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  1. Same.
  2. Brutal loss by NY today. Their bullpen walks 6, hits a batter and gives up 3 runs in 1.2 innings after Severino pitches an absolute gem. Ughh
  3. Ha, they just announced Wade is getting called up tomorrow.
  4. And Castro just left this game with a hamstring strain. That fucking hurts. I keep telling myself that this team is young and ahead of schedule overall, but it has been very frustrating as hell watching them lately. In a keeper league I'm in I have to choose between Judge and Sanchez at the end of the year. I'm leaning towards Judge right now but catcher is such a scarce position.
  5. Awesome. I'll start it soon. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me was on one of the movie channels yesterday so I watched it. I always liked it. I remember having it on VHS so me and my sister watched it many times growing up. She was absolutely terrified of Bob.
  6. I'm really excited for Snowfall. I finished the first season of Twin Peaks. It obviously has some cheesiness but I think it held up for the most part. I wanna finish a rewatch before I start the new one, but I saw that the second season has 22 episodes(first had 8). That's a bit much. Anyone watching the new season? Enjoying it?
  7. I couldn't recommend the movie enough. The performances by Ben Mendelsohn and Jacki Weaver as Pope and Smurf are incredible and chilling. It has a more subtle approach to the criminal aspects of the family than the show(I watched about 4 episodes) but Michôd portrays plenty of tension and drama filled scenes throughout. The score is brilliant too.
  8. Are you arguing with yourself? How do we break that up?
  9. That's what I did too. Although episode 8 or 9 didn't have subtitles so that sucked. Yup, I really can't think of a bad episode. It's just amazing. I tell everyone I know about it, but unfortunately reading subtitles is a big turnoff to many. Their loss.
  10. I figured it was long overdue for this show to get its own thread. Holy shit what an ending! I usually don't get too surprised at stuff on tv anymore but Don Pietro going after Ciro's daughter was pretty fucking shocking, and ruthless as hell. I knew that Genny would most likely pick Ciro in the end but I didn't see that shit coming. The actor who played Pietro was brilliant too. His presence will be missed but his death will obviously open up everything again. Despite all the characters being pretty awful humans, who did everyone root for? I stuck with Ciro the whole time. Genny won me over this season too so it's gonna be interesting to see where they go next with the pair of them and their ego's. Malammore was great also but he went too far in the finale. I'm sure he's gonna take over and go after Genny now so that will be fun. I think I'm gonna wait like a month or 2 and watch both seasons again in a short time. I spaced it out too much and feel like I forgot a lot of shit that went on. Either way it's a brilliant show and can't wait for the release of season 3, whenever that will be.
  11. My favorite part was Cespedes having a chat with Puig about it, because he never poses or takes his time rounding the bases after homers. Whiners. Judge mashes his 25th, but NY blows a 5-1 lead. The AL west owns them.
  12. Do you think you're above the rules of Fig club? Did I just break the first rule?
  13. Update: 1. Gomorrah- season 2 2. Big Little Lies 3. The Missing- season 2 4. Better Call Saul- season 3 5. Taboo
  14. Speaking of home runs, the highest amount per game for each team is 1.17 set in 2001. This year it is at 1.27. Not surprisingly the strikeout average of 8.21 per game would also be a record high. As the youngsters say- go big or go home. It would also be nice if Yankees could win a fucking game.
  15. Damn, shitty news. I remember my buddy just randomly picking up The Infamous when it came out and we were blown away by it. I played it nonstop in high school. Truly a classic. RIP