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  1. and no crow's eye, no kings moot, its like they just wanted us to forget Balon Greyjoy ever crowned himself. they never even took the time to kill him off! whatever happened to that war of five kings they mentioned in previous seasons? oh yea, i guess they just didn't expect us to count...
  2. worst episode ever. absolutely HATE what they did to Stannis and his story line. the Dorne thread was a complete joke. the sansa material was boring. the further we get in the series the father they depart from the source material, and the worse the show becomes. i read book one in the 90's when i was twelve, and have been a huge fan of the novels ever since. its been all down hill after season one, which was the best season of them all so far…. and brienne of tarth quoting renly as "the one true king" before before doing in Stannis, what complete bs. renly the one true king, yea right….F*** renly, and brienne too. King Stannis Forever!!!!!!
  3. what did they do to stannis? i think they ruined my favorite character....
  6. and the three eyed crow is now a three eyed raven! geez, what next, i bet they'll make hodor the actual prince that was promised, or something crazy like that
  7. For all of us ice and fire book lovers this series has really let us down, yes george martin wrote "blackwater" and many agree that this was the season's beast episode, but the airing of season two has reinforced a notion i've had in the back of my mind since i started reading these books and subsequently saw them on television; that as this show continues season by season and book by book, that the story would become too difficult to shoot for film, that the first season would ultimately be the best one because it was the easiest to translate to film (specifically in ten hours as a television series), but as the stories become more complicated, more is sacrificed in the writing room and on the cutting room floor in order to make a tv series that is pleasing to mass audiences and to network executives who ultimately are interested in dollar signs. the result is the loss of certain aspects of the books that give them their greatest appeal, and their absence from the series is nothing short of heartbreaking for all of us who followed george on this journey throughout Westeros and across the Narrow Sea. From a poor introduction to Stannis/Melissandre and Dragonstone to the absence still of key characters like the Tully side of Lady Catelyn's family, to Robb Stark marrying some completely made up character instead on Jeyne Westerling at the Crag (and not in front of a heart tree, and done in the light of the seven to boot! his father hasn't been dead for that long! has Robb forgotten the old gods already?) this series has really been upsetting in the aspects of the story that it sacrifices and what it replaces it with instead, brand new scenes and conversations between characters that don't propel storyline forward but frustrate us real fans who were looking for people and places and conversations that we'll never see. tyrion's great chain. they never made it, we never got to see that extra bit of his cunning. no wildfire being thrown from the battlements, also sad. roose bolton at harrenhal, nope. we got tywin instead. not bad, but the roose storyline would have gone along nicely with a reek/ramsay who sacks winterfell at the end of the book/season No brother and sister reed to take bran to the three eyes crow beyond the wall, are we to assume that osha will take me and rickon both to the last green see-er i could go on and on but i won't, sorry for the rant, there's just so much we loose in the visual translation from book to film, so sad...