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  1. For what it's worth I'm pretty sure Whigham's character was intentionally written that way. Part of the "ultimately those in power decide what's 'true' theme" Though in his case he wasn't doing it because he was an evil guy. He was just a very straightforward and stubborn cop who figures if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it's probably a duck because what are the odds that someone would go to the trouble of faking a duck. Anyway even though this was the weakest season I'd still like to see more down the line. FX should try to get the Coen brothers to sit down with Hawley for a weekend and come up with ideas for season four, then let them get back to movies while Hawley develops the next season.
  2. I got dragged to one of those and ended up really liking it. Their involvement was the only reason I was curious about this because as mentioned above on paper it sounds like a really lame idea.
  3. There's been speculation that the reason it hasn't been renewed yet it because they're negotiating an end date. AMC probably wants to do another divided final season thing like they did with Breaking Bad to avoid any contractually obligated raises if the show hits five seasons. But I expect two more (possibly abbreviated) seasons whether they call them four and five or 4A/4B.
  4. In the MCU. That doesn't mean the characters he's played in other movies are the same character.
  5. ...and when did that become the bar to clear for wacky fan theories?
  6. I don't buy that different franchises are connected based solely on the appearance of one actor in both. Not that it matters but there are Star Wars marvel comics I'm pretty sure. There's nothing suggesting that the non-MCU marvel movies are in any way connected to the MCU but weak speculation.
  7. Yeah I'm not really buying that until Marvel confirms it. Maybe they'll be in the MCU in the sense that the TV shows are. Huh? By that logic the Star Wars Prequels are part of the MCU.
  8. Did not realize that Varga, Lupin from Harry Potter and Knox Harrington the video artist from The Big Lebowski were the same guy until now.
  9. I do think rantings are meaningless. Both because they are not indicative of quality and because the way people watch TV has changed a lot in the past few years. I haven't managed to catch the first showing of an episode all season.
  10. Ouch. I don't agree at all. This season has had some pacing issues. Those matter a lot more now then they will down the line when it's finished and being binge watched. I was really skeptical at first but this show has risen above it's premise. I should probably also mention that while I loved Breaking Bad I'm not one of those people who put it up there with The Sopranos/The Wire/Deadwood/The Leftovers. It's a second tier show, in my opinion. (Which sounds a lot harsher than it actually is.)
  11. Whaat. I do not agree. I'm not saying Better Call Saul is better than Breaking bad (it might be) but to say that Breaking Bad is "leaps and bounds" better than Better Call Saul is crazy. Remind me, what deal are you referring to? I'm trying to be vague for the sake of the person who hasn't seen Breaking Bad, but I can only think of one time Walter gave Hector any satisfaction and Mike was incapacitated at the time. Also oddly I don't think there was anything previously in the Breaking Bad universe that upset me as much as that poor old lady getting shunned. Not even tarantula kid.
  12. Ah ok, none of this has yet been established in the MCU. From Ross' description I figured they were believed to be the type of place plauged by famine and civil unrest. The fact that anyone attacking them was wiped out should have been a red flag that there was more to the country than it seemed. Right, but Ross should think about it was my point. Especially after the events of Civil War. I mean he saw their king kicking ass in a fancy bulletproof suit. So unless that Klau scene is set pre-civil war I still think it's a little odd that that's his impression of Wakanda. Unless as someone suggested before he's giving the official cover story.
  13. Openly though? I get that they're secretly super advanced. But I had the impression from that trailer that they pretended to be a "third world country" (though I think that term is outdated I still get a connotation of poverty when someone uses it.)
  14. I don't really know much about Kenya but a quick visit to wikipedia suggests they have one of the stronger economies in Africa. I just figured a country best known for "textiles and shepherds" wouldn't have the resources to send aid workers abroad.
  15. Apparently there was at least one, though it's now been spoiled by the novelization. So yeah don't click this if you really still want to be surprised