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  1. Also, why pitch McCann inside at all? He can only pull balls basically. Sigh...
  2. Too many fucking changeups.
  3. This is getting annoying.
  4. The first episode or so I definitely noticed the dialogue, but I barely see it anymore. Maybe I just got used to it? Them as a couple did seem a little weird to me too but I know some pretty weird couples in real life.
  5. Fucking walks. Ughh ETA: The 3-1 called strike on Hicks...sure.
  6. Frazier just looked like one of us going up against Verlander. Yeesh.
  7. He's throwing mostly all strikes. They just keep getting under everything, or missing.
  8. I'm just happy Uconn is getting mentioned at all nowadays. Thank you.
  9. The top of Astros order has been a little too quiet, that makes me nervous. Hopefully we get to Verlander early on.
  10. Same here. Sometimes it was really good and fit what was going on perfectly, and other times it was just a very loud distraction.
  11. Wild game so far.
  12. Winning cures all.
  13. Yup. Just saw it for the first time and the sound was sickening. That was fucking brutal.