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  1. NBA 2016 Playoffs Edition: Farewell, Kobe!

    Actually, it does.
  2. Refugee Crisis 2 - a warm welcome in Germany

      Does the article say any of the bolded part?
  3. Refugee Crisis

      This is a really tough issue for me.  I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly, but realistically, there is such a thing as "too many."   The official number of Syrian refugees in Turkey is 1.9 million.  I don't think anyone knows the real number.  You put that many, largely unqualified people in a country that has fucked up social services, huge income inequality and unemployment in the first place, as well as a general inability to plan and organize (especially in the state level) is an extremely difficult situation all around.       Sorry, this makes no sense, whatsoever. Particularly "join the army" part.
  4.   Don't forget Generation Kill, which is awesome.  
  5.   Dunno, it was a bit too neat for me.   Re: Series overall:  On one had, it did not seem like there was 6 hours of material.  On the other hand, i felt like certain things were underdeveloped.   Better than Treme though, that's for sure. :p
  6. The Brink

    I love this one, even though it is a bit preachy at times.   It does not seem to generate a lot of conversation tough.
  7. I don't have high standards when it comes to sci-fi (and SyFy): For example, I find Defiance a perfectly acceptable way to waste an hour. But I couldn't bear watching the pilot of Killjoys. It was just so boring.
  8. Funny things happen at exhibition games. NBA started a Europe exhibition tour about 10 years ago and European teams win 1 out of 3 games. Herta Berlin (an OK team, but no European superpower) beat the NBA champion Spurs last year. Means nothing, really. Leaving this aside, comparing to a top-team from Spain to CCRM is like comparing Kentucky to a middle of the road collage team from Division II (and that is probably being generous). Depends on what you mean by competing. European leagues are quite top heavy. The quality of the leagues vary a lot, so it's not like Kentucky would lose every game. They could probably hang with some teams in some games. Moreso in mid-level leagues. But I agree with Czarlos, they would be annihilated by top Euroleague teams. It's also hard for me to see them being favored against most teams in a league like Spain. Think about the Notre Dame game. The lower level teams in Spain would be Notre Dame on steroids.
  9. Why? Otto was one of the few things that worked in the latter seasons of SoA. To me, the bad sign is casting Katey Sagal, as Red Snow said. Excited above Matthew Rhys though. Never seen him anywhere else but he is unbelievable in Americans.
  10. Ripper Street- a Spook and a Sellsword

    I should not be in this thread, as I am watching it on BBC America and they only showed 2 episodes, but damn...The last 15-20 mins of that Episode 2...I don't know what to say. This show does so many subtle things so well. "Reid..Do not do this, brother. Do not do this!" Damn!
  11. It seemed like Aaron Sorkin wrote this episode. Back to the basics, please...
  12. Yeah, Kalinda will die, sacrificing herself for Cary.
  13. Not feeling the last two episodes. I never thought I would say this but apparently there is such a thing as "too much Elsbeth..." :leaving: I do like that they are not taking the easy way out with Alicia though. She is becoming more and more unlikable tough it is much more realistic than her staying a saint. Thinking back to the first season and how Alicia and Carey were then, it is quite amazing how they changed (in opposite ways).
  14. The Expanse optioned for Television Series

    Well, the actor does look like a teenager... :leaving:
  15. The Expanse optioned for Television Series

    I already told 5 people that Daniel Abraham publicly smacked me down. It's my greatest geek moment.