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  1. They may not have large roles but they are in it according to the official cast list. Edit: I'm not sure if he's in this one, but he posted a picture to twitter of a mold they made of his face for Captain Marvel the other day. I know he and Maria Hill are supposed to be in Avengers 4.
  2. Virtue signaling? really? I spoilered what I did because I really think the scene will end up in Infinity War in some form. Beyond that, I think there is a difference between speculation and informed speculation. The lego sets aren't always accurate, but they do sometimes provide interesting information about the movie. As for the deaths, all the main Avengers returned to film #4. So if Tony or Cap dies I'd guess It'll be there. Though there may be some time travel shenanigans involved in these movies. I won't trust any death in Infinity War as permanent until they stay dead in Untitled Avengers Movie. One of the more interesting bits of information from the recently release on set interviews is that Ant-Man and the Wasp is The Most Connected to Avengers: Infinity War. Maybe Ant-Man takes a few Avengers to the quantum realm to survive thanos? or maybe his powers somehow enable the time\dimension traveling adventure I suspect Avengers 4 will be.
  3. So he's retired again. I really hope they don't off his family to justify the transition to Ronin. The prequel comic also confirms that Vision ran off with Wanda after she got freed. So yeah the current Avengers team seems to just Iron Man and War Machine.
  4. I notice this thread no longer shows up in my "content I posted in" thing. I'm guessing because it's over a year old now? I just thought that might be a good reason to move on to version 10106.
  5. I've been meaning to get back into it. Do you think the huge changes in how the new version are improvements? How different is it?
  6. Oh I didn't realize. But it still supports the idea that ABC doesn't want the show anymore.
  7. Heh, I would have been so annoyed if last season's finale was the series finale and we never learned why they were in space. But I think there is a lot of reason to worry this season. The rumor last season was that ABC wanted to cancel it but Disney pressured them not to so the show could reach the 100 episode syndication mark which of course it just did. Which kinda fits with ABC scheduling this season in the "friday night death slot."
  8. He was moving to King's Landing, possibly for the rest of his life (though I'm sure he didn't expect it to be that short) so why wouldn't he bring it? If nothing else a Valyrian Steel sword is a prestigious symbol. Plus when sitting on the throne in Robert's absence he may have had occasion to use it to to execute someone, as the Starks don't use headsmen.
  9. That makes sense, there was a scene in the Age of Ultron script that they didn't film and intended to use in another movie. Oddly I can't find an article that actually describes it, but basically
  10. Random thought, but who exactly is an official Avenger right now? Since Spider-Man refused to join is it just Tony and Rhodey? And maybe Vision though I have the impression he's with Wanda somewhere.
  11. Not necessarily. For one thing we've seen commoners rise higher than that (Dunk, Barth, Baelor's stonemason.) I mean if he's a commoner I'm sure there's a story behind how he got the job, but I wouldn't assume he was noble born. Also for all we know Dalbrige may have only squired for him one time. Say when he was still prince Jaehaerys attending a tourney and his regular squire was sick.
  12. Yeah I made a thread for it cause I didn't feel like digging this one up. There's an episode, either Down Neck or Fortunate Son I think that has flashbacks to this exact time period.
  13. Agents of SHIELD finale being written as series finale. There's still an outside chance it could be renewed, but this is probably it.
  14. Wait, Netflix shows don't come out on Fridays anymore? I had no idea this was out.
  15. Did not think this would ever actually happen: I wonder who they'll get to play young Silvo, Paulie, et al. Or if they'd consider the CGI de-aging stuff but that's probably too expensive for a whole movie.