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  1. Are you sure? The realm is tired of war and preparing for winter. Are you going to march your army into KL and risk having your host incinerated? Nobody knows how much more WF Cercei has stashed. Cercei is the next in succession. There will undoubtedly be plans to overthrow her but I think there'll be a period of "WTF did that just happen? uncertainty.
  2. Wow. That's harsh. Popular culture is filled with people who took the best bits of other people's creations and made it more accessible to the masses. Just about every story ever told, including the characters in it were lifted from somewhere.
  3. Right, and Sansa will announce to the kingdom that Bran lives so Littlefinger, Qyburn and half the bounty hunters, assassins and general scum of Planetos will go looking to catch and sell her crippled highborn kid brother. I know many of you are eager to squire for one of The Knights who say Ni-tpick!™ but do try to think before picking up your microscope and tweezers, giddy to pick your first nit and join the intellectual elite of the forum. The Knights who say Ni!tpick is ™ BobbyDeeeWorld Entertainment, all rights reserved.
  4. Nevertheless, we can assume that the pyromancers were responsible for the maintenance, storage and transportation of every drop of wildfire in KL, undoubtedly they inspected and took inventory of Aerys stash routinely. If you recall in season 2 that the pyromancer says his men often find rotting old wildfire containers and replace them because just as the men of the night's watch serve at the wall, wildfire is what their order exists to do. We know from the aftermath of Tommens wedding that the burning of wildfire can be somewhat controlled (Tower of the Hand) and and as witnessed on the ramparts of KL when tyrion signals bronn to loose the flaming arrow, where the fire is, a pyromancer is close by. Or are you one of those guys who thinks that once you shut the fridge door, everything stored inside it ceases to exist?
  5. Not particularly, as I explain in my post here
  6. Of course, that's if you ignore the fact that Cercei had the pyromancers who dedicated their entire lives to working with and studying "the substance" who had the ability to direct and contain the wildfire, as we saw in season 2 as well aswell as the mention of their guild being present in the chapter where she burns the tower of the hand.
  7. This was by far the single best episode of the entire show. Anyone who didn't thoroughly enjoy it should rent a cottage deep in the forest somewhere and re-think their lives. 14.5/10
  8. It's nitpicking because maybe Sansa did not want to have to explain to her brother who she hadn't seen in a long time how she was manipulated by a shady whoremaster and realm's most famous con man.
  9. I just gotta see the knitpicking on this thread.
  10. I am a book reader who has lost faith that GRRM will ever complete the series, and even if he does at this point I'm not sure I'll bother reading them at all. That makes me a forgiving series fan. I found this episode the best of the season so far and restores my faith that at least someone has an idea of how the song of ice and fire ends, because I'm not so sure the author does anymore. 9/10
  11. This was the first episode i truly enjoyed this season. D&D, now having the whole story from GRRM can assume the role of editors, trimming the excess characters and long drawn out storylines that seem to go nowhere over multiple books. Dany acted more realistically in the this episode than she has in the novels, the "mystery' of the sons of the harpy with hiz dak lorak nanny-banny-bo-bak and the green grace and all that tedious failed intrigue was wisely disposed of and we will see it wrapped up more quickly now. and Combining the tyrion/Jorah/Victarion was another perfect call. This season is going to kick butt!