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  1. I disagree about Colter's performance, but agree that absolutely no weight was given to the fact that Jessica killed his former girlfriend. I know Luke has since learned some bad things about Reva but that should not be enough for him to greet her killer like they're old friends who just lost touch for a few years while they were busy with their own shit. I know they briefly touched on it later, but Luke's initial reaction to Jessica at the very least deserved to have more weight to it.
  2. I hope that was the end of the Hand too. They were never very interesting and I could do without the whole mystical ninjas aspect of the Netflix shows. The whole thing could have been done with Gao standing in for Alexandra, but they probably wanted a big name to play the main villain. Still her performance did nothing for me. It's mildly weird that we'll never meet that guy(Stone?) Stick spoke with at the end of Daredevil season one. I also still wonder what the hand were doing to those kids in the hospital in Daredevil season two. I'm not too upset at the news that Netflix apparently will be limited to the six existing series, it's not like they've done an amazing job with the properties they have. Personally I'm really looking forward to Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, cautiously optimistic about The Punisher and Daredevil 3 and couldn't care less about the continuing adventures of Iron Fist.
  3. That was never really an option, the deal with Sony is very specific and does not allow him to appear on TV shows.
  4. Oh yeah, I hadn't considered that about the multiplayer. They'd have to make it real time and nobody wants to sit around for ten minutes watching virtual water boil. I'm really enjoying survival mode. I've made it 50 something days and have moved north into the second area. One thing I learned is if you ever find yourself thinking "eh I'll probably have enough time" or something like that don't take the risk. There's nothing worse than spending a week getting good gear and a nice stockpile of food only to die because you were stupid and overconfident.
  5. Minor Jessica Jones season two spoilers:
  6. Whaat? I just downloaded the switch version for $20.
  7. They just remastered it if you have a PS4. It looked nice. I really enjoyed that game.
  8. I finally got around to trying this game and it's great. Don't care much for story mode, though it served as a nice tutorial but I quickly switched to survival. Haven't left the beginner map yet and I've died and restarted like twelve times but I'm starting to get the hang of it. The atmosphere is really great. Do you know if the developers have ever mentioned any plans for multiplayer down the line? I get that the isolation is sorta built into the premise but I think it could be a lot of fun with two people.
  9. I'm really hoping we get at least one episode that takes place during the events of Breaking Bad. A whole season might be a bit much and hard to do. But one or two episodes showing Saul's side of things during that time could be really interesting. For example it would be funny if he finally got his Sandpiper money after already becoming rich through Walt's evil fuckery.
  10. Ant-Man and the Wasp synopsis: Makes it sound like it takes place before Infinity War, which would make a lot of sense. But I hope they have a decent excuse for the Wasp not being around to help against Thanos.
  11. Just speculating, but I bet Fox probably wasn't too keen on the idea of a big budget franchise film with no human characters.
  12. Regarding Mjolnir:
  13. The Sowing (of the Dragonseeds) was when Rhaenyra had open tryouts to be a dragon rider on Dragonstone. A lot of people got burnt and eaten. Nettles, Hugh the Hammer, and Ulf the White and Addam of Hull / Velaryon succeeded.
  14. I'm not sure but lets be honest none of the TV shows are actually part of the MCU.
  15. It doesn't have to be 20:1 though does it? Just enough that Larson can conceivably still play the character. I don't see her being recast for the modern films. They could also just say "oh her powers cause her to age slower" or do somethings to make her look younger in the 90's film. We've seen 80's Tony Stark and I think '99 Tony Stark, the latter didn't even require CGI de-aging.