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  1. The Bourne Betrayal

      New trailer. It just seems to be called "Jason Bourne".
  2. SkullpoopL (2/12/16) -- Wolverine: Origins? Totally kidding!

      Chris Stuckmann has given it his highest possible rating. I'll definitely be looking into this.
  3. Video Games: Doing Archaeology With A Shotgun

    Yeah I wouldn't expect TES6 until 2018 at the earliest.
  4. Favorite ending and Books that need sequels

    Cloud Atlas has a great last line. Also really fond of the ending to The Lord of the Rings.
  5. Colonialism: ah, ye olde glorie!

    I'm pretty sure watching Blackadder is a mandatory part of the History curriculum in England.  Astonishing that the last 30 minute episode of that series is more effective at conveying how fucking tragic the war was than any history lesson I ever attended.
  6. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    Yeah I've heard nothing good about the PC version, but I didn't have any issues with the xbox version. It's a very good game IMO and better than it's predecessors in several aspects, but it's also got more glaring flaws than all the previous games. I'd recommend it, but I definitely prefer Arkham City overall.
  7. Colonialism: ah, ye olde glorie!

    Yeah this doesn't surprise me at all. When asked about Britain's colonial past, a lot of Britons are just going to think about how the British Empire was the largest in the history of the world, which is a source of pride for them. As others have said, we simply don't learn enough about the bad shit in school.
  8. Alan Rickman RIP

    God fucking damnit. Rest in peace.
  9. The Best Films of the Year - The 2015 Version

  10. UK Politics - a new thread for the new board What do people think of the idea of England having its own national anthem? Personally I'm all for it. If Scotland and Wales have their own anthems, why shouldn't England? Plus I don't really like God Save the Queen.
  11. The Best Films of the Year - The 2015 Version

    Can someone explain what the problem with the joke with the Swedish princess at the end of Kingsman was? I thought it was fine, if not terribly well delivered.
  12. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    Haha well said.
  13. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    I don't follow. The bolded seem to be contradictory statements. "The fact that it's similar to ANH isn't a problem, but because of this similarity the filmmakers have to work harder." How is the similarity not a problem then? The video points out that when ESB was released, the reception was lukewarm (presumably there were Tauntaun stomachs to hand...heh) and most critics said it was a little too familiar, which is exactly what the biggest criticism of TFA is.
  14. The Best Films of the Year - The 2015 Version

    Barely seen any this year, must catch up. 1. Star Wars TFA 2. Kingsman 3. Ex Machina 4. Inside Out 5. Age of Ultron 6. Rogue Nation 7. Jurassic World Mad Max, the Martian, Spectre, Ant Man, the Revenant and the Hateful Eight are all on my to "watch" list.   I thought Birdman came out last year? It would top this year's list if not. Excellent film.   
  15. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    Chris Stuckmann gives an in-depth explanation of why those of you complaining that it was too similar to ANH are largely talking a bunch of crap.