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  1. Your Plans for TWOW

    I don't think it's coming. I think GRRM is stuck and has only the sample chapters he's released so far. He will postpone until the HBO seris is done and then abandon the books altogether saying that the showrunners have done an adequate job. Then he'll write a tween-paranormal TV series for FOX :D
  2. [Poll] How would you rate episode 505

    This was the first episode i truly enjoyed this season. D&D, now having the whole story from GRRM can assume the role of editors, trimming the excess characters and long drawn out storylines that seem to go nowhere over multiple books. Dany acted more realistically in the this episode than she has in the novels, the "mystery' of the sons of the harpy with hiz dak lorak nanny-banny-bo-bak and the green grace and all that tedious failed intrigue was wisely disposed of and we will see it wrapped up more quickly now. and Combining the tyrion/Jorah/Victarion was another perfect call. This season is going to kick butt!
  3. How would you rate episode 210?

    I love it how people say fans who read the books are playing "Spot the difference". That isn't it at all. What I wonder, as I see all the very drastic changes from the literary work much damage are they doing to the future story? What I mean is that The Song is not complete, the last two (?) books are not yet complete (or if they are, not released) so how do the writers know they aren't painting themselves into a corner. so to speak? Don't get me wrong, I completely expected GoT to change some things for TV storytelling sake...but I felt that the changes made in VM were so broad it'll become something not even close to aSoIaF. And even MORE worrying, IMO is will the TV series affect the way GRRM completes the saga?
  4. How would you rate episode 210?

    Absolutely horrible. Worst yet. I pride myself on having a high tolerance for the tv show changing certain elements, but was there a scene that was faithful to the book at all in this one? This was just....really really bad.