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  1. Best Stephen King movie/tv show adaptations

  2. Star Trek: Discovery

    I assume Roddenberry felt that in the future we'd be so not sexist that men would wear short skirts too.
  3. Star Trek: Discovery

    As long as some of the men wear it too.
  4. Small Questions v. 10105

    We can't be certain but probably to cause chaos and spite his son Daeron who he did not get along with.
  5. Oh man I remember that show. It used to be like the only remotely interesting thing on at like 11PM because I didn't have cable. I agree it probably wouldn't hold up now but it definitely had it's moments. Then they replaced it with Earth: Final Conflict which I hated. That's kind of an interesting case because beepers were already ancient when the show came out. They were used because that's what drug dealers were using when David Simon was a crime reporter back in the 80's. Avon Barksdale was based on a real drug kingpin named Melvin Williams who Simon wrote a bunch of stuff about back then. I guess he wanted to keep the details but did not want to set the show in the 80's. It kinda makes sense that prior to the events of the first season Barksdale would think pagers were safer than cell phones. I think Kima or another of the cops may even comment about them being "old school" early on.
  6. Star Trek: Discovery

    Yeah, I forgot they're releasing it week by week and not finishing the whole season and then dumping it all at once (which would be my preference.) May seems really optimistic to me though. I'd imagine there's a lot of post-production effects stuff that needs to be done and my understanding is that that takes time.
  7. Star Trek: Discovery

    I really don't want to believe they'd be so dumb as to drastically redesign the Klingons on a show that was supposed to appeal to fans of the Prime timeline. But then making a new alien race whose armor is that similar would also be stupid. Is it possible that this is the modern version of the TOS/virus afflicted Klingons? I forget what they looked like on Enterprise. Or it could be a race subservient to the Klingons wearing clothing made by the Klingon military? Some race they conquered and enslaved. No, not since the last delay. They've said they're going to take as long as they need to get it right. I'd guess early next year though.
  8. Star Trek: Discovery

    Apparently the extra who posted the picture has clarified that he just assumed they were Klingons based on their appearance.
  9. Well, he could still return to Earth for the first time in GotG 2 for all we know.
  10. Fox TV agrees to consider a FIREFLY reboot

    Huh did he ever indicate how that would work?
  11. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    I remember this confusing me at the time, and asking if Stick was exposed to the same "toxic chemicals." I just assumed they had independently gained the same powers and that exposure to toxic chemicals was not the only route to such abilities. I had written out this whole other paragraph and hit refresh before I posted only to see that you already said it: It makes no sense at all. I'd argue that at least season one leaves the impressions that his ability to kick ass was based more on training and concentration than some special gift.
  12. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    Is this that awesome Bioware RPG with the sassy robot that everyone loves? Or one of those MMO ones? Cause I've always meant to try that sassy robot one.
  13. Paperback Paradise Twitter Feed

    These are so great. I think Fucking run, the sun exploded is still my favorite.
  14. The second dance of dragons ?

    Maybe there's a chance we'll read more about The Cannibal in Fire and Blood? Could the Targaryens have kept it's fate a secret for some reason? I can't imagine why they would. I'm just now thinking, maybe Cannibal was the Maester's test subject for their dragon poison? (or whatever methods they used) We know there was a movement on Dragonstone to destroy the Cannibal, but that Robert Quince instead commanded the fishermen to stay away from the area. Maybe agents of the Citadel left a series of poisoned meals for him or something as an experiment to determine what would kill a dragon? Could this be one of the secrets contained only in Blood and Fire/The Death of Dragons that only exists in a locked vault in the citadel? Probably not.
  15. The second dance of dragons ?

    I think you're right about Grey Ghost being partially devoured. Personally the only way I could see Cannibal returning in the main series is if he's going to be a wighted dragon who flew too far north and died in the Lands of Always Winter. I don't see why he would be drawn north though.