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  1. Is Sunday the first or last day of the week?

    The last day, of course. Today is Thursday so if someone were to say to me that they would do something next week, they would clearly mean Monday at the earliest. I've not met a single person who considers Sunday to be the first day of the week, at least not publicly. Maybe some of my friends keep this opinion a secret lest they be (deservedly) ridiculed.
  2. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    I always found that incredibly annoying about Civ 5, so this is good news. May pick this game up soon.
  3. Nap Rooms for University Students - Good Idea?

    They call them "lecture theatres" at my uni. Seriously though, this sounds like a paradise so I'm sure the end result would disappoint. Kinda like those puppy rooms they have sometimes.
  4. New Study Finds That Dinosaurs Didn't Roar, Possibly Quacked Like Ducks

    This is just fucking terrible. What has science ever done for us?
  5. Bladerunner 2

    Huh. How did I miss the previous 2047 sequels?
  6. Daily Annoyance, The Eternal

    I start half of my working days at 8, and the other half at 9. There is no set pattern for this so we have a timetable of sorts in the office so we know what time to come in the next day. Stupidly, I forgot to check so I don't know when I'm meant to start tomorrow and I have no way of finding out from home. This means I'm going to have to go in at 8 to be safe, which means possibly getting up an hour too early. Lesson learned.
  7. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    Ahhhhhhh that was amazing. Doesn't give too much away.
  8. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    I'm inevitably going to I watch the trailer when i get home, but how spoilery can it be? Without seeing this trailer (I think) I know the main story beats and I'm sure it will end with all or most of the them dying and transmitting the plans to Leia.
  9. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    PMed you
  10. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    Me! Me! Pick me!
  11. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    I first played Halo and Call of Duty when I was 11, but I tend to think I had quite a sheltered upbringing. A guy I know was playing Halo when he was 6 (with his 10 year old brother) and he turned out fine. Of course it depends on the child. Not sure I'd personally have been comfortable playing Skyrim when I was 7. It's mostly just fantasy violence with some blood, but some of the dungeons have torture chambers etc which are a bit dark IMO.
  12. Trailer Thread III

    Teaser for War for the Planet of the Apes: It does nothing except remind us that it's coming out next year. Looking forward to it though.
  13. Video Games: No Man's Pie

    The Room and its 2 sequels. 3 very atmospheric and fantastic puzzle games, which (for better or worse) have nothing to do with Tommy Wiseau.
  14. Video Games: No Man's Pie

    It's often very amusing to see a mammoth take flight for no reason at all, but it does break immersion and when there are so many glitches it makes Bethesda just look shit at quality control, which is a pisstake when you pay £50 for a new game these days.
  15. Grammar and Terminology Question

    I think it should be "female" if you phrase it like that. Are you not using it as an adjective to describe "equity partner"? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think "woman" is ever used as an adjective. If you have such an aversion to "female", I would just phrase it differently.