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  1. Yeah, I always thought if it's a 'rebound', it's 'offside', whereas if there's an 'attempt to play', it's not. Parsing that difference clearly isn't easy. Yikes - Kane 100 percent dived there after that though, just seen the replay
  2. Did you listen to what the linesman said to the ref for the first one? He clearly said 'Chalk of the penalty if lovren didn't touch the ball as Kane was offside" - the ref then made the decision that Lovren *did* touch the ball ( linesman also said 'he can't confirm if Lovren touched the ball and left that decision to the ref), so it wasn't offside - they haven't shown the replay of Kane's dive, so I'm not sure about that yet but it did look like one. ( Now I'm trying to figure out what the rule actually is re: other players touching the ball)
  3. Wait, it's not offside if Lovren touched the ball, right? For the first one, I mean
  4. Those subs by Klopp didn't really help did they? VAR might not help with dodgy penalty calls, but offsides will certainly be fewer if it's implemented
  5. Anyone listening to The Ooz by King Krule? It's an amazing album. This guy is scary good. Here's my favourite song off it.
  6. *Love* that trailer, I'm a big fan of the ocean's movies ( Ocean's 12 is a hill I'm willing to die on). I'm hoping it isn't a rehash of the previous movies ( a bit concerned that they might try and replicate the relationships between the men in the previous films) , and would have preferred if Soderbergh was directing,but this still looks good. Edit - I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want this film to be different, and I don't really trust Ross to do that, but still going to catch this at the theater ( Really don't understand why *anyone* would want Roberts in this movie. I don't think she added too much to the previous ones, tbh)
  7. Pls lose this weekend. Though now with Lacazette out, we're probably not going to do well
  8. I'm pretty sure they'll stay till the summer. Why would you miss out on a fat signing on fee? Man, Ozil rocking up at Old Trafford will make me sad
  9. What is this press conference transcript It's fucking amazing.
  10. I thought he would take Kane out when he found himself with tons of space in the box, but thankfully Mustafi stayed on his feet.
  11. Enjoyed this piece on Pirlo ( Using any means I can to not think about how Arsenal's season is shaping up)
  12. Yes. On a serious note, it doesn't sound like Koeman ever really fully committed to Everton. Also, Soton didn't seem too bothered losing him either ( per plenty of journalists, though it's possible that isn't worth much)
  13. Zero idea why anyone would appoint Bilic to Everton. Silva has improved every club he's worked at, including Estoril ( Pretty sure he got them to the Europa league the season they were promoted, but I could be wrong). He might not jump ship midway through the season, but maybe next season with someone coming in temporarily right now?
  14. A shot in the dark here, but is anyone playing PUBG? Would love to get a few squad/ duo games going if anyone is playing.
  15. Man, waking up at 7:30 am for the United- Liverpool game is not going to be any fun at all. I don't know how ya'll do it