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  1. While both seasons were great I think I prefer season 1 more also. Billy Bob really brought the heat. Obviously hoping the current season picks it up a little too.
  2. Shooter's roll! Great effort and finally a decent game. Lebron is obviously done
  3. Check out Gomorrah for a proper 'piss in the cup now drink it' scene.
  4. Just got home and remembered the game was on. Holy hell! Get us to the finals already.
  5. That really sucks for Freeman, he's been absolutely raking. Teheran hit Bautista in his first at-bat today. He missed with his 1st attempt though. Pillar yelled it because he had sour grapes that Motte struck him out on a quick pitch. Dumb all around.
  6. Very sad to hear. Like A Stone is one of my favorite songs ever. RIP
  7. Wall having a brutal 4th quarter.
  8. En fuego!!
  9. Wizards taking some bad shots and Celtics just keep gaining confidence. This may get ugly here in the 4th.
  10. He is a superb actor and he was great in it but I am still surprised he won too. A must-see movie though.
  11. Spread went from 5.5 to 8.5 after Kawhi was announced out. In my younger (and dumber) days I would've bet the house on Houston. Nice not to be a degenerate gambler anymore. Sloppy basketball the last few minutes.
  12. Most likely. I'm probably just overthinking it.
  13. Agreed, best episode of the season so far. The Varga-Emmit interaction and new character Lopez were both great. Michael Stuhlbarg is awesome as Sy Feltz too, he cracks me up everytime he's in a scene. What's up with Varga puking? It didn't look like he was making himself so it so maybe it's just a condition.
  14. Some things can't be unseen. The trailer was incredible though. I'm really excited for this now.
  15. Yankees complete the sweep in 18 innings. Suck it, champs!