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  1. Oh no... I should have disliked the first game, somehow didn't though.
  2. I just need to let it be said that today I asked a girl out and she didn't laugh in my face. She even said yes, with some caveats. Also I didn't make a complete tit out of myself while talking to a French person at lunch, on my way home the train doors closed in front of me when I got onto the platform, but then inexplicably opened again and let me on and I ate an ice cream. Today was a good day.
  3. Xbox 360 is the one I had for my teenage years, so it'll always be my favourite. The xbone finds new ways to annoy me every time I switch it on. I also have owned N64, gamecube, ps1, ps2, and the original Xbox as well as handheld consoles, but the 360 will always be my favourite.
  4. Given that Ford isn't in much of the trailer, I'm betting that he dies in the first half.
  5. Please be good!
  6. Would my battleship wife come with a dowery and maybe a beneficial political alliance with her family?
  7. Yeah they look like speeders to me. Not sure why people are saying pod racers. Also it's somewhat concerning that the biggest gripe against TFA is that it takes too many elements from ANH (not really something that bothered me much, but people keep bringing it up), and in this trailer we already see speeders face off against imperial walkers like in Empire.
  8. Le Pen is stepping down from leading the FN. I presume this is an attempt to make her seem more appealing to left-wing voters, but won't it also harm her image in the eyes of the supporters of the FN?
  9. I don't want her to be a Skywalker, but I quite like the idea that she's Obi-Wan's granddaughter.
  10. Huh. Thought they'd have tried to keep Corbyn for as long as possible.
  11. Very pretty and I'm excited, but yeah I'm moderately underwhelmed too.
  12. I wouldn't go as far as saying the cinematography was shitty. I thought it was very pretty at times. Still a mess though.
  13. That was a lot lighter-hearted than I was expecting, but I still liked it.
  14. Thanks guys. Ah yes of course! Happy birthday!
  15. It's my birthday today, and previously I have been on school/university holidays, but not this year. This year I have to work. Growing up sucks.