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  1. I thought he would take Kane out when he found himself with tons of space in the box, but thankfully Mustafi stayed on his feet.
  2. Enjoyed this piece on Pirlo ( Using any means I can to not think about how Arsenal's season is shaping up)
  3. Yes. On a serious note, it doesn't sound like Koeman ever really fully committed to Everton. Also, Soton didn't seem too bothered losing him either ( per plenty of journalists, though it's possible that isn't worth much)
  4. Zero idea why anyone would appoint Bilic to Everton. Silva has improved every club he's worked at, including Estoril ( Pretty sure he got them to the Europa league the season they were promoted, but I could be wrong). He might not jump ship midway through the season, but maybe next season with someone coming in temporarily right now?
  5. A shot in the dark here, but is anyone playing PUBG? Would love to get a few squad/ duo games going if anyone is playing.
  6. Man, waking up at 7:30 am for the United- Liverpool game is not going to be any fun at all. I don't know how ya'll do it
  7. So...this one is pretty bad, but I uttered this the other day. "Every women I've been inside has a fistula" Pretty sure my friends won't let me forget this one.
  8. What even is this comment. TMIFairy, There's a football thread here which is pretty active - you might get a bit more of a discussion there!
  9. He should leave. It's better for him to leave ( he's only going to play wing back in our system). If they are willing to pay anywhere close to that amount of money, we should sell.
  10. Yeah - I was a bit taken aback to see Sane, Sterling and Bernado Silva on the bench. That is one strong squad Also, Fabregas cards looked right to me. 2nd yellow was a horrible tackle and the first yellow was obvious dissent ( if sarcastic clapping can be counted as such)
  11. Yeah, I know. I just don't think Mustafi was 100%, which is why he didn't start. I also don't think he's had that much of a preseason? Edit: Nevermind
  12. Kolasinac looks like an excellent buy. Him and Monreal were the only decent ones in that defense. Man, I can't believe we turned that around.
  13. Footballers are on the bench all the time when they're not 100% - read *any* book and you'll know. Also, Monreal is a first choice CB in the back three ( and he's excellent there) . Now I'm wondering how many AFC games you've actually seen.
  14. If we had our defenders fit, Kolasinac would be at LWB
  15. Yeah, Nelson is super exciting. And judging by all the comments, very confident on the ball and off it too. I don't want to waste time thinking about what his 'injury' could mean. I've seen Arsenal lose so many key players before, if it happens it happens. I'm pretty zen about it all. On another note, is this Coutinho to Barcelona thing happening? ESPN were saying terms have been agreed or something.