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  1. Who will be the final POV character?

    I want to see a LF and Varys POV near the end.
  2. The Bear & the Maiden fair

    Queen Cersei and King Robert.
  3. The Bear & the Maiden fair

    Didn't T yrion tell the slavers that Jorah was the "bear" in their act? I would very like it very much if Dany ended up with Jorah... She should have road off with him when Drogo fell off his horse!! :smileysex:
  4. Who are your top four characters?

    If I had answered this for just the first book it would have been: 1. Jon 2. Arya 3. Tyrion 4. no one.. But as of now and including the amazing job the actors on the show have done: 1. Littlefinger!! 2. Arya 3. Jaqen H'gar 4. Jorah Jon just sorta got real boring!
  5. Who are your top four characters?

    Petyr Balish~ cause he is awesome Jaqen Hagar~ cause assassin Arya~ cause assassin in training Renly~ cause gay sex