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  1. Is Rickon the future King in the North?

    I hope not because that means someone else will be the puppet master.
  2. Could Lightbringer be the Night's Watch?

    Shouldn't the first failed forge be that of the Night's King? Ultimately the watch failed to do what it's supposed to do and became a seat of power for the Others.
  3. Could Lightbringer be the Night's Watch?

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but someone mentioned in the Mormont's Raven-a re-read thread that the comet was named Mormont's Torch because of how the torch resembled it and perhaps it might prove pertinent to this thread since it's the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch carrying a torch that looks like the comet that supposedly is one of the signs of the rebirth of Azor Ahai. It can also be taken into consideration that this is before the first fight against the others on the fist of the first men and is telling of what is to come/come again. Here's the quote from A Clash of Kings "The long red tail of Mormont's Torch burned as bright as the moon."
  4. If you could ask George RR Martin one question about ASoIaF

    I understand and fully acknowledge that, but at least I'd know how much to look for and the twists would be expected as well as appreciated.
  5. If you could ask George RR Martin one question about ASoIaF

    I think I'd ask how much westerosi history will repeat itself....I'm crossing my fingers for the Night's King to recur.
  6. Could Lightbringer be the Night's Watch?

    I've been thinking about this theory for a while and my question is whether the three tries to forge the sword can be construed as aspects the blade must obtain and in the previous tries it failed, but in the final forge by true sacrifice it embodied all the aspects needed for lightbringer to be special? So the first break would be with the Night's King: in which the Night's Watch failed to uphold the duty to repel the others or/ failed to be the sword/weapon against the others and allied with them instead. Another could be the failed duty to warn the realm or guide them against the others which could symbolise the horn and the light. The last could be the failure to be the shield for the realm by failing to defend the wall and pieces of it fall. After all this has been done a sacrifice of some sort could revive the watch making it better and stronger in order to defeat the others and thus become lightbringer ? Feel free to ignore the post of a newbie....
  7. Could Lightbringer be the Night's Watch?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the gate is beneath the nightfort, the Night's King's old seat of power, then perhaps the magical properties of the oath have to do with the fact that the Night's King bound the watch to him with some sort of necromancy. Just a guess...