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  1. Ancalagon, you are a beast. Please keep posting these threads, you put so many shows on my radar. Just yesterday, I was watching Godless (and loving it ) and thinking that I probably would not have found it if not you had posted about it like six months ago . Much thanks!
  2. The Kelly praise was always misguided, or at the very least was a product of wishful thinking. It should have stopped when he went out of his way to support Trump's ridiculous claim that Obama wiretapped him: Noone expects him to lay into Trump or say he is wrong, but if he was half the man he was being portrayed as, he could just have stopped at "I don't know anything about it." This is from the memory, but I'm pretty sure many other people in / around the administration and the congress did precisely that. But no, Kelly had to continue, voluntarily. "I don't pretend to even guess as to what the motivation may have been for the previous administration to do something like that." !!! Such a disgusting sycophant.
  3. I did not like it either. I didn't like most of what happened since episode 3 and almost nothing that happened in the last 3 episodes. At some point in the middle of the season I was thinking "This is not as good as the previous seasons, but it's still good." But now I'm thinking that was mostly due to goodwill carried from the previous seasons coloring my view. And it did evolve to something different than Fargo in the last few episodes, which would have been fine if it was well executed, but it just wasn't. Top to bottom, this season arguably had the best cast of all seasons on paper, but most of the performances either fell flat or failed to leave an impression as the writing / plot didn't really give them much to work with. Whereas in previous seasons, so many actors (even those who were unknown) gave memorable performances, even in limited screen time. It required an incredible amount of suspension of disbelief. And maybe suspension of disbelief is not even the right word. Seemed like they were intentionally playing up the improbability of those events and I guess this is somehow connected to the overall theme of "This is a [true] story" (together with a bunch of unexplained / improbable / fantastical things that happened in the second half of the season), but to me, it's all disjointed and haphazard. I feel that the creator is trying to make a point, but I have no idea what that is and honestly, the show did not capture my interest enough to think too deeply about it.
  4. I honestly don't see it. He is not closing that fast and he is barely jumping. His left foot is actually on the ground, safely away from Kawhi when Kawhi shoots it. Then as he is turning away, he takes another step and extends his leg right underneath Kawhi. As Pop said it does not look like a natural move. I know these type of injuries happen my mistake, but this looks very shady to me.
  5. Seriously... They were up by 2 with 3:00 mins or so to go. Gave up 7 points and then committed a charge, so all of a sudden, Celtics were up by 5, had the ball with 1:30 to go...And I was thinking: This is exactly what happens to Wizards (or really, all of Washington sports teams...) Then they made one clutch play after another, both on offence and defense! It was unbelievable. And it was not like Celtics chocked either, they also had 2-3 very good plays it that last minute,
  6. I think the decline of Danny Green is directly tied to the ascendance of Kawhi Leonard. This seems unfair to Kawhi, but I think there is a lot of truth in it. He is a fantastic player, but as he started becoming a superstar and dominating the ball more and more, the Spurs system / other players suffered. It is a difficult situation. You don't want to give up all that Kawhi is doing for the team, but the rest of the team seems to do much better when the system works more precisely. Those 2013 / 2014 teams were something else, arguably with less talent than the current roster.
  7. Exactly this. I don't think Trump is trying to conceal any Russian ties, either personal or by the campaign. That would require for him to think that there are things to conceal in the first place. Which would mean him admitting that there are problems, weaknesses, things he did that were wrong...He is simply incapable of admitting that. This is a bit of me playing armchair psychiatrist, but still: When Trump says "Russia is fake news. I never had anything to do with Russia. Never had any business in Russia" etc., I'm pretty sure that he 100% believes what he is saying. It's as if he lives in multiple alternate realities: as he says one thing, everything in the past that contradicts his current thinking does not exist for all intents and purposes. And if someone reminds him of those, the reality changes again to justify why that thing is not an issue or contradiction. So I think he genuinely believes that Russia story is completely bogus. And Comey should have been out there shutting this down, or at the very least shouting from the rooftops that it is bogus. He did not do that, which made Trump mad and now he is acting out.
  8. He rehabilitated his image with a competent stint on Homeland. He is cool now.
  9. I gotta admit, I'm impressed. They really don't give a fuck.
  10. Why do you guys do this? Why lie so blatantly? What is the point?
  11. I just watched the final season and felt I had to resurrect this thread from the dead to comment on how great it was. I felt that the fourth season was somewhat of a step back after the third, but everything they set up then paid off big time in the final season. Uncle Benjen really knocked one out of the park. The guy who used to be Robin Hood was excellent as well. (The episode that focused on him was incredible I thought, even though it barely included the people we know). So was his brother. And all the rest of the actors were excellent as usual. The last half hour of the final episode did not really work for me (I honestly have no idea what they were trying to accomplish there) but other than that, a really awesome ending. I thought this series was a bit pretentious when it first started, even a bit hard to watch, but it really evolved in to something else over time. So much genuine emotion, and they were able to convey it so brilliantly. The ability to slowly build all these feelings to devastating effect at the end...No other show really did that for me recently.
  12. There was no such question. Just people refusing to admit the obvious How do we know he did not make them better? None of his teammates have any track record of doing anything playing without Russ, like ever. (accept maybe for Taj Gibson, when he was the 5th / 6th option on the Bulls and much, much younger). What if this is all they can become at this stage in their careers, despite Russ making things easy for them? Do we really know if Oladipo is actually any good? (By the way, playing with Russ, he had the best shooting percentage of his career). Andre Robertson, who cannot score unless it's a layup? Grant? The Skinny Spanish Rookie? The so-called Mcbuckets, whom the imploding Bulls gave away for nothing (even though they should need outside shooting as they are one of the worst 3-point shooting teams in the NBA). And, even though these players may have value in the right context, the real problem is that the squad is very poorly constructed, especially in the guard / wing rotation. The pieces don't fit. It is full of athletes trying to play basketball with little shooting, little natural flow / basketball IQ, little creativity / shot creation. When the playoffs come, and everyone is hustling (except, maybe for James Harden :)), you need some extra buckets out of nowhere (like Lou Williams, and Eric Gordon did again and again, and even Nene, and Anderson did every once in a while). OKC guys do look like trash because they are not capable of doing those things. What does he do not to tolerate? Shoot 1000 free throws a day with Robertson? There is an identification problem here. A chicken-egg problem, if you will. RW does try too much. In this series, he particularly forced it 4th quarters, and ended up hurting his shooting percentage, increase # of shots and usage even more (and they were already high). Seems to me that he was convinced that that was the only way they could win: I hate ball hogs, I hated Kobe (and watched pretty much all of his games for 8 years straight), yet in this particular instance, even as I was thinking "Dude, enough, stop jacking" I was also convinced that that is the only way OKC can have a chance. So, are OKC folks less effective because they don't get enough chances? Or are they do not get enough chances because they are mostly ineffective? If Lou Williams was in the OKC squad, would he have gotten the Robertson treatment from Russ? Ultimately, we will never know what would have happened if Russ has a slightly better fitting roster. For example take: any guard / wing from OKC's bench. (Grant? Abrines? Cole? whoever). Switch him with Lou Williams. Or even Eric Gordon. There is no doubt in my mind that OKC will win that series. But obviously, there is no way to know. And that's why this MVP discussion is so fascinating.
  13. Exactly this. At some point, these MVP arguments need to take into account the fact that a few years ago, NBA refs collectively agreed to call a foul every single time Harden travels, throws himself to the poor defender and throw his arms in the air. And repeat this 8-10 times every single game... It is hard to distinguish Harden and Westbrook based on the stats. I like to think "What would have happened to the two teams if you switched the two?" I think Houston will be the same or better, and Westbrook will easily have more assists (though potentially less points). I think OKC will easily be worse and Harden will definitely have less assists, probably significantly so. (No easy assists from outside shooters, no super-athletic bigs for easy rolls to the rim). Actually, I think if Harden was saddled with this OKC team, he would have demoralized very early on in the season and would have checked out like he did in the past (though obviously we have no way of knowing that for sure).
  14. No kidding. The level of illusion, narcissism, just overall inability to form a coherent thought with any semblance of logic.. I should be used to it by now, but for some reason, I was still surprised when I read this. And also very depressed.