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  1. I don’t know, obviously, but I’m pretty convinced Iron Man is going to bite it. Almost certain that Loki will too. That guy’s faked his death enough times already.
  2. New trailer I’m not excited by the idea of this film at all, but this is a much better trailer than what we’ve had before.
  3. I was circumcised as a child for medical reasons, but beyond that, I see no legitimate reason for circumcision in the UK. I’m not glad I am. It doesn’t really impact my life now, but before I started having sex I was very self conscious about my lack of foreskin. If you can wash regularly, there is no reason for circumcision as far as I’m concerned.
  4. In truth they may be, but the referendum wouldn’t be decided by truth, merely the public perception of the truth.
  5. Because it would look like the establishment elite demanding another vote because they didn’t like the results of the first one. In fact I think Leave would win by a larger amount in a second referendum.
  6. Ok, that explains why he doesn’t blow up the planet, but why is he punching Iron Man in the trailer? I suppose he could be toying with him.
  7. The wit of many people here is amazing.
  8. What I don’t quite get is that Thanos has the power stone in the trailer, which was shown to be able to to destroy a planet in an instant. Surely then if Thanos has such power he could make anyone explode just by touching them? Why then does he bother punching people or even having an army? Surely he could walk through anything anyone could throw at him and if for whatever reason it got to the point where he could lose, he could just touch the ground and destroy the planet.
  9. So are Ant Man and Hawkeye just not in it?
  10. So my girlfriend found this screenshot on reddit of a tweet by the Russian Embassy suggesting the UK government carried out the attack.: The tweet is not on the embassy's twitter anymore, so it's probably been deleted, or it's a fake.
  11. I initially thought May's response was a bit weak, but fortunately we have the Defence Secretary to speak strongly for the nation.
  12. It’s staggering that he lived for 50 years longer than predicted. How lucky we were. May he rest in peace.
  13. 23 Russian diplomats to be expelled.
  14. If evidence is found that Russia is linked to it (despite it already being blindingly obvious), what steps can we take? More sanctions?
  15. That’s really cool about Dafne Keen, didn’t know she’s part British. I’m a bit concerned about the 5 seasons though, considering the story in the books takes place over the course of roughly one year. Kids grow up fast.