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  1. I received another mysterious box yesterday! I can never wait until Christmas Eve, so of course I opened it straight away. A gorgeous teatray with mugs and tea! I drink buckets of tea at work, so this is perfect! Thank you so much! I think my Secret Santa must be British. Or a very clever American or other ordering from UK sites
  2. My gift arrived today! A big box filled with chocolate and yummy fudge! Thank you so much Secret Santa! I have no idea who you might be, as there were no clues at all in the box.
  3. Oh, this time of the year again! I'm in! I'll ship anywhere. I'll be naughty and not answer the questionnaire But some info about me that might be helpful: I love horses, have been riding since I was about 6 and still do 28 years later. I have a 15 month old son, two Maine Coons and a husband. No clothes, please, 'cause I'm REALLY picky about them. When I have the time I love to cook. I read a lot, mostly on my Kindle, but "real" books are also welcome. I love a pretty bauble! It's cold where I live. Maltesers are my favourite. Scented candles are awesome, especially Voluspa, but Yankee Candle is also great! No vanilla, though, as my husband HATES that scent.
  4. I received a Great British Bake Off cookbook today! I love it, thank you so much Fragile Bird
  5. No Amazon box yet, but we really have snail mail over here. We don't even get mail on Saturdays But I did receive some truly stunning Japanese papers today! Thank you so much! I think I might frame them and put them on the wall!
  6. I received a Christmas card from my Secret Santa yesterday. It had a bird ornament attached! So now I've received two fragile birds to put on my tree
  7. Oooh! Even more?! Wow!
  8. I got home today and found a beautiful box in the mail. It was filled with lots of candy and a pretty owl ornament. Thank you so much, my not so secret santa Fragile Bird I am stuffing my face with chocolate while the baby takes one of his power naps
  9. I'm glad you liked your gifts! That rock has a better home with you, I think
  10. I found an enormous box of Maltesers in my mailbox today! Christmas is saved Thank you so much Secret Santa! I think I know who you are
  11. I have no self restraint, I'll rip that package open as soon as it arrives
  12. Hmm, can't seem to copy/paste on the iPad, strangely enough. So, here's some info for my Secret Santa: We have a very non-religious celebration with my inlaws in the mountains. Think old (1780 or thereabouts) house, open fires, lots of snow, big tree, good food. Very relaxed and just how I like it I love to cook and bake. Am quite a fan of the Great British Bake Off. Cookbooks are nice! I don't really collect anything anymore. I love a pretty Christmas ornament, though! If you give me the choice between gold and silver, I'll take silver, pretty please. I really like Maltesers, but any chocolate will do in a pinch. Preferably milk, and not Hershey.. I love spicy scented candles. I actually like vanilla ones too, but my husband hates them. My favourite animals are horses and I ride regularly. I love dogs, but don't have one. I am owned by two Maine Coon cats. I usually work as a lawyer, but am now in the middle of a year of maternity leave. My home has dark hardwood floors and the wallpaper in the living room is called Thunderstorm. It's a dark, dark grey. If I could buy anything I wanted, I'd get some original art for the walls. As for presents, I'm not hard to please. If it's a surprise and wrapped, I already love it!
  13. I'm in! Will post the questionnaire if/when the baby gives me 5 min. of breathing space
  14. And it goes to Alice Munro! Yay!