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  1. I'll just drop this right here.
  2. I'm with the red lobster. I can't believe what I'm reading. I can understand seeing allies in the fight against Trump in the form of Frum, but let's not get carried away and rewrite history.
  3. What states did Hillary win that Bernie would have lost and what states did Hillary lose that Bernie could have won?
  4. I've been looking for info on whether this site is fake news or legit. It sounds legit to me, but maybe you guys might know something about it. It's And they posted this on the site: "According to two sources, what we have seen so far in terms of evidence of a conspiracy in Trump/Russia, pales in comparison to what we are about to see very soon." They quote a Claude Taylor tweet and a statement Dr. Dena Grayson, the wife of Congressman Alan Gayson: “My sources confirm Claude’s WaPo story,” Grayson tweeted. “Plus *another* major MSM outlet (not CNN) has Trump on TAPE -> ”damning”‼️ Per source, MSM outlet is “coordinating w/Mueller”. I don’t know *exact* timing, but VERY likely less than 2 weeks. Again, my sources have NOT commented on timing. In general, they’d hold for a few weeks at most…”
  5. I'll see your 'dog ate my homework' excuse and raise you 'the Secret Service didn't stop the meeting so it was fine'.
  6. I present to you Altherion.
  7. The Dems should retort that it's Trump's rhetoric that set off this obviously disturbed dude. Then remind the Republicans that if they didn't allow crazies to get guns this would not have happened. It's essentially their fault.
  8. So you don't think an individual with this type of history can change?
  9. Thanks for response. That makes sense. That's pretty funny. I don't know, Germany seems to have made a complete turnaround, from being too martial to being almost pacifist. Haven't they earned our trust after 70 years?
  10. I'm missing something. Why would France vehemently oppose Germany getting nukes? I hope the answer isn't WWII. Or is it more a case of too close for comfort? Or is the French arsenal that impressive?
  11. Why do you keep saying that he was shopping the report. From what I understand he was paid to find out what he could about Trump. He then felt that the stories with regards to the Russians were credible and reached out to his Russian contacts. From what I've read there was no selling to the highest bidder. As far as the CIA goes, we don't know everything that they know. I'm sure they reached out to their own sources to gauge how credible the stories were. I'm speculating here, but it seems like the logical process.
  12. Ridiculous. As if Trump is the only rich guy who has become president and had to divest. Legally he doesn't have to, hopefully that changes in the future. But as Mormont pointed out, no one forced Trump to run for president. It's fine though. There's no doubt in my mind that he'll continue to be involved in the business. And it will give investigative reporters an opportunity to bring him down. I have to imagine there will be at least one individual in the administration with a conscience who would be willing to drop a dime on The Donald's dirty dealings.
  13. The logic is wild. People from a land called Palestine can't call themselves Palestinians, but people from a non-existent Israel are Israelis? Yes, the other Arab states surrounding the Palestinians never allowed them to have their own state. So that means Palestinians should never have their own state?
  14. That is a good point. I guess I'm being optimistic. What's interesting to me is that blue states are more successful and pretty much prop up, economically, the red states. Red states are backwards and are takers. Yet we want to turn this country into one big red state.
  15. After 4 years the Democrats should simply be able to point at all destruction caused by the other side and ask, "do you want more of that?"