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  1. The Night Of (HBO)

    Yeah that seems more likely than Duane Reade to me. Duane Reade should be laying low thinking the cops are after him after his encounter with Stone. While the Mortician might have been set off by his encounter with Chandra even. It's not clear to me how much time has passed between episodes. Anyway it strongly suggests it's not the step-father because why would he then kill another random young woman?
  2. Small Questions v. 10105

    Right, but we don't know that she doesn't know how to swing a sword. I know Robb left the Crannogmen to guard the Neck as they always do. Again they don't normally fight the traditional way. But I don't see why Howland Reed couldn't fight alongside Ned in the Rebellion. Generalizations only go so far. Howland was already something of an outlier for leaving the Neck and/or attending the tournament at Harrenhal. (I dunno maybe it's normal for Crannogmen to go to the Isle of Faces, but not to a tourney.) Whether he used a sword or not I don't see an issue with him riding with and fighting alongside Ned during the war. Especially if Ned tended to command from the rear, I don't recall.
  3. Block?

    Ah, I didn't realize you still see the person's posts when quoted. Seems like they should change that in the software.
  4. Small Questions v. 10105

    Where is this established? I think they have a tendency to use different weapons and tactics than the rest of Westeros, but it seems like you're taking it to the extreme. Don't Jojen and Meera take swords from the crypts? And they certainly fight battles, they just don't usually ride horses or line up in front of their enemies in formation. But I don't see why Holwand would be incapable of these things.
  5. Block?

    I'm curious, how would you even know someone was harassing you if you had them on ignore?
  6. Small Questions v. 10105

    It's a ruined city, so possibly the Maesters have no idea what it was called.
  7. Hey now we don't know that. I seem to remember a fair amount of dancing in Spider Man 3.
  8. Rogue One: 2 Rebellious 2 Fail

    Am I right that SF stands for science fiction? Because Brick was not that.
  9. Small Questions v. 10105

    I went back through the thread, and apparently the worldbook just mentions Aegon supposedly praying before the invasion. So no I don't think there is a quote in there about the Targaryen's conversion. The only source for this in the books seems to be Davos talking about the ship masts.
  10. THE X-FILES returns, in HD and widescreen

    Fringe had like one really good season / plotline. The beginning and the end are pretty weak, in my opinion. Though X-Files wasn't that consistent either, and I'd like to pretend it ended even a couple seasons before Mulder left. Still though there are some X-Files episodes that I'll just put on occasionally because they're just great. I don't feel the same way about any Fringe episodes. (Though if anyone has suggestions of great monster of the week fringe episodes I'd love to try them again.) Also it always bothered me that they had that lame "Peter is in danger being back in Boston because he had fled from some bad people" plotline in the first couple seasons and then just abandoned it. Also at one point I swear to god he says of a monster of the week: "His addiction to dreams became his nightmare." I still laugh thinking of that horrible line.
  11. Seriously though does anybody know anyone named Mary-Jane who is remotely that young? (or at all?) That's all that's bothering me. It seems to me more an old-timey slang term for pot than a name for a human girl.
  12. Rogue One: 2 Rebellious 2 Fail

    You'd think so, but then weren't there reports of re-shoots because this one strayed too far from what they felt a Star Wars movie should be? I guess that could mean a few things. But I'm still nervous they got scared and the film will suffer for it.
  13. Small Questions v. 10105

    I know I asked Ran about this in the Worldbook errors thread. I hate the search on this new forum I can't find it. There's a SSM where Martin says Aegon converted as a political maneuver, but Ran (and the worldbook) claim that is not true. That his ancestors did and this was essentially revealed back in Clash when Davos mentioned the ship's masts being converted to idols. One possibility that hasn't been mentioned: they knew it was over and after several frustrating months of sitting in that lonely tower while the war raged on without them, they wanted to go out fighting. I think a noble death in battle easily could have seemed preferable to a life in exile following Viserys around. Or alternatively they left the tower hoping to talk to Ned and resolve things, but it then became apparent that neither side would compromise despite the uh...unique circumstances. So they fought.
  14. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    As much as I personally prefer reading at my own pace to listening to people read things to me, I think this is a neat idea. But how hard is it for you to correct a mistake on a video like that? Despite our best efforts false info and assumptions do sometimes make it onto the wiki. While it's easy to edit the text I'd imagine correcting something like that in a video would be harder, and we'd be totally reliant on you personally to do so.
  15. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    I could not agree more. I really wanted to like that show. Stuck it out through the whole first season. It just wasn't very well executed. Maybe it was because it was a primetime show on Fox. I have the impression that Netflix gives it's showrunners a lot more freedom.