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  1. Not gonna lie, I thought Okafor was gonna be a superstar. Yes, we need to get top 3 badly. I haven't seen too much of Ayton, or any of Doncic, but any one of those 3 seem to be a pretty safe pick from all the stuff I've been reading... and the internet is never wrong.
  2. It looks like Cashman and Todd Frazier's agent have officially been talking about his return.
  3. Bulls, please stop winning games. Mirotic finally gets over his feelings being hurt and they win 3 fucking straight with him. Very disappointing. I've also been watching gross Duke just to get a glimpse of Bagley and he's lived up to they hype from what I've seen. Dude is a stud and Chicago needs him. Kawhi probably returning tonight. Hooray for my fantasy team!
  4. Yes, that game worries me.
  5. Lol. Ain't happening. I watched about 5 minutes of the game today and Giants receiver had like 3 drops in that time. They hungry for that 2 pick! That Wentz hit did look scary live. Damn.
  6. Yeah, Curb really delivered for me as well. Loved almost every episode. I watched a new movie called Sweet Virginia starring Jon Bernthal and Christopher Abbott. It was getting pretty solid reviews but I thought it was just ok. I'm so used to seeing Bernthal as the tough guy and Abbott as a softy that it was kind of distracting seeing their roles reversed, even know Abbott did a solid job as a weirdo sociopath.
  7. A few websites are reporting that the Yankees and Marlins reached a deal for Stanton. No details yet but this is pretty shocking to me. I know there were talks going on but I didn't really expect this to actually happen. $295 million owed to an injury-prone monster. The kid in me is excited as hell, but that fucking contract is so obnoxious. I guess no Machado or Harper for next year?
  8. Haha! That's kind of touching actually. To know that the Yankees were still on your minds in any possible way at such a moment. But yeah, that takes the cake.
  9. Do we need a translator for us non-Italian speakers? Does it even matter?
  10. Well, do tell. I'm interested to see how high Ohtani's value is in the fantasy baseball world, especially in auction leagues.
  11. Seriously, that was a long 2 minutes. Looks so dumb.
  12. It's official now. Good for GSP for vacating the title so quickly.
  13. 1. Gomorrah- s2 2. Big Little Lies 3. Curb Your Enthusiasm- s9 4. Stranger Things- s2 5. Mindhunter 6. The Missing- s2 7. Vice Principals- s2 8. The Punisher 9. Fargo-s3 10. Better Call Saul- s3 11. GoT 12. Taboo The Punisher had its moments but overall it was kind of disappointing.
  14. I watched it for the first time a few weeks back and thought it was excellent. Heat was on yesterday and I caught it at the beginning. What a great film that is, the bank scene is still insane.