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  1. Dude, you just don't get art. I saw Wind River the other day and really enjoyed it. It had some great visuals, acting and an explosive ending. It was written and directed by Taylor Sheridan who also wrote Hell or High Water and Sicario. This guy is on fire right now.
  2. Exactly what I was thinking. Hopefully he's just being dramatic and knew the cameras were following him.
  3. Giants offense still looks like hell. Glad they didn't address the O-line at all. Ughh Get Beckham the fuck out of this game.
  4. It's gotten to the point where I'm actually surprised when Judge makes an out with any type of contact. He went from must see to cringe-worthy pretty quickly. I'm hoping he snaps out of it sometime soon.
  5. I went with my family in 1989 and saw the town I grew up in (TrumbulI, CT) win the championship. I was 9 y/o and still remember a lot of the game. Ex-NHL player Chris Drury pitched and came up with a big hit I believe. Good times. I also remember my dad getting pulled over for speeding in Pennsylvania on the way home and the cop let us go with no ticket after seeing we lived in Connecticut. ETA: Grandyman off to Dodgers. How ecstatic must he be?
  6. This 7th inning is never fucking ending. Yankees should have blown it wide open, but didn't. Another pathetic loss to the Sawx. Why Chapman is in is beyond me?
  7. RIP Sonny Landham. Probably most famous for his role as Billy in Predator.
  8. At least you're not a Cowboys fan! Fucking Sawks came back again. Ughh
  9. So The Streak is in real jeopardy. Judge will probably get another ab in the 9th though. He also hit a moonshot earlier. @dmc515 I saw that you're a 49er fan in the NFL forum. Disappointing, man. Didi!
  10. Gary is definitely warm right now. Chapman going slider happy yesterday. He is just a mental case right now. And Judge going for the K streak record tonight! 32 games and counting...
  11. Ha, we both know that won't happen unless there is several disasters. Joe is loyal to a fault. Good win though. I fell asleep when it was 3-0 and woke up to a pleasant surprise. Tanaka to the DL.
  12. I planned on watching it when it premiered, and before seeing critics thoughts, but forgot about it. I knew if I saw lukewarm reviews then I probably wouldn't even bother (kinda hate that I'm like that but it is what it is). I will definitely like it more now that my expectations are lowered though. This much more horrifying ending has me intrigued. Also agree about Dano. You know an actor is great when he can stand out in a film with Daniel Day-Lewis.
  13. For anybody watching Snowfall is it good? I saw it only had a 59% rating on RT. Also, has anyone ever read the story that The Prestige was based on?
  14. Some trouble for the youngins in NY. Judge has a 24 game strikeout streak going in which he has K'd 40 times in that stretch. I know he's only a rookie and has put up unreal numbers but damn! He just seems completely lost lately, letting meatballs go and then swinging at pure garbage. And Sanchez' defense has cost him some playing time. I think it's just pure laziness with him. There were questions about his commitment and effort when he was in the minors so really no surprise here. More alarming to me is that other teams are on to the fact that he waves at basically any shit offspeed pitch(especially outside ones) when he has 2 strikes.
  15. Yankees bats have went away again. Not fun to watch at all.