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  1. I loved these!! I remember my buddy getting a box of the series 2 cards when they first came out and opening all the packs. Seeing everyone's stats blew us away. I think this is the first time I saw Thanos too. I liked that the series 1 had some random made up win/loss record too.
  2. So I finally watched the movie yesterday and I actually liked most of what they did differently from the book. The Ritual movie and book spoilers:
  3. "Stringy! Where the fuck is Wallace? Huh? Stringy!"
  4. Jez is a flat-earther. She also thinks the moon is a huge base run by an elite alien life form that started the human race because they got bored of reality tv shows on their own planet.
  5. Sheeeeeeit
  6. Yup, still annoyed about this. Basically from what I read is that Cinemax wanted to go with more action-type shows instead, and they shopped Quarry around to other networks but to no avail.
  7. Yeah, the banter just seemed so unnatural and forced in that scene... but harping on the fact that the family has adopted kids from different backgrounds is just silliness.
  8. How can I possibly know such a thing beforehand?
  9. To save $3.65 million apparently? Weird.
  10. Did anyone else catch the first episode of Here and Now on HBO? I hadn't planned on watching it but figured why not. It has a few interesting ideas but highly doubt I'll stick with it. This show kinda reminds me of The Newsroom(I only got a few episodes in), where it takes itself way too seriously and just comes off as pretentious and annoying instead of witty. One scene in particular was cringy as hell and I almost turned it off there: I'll see how the 2nd episode goes. Also, Rita Sue from Carnivàle made a brief appearance so that was cool.
  11. I forgot to DVR this before I left. I didn't miss shit?
  12. I'm hella lazy so the prisoner would escape in like 5 minutes.