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  1. Everything I've read so far suggested that Venom will not be part of the MCU. There were even rumors that Sony plans to not renew the Spider-Man deal with Marvel after Spiderman 2, or that they plan on aggressively renegotiating it. They probably think that if they can somehow build build up a "Spiderverse" without Spider-man (I'm actually not sure if they can use the Tom Holland Spider-Man in non-MCU movies under the current deal) it will increase their negotiating position. So I'd expect Venom to be agnostic about what universe it's taking place in.
  2. No, you are not wrong I was. I too had had a few and also the sound of Yuri filling it from the water cooler is pretty subtle. I did not hear it over the air conditioner. So when Yuri handed him a full cup and Sy reacted with "are you out of your mind" I figured he was offering him Varga's urine.
  3. I realized the didn't tell Emmit about the piss drinking, but I figured that was a pride thing. I'll go back and try to check gimme a minute I still have it on DVR.
  4. I thought he pissed in it. I remember thinking "how deep is this mug." Plus if it wasn't piss, why would Sy gag on it so much? edit: also "The enemy is at the gates. They're inside the gates! and they're fornicating with our cookware!" was an amazing line that might support your interpretation.
  5. I disagree. The mug thing was disturbing, and vile. But is forcing someone to drink pee really worse than throwing a man to his death for googling your boss's name? or attempting to beat a woman to death to prove a point? Also I'm not sure how you figure Malvo wasn't malevolent and cruel.
  6. Link to the Past still holds up as an amazing game today. I also really love the urgency and plot of Majora's Mask. The recent DS follow up to A Link To the Past was fun, but suffered a lot from their attempt to adopt an open world structure. I think Breath of the Wild suffers a bit from that too. It's certainly a great game engine and world, but four dungeons is not enough and the shrines become so monotonous after a while. The earlier games had so many different items and combinations of items to use in the puzzles. Breath of the Wild pretty much relied on the sword, bow, torch, and the four runes for it's puzzles. I for one would not have minded finding a shrine and noting I'd have to come back to it once I found the hookshot.
  7. If only, but it's Seth McFarland of Family Guy fame.
  8. They'd better deliver a really solid pilot episode (they still plan to air that one on broadcast tv, right?) if they expect Star Trek fans to carry their streaming service at first. I'm not inclined to pay money for the privilege of watching that. Whaat. I liked a lot of what they did those last couple seasons but there are so many episodes that are borderline unwatchably boring. Plus Archer sucked throughout.
  9. I always forget he goes by that and it makes me laugh every time I'm reminded. I hope he got just as much shit from the other Ravagers as Taserface did.
  10. It was winter at the start of the Rebellion at least. With the "false spring" having occurred a few months before. The worldbook mentions winter hitting King's Landing around the time Rhaegar ran off with Lyanna
  11. That wasn't my read of it. The guys who took them had technology we haven't seen before and said something about a window closing in a few minutes, which I assume was some kinda space portal. I don't think there's anyone in the US Government with more advanced tech than SHIELD. So they're probably aliens or something. Also Talbot is alive but in a coma, WTF? I thought he was shot like right in the forehead. I chuckled a bit at that. But I guess it's possible they're working towards a one sided tie-in with Infinity War. (Sorry I had to remove the spoiler tags to get this post to go through cause of board weirdness)
  12. Yeah, I did not like that. Feels way more like the new movies than the old shows.
  13. I did actually, but it's not like it retroactively fixed the problems with most of season two. Yeah I don't entirely blame Lynch either. Don't get me wrong I'm hoping the revival is good. I just wanna be sure it is before I go down that rabbit hole again.
  14. I think I'm just gonna wait till the new series is out and done and reviewed. If the consensus is positive I'll re-watch and then continue on. I'm not gonna subscribe to Showtime out of nostalgia for a show that jumped the shark in 1990 and then made a really shitty movie. No matter how much I liked it back then when I was a kid and there was arguably nothing as good on TV. Sorry if you can't tell I'm still a little bitter.