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  1. Giants are gonna be tested the first seven weeks.
  2. I was thinking basically the same thing during it. Like how does Affleck watch this movie after and feel that it’s good? I gotta watch this soon. It’s been on my radar.
  3. Please don’t let me down.
  4. Another vote for Gomorrah. Live by Night has been on HBO recently so I gave it a chance, and it’s as bad as advertised. I made it like halfway through before I tapped out. Just boring and very predictable. Affleck’s character is loved and feared by all for some odd reason. Just silly. I’m 4 episodes into The Terror and liking it.
  5. Well damn. RIP.
  6. Good call! I didn’t know about this option but will definitely take advantage of it now. I watched the first 2 episodes today and was mad I would have to watch it week-to-week soon enough.
  7. I watched Lady Bird last night and enjoyed it a lot. I’m a sucker for coming-of-age movies anyways but it was really well done. Saoirse Ronan and her bff were awesome in it. I think I’m going to start The Terror today.
  8. Yeah, the Homer Simpson technique gets harder and harder to do the higher up he gets.
  9. Another frustrating fight for Condit. He gets himself in trouble with a dumb, wild kick to start the 2nd round, then has a chance to stand it back up but passes on it... and gets tapped out a minute later. I know he was trying to tire Oliveria out but just not a smart decision IMO. I really hope he hangs it up soon. Poirier-Gathje now!
  10. Yeah, that was funny as hell. I would’ve been thinking the same thing if I was part of that crew. Were the ants giants, normal size or just abnormally bigger on that one island? I mean at least it wasn’t spiders. That was a really fun and wild one, just not knowing what craziness they would run into next. This would be a good cartoon movie, or something. Great job as usual and I look forward to the next one.
  11. What about Kevin Costner then?
  12. I was curious about that also. Seems odd people would be upset over that. Gary fucking needed that. Thanks Fenway.
  13. I’ve had him as a keeper in my main nerd league since he was a rookie so I’m used to his ups and downs. He’ll be just fine, if he can stay healthy of course.
  14. It was a great play but Givens was going to block Didi before the ball was even tossed, and he actually had to reach to his left to catch it so the ball absolutely didn’t take him to that spot like they explained after the game. I’m just trying to understand the new rules because I figured that was a huge no-no nowadays. A few seasons ago I would never have even thought about questioning a play like that. April strikeouts bring May less strikeouts. ETA: Also just finally saw Rendon’s ejection. Holy shit. He flicked his bat and that was it. Absurd.
  15. It’s April, they’ll be fine. But this series has been incredibly annoying to watch. Did anyone happen to see the play Friday when Didi was called out at home on the passed ball in the 10th inning? How is that not blocking the plate? I don’t know the official rules on that particular play because it was the pitcher and the ball was flipped to that spot I guess; but they made contact before the ball even got to his glove. I really wanted to see Showalter absolutely lose his shit if it was overruled too.