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  1. First off, briantw is right about virtually everything he said and you guys arguing with him are all wrong. It is actually spooky how consistently he has been right. (Well, other than the "beta bitch" comment.) Particularly: - Wiggins is a really bad defender. (From way back, but I always wanted to point this out when people are commenting about the Love trade). - No comparison between Lebron's situation and Durant's. Lebron's move was weak too (and he was killed for it) but this is on another level. I would be shocked if Russ commits to signing long term with Boston (and consequently, shocked if Boston gives up good assets without that commitment). Dude was born in Long Beach, raised in Hawthorne (as in Hawthorne, CA. Beach Boys, baby!), went to high school in LA, went to UCLA. If he is leaving OKC, he is going to Lakers, no? Re: GS bench: They resigned Ian Clarke. I thought he was pretty good in limited time last year and seemed ready for more minutes and responsibility. Add Iggy, Livingston, David West's corpse, they still have a decent bench. The key is: If they have extended injuries to their core guys at the same time, there will be a huge drop off. If they are as healthy as they have been the last two years, they should be fine. They are really running low on big guys though. If they run into injuries there or face foul trouble, they would be forced to go small much longer than ideal. Re: GS's salary cap: Unless the rules change significantly with a new CBA, they can definitely bring everybody back since they have bird rights for everyone except for Durant. I don't think the luxury tax bill be that high even for the first couple of years. It can really go up 3-4 years down the line though.
  2. You don't have to sign players to hit the floor though. You can fall short, you just end up paying the difference to those players on your roster. I think Philly fell short last year (or the year before?) Of course, if you are spending that money one way or the other, you may as well sign someone for a year, but there is no need to give a large 3-4 year deal to a 8-9th guy just to make it to the floor this year. Of course, this being the NBA, when GMs have the opportunity to spend, they go crazy...I think many will regret it down the line, especially the $20+ millions thrown to midlevel guys. It makes sense this year with rookie caps stuck in the past and virtually all the contracts entered in the past are for lower numbers. In 2-3 years, when new extensions for top rookies and new max deals start appearing and clogging up (even the increased cap), these contracts will look too cumbersome. But many teams will probably be fine with whatever they are paying for 2 year contracts (or even for 3 years).
  3. Well, he was not exactly wrong
  4. 2016 NBA FINALS - Runnin' it Back

    This came up last year when Lebron was even better than this year (and had much less support). I seem to remember people saying it happened once (Jerry West?) but it is definitely not common. Given that Lebron didn't get it last year, I don't think there is any way he gets it this year if they lose.
  5. Yeah. Durant is showing, once again, he is not a winner. Dude just shrinks under pressure on the big stage. He is still supremely talented. In theory, he can completely go off and do a Klay Thompson in Game 7. But I'll have to see it to believe it. I really wonder what OKC players are thinking right now. They killed themselves and basically did everything right, just to see their stars waste it away trying to play hero ball. Not sure how you get motivated one day after that. Though, a lot of the credit goes to GSW. I am one of the those guys who think they have never really been tested in the playoffs in the last two years, but they indeed showed that they have the heart of a champion. eta: Heh, Jobronius basically stole my post as I was typing it...
  6. I am surprised to hear that he played 10 mins, I would have thought it would be 5-6. As Prince of Dorne said, he came in at the start of 2nd quarter, hit a bunch of shots within a couple of minutes, lost a ball and was taken out, never to be seen again. (May have entered within the last 30 secs when the game was over). There wasn't any chance to judge his defense really. I thought he was playing very well, they could have used him more (say, instead of Foye, who wasn't doing much). True, but I also think both teams are getting very favorable calls on their home courts. There aren't many big time mistakes (except for Westbrook's moonwalk) but there seem to be quite a bit of inconsistency. Westbrook and Durant has a much easier time getting calls at home. Maybe it does not matter since they ended up blowing GSW away both times, but I think it helps their psyche. When the game gets tight and they are not really clicking, a couple of bailout calls here and there help them keep momentum and then they find an opening and go for the kill. Whereas on the defense, OKC is defending Curry very aggressively, especially off the ball and getting away with it. On the other hand, the script seemed to flip in the last game. There was a lot of contact in OKC's drives and also in off the ball defense, especially in the first and in the last quarter that the refs let go. Yet GSW was able to get calls for much less. I enjoyed the series overall, especially the fact that it is quite unpredictable. I have no idea what to expect (especially from Curry and Westbrook) next game. Can't wait!
  7. NBA 2016 Playoffs Edition: Farewell, Kobe!

    Actually, it does.
  8.   Don't forget Generation Kill, which is awesome.  
  9.   Dunno, it was a bit too neat for me.   Re: Series overall:  On one had, it did not seem like there was 6 hours of material.  On the other hand, i felt like certain things were underdeveloped.   Better than Treme though, that's for sure. :p
  10. I don't have high standards when it comes to sci-fi (and SyFy): For example, I find Defiance a perfectly acceptable way to waste an hour. But I couldn't bear watching the pilot of Killjoys. It was just so boring.
  11. Ripper Street- a Spook and a Sellsword

    I should not be in this thread, as I am watching it on BBC America and they only showed 2 episodes, but damn...The last 15-20 mins of that Episode 2...I don't know what to say. This show does so many subtle things so well. "Reid..Do not do this, brother. Do not do this!" Damn!
  12. The Good Wife 2: The Good Fight

    It seemed like Aaron Sorkin wrote this episode. Back to the basics, please...
  13. The Good Wife 2: The Good Fight

    Yeah, Kalinda will die, sacrificing herself for Cary.
  14. The Good Wife 2: The Good Fight

    Not feeling the last two episodes. I never thought I would say this but apparently there is such a thing as "too much Elsbeth..." :leaving: I do like that they are not taking the easy way out with Alicia though. She is becoming more and more unlikable tough it is much more realistic than her staying a saint. Thinking back to the first season and how Alicia and Carey were then, it is quite amazing how they changed (in opposite ways).