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  1. Well didn't he get rich back before season two? (Then at one point he lost it all, got a bailout, and went on to make more money in various episodes like the ski resort one and "Frank's Back in Business.")  But he used to be relatively normal until he joined the gang.  And yeah his lucidity does seem to vary wildly as the plot requires. I loved him in "The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention" and last night's episode was probably the closest he's gotten to that level since. Sometimes he's the only one who actually understands what's going on and can be an effective manipulator. Other times he's stuck naked in a playground coil. 
  2. Yeah that was great. Did not disappoint. 
  3. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    We probably agree on more than we disagree. I often find myself feeling like a dinosaur, and I'm not even forty yet.  Anyway I was thinking about it a bit more, and I think that when it comes to the distinction between "Tivo" and piracy, the barrier tends to be more technical than moral. (If you forgot to Tivo last night's X-Files is it ok to download the torrent? You weren't going to watch the ads anyway...) So I tend to think stereotypical Star Trek fans would be more inclined to pirate a show than your average NCIS viewer. Coupled with the one-streaming-service exclusivity of the show, I see this series having the potential to dethrone Game of Thrones as the most pirated series ever. If it's good. 
  4. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    I dunno, I think the concept of streaming video services itself is pretty solid and well established. In ten years kids will laugh at the idea that their parents used to have disks physically mailed to them so they could watch a movie or TV show. I was suggesting that CBS's new streaming platform would suffer the same problem UPN had. Namely that it has nothing going for it but a new Star Trek. 
  5. Agent Carter

    That does make a third season in 2017-18 seem less likely. But in this day and age I dunno that that's necessarily a sign of cancellation. Keep in mind that it's just a pilot, and on the same network. Even if Atwell was unavailable next year, as long as she has a working relationship with the network it's always possible Agent Carter could return down the road. Either as a new season or a TV movie. Especially if one of the new Marvel/ABC projects fails to take off. 
  6. The Walking Dead S6 (no comic spoilers)

    Glenn thinking/being absolutely sure Maggie is dead wouldn't be the same thing at all. I still think Maggie will be the "shocker death" of the season. 
  7. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    I hadn't considered the boded, but I don't think they're acting ashamed of it. Quite the opposite I think if anyhting they're putting too much faith in it's appeal. They're essentially making the same mistake the UPN made when it counted on Voyager to launch a successful syndication based TV network
  8. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    Yeah. I'm curious has CBS been taking it's shows off the established streaming services? I don't know that I've ever followed a CBS show in my life, now that I think about it. Though maybe not...did they do a saturday morning cartoon thing in the late 80's-early 90's? Anyway they clearly have the wrong idea about streaming services. It'd be one thing if CBS were doing this so the show could have HBO/Showtime (or even just FX) type content that wouldn't fly on network TV. (I don't mean like nudity in each episode, but being able to say fuck and have people die in ways that are upsetting would be nice. ) But I doubt that's the plan.  Oh, and if there's one thing I want from this show above all else, it's continuity. I don't mean avoiding the the nitpicking shit, just the idea that watching the episodes out of order would be stupid and confusing. Too much would-be-great TV was ruined by the thought that viewers should be able to just "jump in" and watch the episodes out of order. With Fuller I'm fairly confident that won't be an issue. But you never know. 
  9. Video Games: Doing Archaeology With A Shotgun

    Apparently hitting caps lock can dramatically speed up the "going back to base" load times for some reason
  10. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    I'd rather it be set in the original timeline, but it's not a deal-breaker for me. The problem with the last two movies wasn't the timeline shenanigans, it was the writing and Abrams basically using them as an audition for Star Wars. 
  11. Star Wars Novels/Graphic Novels

    Probably depends if they're having discussions about releasing movies set during that era down the line. I'd imagine they're at least considering it. 
  12. Not finding previous posts

    Just the previously set ones. 
  13. Not finding previous posts

    Yeah, all the streams work for me. I use Chrome. 
  14. Wait, I thought that was just a regular woman posing with the cutout? She definitely does not look like the others.  And yeah I dunno why they left off Cyclops, Havok and probably Jubiliee.
  15. R+L=J v.157

    That'd just be something like him fighting with Lyanna in the yard instead of Benjen, or some new scene. I have no doubt we're getting the Tower of Joy next season but Ned shouldn't be thirteen there.