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  1. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    Three-Cheers and love to Manwoody - I won't be able to make the fun. The excuse is droll.
  2. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    This worldcon thing sounds fun- count me in.
  3. Sasquan Worldcon Reports

    Iron Maiden karaoke is only appropriate if there are boobies delightfully pressed against windows. If you stay in any of the Davenports you can room charge at any of them - fun fact #1 The goldfish sleeping in the central fountain are not extreme sushi and it is frowned upon to eat or attempt to woo them - fun fact #2
  4. Sasquan Spokane WC 2015 Attendance Headcount Thread

    :(  that really sucks
  5. Sasquan Worldcon Reports

      You know that includes waking up in a gutter without your dignity, right?  You have been warned.
  6. It is smoky here with all the fires raging in the pacific northwest - no doubt the work of the devil bunny, which I blame of course.  Checked in to the Davenport - looking forward to seeing everyone.
  7. Sasquan Spokane WC 2015 Attendance Headcount Thread

    Will be there
  8. Sasquan Spokane 2015 Worldcon

    Awesome news!! Can't wait to see you again and everyone else for that matter.
  9. Sasquan Spokane 2015 Worldcon

    Can't wait to see everyone - will be there with bells on (and maybe only bells)
  10. BWB Norcal IV + I =5

    I am here :)
  11. BWB Norcal IV + I =5

    This sounds awesome - some Aussie BwBers I would love to meet. Count me in! Would be great to get some pre-partying fun in before Chicago. /wave Eddard Stark
  12. The Brotherhood Without Banners

    Nice post and well said!
  13. RIP EHK

    EHK - love you - miss you - thank you. Can't wait to see you again some day for debates and laughter. You have touched so much and so many - there are no words to explain. To your family and those dear, know how much EHK meant to so many, and we share tears with you. Thank you for what you gave me and showed me. Thank you.