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  1. French politics: houlala!

    I'm living and working in Paris at the moment and have quite a bit of time to kill at work, so I've been following this closely for the past month. My money's definitely on Macron, especially with the new forgery accusations against Fillon. Mélenchon and Hamon don't seem to get as much coverage in Le Monde, which is mostly what I've been reading.
  2. UK Politics: Trumpy Cat Trumpy Cat Where Have You Been? Article 50 will be triggered on 29th March. Yay...
  3. Catholocism?

    Well this is ought to end well. If perhaps OP could actually bring something to the table?
  4. UK Politics: Trumpy Cat Trumpy Cat Where Have You Been?

    The government is going to reject a second Scottish referendum... While I agree we've got enough to be dealing with as it is, I feel this will push more people towards independence. I bet the Spanish government's pleased though.
  5. Alien: Covenant

    Is Neil Blomkamp still attached to Alien 5?
  6. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    Watched it this evening and loved it. Jackman in particular was excellent and this was a worthy sendoff.
  7. Awesome. Awesome to the max.

    Congrats on reaching the adult world. I still have at least a year and a half before I get dragged kicking and screaming out of the student life.
  8. Deadpool v SkullpoopL: Dawn of Spoilers

    I was underwhelmed too, tbh. Though I guess I didn't love the first film as much as most people.
  9. Alien: Covenant

    I know it's a trailer and the effects may be better in the movie on release, but that alien didn't look very good IMO.
  10. R.I.P. the great Bill Paxton

    I loved him in Apollo 13
  11. His Dark Materials sequel trilogy: The Book of Dust

  12. His Dark Materials sequel trilogy: The Book of Dust

    Read the trilogy 5 times in a row when I was 12 and I've never loved a book as much as Northern Lights. I've been unwilling to return because it played such a formative role in my adolescence that it's almost became sacred territory in my memory that I don't want to disturb. What with this and the TV series I may have to dip a toe back in. Hopefully I'll be able keep my sanity this time because I'm not as young and impressionable? ETA: Nope I've just read that Lyra will be 20 in the second book i.e. my age. Bollocks. Looks like I'm going back down the rabbit hole.
  13. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    Sub 50Mbps is a backwater? My friend lives not far from my parents and got fibre a couple of years ago and gets around 20Mbps... This whole conversation is making me sad.
  14. Marvel Cinematic Universe General Discussion 6: Just Send Me a Raven T-Bone

    Why is Hulk wearing armour?
  15. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    Meanwhile at my parents' house, 20 miles from London, we get 3 Mbps on a good day.