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  1. The Inhumans haven't actually shown up in the MCU. I don't even think they're trying to pretend the TV shows are part of the MCU since Pearlmutter was removed from the movie end of things. Though I think the creators of The Runaways are the only ones to admit this so far.
  2. Yeah a controller adapter thing that charges the joy-cons is recommended if you're gonna play for long periods in docked mode. I've had one of the joy-cons die a few times. The only thing I'd say to avoid is that third party dock that was messing up people's systems.
  3. Enjoyed it. My only complaints would be no Tyrell and the post-credits scene. I thought the Vera stuff in season one was the shows low point. One thing I'm a little confused about, if Elliot jumped out the window (or was "pushed" by Mr. Robot) what was his dad asking for forgiveness about in the movie theater flashback? Just burdening him with the knowledge of his illness?
  4. Alright, yourself? I've been mostly visiting the entertainment sub-forum lately. I feel like traffic on the board slowed down a bit around the time of the forum upgrade and eventually I just stopped checking the general forum. But this thread is still in my activity feed since it's almost a year old. Once there's a date for Winds I'd imagine a lot of people will drift back as they start their re-reads.
  5. Hard to say, but that's why they've been focusing on original programming. That's already the only reason I keep my Netflix subscription. Their selection of movies really isn't that great.
  6. They're actually announcing it tomorrow, so technically you're good. I'm not sure but it may need to be approved by some regulatory agency first too.
  7. I'd say they're just planning ahead. Though some quick rough math based on the profits of the last X-Men movie tells me they'd need to make roughly 195 movies of similar profitability to break even. But this deal also gives them a bunch of TV stuff and more ownership of Hulu. Plus eliminating the competition is usually a good business move.
  8. Not by name but it is briefly mentioned:
  9. You're probably right. I caught a bit of an ad for the finale and it showed her in what seemed like a mansion-ish house, not an FBI office. I'm assume that Price is her mother's mysterious benefactor and probably her father.
  10. Renewed for a fourth season.
  11. Huh, somebody leaked the subtitles for the entire movie online. Watch out for spoilers!
  12. Oh Man that Batman cartoon was so great. I was raised a marvel guy but DC had the the whole collective universe figured out back then. Superman meant nothing to me until that cartoon linked up with the Superman one. and then he died and ...uuh DC Thanos took over the earth, and he was like "WHO WILL STAND AGAINST ME" and this regular human guy who was a dick to super man up until that point stood against him and got disintegrated and it was the tipping point for the people to overthrow the evil dude. I dunno that moment was very inspiring at the time.
  13. I think the non-ABC Marvel shows are deliberately leaning away from the movie universe. Either because they're waiting for some Infinity Stones / Fox deal shuffle or just out of spite between Pearmutter and Fiege. But it's been a while since any show has acknowledged the events of the movies.
  14. I know I can't be the only one who's first exposure to the property was the 90's X-Men cartoon. Compared to the other (read: Hanna-Barbara) cartoons of the time it was quite good. AlsoI was super sad when Morph died even though he was invented for that purpose. I'd actually love it if he showed up in Dark Phoenix I and died immediately.
  15. I agree, but I also seriously doubt he will end up directing it. He's just starting with his 1960's Not-Tate murders thin. Plus I don't think he's ever directed a movie he hasn't written, and last I heard Paramount was assembling a writers room to write a script based on Tarantino's idea/outline. There's also his weird "I'll do ten films and then I'm done" thing. I don't think he'd let this be The Final Film By Quentin Tarantino. But then, you never know. Either way the fact that paramount apparently thought he had a good enough idea to justify the R rating at least makes it interesting. Hopefully he'll be a producer and have script approval. On another note while I'm glad this is happening I also wanna know more about that original idea for Star Trek 4 was. I'd read something time travel and Helmsworth coming back as Kirk Sr. I wonder what that would have been.