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  1. UK Politics: The Overton Defenestration

    I'm on-Trenterhooks. Ugh I'm sorry. I tried.
  2. UK Politics: The Overton Defenestration

    Stoke though...
  3. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    What's so Superb about this Owl? Is it Force sensitive?
  4. What is Your Favorite SEGA Games?

    Medieval II: Total War
  5. Sherlock

    Dropped the ball at the end. Shame, because it was otherwise OK.
  6. Year in Movies: 2016 edition

    I have only seen 7 movies this year and 4 of them were superhero movies. I need to branch out more. Arrival: 8/10 - might be a 9, but I watched it dubbed into German and need to see it in English. Civil War: 8/10 - my favourite Marvel movie, which, considering how many came before it, is quite an achievement. Rogue One: 7/10 - good fun, but lacking in character development. Vader was fucking great though. Deadpool: 7/10 - I like this movie quite a lot, just don't love it. I don't think it holds up to repeat viewings. Doctor Strange: 7/10 - standard Marvel fare, but with especially great effects. Fantastic Beasts: 6/10 - it's fine. It has heart and good characters, but my god the pacing was an issue. BvS: 3/10 - what a boring mess. The Batman warehouse scene is the only redeeming feature.
  7. Rogue One....Brings a New Hope. Full Spoiler Discussion

    The only thing regarding the size of space that annoyed me was the part where they could see the other planets being destroyed from Maz's planet. That was really dumb. Other than that, it wasn't an issue. Luke had gone missing, but that didn't have to mean that he'd gone ridiculously far away.
  8. Rogue One....Brings a New Hope. Full Spoiler Discussion

    But there are other reasons for liking that film other than its similarities to the first movie. The point is that I'm struggling to give a good reason why I liked Rogue One, while I have no such trouble with TFA.
  9. Rogue One....Brings a New Hope. Full Spoiler Discussion

    Yeah no TFA was better. I like Rogue One, but I can sit down and tell you what I liked about TFA, while I'm not sure I could do the same for Rogue One other than "I love Star Destroyers and Darth Vader".
  10. Sherlock

    They said they weren't sure because the camera angles weren't quite right, which sounds like bollocks to me.
  11. Sherlock

    I think Moriarty was great, but I don't at all believe that he is actually back.
  12. Rogue One....Brings a New Hope. Full Spoiler Discussion

    Huh. This is bothering me now because I like this movie, but I can't really refute any of her points.
  13. Sherlock

    Well that was much better than last week, but still not up to standard. I feel that they cheated with the bloke in the kitchen and Mrs Hudson asking who Sherlock was talking to, only to have someone actually there. Also was it just me who thought Mrs Hudson was a bit too much this week? Not sure if the acting was off or something.
  14. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    The original plan was to kill him off in the crash, but they liked Oscar Isaac enough to keep him alive, which is why he doesn't seem to add much. He had great chemistry with Finn though and Isaac's a very good actor, so I'm hoping he gets a more significant role in VIII.
  15. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    Really not a fan of CGI'ing her in for several reasons.