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  1. Is the centre core definitely lost? I watched it earlier and it was fucking awesome. The two side cores landing simultaneously was the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.
  2. The Imperial Star Destroyer. Just a really simple but cool design, and the way it is introduced is epic.
  3. Well, I’ve never lost a day.
  4. Yeah that was me who asked. I saw the film for a third time on Thursday and spotted that too.
  5. Apart from the first couple of shots, in which I admit he looks really weird, Yoda looks exactly the same as he did in Empire. I’ve seen the film 3 times now, most recently 2 days ago.
  6. I think the most prevalent theme of the film is failure and how the characters learn from it.
  7. She’s only still there because no one else wants the job at the moment. The rest of the party is happy to let her take most of the shit from brexit until it’s over, and then someone else will swoop in. I expected her to go after the election, but she’s clung on, or maybe more accurately been forced to stay.
  8. I'm looking at getting either Empire or Napoleon TW in the steam sale (75% off), and I'm asking for recommendations. What's better? I understand that they're very similar but Napoleon has a narrower focus. Also how does the combat compare to Medieval 2, given how different the form of warfare is? Bearing in mind also that my laptop is quite crap and will remain so for quite a while, though I might get a new one after I graduate next year.
  9. It would mean the bombs at the bottom wouldn’t be dropping very fast and would be caught up by the ones at the top, but yeah this is what I thought.
  10. Maybe, but there are embers falling from the ceiling in the part where he’s trying to convince Rey to join him. It’s thematically appropriate imagery, but I can’t think of a hard reason for it.
  11. One thing I noticed is that the throne room is burning after Rey and Ren have killed the guards, but before the ramming. I couldn’t work out why. Did the fight really cause that much damage to the room? It’s like an editing mistake and it’s meant to take place after the crash, except Rey can see the transports being fired on through the monitor.
  12. I’ve always thought the howls were created by him using the Force.
  13. Just got back from seeing it a second time. I was very conflicted the first time I saw it (Friday) and now I’ve had time to think. Man, I’m sorry a lot of you didn’t like it, because I bloody loved it the second time around. I think it’s going to age like a fine wine.
  14. Yeah I definitely read it as the effort that killed him. I’m surprised at the number of people putting Rogue One above TLJ and a bit saddened by all those putting the prequels ahead. It’s interesting that the reactions from normal moviegoers vary so much, considering that the critics’ reactions were overwhelmingly positive.
  15. Hm maybe Yoda setting fire to the tree is a metaphor for Johnson setting fire to fan expectations and theories / Star Wars tropes. I don’t know I just fucking loved that scene.