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  1. Oh yeah, I agree. I wasn't criticizing Martin just saying that passage is ridiculous and I have to laugh every time I read it.
  2. The excerpt posted above about the "happy bastards" might be the most ridiculous thing I've ever read from Martin. It's at least up there with the Frey's version of what happened at the Red Wedding.
  3. Right, my bad I confused it with the "rule of six" thing mentioned in the worldbook.
  4. Yeah, we've had a SSM saying this for years that people tend to ignore when arguing that Rhaegar's polygamy would not have been an issue. My recollection is that Rhaenyra just wasn't willing to risk her children's lives, especially after Lucerys died. But I could be wrong it's been a while. Maybe not, but then the First Night was made illegal by Rhaenys, not the faith. Plus we know incest is considered a crime, Cersei is charged with it. So I don't see why polygamy wouldn't be too. Aerys II seemed to think he could have Joanna Lannister on her wedding night if the First Night hadn't been abolished. Though I guess that could have been a really creepy joke that wasn't totally based in fact.
  5. I'm not sure about it either, and it would be a really costly battle even if they won, I think. But it's hard to see it as a mistake when Martin knows how big and capable the dragons were and we do not. Obviously he think's it's not a ridiculous notion. I seem to recall it's been established before that dragons grow at different rates (or as the plot requires.) As for the age of the kids I'd just point out that it seems Westerosi kids are a lot tougher than real kids. (though some of that is probably just a result of the scrapped five year gap.) I do agree that Maegor would not have committed suicide while he had Balerion. As for polygamy I don't think the Targaryens ever explicitly banned the practice among themselves, that would be weird. But I do think when Jaehaerys unified the laws of the realm it most likely would have been banned. If one kingdom had a law against it and another didn't, he'd have to make a ruling on the subject, and it seems unlikely that ruing would have been "it's fine." But since the king is above the law and what one king does another can undo, any Targaryen king would still be able to arrange (or approve of after the fact) a polygamous marriage.
  6. Pretty much every (at least american) TV show does this though. It's messed up but it's not at all something exclusive to Game of Thrones. The first Mrycella was pretty much a glorified extra. Plus they did the same thing with Tommen when he became important to the story. Ditto Beric Dondarrian.
  7. Black Panther looks great. Though hearing The Revolution Will Not Be Televised in a Marvel trailer makes me wish we'd gotten an Inhumans trailer set to Whitey on the Moon.
  8. I think Vermithor, Silverwing and Dreamfyre could have taken out Maegor. Balerion can really only engage one at a time. That dragon and it's rider would almost certainly die. But one of the others could swoop down at that moment and roast Maegor. No idea if Balerion would keep fighting after his rider died.
  9. Saw an article on google news earlier speculating that Lorca is actually mirror universe Lorca, I thought that was an interesting idea. Though I hope that they don't suggest that Section 31 is only evil because it's run by people from over there.
  10. Yeah it was the medication I think. He's lost the weight now which will be a little weird if he shows up in season two as a skinny guy. I guess they could just say he got addicted to speed?
  11. At this point, yeah they're better off doing loosely connected standalones and continuity is fucked. But the standalones should at least have some connection to the rest of the universe, like Colossus and Xavier's mansion in Deadpool. I don't think being a self contained thing is gonna hurt New Mutants, but It's more fun when the characters in a shared universe can interact. Imagine if one of the New Mutants at this facility was Evan Peters's Quicksliver (on some drugs to slow him down so he cant just escape in another memorable set peice) We would all suddenly be a lot more invested in the movie. Again I have no idea where on the timeline this movie falls but any of the X-Men, even if re-cast would at least give some connection to what came before. I disagree that these problems couldn't be solved with a clean slate. Marvel has done a mostly great job keeping continuity. Plus the source material allows for ways to do one off non-canon type stories if they want without contradicting what came before.
  12. Yeah, the change of genre at least has me interested, whereas I before I did not care. I do hope that someone we know from the X-Men films shows up. But then I have no idea when this movie is set in the convoluted x-men movie timeline. But having some version of Xavier or better yet Magneto show up at the end recruiting would be neat and help tie this one into the franchise. Though I still think the whole thing needs a reboot. As much as I enjoyed Deadpool and Logan I'll kinda never forgive them for breathing new life into the franchise when Fox was considering starting over.
  13. After watching IT twice I need to re-watch season one before this starts. Otherwise I know I'll conflate Finn Wolfhard's two characters. I mean they're pretty different but I've only ever seen this kid play an 80's nerd fighting an extra-dimensional horror after a girl joins his social group.
  14. I would but I'm very behind on the show. I enjoyed Stick of Truth because it was hilarious, not for the gameplay. It was way too easy and simplistic for my tastes. I do really want to play this one, but I may as well wait for a sale and to catch up on the show. I understand they recently did an episode that set's up the new game so you may want to watch that at least before playing if you haven't.
  15. Most likely because they believed that keeping their bloodline pure was a requirement for their descendants to be able to ride dragons. Why they kept it up after the dragons were dead, I dunno. Just tradition at that point I guess. Anyway my copy came today, it was alright but kinda unnecessary between the worldbook and Fire and Blood Vol 1 probably coming out next year.