays down perfectly valid points in his post.
  7. Well, I'm glad we avoided one part of this ( totally okay with Morgan exploding though) Can't wait to see the shower of shit we churn out tomorrow against City. At least I'll get to enjoy Sean 'tactical mastermind' Dyche's Burnley against United for 45 minutes.
  8. Lindelof has said this *many* times, if you're expecting things to be spelled out by the season finale, you're watching this show incorrectly. That is now what it's about, and it never has been.
  9. My sleep schedule is so fucked that this weekend makes it two weekends in a row that I have been up at 5:30am
  10. It seems increasingly likely that Lukaku will leave this summer - If he does stay in the PL, will chelsea go for him? ( Assuming costa leaves)
  11. So, I watched Life - Spoilers ahead!
  12. Jesus christ you guys, I liked Varner. What..why..ugh, I'm so disappointed. 'deception on a level you don't even know' - what a piece of shit. Reading this piece by Zeke on THR makes it all the more painful
  13. To be honest, I think that bit is stretching it. The article gives specific examples in cases; like the one with the stent, that example is for a patient with stable angina, as opposed to someone with more severe forms of acute coronary syndrome. Furthermore, even the abx example is for some lyme disease study that I can't even access because of the ridiculous NEJM access issue ( a whole other discussion, btw). The author is disagreeing based solely on that study, which makes zero sense to me. The efficacy of antibiotics is not the issue facing medicine right now, rather antiobotic stewardship is what health care professionals should be more vigilant about. I'd be wary of claiming that they provide a 'strong' argument, but I will concede that there are many decent points in that article. I'll probably leave a longer reply when I've got more time.