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  1. There's dumb stuff posted, but the maturity level is still much higher here then most other forums I've seen, while still being entertaining.
  2. It's hard to find forums with similarly high quality discourse and wit.
  3. It's not really unreasonable to think that a lot of people in positions of power have engaged in sexual harassment though.
  4. I don't want to use an adblocker but right now I am getting annoying video ads at the top and bottom of the forum which not only can't be paused/muted but will constantly rubberband me back up/down to the video when I try to scroll away. Currently the adblocker message is slightly less annoying.
  5. Trump's new National Security Adviser is against using the term "radical Islamic terrorism" for basically the same reason Obama was. This after years of Republicans claiming Obama's refusal to use the term was hurting the efforts to fight terrorism. In addition to Trump's Secretary of Defense being against torture this is more proof that the right's tough guy rhetoric is bullshit solely meant to inflate their own egos.
  6. I wonder how much Trump is really going to be able to increase oil and coal production when prices are so low. If oil prices get stuck even lower his buddy Putin ain't gonna be happy.
  7. Trump's policy about removing two regulations for every new one is just goofy. It doesn't take into account the merits of new regulations but just assumes they must be bad. You may as well just ban adding new regulations if that's your belief.
  8. I can't believe Georgia hasn't been called yet but NC and Florida have.
  9. Try not to freak out too much people, your mental health is worth protecting.
  10. That also means they will get all the blame for what happens.
  11. If Trump wins he will be entering office with very high negatives. That makes me skeptical of how much he can really do.
  12. I guess we will see if Republicans in congress have a spine or not.
  13. I think people should mentally prepare themselves for the possibility.
  14. I think there are a fair amount of people who are willing to give Trump a chance when he promises tax cuts, more entitlements, more defense spending, jobs, and a balanced budget. Doesn't make logical sense but there it is.
  15. Trump has been very critical of trade but I don't know if congress will be willing to cooperate with him on that issue.